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School Name URN Details
Herdings Primary School 107028 View
Nether Green Infant School 107029 View
Dore Junior School 107030 View
Dore Infant School 107031 View
Tinsley Meadows Primary School 107032 View
Bradway Primary School 107033 View
Hazlebarrow Primary School 107034 View
Dobcroft Junior School 107035 View
Beighton Nursery Infant School 107036 View
Brook House Junior School 107037 View
Halfway Nursery Infant School 107038 View
Mosborough Primary School 107039 View
Limpsfield Junior School 107040 View
Concord Junior School 107041 View
Hartley Brook Primary School 107042 View
Netherthorpe Primary School 107043 View
Beck Primary School 107044 View
Busk Meadow Nursery Infant School 107045 View
Halfway Junior School 107046 View
Ballifield Primary School 107047 View
Dobcroft Infant School 107048 View
Loxley Primary School 107049 View
Stannington Infant School 107050 View
Grenoside Community Primary School 107051 View
High Green Primary School 107052 View
Lound Junior School 107053 View
Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School 107054 View
Stocksbridge Junior School 107055 View
Greengate Lane Primary School 107056 View
Nook Lane Junior School 107058 View
Wharncliffe Side Primary School 107059 View
Coit Primary School 107060 View
Oughtibridge Primary School 107061 View
Lound Infant School 107062 View
Acres Hill Community Primary School 107063 View
Waterthorpe Infant School 107064 View
Wybourn Community Primary and Nursery School 107065 View
Bankwood Community Primary School 107066 View
Birley Spa Community Primary School 107067 View
Woodseats Primary School 107068 View
Brunswick Community Primary School 107069 View
Longley Primary School 107070 View
Woodthorpe Primary School 107071 View
Bradfield Dungworth Primary School 107072 View
Springfield Primary School 107073 View
Fox Hill Primary School 107074 View
Phillimore Community Primary School 107075 View
Lowedges Primary School 107076 View
Reignhead Primary School 107077 View
Bluestone Primary School 107078 View
Park Hill Primary School 107079 View
Hucklow Primary School 107080 View
Rivelin Primary School 107081 View
Hillsborough Primary School 107082 View
Athelstan Primary School 107083 View
Greenhill Primary School 107084 View
Angram Bank Primary School 107085 View
Anns Grove Primary School 107086 View
Carfield Primary School 107087 View
Mansel Primary School 107088 View
Monteney Primary School 107089 View
Prince Edward Primary School 107090 View
Bracken Hill Primary School 107091 View
Shooters Grove Primary School 107092 View
Stradbroke Primary School 107093 View
Westways Primary School 107095 View
Birley Community Primary School 107096 View
Charnock Hall Primary School 107097 View
Hallam Primary School 107099 View
Malin Bridge Primary School 107100 View
Manor Lodge Community Primary and Nursery School - Converting To Academy November 2016 107101 View
Shortbrook Primary School 107102 View
Windmill Hill Primary School 107103 View
Daniel Hill Primary School 107104 View
Ecclesall Church of England Junior School 107105 View
Norton Free Church of England Primary School 107106 View
Parson Cross Church of England Primary School 107107 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 107111 View
St Catherines Catholic Primary School 107112 View
St Maries Catholic Primary School 107113 View
St Oswalds Catholic Primary School 107114 View
St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School 107115 View
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School 107116 View
Deepcar St Johns Church of England Junior School 107117 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School High Green 107118 View
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School 107119 View
Emmanuel AnglicanMethodist Junior School 107120 View
Porter Croft Sheffield Church of England Primary School 107121 View
The City School 107122 View
Earl Marshal School 107123 View
The Herries School 107124 View
Wisewood School and Community Sports College 107125 View
Hinde House 3-16 School 107126 View
Waltheof School 107127 View
Silverdale School 107128 View
King Ecgbert School 107129 View
Chaucer Business and Enterprise College 107130 View
Tapton School 107131 View
Myers Grove School 107132 View
Gleadless Valley School 107133 View
Carter Lodge School 107134 View
Westfield School 107135 View
Yewlands School Technology College 107136 View
Abbeydale Grange School 107137 View
Firth Park Community Arts College 107138 View
High Storrs School 107139 View
King Edward VII School 107140 View
Newfield Secondary School 107141 View
Ecclesfield School 107142 View
Stocksbridge High School 107143 View
Bradfield School 107144 View
High Green Comprehensive School 107145 View
Birley Community College 107146 View
Myrtle Springs School 107147 View
Handsworth Grange Community Sports College 107148 View
Meadowhead School 107149 View
Clifford CofE Infant School 107150 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School 107151 View
St Anns Catholic Primary School 107152 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 107153 View
Broomhill Infant School 107154 View
Dr John Bingham Primary School 107155 View
Totley All Saints Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 107156 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 107157 View
St Theresas Catholic Primary School 107158 View
Notre Dame High School 107159 View
All Saints Catholic High School 107160 View
Ashdell Preparatory School 107161 View
Westbourne School 107162 View
Birkdale School 107163 View
Brantwood School 107164 View
Mylnhurst Catholic Prep School & Nursery 107165 View
Sheffield High School 107166 View
Handsworth Christian School 107167 View
Bethany School 107168 View
Pye Bank Trinity Church of England Junior School 107110 View
St Johns Park Church of England Primary and Nursery School 107108 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 107109 View
Bents Green School 107169 View
East Hill Primary School 107173 View
The Rowan School 107171 View
Broad Elms School 107175 View
Shirle Hill Hospital School 107176 View
Norfolk Park School 107177 View
Talbot Specialist School 107178 View
Deerlands School 107179 View
Woolley Wood School 107180 View
Dr John Worrall School 107181 View
Mossbrook School 107182 View
Folkwood Secondary School 107183 View
Becton School 107184 View
Strong Close Nursery School 107185 View
Hirst Wood Nursery School & Childrens Centre 107186 View
Lilycroft Nursery School 107187 View
Abbey Green Nursery School & Childrens Centre 107188 View
Midland Road Nursery School 107189 View
St Edmunds Nursery School & Childrens Centre 107190 View
Airview Pre-Assessment Centre 107191 View
Jesse Street Pre-Admission Centre 107192 View
Allerton Primary School 107193 View
Hambledon First School 107194 View
Bolton Lane First School 107195 View
Bolton Woods First School 107196 View
Bradford Moor Community Primary School 107197 View
Brookfield First School 107198 View
Clayton Village Primary School 107199 View
Cooper Lane Primary School 107200 View
Dudley Hill First School 107201 View
Barkerend Primary School 107202 View
Crossley Hall Primary School 107203 View
Frizinghall Primary School 107204 View
Horton Grange Primary School 107205 View
Greengates Primary School 107206 View
Green Lane Primary School 107207 View
Byron Primary School 107208 View
Heaton Primary School 107209 View
High Fernley Primary School 107210 View
Lapage Primary School and Nursery 107211 View
Lidget Green Primary School 107212 View
Lilycroft Primary School 107213 View
Lorne First School 107214 View
Marshfield Primary School 107215 View
Ravenscliffe First School 107216 View
Reevy Hill Primary School 107217 View
Newby Primary School 107218 View
Sandy Lane Primary School 107219 View
Thackley Primary School 107221 View
Thornbury Primary School 107222 View
Thornton Primary School 107223 View
Blakehill Primary School 107224 View
Parkland Primary School 107225 View
Fearnville Primary School 107226 View
Undercliffe Primary School 107227 View
Usher Street Primary School and Nursery 107228 View
Wapping First School 107229 View
Wellington Primary School 107230 View
Westgate Hill First School 107231 View
Whetley Primary School 107232 View
Wibsey Primary School 107233 View
Bowling Park Primary School 107234 View
Shirley Manor Primary School 107235 View
Stocks Lane Primary School 107237 View
Farfield Primary and Nursery School 107238 View
Princeville Primary School 107239 View
Carrwood Primary School 107240 View
Ley Top Primary School 107241 View
Cavendish Primary School 107243 View
Southmere Primary School 107244 View
Ryecroft Primary School 107245 View
Worthinghead Primary School 107246 View
Poplars Farm Primary School 107247 View
Bankfoot Primary School 107248 View
Fagley Primary School 107249 View
Brackenhill Primary School 107250 View
Westwood Park Primary School 107251 View
Cottingley Village Primary School 107252 View
Crossflatts Primary School 107253 View
Cullingworth Village Primary School 107254 View
Eldwick Primary School 107255 View
Harden Primary School 107256 View
Priestthorpe Primary School 107257 View
Wilsden Primary School 107258 View
Eastwood Community School 107259 View
Haworth Primary School 107260 View
Holycroft Primary School 107261 View
Ingrow Primary School 107262 View
Laycock Primary School 107263 View
Lees Primary School 107264 View
Long Lee Primary School 107265 View
Oldfield Primary School 107266 View
Parkwood Primary School 107267 View
Stanbury Village School 107268 View
Oakes Park School 107174 View
East Hill Secondary School 107172 View
Tapton Mount School 107170 View
Victoria Primary School 107269 View
Saltaire Primary School 107270 View
Eastburn Junior and Infant School 107274 View
Steeton Primary School 107275 View
Aire View Infant School 107273 View
Ashlands Primary School 107277 View
Oakdale First School 107278 View
Merlin Top Primary School 107279 View
Glenaire Primary School 107280 View
Ben Rhydding Primary School 107281 View
Denholme Primary School 107282 View
Hoyle Court Primary School 107283 View
Hothfield Junior School 107284 View
Nessfield Primary School 107285 View
Addingham Primary School 107286 View
Sandal Primary School 107287 View
Tong Park First School 107288 View
Feversham Primary School 107289 View
Shibden Head Primary School 107290 View
Margaret McMillan Primary School 107291 View
Horton Park Primary School 107292 View
High Crags Primary School 107271 View
Farnham Primary School 107294 View
Atlas Community Primary School 107295 View
Miriam Lord Community Primary School 107296 View
Copthorne Primary School 107297 View
Belle Vue First School 107298 View
Menston Primary School 107299 View
Westbourne Primary School 107300 View
Springwood Community Primary School 107301 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School 107302 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School and Nursery 107303 View
St James Church Primary School 107304 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 107305 View
St Augustines CofE Community School 107306 View
Low Moor CofE Primary School 107307 View
Clayton St John CofE Primary School 107308 View
All Saints CofE Primary School 107309 View
Burley CofE First School 107310 View
East Morton CofE Primary School 107311 View
Girlington Primary School 107293 View
Burley and Woodhead CofE Primary School 107313 View
Bingley CofE First School 107314 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 107315 View
St Philips CofE Primary School 107316 View
Woodlands CofE Primary School 107317 View
Bierley CofE First School 107318 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 107319 View
Idle CofE Primary School 107320 View
Heaton St Barnabas CofE Aided Primary School 107321 View
St Oswalds CofE Primary School 107322 View
St Stephens CofE Primary School 107323 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 107324 View
St Clares Catholic Primary School 107325 View
St Columbas Catholic Primary School 107326 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 107327 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 107328 View
St Marys &St Peters Catholic Primary School 107329 View
Ferniehurst First School 107276 View
Windhill CofE Primary School 107312 View
St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School 107333 View
Our Lady and St Brendans Catholic Primary School 107334 View
St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs Catholic Primary School 107335 View
Baildon CofE Primary School 107337 View
Trinity All Saints CofE VA Primary School 107338 View
Keighley St Andrews CofE Primary School and Nursery 107339 View
Riddlesden St Marys CofE Primary School 107340 View
Shipley CofE Primary School 107341 View
St Williams Catholic Primary School 107330 View
St Winefrides Catholic Primary School 107331 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 107344 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 107345 View
St Walburgas Catholic Primary School 107346 View
Our Lady of Victories Catholic School 107347 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 107348 View
Oxenhope CofE Primary School 107349 View
Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College 107350 View
Clayton Middle School 107351 View
Grange Middle School 107352 View
Great Horton Middle School 107353 View
Hutton Middle School 107354 View
Lapage Middle School 107355 View
Priestman Middle School 107356 View
Thorpe Middle School 107357 View
Undercliffe Middle School 107358 View
Whetley Middle School 107359 View
Woodroyd Middle School 107360 View
Belle Vue Boys School 107361 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 107342 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School 107332 View
The Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 107343 View
Greenside Primary School 107828 View
Morley Newlands Primary School 107838 View
Rothwell St Marys RC Primary School 108018 View
St Urbans Catholic Primary School 108027 View
The North West Silc 108131 View
Victoria Park School 108132 View
Knottingley Ferrybridge Infant School 108146 View
Wakefield Snapethorpe Infant School 108222 View
Ashfield Nursery School 108427 View
St Catherines RC Primary School 108507 View
Shaw Primary School 115058 View
Ellison Primary School 124188 View
Rudgwick Primary School 125849 View
Rusper Primary School 125850 View
Rustington Community Primary School 125851 View
Seal Primary School, Selsey 125852 View
Thakeham First School 125856 View
Asket Hill First School 127849 View
Farsley Farfield Infant School 127897 View
Deighton Gates Infant School 127902 View
Glebe Infant School 128201 View
Reading Primary Centre 128284 View
All Saints CofE Primary School 128285 View
Viewley Hill Junior School 128499 View
Kings Tamerton School 128724 View
The Dacre School 128935 View
Bourton Vale School 128957 View
Manor School 128958 View
St Vincents School 128970 View
Worcester Sixth Form College 129091 View
Sir Richard De Wyche CofE School 129092 View
Belmont Abbey School 129093 View
Hillstone School 129100 View
Mersey Junior High School 129284 View
Court Park Junior High School 129294 View
Hoo St Werburgh Middle School 129436 View
St Laurences CofE Infant School 129800 View
The Grove Middle School 130037 View
Franciscan Convent School 130115 View
Canadian International Schools 130127 View
Applegate School 130242 View
Dixons City Academy 130909 View
Werrington Primary School 130930 View
Alternative Curriculum 14-19 131066 View
Mill Cottage Montessori School 131158 View
Athersley South Primary School 131160 View
St James Junior School 131268 View
Drayton Community Infant School 131278 View
St Michaels Catholic Small School 131655 View
By Brook Valley CofE Primary School 131656 View
Thomas Francis School 131688 View
Heritage Park Primary School 131693 View
Tudor Lodge School 131829 View
Ashwell Pupil Referral Unit 132026 View
Moorlands Pre-Preparatory School 132046 View
Corby Community College 132050 View
St Botolphs C of E Primary School 132251 View
Congleton High School 132748 View
Abeng International Independent School 132761 View
Hilltop School 132861 View
Gilesgate Junior School 132888 View
St Peters Anglican Methodist VC Primary 132927 View
Newgate Lane Primary School 133275 View
Whitty Tree House 133375 View
Rochdale Pupil Referral Service 133409 View
Mayfield School 133591 View
Ely Pupil Referral Unit 133592 View
Orchard School and Nursery 133596 View
Woodview Primary School 133598 View
Pathways Primary Pupil Referral Unit 133681 View
Royal Cross Primary School 133688 View
Walsall Academy 133697 View
Hadley Learning Community - Secondary Phase 133708 View
Richmond Hill Primary School 133709 View
Thongsley Fields Primary and Nursery School 133699 View
Parkhill Junior School 133939 View
St Edwards Preparatory School 133948 View
St Marks Church of England Academy 134003 View
Giles Brook Primary School 134073 View
Ed-Start 134157 View
St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Infant School 134528 View
Birch Wood (Melton Area Special School) 134640 View
High View Primary Learning Centre 134686 View
Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre 134687 View
Da Vinci Community School 134724 View
Oracle School 134725 View
Sutherland House School 134889 View
Rendlesham Community Primary School 134882 View
Romsey Primary School 134945 View
Pendle Vale College 134989 View
Wolverley Sebright VA Primary School 135059 View
Hackleton CofE Primary School 135063 View
The Nottingham Nursery School and Training Centre 135108 View
Shireland Collegiate Academy 135170 View
Laurel Leaf School 135194 View
St Matthew Academy 135264 View
John Cabot Academy 135295 View
Broadclough Lodge 135303 View
Cambian Summit Street 135312 View
Biggin Hill Primary School 135320 View
Cambian Halton View 135357 View
Winter Gardens Primary School 135363 View
Swindon Academy 135364 View
Willows Primary PRU 135436 View
The Elms 135454 View
Phoenix Primary EBD School 135460 View
The Clifton Centre 135504 View
Longfield Academy 135630 View
Oasis Academy Coulsdon 135654 View
St Nicholas Lodge (Broadstairs) 135667 View
Green Heath School 135688 View
Surrey Hills Church of England Primary School 135953 View
Withernsea Primary School 136041 View
East London Independent Special School 136052 View
Abbey College 136054 View
University Academy Keighley 136198 View
Wales High School 136331 View
Green Crescent Primary School 136425 View
Drumbeat School and ASD Service 136423 View
Christleton High School 136645 View
Queen Elizabeths 136646 View
The Long Eaton School 136716 View
Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy 136731 View
Trumpington Meadows Primary School 136802 View
Bovingdon Primary Academy 136857 View
Highcrest Academy 136858 View
Highworth Warneford School 136860 View
Rossett School 136896 View
Feversham College 136962 View
Charlton Kings Infants School 136999 View
Outwood Academy Foxhills 137004 View
Graveney School 137005 View
Langley Park School for Girls 137006 View
Lode Heath School 137008 View
Minsthorpe Community College, A Specialist Science College 137011 View
Newport Community School Primary Academy 137012 View
Lightcliffe Academy 137036 View
Longdon Hall School 137098 View
Djanogly Northgate Academy 137182 View
Rowanfield Junior School 137255 View
Bishops Cleeve Primary School 137271 View
Cartmel Priory CofE School 137338 View
Cedars Upper School 137462 View
Witchford Village College 137547 View
Queen Elizabeth Humanities College 137703 View
Campion School 137766 View
Etone College 137771 View
Bickleigh on Exe Church of England Primary School 137776 View
Brookvale High School Groby 138323 View
Spring Lane Primary School 138493 View
St Cuthberts Church of England Infants School 138942 View
The Academy of Central Bedfordshire 139411 View
Oak Wood Primary School 139468 View
Silverstone UTC 139690 View
Marchbank Free School 139691 View
Community & Hospital Education Service Ap Academy 139741 View
Ark William Parker Academy 139821 View
Cooks Spinney Primary School and Nursery 140024 View
Havelock Infant School 140051 View
Floreat Wandsworth Primary School 140423 View
Oakway Academy 140853 View
Education & Youth Services Ltd (Wisbech) 140943 View
Sir Frank Whittle Studio School 141012 View
St Thomas Catholic Primary School, Sevenoaks 141157 View
King Edward VII Academy 141177 View
Marlwood School 141341 View
Kinver High School and Sixth Form 141342 View
Maltby Manor Academy 141366 View
Newbridge Junior School 141531 View
Listerdale Junior Academy 141539 View
Dovedale Primary School 141540 View

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