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School Name URN Details
Wyke Manor School 107363 View
Rhodesway School 107364 View
Bowling Community College 107365 View
Tong High School 107366 View
Frizinghall Middle School 107367 View
Belle Vue Girls School 107368 View
Drummond Middle School 107369 View
Waverley Middle School 107370 View
Heaton Middle School 107371 View
Manningham Middle School 107372 View
Gregory Middle School 107373 View
Delf Hill Middle School 107374 View
Eccleshill North Middle School 107375 View
Swain House Middle School 107376 View
Parkland Middle School 107377 View
Wellington Middle School 107378 View
Pollard Park Middle School 107379 View
Allerton Middle School 107380 View
Daisy Hill Middle School 107381 View
Fairweather Green Middle School 107382 View
Thornbury Middle School 107383 View
Leaventhorpe Middle School 107384 View
Ryan Middle School 107385 View
Beckfoot School 107386 View
Swire Smith Middle School 107387 View
Hartington Middle School 107390 View
Queensbury School 107391 View
Mandale Middle School 107393 View
Royd Mount Middle School 107394 View
Titus Salt School 107395 View
Bronte Middle School 107396 View
Aire Valley School 107397 View
Parkside Middle School 107398 View
Ladderbanks Middle School 107399 View
Burley Middle School 107400 View
Ilkley Middle School 107401 View
Nab Wood Middle School 107402 View
Stoney Lee Middle School 107403 View
Ryshworth Middle School 107404 View
Gilstead Middle School 107405 View
Woodend Middle School 107406 View
Belmont Middle School 107407 View
Addingham Middle School 107408 View
Buttershaw Middle School 107409 View
Wyke Middle School 107410 View
Woodside Middle School 107411 View
Lidget Green Middle School 107412 View
Carlton Bolling College 107413 View
Grange Technology College 107414 View
Worth Valley Middle School 107415 View
Calversyke Middle School 107416 View
Lower Fields Middle School 107417 View
Broomwood Middle School 107418 View
Hainsworth Moor Middle School 107419 View
Scotchman Middle School 107420 View
Ilkley Grammar School 107421 View
St Bedes Catholic Grammar School 107423 View
St Blaise RC Middle School 107424 View
St Edmund Campion RC Middle School 107425 View
St George RC Middle School 107426 View
Cottingley Manor RC Middle School 107427 View
The Holy Family Catholic School 107428 View
St Josephs Catholic College 107429 View
Holme Middle School 107392 View
Yorkshire Martyrs Catholic College 107430 View
Hill Top CofE Primary School 107434 View
Hollingwood Primary School 107435 View
Oakworth Primary School 107436 View
Myrtle Park Primary School 107437 View
Keelham Primary School 107438 View
Bingley Grammar School 107439 View
Hanson School 107440 View
Oakbank School 107441 View
Thornton Grammar School 107442 View
Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College 107443 View
Wibsey Middle School 107444 View
Netherleigh and Rossefield School 107445 View
Foxs School of Commerce 107446 View
Netherleigh Preparatory School 107447 View
Clevedon House Preparatory School 107448 View
Ghyll Royd School and Pre-School 107449 View
Moorfield School 107450 View
Keighley Preparatory School 107451 View
Russell Hall Primary School 107433 View
Killinghall Primary School 107431 View
Bradford Grammar School 107455 View
Feversham College 107456 View
Shaw House School 107457 View
Lady Lane Park School 107458 View
Willowfields School 107459 View
Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria 107460 View
Bradford Christian School 107461 View
Dixons City Technology College 107462 View
Temple Bank School 107463 View
Lister Lane School 107464 View
Chapel Grange School 107466 View
Greenfield School 107467 View
Wedgwood School and Community Nursery 107468 View
Braithwaite Special School 107469 View
Heaton Royds School 107470 View
Branshaw School 107471 View
Haycliffe School 107472 View
Thorn Park School for Deaf Children 107473 View
Ashfield School 107474 View
Bolling Special School 107475 View
The Beaconsfield Centre 107476 View
Rawson Junior and Infant School 107477 View
Ferney Lee Primary School 107478 View
Bradshaw Primary School 107479 View
Copley Primary School 107480 View
Dean Field Community Primary School 107481 View
Savile Park Primary School 107482 View
Lee Mount Primary School 107483 View
Moorside Junior School 107484 View
Moorside Infant and Nursery School 107485 View
Northowram Primary School 107486 View
Parkinson Lane Community Primary School 107487 View
Beech Hill Junior and Infant School 107488 View
Queens Road Junior Infant and Nursery School 107489 View
Salterhebble Junior and Infant School 107490 View
Siddal Junior School 107491 View
Westville House School 107453 View
Bradford Girls Grammar School 107454 View
Foxhill Primary School 107432 View
Whitehill Community Trust School 107496 View
Ling Bob Junior, Infant and Nursery School 107497 View
Warley Road Primary School 107494 View
Warley Town School 107495 View
Wainstalls School 107493 View
Victoria Park Preparatory School 107452 View
Carr Green Primary School 107500 View
Longroyde Primary School 107501 View
Withinfields Primary School 107502 View
Bowling Green Primary School 107503 View
Greetland Primary School 107504 View
Holywell Green Primary School 107505 View
Burnley Road Junior Infant and Nursery School 107506 View
Central Street Infant and Nursery School 107507 View
Cragg Vale Junior and Infant School 107508 View
Scout Road Primary School 107509 View
Stubbings Infant School 107510 View
Heptonstall Junior Infant and Nursery School 107511 View
Colden Junior and Infant School 107512 View
Shelf Junior and Infant School 107513 View
Ripponden Junior and Infant School 107514 View
Bolton Brow Junior Infant and Nursery School 107515 View
Midgley School 107517 View
New Road Primary School 107518 View
Tuel Lane Infant School 107519 View
Castle Hill Primary School 107520 View
Shade Primary School 107522 View
Walsden Junior School 107523 View
Old Town Primary School 107524 View
Cliffe Hill Community Primary School 107525 View
Newlands Junior School 107526 View
Field Lane Primary School 107527 View
Woodhouse Primary School 107528 View
Castlefields Infant School 107531 View
Cross Lane Primary and Nursery School 107533 View
Ash Green Community Primary School 107534 View
Christ Church Pellon CofE VC Primary School 107535 View
Holy Trinity CofE Infant School 107536 View
Norland CE School 107537 View
St Marys CofE (VC) J and I School 107538 View
Walsden CofE (VC) Infant School 107539 View
Triangle CofE VC Primary School 107540 View
Luddenden CofE School 107541 View
Holy Trinity CofE (Aided) Junior School 107542 View
St Augustines CofE VA Junior and Infant School 107543 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 107544 View
St Malachys Catholic Primary School 107545 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 107546 View
St Andrews CofE (VA) Junior School 107547 View
St Andrews Church of England (VA) Infant School 107548 View
St Chads CofE (VA) Primary School 107549 View
Elland CofE Junior and Infant School 107550 View
Hebden Royd CofE VA Primary School 107551 View
Barkisland CofE VA Primary School 107552 View
St Johns CofE VA Primary School, Rishworth 107553 View
Christ Church CofE VA Junior School, Sowerby Bridge 107554 View
St Peters CofE VA Infant School, Sowerby Bridge 107555 View
Todmorden CofE J, I & N School 107556 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 107557 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Sowerby Bridge 107558 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Brighouse 107559 View
St Josephs RC Primary School, Todmorden 107560 View
Park Lane Learning Trust 107561 View
Calder High School, A Specialist Technology College 107562 View
Sowerby Bridge High School 107563 View
Todmorden High School 107564 View
Halifax High at Wellesley Park 107566 View
The Ridings School 107567 View
Salterlee Primary School 107568 View
All Saints CofE VA Junior and Infant School 107569 View
St Michael and All Angels CofE Primary & Pre School 107570 View
St Johns CofE (VA) Primary School 107571 View
Lightcliffe CofE VA Primary School 107572 View
West Vale Primary School 107573 View
The North Halifax Grammar School 107574 View
The Crossley Heath School 107575 View
Rastrick High School 107576 View
Holy Trinity CofE Senior School 107577 View
Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School and Sports College 107578 View
The Brooksbank School 107579 View
Brighouse High School 107580 View
St Catherines Catholic High School 107581 View
The Gleddings School 107582 View
Rishworth School 107583 View
Lightcliffe Preparatory School 107584 View
Hipperholme Grammar School 107585 View
Rastrick Independent School 107586 View
Glen House Montessori School 107587 View
Ravenscliffe High School 107588 View
William Henry Smith School 107589 View
Wood Bank School 107590 View
Highbury School 107591 View
Flatts Nursery School 107592 View
Thornton Lodge Nursery School 107593 View
Denby Dale Nursery School 107594 View
Savile Town Nursery School 107595 View
Westfields Pupil Referral Unit 107596 View
Almondbury Junior School 107597 View
Bailiffe Bridge Junior and Infant School 107499 View
Abbey Park Junior, Infant and Nursery School 107498 View
Siddal Infants School 107492 View
Boothroyd Junior and Infant School 107598 View
Eastborough Junior Infant and Nursery School 107602 View
Knowles Hill Infant and Nursery School 107603 View
Dalton Junior School 107604 View
Dalton Infant and Nursery School 107605 View
Deighton Junior School 107606 View
Earlsheaton Infant School 107607 View
Shaw Cross Infant and Nursery School 107608 View
Chickenley Infant and Nursery School 107609 View
Mount Pleasant Infant and Nursery School 107610 View
Chickenley Junior School 107611 View
Netherton Infant and Nursery School 107612 View
Westmoor Primary School 107613 View
Ravensthorpe Infant and Nursery School 107614 View
Paddock Junior Infant and Nursery School 107615 View
Thornhill Junior and Infant School 107616 View
Spring Grove Junior Infant and Nursery School 107617 View
Stile Common Infant and Nursery School 107618 View
Crosland Moor Junior School 107619 View
Berry Brow Infant and Nursery School 107599 View
Reinwood Community Junior School 107621 View
Reinwood Infant and Nursery School 107622 View
Crow Lane Primary and Foundation Stage School 107623 View
Outlane Junior School 107624 View
Outlane Infant School 107625 View
Birkby Junior School 107626 View
Ashbrow Junior School 107627 View
Ashbrow School 107628 View
Greenside Infant and Nursery School 107629 View
Newsome Junior School 107630 View
Mount Pleasant Junior School 107631 View
Lindley Junior School 107632 View
Stile Common Junior School 107633 View
Fixby Junior and Infant School 107634 View
Birstall Community Primary School 107635 View
Carlinghow Princess Royal Junior Infant and Nursery School 107636 View
Field Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School 107637 View
Healey Junior Infant and Nursery School 107638 View
Mill Lane Primary School 107639 View
Park Road Junior Infant and Nursery School 107640 View
Purlwell Infant and Nursery School 107641 View
Warwick Road Primary School 107642 View
Clough Head Junior and Infant School 107643 View
Marsden Infant and Nursery School 107644 View
Scapegoat Hill Junior and Infant School 107645 View
Nields Junior Infant and Nursery School 107646 View
Wellhouse Junior and Infant School 107647 View
Wilberlee Junior and Infant School 107648 View
Birdsedge First School 107649 View
Kayes First and Nursery School 107650 View
Emley First School 107651 View
Skelmanthorpe First and Nursery School 107652 View
Heckmondwike Junior School 107653 View
Battye Street Infant and Nursery School 107654 View
Holmfirth Junior Infant and Nursery School 107655 View
Hade Edge Junior and Infant School 107656 View
Carlton Junior and Infant School 107600 View
Birkby Infant and Nursery School 107601 View
Rawthorpe Junior School 107620 View
Hepworth Junior and Infant School 107657 View
Scholes (Holmfirth) J & I School 107661 View
Shelley First School 107662 View
Shepley First School 107663 View
Grange Moor Primary School 107664 View
Hopton Primary School 107665 View
Gomersal Primary School 107666 View
Hartshead Junior and Infant School 107667 View
Heaton Avenue Primary School 107668 View
Hightown Junior Infant & Nursery School 107669 View
Littletown Junior Infant and Nursery School 107670 View
Howard Park Community School 107671 View
Manorfield Infant and Nursery School 107672 View
The Royds Infant and Nursery School 107673 View
Scholes Village Primary School 107674 View
Marsden Junior School 107675 View
Wooldale Junior School 107676 View
Rowley Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School 107677 View
Lydgate Junior and Infant School 107678 View
Fieldhead Junior Infant and Nursery School 107679 View
Holme Junior and Infant School 107659 View
Meltham Moor Primary School 107681 View
Hyrstmount Junior School 107682 View
Kirkheaton Primary School 107683 View
High Bank Junior Infant and Nursery School 107684 View
Norristhorpe Junior and Infant School 107685 View
Kirkroyds Infant School 107686 View
Old Bank Junior Infant and Nursery School 107687 View
Denby Dale First and Nursery School 107688 View
Brownhill Infant School 107689 View
Pentland Infant and Nursery School 107690 View
Moldgreen Community Primary School 107691 View
Beech Primary School 107692 View
Linthwaite Clough J I & Early Years Unit 107693 View
Millbridge Junior Infant and Nursery School 107694 View
Cowlersley Primary School 107695 View
Golcar Junior Infant and Nursery School 107696 View
Crossley Fields Junior and Infant School 107697 View
Lowerhouses CofE (Voluntary Controlled) Junior Infant and Early Years School 107698 View
Ravensthorpe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107699 View
Rawthorpe St James CofE (VC) Infant and Nursery School 107700 View
St Johns Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School 107701 View
Savile Town Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant and Nursery School 107702 View
Bradley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107703 View
Bradley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant and Nursery School 107704 View
Thornhill Lees Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant and Nursery School 107705 View
Bywell Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107706 View
Headfield Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107707 View
Overthorpe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior, Infant and Nursery School 107708 View
Hanging Heaton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School 107709 View
Staincliffe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107710 View
Slaithwaite Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School 107711 View
Honley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107712 View
Brockholes Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School 107713 View
Flockton Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School 107714 View
Highburton Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School 107715 View
Lepton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior, Infant and Nursery School 107716 View
Thurstonland Endowed Voluntary Controlled First School 107717 View
Meltham CofE (VC) Primary School 107718 View
East Bierley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107719 View
Moorend Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School 107720 View
Roberttown Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School 107721 View
Farnley Tyas Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School 107722 View
Headlands Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior, Infant and Nursery School 107723 View
Honley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant and Nursery School 107724 View
Crowlees Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School 107725 View
St Lukes Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School 107726 View
All Hallows CofE (VA) Infant and Nursery School 107727 View
Battyeford CofE (VC) Primary School 107728 View
Dryclough Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School 107729 View
Lindley Church of England Voluntary Aided Infant School 107731 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Batley 107732 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School (Dewsbury) 107733 View
South Crosland Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School 107734 View
Woodhouse CofE (Aided) Infant and Nursery School 107735 View
Batley Parish Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior Infant and Nursery School 107736 View
St Peters Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior, Infant and Early Years School 107737 View
Brownhill St Saviours Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107738 View
St Johns Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior and Infant School 107739 View
Linthwaite Ardron CofE (Voluntary Aided) Junior and Infant School 107740 View
Cumberworth Church of England Voluntary Aided First School 107741 View
Denby Church of England Voluntary Aided First School 107742 View
St Aidans Church of England Voluntary Aided First School 107744 View
Kirkburton Church of England Voluntary Aided First School 107745 View
Helme Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior and Infant School 107746 View
Gomersal St Marys Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107747 View
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School 107748 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School (Huddersfield) 107749 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School, Huddersfield 107750 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School 107751 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School, Birstall 107752 View
St Paulinus Catholic Primary School 107753 View
King Jamess School 107754 View
Royds Hall Community School 107755 View
Netherhall Learning Campus High School 107756 View
Hinchliffe Mill Junior and Infant School 107658 View
Netherthong Primary School 107660 View
Upperthong Junior and Infant School 107680 View
Newsome High School and Sports College 107761 View
West End Middle School 107762 View
Honley High School 107763 View
The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form 107764 View
Scissett Middle School 107765 View
Colne Valley High School 107766 View
Upper Batley High School 107767 View
Birkenshaw Middle School 107768 View
Holmfirth High School 107769 View
Batley Girls High School - Visual Arts College 107770 View
Shelley College - A Specialist Centre for Science 107771 View
Whitechapel Middle School 107772 View
Kirkburton Middle School 107773 View
Birkdale High School 107774 View
Westborough High School 107775 View
Earlsheaton Technology College 107776 View
The Community Science College at Thornhill 107777 View
Spen Valley High School 107778 View
Grylls Community Middle School 107779 View
Whitcliffe Mount School 107780 View
Gomersal Church of England Voluntary Controlled Middle School 107781 View
All Saints Catholic College Specialist in Humanities 107782 View
St John Fisher Catholic High School 107783 View
Castle Hall School: A Specialist Language College 107784 View
Heckmondwike Grammar School 107785 View
Huddersfield Grammar School 107786 View
The Mount School 107787 View
Rosemeade School 107788 View
Batley Grammar School 107790 View
Institute of Islamic Education 107791 View
Zakaria Muslim Girls High School 107792 View
Islamia Girls High School 107793 View
Madni Muslim Girls High School 107794 View
The Branch Christian School 107795 View
Hollybank School 107796 View
Woodley School and College 107797 View
Highfields School 107798 View
Ravenshall School 107799 View
Hartshead Moor School 107800 View
Southgate School 107801 View
Fairfield School 107802 View
Turnshaws School 107803 View
Nortonthorpe Hall School 107804 View
Royd Edge School 107805 View
Hunslet Nursery School 107806 View
Almondbury Community School 107758 View
Fartown High School 107759 View
Moor End Technology College 107760 View
Rothwell Haigh Road Infant School 107833 View
Blackgates Primary School 107836 View
Yeadon Westfield Junior School 107840 View
Benton Park School 108083 View
Meavy Church of England Primary School 113480 View
Sir John Hunt Community Sports College 113533 View
Twin Sails Infant School 113689 View
St Walburgas Catholic Primary School 113898 View
St Peters Catholic Comprehensive School 113908 View
Portfield School 113942 View
Oxhill Nursery School 113970 View
George Dent Nursery School 113983 View
Westwood Primary School 114044 View
Belmont Cheveley Park Primary School 114139 View
Murton Primary School 114202 View
Vane Road Primary School 114206 View
Friskney All Saints Church of England (Aided) Primary School 120620 View
Caistor Yarborough School 120649 View
Cordeaux School 120651 View
Great Ellingham Primary School 120812 View
Swanton Abbott Community Primary School 120856 View
Thompson Primary School 120857 View
Edith Moorhouse Primary School 123017 View
Clarice Cliff Primary School 124008 View
The Nethersole CofE Primary School 125686 View
Beecroft First School 127835 View
St Charles RC First School 127941 View
Redwood Croft School 128062 View
Fellgate Junior School 128179 View
Lukes Lane County Junior School 128180 View
Park Wood Middle School 128255 View
Greenwood School 128301 View
Raans Secondary School 128345 View
Wicken County Primary School 128361 View
Oakdene School 128352 View
Hollingwood Infant School 128619 View
Poughill CofE Primary School 128707 View
St Michaels CofE Middle School 128711 View
Ryalls County School 128750 View
Hurn Court School 128798 View
Stream Edge School 128879 View
William Read County Junior School 128900 View
Faith Christian School 129065 View
Laurance Haines Infant School 129139 View
The Marshalwick School 129159 View
Greenacre First School 129613 View
Thornton-Le-Moor CofE Primary School 129662 View
Apethorpe CofE Primary School 129690 View
Pemberton Boys School 129696 View
Ellerdine County Primary School 129786 View
Lancasterian County Primary School 129788 View
Kingsland Grange Junior School 129818 View
Flash First School 129917 View
Farningham Road County First School 130056 View
Capel CofE First School 130079 View
Chrysalis Learning Centre 130202 View
Mossgate Primary School 130262 View
Finchale Primary School 130312 View
Tiber County Primary School 130295 View
Meadowpark School 130321 View
Farleigh College 130373 View
Sandringham Primary School 130381 View
Arvon House 130906 View
Stephen Hawking School 131023 View
Oakwood School 131042 View
Overton Grange School 131104 View
Alston Primary School 131135 View
Montem Primary School 131218 View
Excel Preparatory School 131244 View
Dolphin School 2 131264 View
St Ambrose College 131315 View
Oakthorpe Primary School 131407 View
Bernard - Green Corns 131408 View
The Mawney Foundation School 131426 View
Leicester Partnership School 131535 View
Ormsgill Nursery and Primary School 131761 View
St Mary and St Michael Primary School 131936 View
Hertsmere Jewish Primary School 131955 View
Leeds Pupil Referral Service 132019 View
The Rowans 132034 View
St Thomass Centre 132128 View
Brightside Primary School 132164 View
Stamford Junior School 132760 View
Castle Hill Community Primary School 133177 View
Wolsdon Street School 133363 View
Chapel-en-le-Frith CofE VC Primary School 133538 View
Derwent House School 133567 View
The Ark School 133578 View
Thomas Francis Academy 133647 View
Brent River College 133660 View
Staleydene Preparatory School 133564 View
Beachcroft School 133923 View
Churchfields Junior School 133935 View
Four Dwellings Primary School 133995 View
Smallbrook School 134000 View
Greys Education Centre 134032 View
Carsic Primary School 134218 View
The Kings Academy 134223 View
Mallard Primary School 134235 View
Normanton House School 134294 View
Mill Road Pupil Referral Unit, Ipors Centre 134298 View
Slough Activate 134360 View
Chiltern Primary School 134652 View
Cambian Scarborough School 134660 View
Hounslow PRU (EOTAS) 134675 View
Windhill School 134682 View
Prince Bishops Community Primary School 134855 View
North West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre 134885 View
Selwyn Primary School 135124 View
Kingshurst Primary School 135139 View
Coppice Primary School 135153 View
Our Lady and St Georges Catholic Primary School 135193 View
Langdale Primary School 135204 View
Hollyfields School 135395 View
Kent Health Needs Education Service 135432 View
Options Higford 135445 View
Granville Greencorns 135446 View
Forge Valley Community School 135503 View
School ReturnersYoung Mums Provision 135642 View
Corner House Unit 135615 View
Eagle House School Sutton 135801 View
Choices School 135824 View
Focus School - Plymouth Campus 135849 View
Jennetts Park CofE Primary School 135854 View
Aurora Brambles School 136003 View
Kensington Primary School 136118 View
Tiferes 136143 View
Stonehaven 136215 View
Meadows School 136257 View
Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull 136310 View
Garforth Academy 136343 View
Yardley Primary School 136364 View
Debden Park High School 136555 View
South Dartmoor Community College 136569 View
Ormiston Horizon Academy 136680 View
Sandown Bay Academy 136751 View
Banners Gate Primary School 136815 View
Haybridge High School and Sixth Form 136898 View
St Albans Catholic Academy 137056 View
The Blue Coat CofE School 137133 View
Westfield Academy 137203 View
Central Bedfordshire PRU 137325 View
Waddesdon Church of England School 137355 View
Princes Risborough 137372 View
St Dominics Catholic Primary School 137373 View
The Holy Trinity Church of England Primary Academy 137411 View
Warren Primary Academy 137443 View
Rastrick High School 137444 View
Warden Park School 137416 View
Heath Park 137730 View
Holmer CofE Academy 137731 View
St Thomas More Roman Catholic Academy 137734 View
St Edmunds Girls School 137827 View
Bushey Meads School 137872 View
St Cuthberts High School 137900 View
Wigston Academy 137984 View
John Cleveland College 138344 View
Race Leys Junior School 138431 View
The Gryphon School 138471 View
Branston Junior Academy 138486 View
West Derby School 138696 View
Boughton Primary School 138760 View
Lady Jane Grey Primary School 138809 View
Ludlow Junior School 139027 View
Redcar Academy - A Community School for the Performing and Visual Arts 139028 View
Orchard Meadow Primary School 139257 View
St Johns Church of England Middle School Academy 139286 View
Copley Academy 139294 View
Imagine You Can 139330 View
Dyke House Sports and Technology College 139405 View
Moorside Community Primary Academy School 139495 View
Carleton Community High School A Specialist Science With Mathematics School 139501 View
The Rayleigh Primary School Academy Trust 139543 View
Stoke Studio College for Manufacturing and Design Engineering 139590 View
Hackney New School 139595 View
Ladygrove Park Primary School 139750 View
Walsall Studio School 139789 View
Abbey Hill Academy 139974 View
Beckfoot School 139975 View
West End Academy 140003 View
Newnham Primary School 140060 View
St Marys Catholic Academy 140114 View
St Michaels Community Academy 140175 View
St Johns Wood Academy 140176 View
Peaslake Free School 140203 View
Wellington Primary Academy 140224 View
Berrybrook Primary School 140658 View
Easterside Academy 140714 View
Discovery School 140976 View
Dorset Studio School 140977 View
Kirk Balk Academy 140979 View
The Norwegian Kindergarten In London 141023 View
Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sports College 141146 View
Kessingland Church of England Primary Academy 141172 View
Kingsham Primary School 141181 View
Devonshire Infant Academy 141293 View
Millbrook Primary School 141364 View
St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy 141470 View
Leiston Primary School 141554 View
Mildmay Junior School 141573 View
Shorne Church of England Primary School 141578 View

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