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School Name URN Details
Ryburn Valley High School 107565 View
The Craven Road Centre 107808 View
Guiseley Primary School 107809 View
Scholes (Elmet) Primary School 107813 View
Garforth Barley Hill Infant School 107814 View
Kippax Infant School 107815 View
Great and Little Preston Junior School 107816 View
Horsforth Featherbank Primary School 107817 View
Blackgates Infant School 107818 View
Morley Elmfield Infant School 107819 View
Churwell Primary School 107820 View
Cross Hall Infant School 107821 View
Drighlington Junior School 107822 View
Hill Top Primary School 107823 View
Seven Hills Primary School 107824 View
Westerton Primary School 107825 View
Calverley Parkside Primary School 107826 View
Westroyd Primary School and Nursery 107827 View
Carlton Primary School 107830 View
Thorpe Primary School 107832 View
Woodlesford Primary School 107834 View
Methley Junior School 107835 View
Waterloo Infant School 107837 View
Methley Infant and Nursery School 107839 View
Pudsey Tyersal Primary School 107841 View
Oulton Primary School 107842 View
Swillington Primary School 107843 View
Bramham Primary School 107844 View
Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary School 107845 View
West End Primary School 107846 View
Southroyd Primary and Nursery School 107847 View
Gildersome Primary School 107848 View
Farsley Springbank Primary School 107849 View
Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School 107850 View
Victoria Junior School 107851 View
Langdale Primary School and Nursery 107852 View
Cross Hall Junior School 107853 View
Crossley Street Primary School 107854 View
Tranmere Park Primary School 107855 View
West Garforth Junior School 107856 View
Drighlington Infant School 107857 View
Queensway Primary School 107858 View
Yeadon Westfield Infant School 107859 View
Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School 107860 View
Westbrook Lane Primary School 107861 View
Lowtown Primary School 107862 View
Birchfield Primary School 107863 View
Clifford Primary School 107865 View
Morley Victoria Primary School 107866 View
Kippax Greenfield Primary School 107867 View
Bardsey Primary School 107868 View
Primrose Lane Primary School 107869 View
Wigton Moor Primary School 107870 View
East Garforth Primary School 107871 View
Garforth Green Lane Primary School 107872 View
Ninelands Primary School 107873 View
Broadgate Primary School 107874 View
Kippax North Junior, Infant & Nursery School 107875 View
Deighton Gates Primary School 107876 View
Ashfield Primary School 107877 View
Otley Newall Infant School 107878 View
Westgate Primary School 107879 View
Thomas Chippendale Primary School 107880 View
Otley the Whartons Primary School 107881 View
Bramhope Primary School 107882 View
Beecroft Primary School 107883 View
Blenheim Primary School 107884 View
Brudenell Primary School 107885 View
Iveson Primary School 107886 View
Kirkstall Valley Primary School 107887 View
Little London Community Primary School 107888 View
Quarry Mount Primary School 107889 View
Spring Bank Primary School 107890 View
Rosebank Primary School 107891 View
Adel Primary School 107892 View
Hawksworth Wood Primary School 107893 View
Cookridge Primary School 107894 View
Headingley Primary School 107895 View
Ireland Wood Primary School 107896 View
Weetwood Primary School 107897 View
Royal Park Primary School 107898 View
Tinshill Primary School 107899 View
Beckett Park Primary School 107900 View
Bankside Primary School 107901 View
Bentley Primary School 107902 View
Chapel Allerton Primary School 107903 View
Gledhow Primary School 107904 View
Leopold Primary School 107905 View
Miles Hill Primary School 107906 View
Potternewton Primary School 107907 View
Talbot Primary School 107908 View
Yeadon South View Infant School 107812 View
Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School 107810 View
Yeadon South View Junior School 107811 View
Bracken Edge Primary School 107909 View
Carr Manor Primary School 107913 View
Highfield Primary School 107914 View
Moor Allerton Hall Primary School 107915 View
Moortown Primary School 107916 View
Shadwell Primary School 107917 View
Fir Tree Primary School 107918 View
Asket Hill Primary School 107919 View
Brownhill Primary School 107921 View
Ebor Gardens Primary School 107922 View
Grange Farm Primary School 107923 View
Grimes Dyke Primary School 107924 View
Harehills Primary School 107925 View
Hovingham Primary School 107926 View
Richmond Hill Primary School 107927 View
Seacroft Grange Primary School 107928 View
Colton Primary School 107929 View
Victoria Primary School 107930 View
Whitebridge Primary School 107931 View
White Laith Primary School 107932 View
Wykebeck Primary School 107933 View
Cross Gates Primary School 107934 View
Oakwood Primary School 107935 View
Osmondthorpe Primary School 107936 View
Woodlands Primary School 107937 View
Shakespeare Primary School 107938 View
Austhorpe Primary School 107939 View
Manston Primary School 107940 View
Templenewsam Halton Primary School 107941 View
Whitkirk Primary School 107942 View
Parklands Primary School 107943 View
Swarcliffe Primary School 107944 View
Fieldhead Carr Primary School 107945 View
Beeston Primary School 107946 View
Windmill Primary School 107947 View
Cottingley Primary School 107948 View
Greenmount Primary School 107949 View
Hunslet Carr Primary School 107950 View
Hunslet Moor Primary School 107951 View
Ingram Road Primary School 107952 View
Middleton Primary School 107953 View
Westwood Primary School 107954 View
Cross Flatts Park Primary School 107955 View
Greenwood Primary School 107956 View
Low Road Primary School 107957 View
Clapgate Primary School 107958 View
Hugh Gaitskell Primary School 107959 View
Armley Primary School 107960 View
Bramley Primary School 107961 View
Castleton Primary School 107962 View
Cobden Primary School 107963 View
Park Spring Primary School 107964 View
Raynville Primary School 107965 View
Stanningley Primary School 107966 View
Summerfield Primary School 107967 View
Five Lanes Primary School 107968 View
Whingate Primary School 107969 View
Hillcrest Primary School 107911 View
Alwoodley Primary School 107912 View
Kerr Mackie Primary School 107910 View
Whitecote Primary School 107970 View
Rodley Village Primary School 107974 View
Greenhill Primary School 107975 View
Aireview Primary School 107976 View
Ryecroft Primary School 107977 View
Sandford Primary School 107978 View
Swinnow Primary School 107979 View
East Ardsley Primary School 107980 View
Farsley Farfield Primary School 107981 View
Rothwell Primary School 107982 View
Allerton Bywater Primary School 107983 View
Sharp Lane Primary School 107984 View
Aberford Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107985 View
Rawdon St Peters Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107986 View
Barwick-in-Elmet Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107987 View
Great and Little Preston Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School 107988 View
Harewood Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107989 View
St Margarets Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107990 View
Woodside Infant School 107991 View
Micklefield Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107992 View
Rothwell Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107993 View
Thorner Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107994 View
St James Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 107995 View
Calverley Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 107996 View
St Marys Church of England Controlled Primary School Boston Spa 107997 View
Otley All Saints Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School 107998 View
Otley All Saints Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 107999 View
Pool-in-Wharfedale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 108000 View
Burley St Matthias Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 108001 View
Middleton St Marys Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 108002 View
Bramley St Peters Church of England Primary School 108003 View
Christ Church Upper Armley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 108004 View
St Bartholomews CofE Voluntary Controlled Primary School 108005 View
St Chads Church of England Primary School 108006 View
Roundhay St Johns Church of England Primary School 108007 View
St Oswalds Church of England Primary School 108008 View
Hawksworth Church of England Primary School 108009 View
Lady Elizabeth Hastings CofE VA Primary School, Thorp Arch 108010 View
Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings Church of England Primary School 108011 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary School, Boston Spa 108012 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Horsforth 108013 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Otley 108014 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Pudsey 108015 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley 108016 View
Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, Yeadon 108017 View
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School 108019 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Wetherby 108020 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School, Beeston 108021 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School 108022 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary School 108023 View
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School 108025 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 108026 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Hunslet 108028 View
St Nicholas Catholic Primary School 108029 View
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School 108030 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 108031 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School 108032 View
St Philips Catholic Primary and Nursery School 108033 View
Holy Name Catholic Primary School 108034 View
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School 108035 View
St Patrick Catholic Primary School 108036 View
Holy Rosary and St Annes Catholic Primary School 108037 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 108038 View
St Theresas Catholic Primary School 108039 View
Mount St Marys Catholic Primary School 108040 View
Adel St John the Baptist Church of England Primary School 108041 View
Cookridge Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 108042 View
Kirkstall St Stephens Church of England Primary School 108043 View
St Michaels Church of England Primary School 108044 View
Archbishop Cranmer Church of England Primary School 108045 View
Meanwood Church of England Primary School 108046 View
St Matthews Church of England Aided Primary School 108047 View
All Saints Richmond Hill Church of England Primary School 108048 View
Manston St James Church of England Primary School 108049 View
St Peters Church of England Primary School, Leeds 108050 View
Whinmoor St Pauls Church of England Primary School 108051 View
Beeston Hill St Lukes Church of England Primary School 108052 View
Hunslet St Marys Church of England Primary School 108053 View
Brodetsky Primary School 108054 View
Lawnswood School 108055 View
City of Leeds School 108056 View
Allerton High School 108057 View
Allerton Grange School 108058 View
Carr Manor Community School, Specialist Sports College 108059 View
Cross Green High School 108060 View
East Leeds High School 108061 View
Primrose High School 108062 View
John Smeaton Community College 108063 View
Temple Moor High School Science College 108064 View
Cockburn School 108065 View
Matthew Murray High School 108066 View
Middleton Park High School 108067 View
South Leeds Arts College Merlyn Rees 108068 View
The Benjamin Gott High School 108069 View
Wyther Park Primary School 107971 View
Lawns Park Primary School 107973 View
Lower Wortley Primary School 107972 View
Intake High School Arts College 108070 View
Ralph Thoresby School 108075 View
Roundhay School 108076 View
Braim Wood Boys High School 108077 View
Morley High School 108078 View
Pudsey Grangefield School 108079 View
Rodillian School 108080 View
Royds School 108081 View
Woodkirk High Specialist Science School 108082 View
Crawshaw School 108084 View
Guiseley School 108085 View
Bruntcliffe School 108086 View
Priesthorpe School 108087 View
Wetherby High School 108088 View
Garforth Community College 108089 View
Brigshaw High School and Language College 108090 View
Boston Spa School 108091 View
Horsforth School 108092 View
Otley Prince Henrys Grammar School Specialist Language College 108093 View
St Marys Catholic Comprehensive School, Menston 108094 View
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School 108095 View
Corpus Christi Catholic College 108096 View
Mount St Marys Catholic High School 108097 View
St Michaels Catholic College 108098 View
Agnes Stewart Church of England High School 108099 View
Lady E Hastings CofE Primary School 108100 View
Abbey Grange Church of England High School 108101 View
Moorlands School 108102 View
Richmond House School 108103 View
Gateways School 108104 View
St Agnes PNEU School 108105 View
North Leeds Preparatory School 108106 View
High Trees Preparatory School 108107 View
The Froebelian School 108108 View
Queenswood School 108109 View
Leeds Menorah School 108110 View
Hawksworth Hall School 108111 View
Leeds Girls High School 108112 View
The Grammar School At Leeds 108113 View
Woodhouse Grove School 108114 View
Beech House School 108115 View
Leeds Christian School 108116 View
Fulneck School 108117 View
The Alcuin School 108118 View
John Jamieson School 108119 View
St Johns Catholic School for the Deaf (Boston Spa) 108120 View
Stonegate School 108121 View
Richard Oastler School 108122 View
Broomfield South SILC 108123 View
Newcliff House School 108124 View
Fearnville School 108125 View
Farnley Park Maths & Computing College 108071 View
Wortley High School 108072 View
West Leeds High School 108073 View
Grafton School 108126 View
Milestone School 108130 View
West Oaks SEN Specialist School and College 108133 View
Harewood Centre Nursery School 108134 View
Croft House Nursery School 108135 View
Stanley Nursery School 108136 View
Crigglestone Nursery School 108137 View
Greenhill Nursery School 108138 View
The Springfield Centre 108139 View
Ackworth Bell Lane First School 108140 View
Elmete Wood - BESD SILC (Behaviour, Emotional, Social Difficulties Specialist Learning Centre) 108129 View
Crofton Infant School 108142 View
Havercroft-With-Cold Hiendley First School 108143 View
Fitzwilliam First School 108144 View
Southmoor Road First School 108145 View
Normanton Common Primary School 108147 View
Martin Frobisher Infant School 108148 View
Normanton Altofts Lee Brigg Infant School 108149 View
Normanton Woodhouse First School 108150 View
Harewood Lane First School 108151 View
Ossett Flushdyke Junior and Infant School 108152 View
Gawthorpe Community Primary School 108153 View
Pontefract Willow Park Junior School 108154 View
Ryhill First School 108155 View
Sharlston Community School (3-11): With Visual Impairment Resource 108156 View
Sitlington Middlestown Junior and Infant School 108157 View
Sitlington Netherton Junior and Infant School 108158 View
South Hiendley First School 108159 View
Common Road First School 108160 View
Moorthorpe First School 108161 View
Stanley Grove Primary and Nursery School 108162 View
Newton Hill Community School 108164 View
Outwood Ledger Lane Junior and Infant School 108165 View
Walton Junior School 108166 View
Featherstone Girnhill Infant School 108168 View
Horbury Clifton Infant School 108169 View
Knottingley England Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School 108170 View
Dimple Well Infant School and Nursery 108171 View
Pontefract Chequerfield Infant School 108172 View
The Rookeries Carleton Junior and Infant School: With Hearing Impairment Resource 108174 View
Burntwood First School 108176 View
Knottingley Vale Junior and Infant School 108177 View
Knottingley Simpsons Lane Junior and Infant School 108178 View
Horbury Junior School 108179 View
Pontefract Cobblers Lane Junior School 108180 View
Stockingate First School 108181 View
Grove Lea First School 108182 View
Knottingley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School 108183 View
Ossett South Parade Infant School 108184 View
Pontefract Carleton Park Junior and Infant School 108185 View
Knottingley Ferrybridge Roundhill Junior School 108186 View
Ossett South Parade Junior School 108187 View
Pontefract Larks Hill Junior and Infant School 108188 View
South Ossett Infant School 108189 View
Knottingley Throstle Farm Junior and Infant School 108190 View
Pontefract Cobblers Lane Infant School 108191 View
Shay Lane Infant School 108192 View
Kirkhamgate Primary School 108193 View
Ash Grove First School 108194 View
Streethouse, Junior, Infant and Nursery 108195 View
Towngate Primary School 108196 View
Horbury Infant School 108197 View
Rooks Nest Junior, Infant and Nursery School 108198 View
Walton Grove Infant School 108199 View
Featherstone Purston Infant School 108200 View
Stanley Wrenthorpe Jerry Clay Lane Junior and Infant School 108201 View
Shay Lane Junior School 108202 View
Mill Dam First School 108203 View
Pontefract Halfpenny Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School 108204 View
Carlton First School 108205 View
Northways School 108127 View
Penny Field School 108128 View
Crofton Junior School 108141 View
St Johns RC Junior School 119426 View
St Matthews Church of England Primary School 119505 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School, Chorley 119673 View
Up Holland High School 119751 View
The Grantham Church (VA) High School 120715 View
Amington Heath Primary School and Nursery 124176 View
Southgate Middle School 125906 View
Three Bridges Junior School 125907 View
Holmbush Primary School 125908 View
Kingston Buci First School 125909 View
Fishersgate First School 125910 View
Manor Hall First School 125911 View
Swiss Gardens Primary School 125914 View
Willows First School,the 125915 View
Milton Mount Primary School 125916 View
Thornberry Middle School 125917 View
Leechpool Primary School 125918 View
Bartons Primary School, Bognor Regis 125922 View
Billingshurst Infant School 125923 View
Lyminster Primary School 125927 View
Rose Green Infant School 125928 View
Ashurst Wood Primary School 125929 View
Manor Field Primary School 125930 View
London Meed Community Primary School 125931 View
Handcross Primary School 125932 View
Lindfield Infant School 125942 View
Fairway Infant School, Copthorne 125943 View
Estcots Primary School 125945 View
Blackthorns Community Primary School, Lindfield 125946 View
Burleigh Infant School 125947 View
Northlands Wood Community Primary School 125948 View
North Heath Community Primary School 125949 View
Hawthorns Primary School, Durrington 125950 View
Durrington Junior School 125952 View
Waterfield Primary School 125953 View
Downview Primary School 125924 View
White Styles Middle School 125925 View
Kirkstall First School 127836 View
Deighton Gates Junior School 127899 View
Broomfield School 128066 View
Willington Middle School 128165 View
St James RC Infant School 128290 View
Ridge House School 128295 View
Burghclere Grange School 128300 View
Bedford Street County Infant School 128406 View
Ditton CofE Primary School 128454 View
Warwicksland County Primary School 128571 View
Grange Junior School 128503 View
Hemlington Hall Infant School 128502 View
Manor School 128634 View
Enmore Green CofE First School 128780 View
Glebe School 128827 View
Hawkhurst Court Dyslexia Centre 128874 View
Abundant Life School 128875 View
Beis Shammai Grammar School 128925 View
Highwood School 128959 View
Wecock Middle School 128993 View
Aldermoor Middle School 128994 View
Shirley Warren Middle School 128996 View
Belle Vue County Infant School 129010 View
Bengeo Infant School 129132 View
St Bedes RC Primary School 129258 View
Marist College 129325 View
Aylesham County Infant School 129373 View
North Deal County Infant School 129374 View
Wyggeston Collegiate School 129545 View
Grantley County Primary School 129652 View
City Hospital School 129738 View
Hopwell School 129739 View
Eastwood Parkside School 129740 View
Acton Burnell Primary School 129793 View
Summerbank Nursery School 129864 View
Chell High School 129929 View
Whepstead County Primary School 129964 View
Okewood District CofE First School 130068 View
St Pauls CofE First School 130069 View
Dunsfold CofE First School 130070 View
Staplands Nursery Tutorial 130134 View
Highfields Primary School 130258 View
Millfields Primary School 130272 View
St Margrets School 130280 View
Lollipops School (At Bramble House) 130282 View
Hillside Primary School 130299 View
Monteagle Primary School 130340 View
Oaklands School 130353 View
Buntingford Area Pupil Referral Unit 130355 View
Birchfields Primary School 130380 View
St Johns Primary School 130870 View
Cambian Birch House School 130386 View
All Saints CofE (VA) Primary School, Leek Wootton 130976 View
Robin Hood Primary School 131007 View
Cadishead Primary School 131008 View
Vale View Primary School 131083 View
Southglade Primary School 131005 View
Hillcrest Norwood 131179 View
Mill Hill Pre-Preparatory School 131269 View
Leighswood School 131433 View
Hans School of Excellence 131592 View
Grestone Primary School 131593 View
Nightingale Community Academy 131594 View
Four Oaks Primary School 131920 View
Hadrian School 131986 View
Al Taqwa Islamic School 132114 View
The Meadows Primary School 132179 View
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School 132188 View
Greentrees Primary School 132831 View
Westgate First School 133067 View
The Gateway Academy 133114 View
Monksdown Primary School 133331 View
Nene Valley Primary School 133537 View
Roughbank Farm 133445 View
Felmore Primary School 133573 View
Revolution (KS3 PRU) 133589 View
Hob Moor Community Primary School 133609 View
Solutions 4 133984 View
Draycott Moor College 133989 View
St Mary the Virgin CofE VA Primary School 134020 View
Park Lane High School 134023 View
Ordsall Primary School 134028 View
The Lambs Christian School 134091 View
The Surrey Teaching Centre 134108 View
Pelton Community Primary School 134078 View
St Leonards (CofE) Primary School (VC) 134173 View
Bowhill Primary School 134174 View
Wickham Court School 134175 View
Caroline Chisholm School 134177 View
Crossways Sixth Form 134194 View
The Phoenix School 134227 View
St Lukes Catholic Sixth Form College 134189 View
New River College Medical 134274 View
Starks Field Primary School 134307 View
Gamelea Countryside Training Trust 134404 View
Include - Thames Valley 134415 View
Focus School - Linton Park Campus 134452 View
Jamiah Madaniyah Primary School 134591 View
Emmanuel Christian School 134595 View
Freyburg School 134649 View
Watergate South School 134654 View
West Exe Nursery School 134674 View
Willenhall Community Primary School 134745 View
Pipworth Community Primary School 134751 View
Harbour 134762 View
Cambian Whinfell School 134781 View
Blessed Trinity RC College 134997 View
Bournville Primary School 135190 View
Willows 135278 View
Saxon Road Green Corns 135355 View
Salisbury Road Primary School 135350 View
York House 135381 View
Bacons College 135401 View
Swan Lodge 135495 View
Coppice School 135546 View
Cranleigh Church of England Primary School 135566 View
Claybrook Cottage School 135586 View
Young Dancers Academy 135729 View
Norris Bank Independent School 135923 View
Selkirk Independent School 135924 View
West Kent Learning Federation: Student Support Centre 136065 View
Gloucester Academy 136199 View
Bedford Academy 136085 View
Tonbridge Grammar School 136417 View
Charles Darwin School 136545 View
Devonport High School for Girls 136588 View
The Buckinghamshire Primary Pupil Referral Unit 136684 View
Twynham School 136649 View
Oxley Park Academy 136853 View
Hadleigh High School 136918 View
Kings Hedges Nursery School 136931 View
Aldborough Primary School 136934 View
St Breock Primary School 137142 View
The National CofE Academy 137159 View
Chilworth House Upper School 137334 View
Medmerry Primary School 137370 View
St Catherines Catholic School 137681 View
South Axholme Academy 137742 View
Little Reddings Primary School 137861 View
Marish Primary School 138166 View
Woodfield Academy 138208 View
St Josephs College 138221 View
Leicester Montessori Sixth Form College 138376 View
Beacon Hill Academy 138736 View
Crowthorns DayResidential Special School -Autism and Aspergers 139427 View
The Quay School 139498 View
Malmesbury Church of England Primary School 139753 View
Malvins Close Primary Academy 139754 View
Lound Junior School 139863 View
The Durham Free School 140005 View
Break Through 140039 View
Rothwell Junior School 140073 View
Epic Learning 140225 View
Helios International College 140274 View
Chesterton Community Sports College 140470 View
The Gateway Primary Academy 140593 View
The Hermitage School 140594 View
The Skinners School 140595 View
Eynsham Community Primary School 140827 View
Hollymount School 140933 View
Austin Farm Academy 141232 View
Riverbank School 141376 View

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