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School Name URN Details
Durants School 102066 View
Hawthorn Primary School 103214 View
Highfield Junior and Infant School 103215 View
The Bridge School 103624 View
Fox Hollies School and Performing Arts College 103625 View
Cherry Oak School 103626 View
Beaufort School 103627 View
Oscott Manor School 103628 View
Charles Burns School 103629 View
Langley School 103630 View
Longmoor School and Residential Unit 103631 View
Lindsworth School 103632 View
Hillfields Nursery School 103633 View
The Grange Education Unit 103634 View
Behaviour Support Service 103635 View
Whitmore Park Annexe 103636 View
Sherbourne Fields Annexe 103637 View
Aldermans Green Community Primary School 103638 View
Hollyfast Primary School 103639 View
Courthouse Green Primary School 103640 View
Earlsdon Primary School 103641 View
Edgewick Community Primary School 103642 View
Gosford Park Primary School 103643 View
Hearsall Community Primary School 103644 View
Howes Community Primary School 103645 View
Keresley Grange Primary School 103646 View
Little Heath Primary School 103647 View
Longford Park Primary School 103648 View
Radford Primary School 103649 View
Southfields Primary School 103650 View
Spon Gate Primary School 103651 View
St Christopher Primary School 103652 View
Stanton Bridge Primary School 103653 View
Eburne Primary School 103654 View
Whitley Abbey Primary School 103655 View
Allesley Hall Primary School 103656 View
Annie Osborn Primary School 103657 View
Ernesford Grange Primary School 103658 View
Potters Green Primary School 103659 View
Alderman Harris Primary School 103660 View
Mount Nod Primary School 103661 View
Allesley Primary School 103662 View
Grangehurst Primary School 103663 View
Grange Farm Primary School 103664 View
Eastern Green Junior School 103665 View
Park Hill Primary School 103666 View
Cannon Park Primary School 103667 View
Clifford Bridge Primary School 103668 View
Sir Frank Whittle Primary School 103669 View
Pearl Hyde Community Primary School 103670 View
Sowe Valley Primary School 103671 View
Broad Heath Community Primary School 103672 View
Joseph Cash Primary School 103673 View
Whoberley Hall Primary School 103674 View
Finham Primary School 103675 View
Holbrook Primary School 103676 View
Limbrick Wood Primary School 103677 View
Chace Primary School 103678 View
Stoke Primary School 103679 View
Coundon Primary School 103680 View
Aldermoor Farm Primary School 103681 View
Ravensdale Primary School 103682 View
Wood End Primary School 103683 View
Stoke Heath Primary School 103684 View
Whitmore Park Primary School 103685 View
Stivichall Primary School 103686 View
Willenhall Wood Primary School 103687 View
Parkgate Primary School 103688 View
Sir Henry Parkes Primary School 103689 View
John Gulson Primary School 103690 View
Manor Park Primary School 103691 View
Templars Primary School 103692 View
Richard Lee Primary School 103693 View
Hill Farm Primary School 103694 View
Frederick Bird Primary School 103695 View
Wyken Croft Primary School 103696 View
Moseley Primary School 103697 View
John Shelton Community Primary School 103698 View
Foleshill Church of England Primary School 103699 View
Stretton Church of England Primary School 103701 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School 103702 View
St Andrews Church of England Infant School 103703 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School 103704 View
Leigh Church of England Primary School 103705 View
St Bartholomews Church of England Primary School 103706 View
Walsgrave Church of England Primary School 103700 View
Christ The King Catholic Infants School 103707 View
St Osburgs Catholic Primary School 103711 View
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School 103712 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School 103713 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 103714 View
St John Vianney Catholic Primary School 103715 View
Good Shepherd Catholic School 103716 View
St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School 103717 View
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School 103718 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 103719 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School 103720 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 103721 View
Christ The King Catholic Junior School 103722 View
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School 103723 View
All Souls Catholic Primary School 103724 View
Corpus Christi Catholic School 103725 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 103726 View
Barrs Hill School and Community College 103727 View
Stoke Park School and Community Technology College 103728 View
Coundon Court School and Community College 103729 View
The Woodlands School 103730 View
Caludon Castle School 103731 View
Foxford School and Community Arts College 103732 View
Lyng Hall School 103733 View
Whitley Abbey Business and Enterprise College 103734 View
Tile Hill Wood School and Language College 103735 View
President Kennedy School and Community College 103736 View
Woodway Park School and Community College 103737 View
Finham Park School 103738 View
Sidney Stringer School - Specialising in Mathematics and Computing 103739 View
Ernesford Grange Community School 103740 View
The Westwood School - A Technology College 103741 View
Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School 103742 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 103709 View
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School and Language College 103744 View
The Coventry Blue Coat Church of England School and Music College 103745 View
Coventry Preparatory School 103746 View
Pattison College 103747 View
Davenport Lodge School 103748 View
Cheshunt School 103749 View
King Henry VIII School 103750 View
Bablake School 103751 View
Kenderdine Montessori School 103752 View
Coventry Muslim School 103753 View
Bablake Junior School 103754 View
Corley (Coventry) School 103755 View
Alice Stevens School 103756 View
Three Spires School 103757 View
Wainbody Wood School 103758 View
Deedmore School 103759 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 103708 View
Dartmouth School 103761 View
The Meadows School 103762 View
Tiverton School 103763 View
Hawkesbury Fields School 103764 View
Baginton Fields School 103765 View
Netherton Park Nursery School 103766 View
The Mere Primary Short Stay School 103767 View
Education Counselling Group 103768 View
Cherry Tree Learning Centre 103769 View
Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Arts and Community College 103743 View
Sherbourne Fields School 103760 View
St Elizabeths Catholic Primary School, Foleshill 103710 View
Abberley Street Pupil Referral Unit 103770 View
Kates Hill Community Primary School 103774 View
Brierley Hill Primary School 103776 View
Brockmoor Primary School 103777 View
Blowers Green Primary School 103771 View
Dudley Wood Primary School 103773 View
Sledmere Primary School 103772 View
Wallbrook Primary School 103783 View
Red Hall Primary School 103784 View
Bramford Primary School 103782 View
Dawley Brook Primary School 103781 View
Blanford Mere Primary School 103792 View
Colley Lane Primary School 103793 View
Tenterfields Primary School 103794 View
Holt Farm Primary School 103795 View
Olive Hill Primary School 103796 View
Lapal Primary School 103797 View
Beauty Bank Primary School 103798 View
Greenfield Primary School 103799 View
Wollescote Primary School 103800 View
Caslon Primary Community School 103801 View
Huntingtree Primary School 103802 View
Rufford Primary School 103803 View
Lutley Primary School 103804 View
The Ridge Primary School 103805 View
Amblecote Primary School 103806 View
Hurst Green Primary School 103807 View
Ham Dingle Primary School 103808 View
Withymoor Primary School 103809 View
Cotwall End Primary School 103810 View
Belle Vue Primary School 103828 View
Crestwood Park Primary School 103790 View
Peters Hill Primary School 103791 View
Mount Pleasant Primary School 103780 View
Hob Green Primary School 103833 View
Milking Bank Primary School 103834 View
St Marks CofE Primary School 103836 View
St Marys CofE (VC) Primary School 103837 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 103838 View
Oldswinford CofE Primary School 103839 View
St Chads Catholic Primary School 103844 View
Halesowen CofE Primary School 103847 View
Pedmore CE Primary School 103848 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 103849 View
Our Lady and St Kenelm RC School 103850 View
St Jamess CofE Primary School 103851 View
The CofE School of St Edmund and St John 103852 View
Thorns Community College 103853 View
Alder Coppice Primary School 103869 View
Maidensbridge Primary School 103779 View
Highfields Primary School 103789 View
Old Swinford Hospital 103870 View
The Brier School 103878 View
The Woodsetton School 103879 View
The Old Park School 103880 View
Pens Meadow School 103883 View
Edith Sands Nursery School 103885 View
Whiteheath Education Centre 103887 View
The Bridge Centre (KS4 Unit) 103889 View
Ruskin House Pupil Referral Unit 103890 View
Beeches Infant and Nursery School 103892 View
Guns Village Junior School 103893 View
Guns Village Infant School 103894 View
Hamstead Junior School 103895 View
Hamstead Infant School 103896 View
Harvills Hawthorn Junior School 103897 View
Harvills Hawthorn Infant and Nursery School 103898 View
Hateley Heath Junior School 103899 View
Hateley Heath Infant School 103900 View
Joseph Edward Cox Junior School 103901 View
Joseph Edward Cox Infant School 103902 View
Kent Close Junior and Infant School 103903 View
Hollyhedge Primary School 103904 View
Hargate Primary School 103905 View
Albert Pritchard Infant School 103906 View
Mesty Croft Primary School 103907 View
Moorlands Primary School 103908 View
Old Park Primary School 103909 View
Park Hill Primary School 103910 View
Tameside Infant School 103911 View
Tameside Junior School 103912 View
Wood Green Junior School 103913 View
Burnt Tree Primary School 103914 View
Great Bridge Primary School 103915 View
Ocker Hill Infant School 103919 View
Ocker Hill Junior School 103920 View
Eaton Valley Primary School 103923 View
Newtown Primary School 103924 View
Highfields Primary School 103946 View
Moat Farm Infant School 103949 View
Oakham Primary School 103950 View
Leasowes Primary School 103951 View
Old Hill Primary School 103952 View
Perryfields Primary School 103953 View
Rowley Hall Primary School 103955 View
Springfield Junior School 103956 View
Springfield Infant and Nursery School 103958 View
Tividale Community Primary School 103959 View
Joseph Turner Primary School 103970 View
Grove Vale Primary School 103972 View
Fir Tree Primary School 103973 View
Langley Primary School 103978 View
Ferndale Primary School 103982 View
Rood End Primary School 103984 View
St Jamess CofE Junior School 103985 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 103986 View
St Martins CofE Primary School 103987 View
St Pauls CofE (C) Primary School 103988 View
St Mary Magdalene CofE Voluntary Controlled Primary School 103989 View
All Saints CofE Primary School 103990 View
St John Bosco Catholic Primary School 103991 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 103992 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 103993 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 103994 View
St Margarets CofE Primary School 103995 View
Holy Name Catholic Primary School 103996 View
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School 103998 View
St Huberts Catholic Primary School 103999 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 104000 View
St Philips Catholic Primary School 104001 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 104002 View
Wodensborough Community Technology College 104006 View
Wood Green High School College of Sport, Maths and Computing 104007 View
Knowle School 104031 View
Birchley School 104032 View
Reddal Hill Primary School 103954 View
Blossomfield Infant and Nursery School 104039 View
St Patricks CofE (Aided) Junior and Infant School 104096 View
St Mary and St Margarets Church of England Aided Primary School 104097 View
Park Hall School 104116 View
Smiths Wood Sports College 104118 View
Rowley View Nursery School 104136 View
Ogley Hay Nursery School 104141 View
Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Primary School 104098 View
The Young Mothers Unit 108566 View
Day Tutorial Unit 108567 View
Senior Tutorial Centre 108568 View
Cullercoats Primary School 108569 View
Priory Primary School 108570 View
Waterville Primary School 108571 View
Percy Main Primary School 108572 View
King Edward Primary School 108573 View
Spring Gardens Primary School 108574 View
Riverside Primary School 108575 View
Monkhouse Primary School 108576 View
Whitehouse Primary School 108577 View
Preston Grange Primary School 108578 View
Shiremoor Primary School 108579 View
Backworth Park Primary School 108580 View
Holystone Primary School 108581 View
Westmoor Primary School 108582 View
Rockcliffe First School 108583 View
Appletree Gardens First School 108584 View
Southridge First School 108585 View
Amberley Primary School 108586 View
Bailey Green Primary School 108587 View
South Wellfield First School 108588 View
Marine Park First School 108589 View
Coquet Park First School 108590 View
Langley First School 108591 View
Carville Primary School 108592 View
Western First School 108593 View
Wallsend Jubilee Primary School 108594 View
Battle Hill Primary School 108595 View
Richardson Dees Primary School 108596 View
Stephenson Memorial Primary School 108597 View
Hadrian Park First School 108598 View
Redesdale Primary School 108599 View
Whitley Lodge First School 108600 View
Moor Edge Community Primary School 108601 View
Collingwood Primary School 108602 View
Ivy Road Primary School 108606 View
New York Primary School 108607 View
Denbigh Community Primary School 108608 View
Greenfields Community Primary School 108609 View
Hazlewood Community Primary School 108610 View
Fordley Primary School 108611 View
Burradon Community Primary School 108612 View
Percy St Johns CofE Aided Primary School 108613 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 108614 View
St Bartholomews Church of England Primary School (Aided) 108615 View
St Cuthberts Roman Catholic Primary School Aided 108616 View
St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School Aided 108617 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School Aided 108618 View
Sacred Heart RC Primary School 108619 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School Aided 108620 View
St Stephens Roman Catholic Primary School Aided 108621 View
Star of the Sea RC VA Primary 108622 View
St Aidans Roman Catholic Primary School 108623 View
St Bernadettes Roman Catholic Primary School Aided 108624 View
St Columbas Roman Catholic Primary School Aided 108625 View
Wallsend St Peters CofE Aided Primary School 108626 View
Marden High School 108627 View
Norham High School 108628 View
Shiremoor Middle School 108629 View
High Farm Middle School 108630 View
Central Middle School 108631 View
Western Middle School 108632 View
Westmoor Middle School 108633 View
Killingworth Middle School 108634 View
Marden Bridge Middle School 108635 View
Valley Gardens Middle School 108636 View
Monkseaton Middle School 108637 View
Whitley Bay High School 108638 View
George Stephenson High School 108639 View
Burnside Business and Enterprise College 108640 View
Churchill Community College 108641 View
Monkseaton High School 108642 View
Hadrian Park Middle School 108643 View
John Spence Community High School 108644 View
Langdale Community Middle School 108646 View
Seaton Burn College, A Specialist Business and Enterprise School 108647 View
St Thomas More Roman Catholic High School Aided 108648 View
Wellfield Middle School 108649 View
The Kings School 108650 View
Dame Allans Junior School 108651 View
Southlands School 108653 View
Ashleigh School 108654 View
Benton Dene School 108655 View
Parkside School 108656 View
Percy Hedley School 108657 View
Elizabeth Diamond Nursery School 108658 View
Wharfedale Drive Nursery School 108659 View
Downhill Nursery School 108660 View
Clervaux Nursery School 108661 View
Dunn Street Nursery School 108662 View
Helen Gibson Nursery School 108663 View
Cleadon Park Nursery School 108664 View
Boldon Nursery School 108665 View
Alternative Education Service - The Beacon Centre 108666 View
The Galsworthy Centre 108667 View
Hadrian Primary School 108668 View
Ridgeway Primary School 108669 View
Downhill Infants and Nursery School 108670 View
Harton Infants School 108671 View
Laygate Community School 108672 View
Mortimer Primary School 108673 View
Mowbray Junior Mixed School 108674 View
Marine Park Primary School 108675 View
Stanhope Primary School 108676 View
Westoe Infants School 108677 View
Biddick Hall Junior School 108678 View
Temple Park Junior School 108679 View
Highfield Infants School 108680 View
Temple Park Infants School 108681 View
Biddick Hall Infants School 108682 View
Monkton Junior School 108683 View
Monkton Infants School 108684 View
Ashley Primary School 108685 View
Hedworth Lane Primary School 108686 View
Marsden Primary School 108687 View
East Boldon Infants School 108688 View
Whitburn County Junior Mixed School 108689 View
Cleadon Village Junior School 108690 View
Whitburn County Infants School 108691 View
East Boldon Junior School 108692 View
Bede Burn Primary School 108693 View
Valley View Primary School 108694 View
Dunn Street Primary School 108695 View
Harton Junior School 108696 View
Cheviot Junior School 108697 View
Simonside Primary School 108698 View
Hedworthfield Primary School 108699 View
Lord Blyton Primary School 108700 View
West Boldon Primary School 108701 View
Balliol Primary School 108603 View
Forest Hall Primary School 108605 View
Benton Dene Primary School 108604 View
Albert Elliott Primary School 108702 View
Fellgate Primary School 108706 View
All Saints CofE Infants School 108709 View
Cleadon Village CofE Infants School 108710 View
St Oswalds CofE Aided Primary School 108711 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 108713 View
St Marys CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 108714 View
St Bedes RC Voluntary Aided Primary School, South Shields 108715 View
St Gregorys RC Voluntary Aided Primary School 108716 View
SS Peter and Paul RC Voluntary Aided Primary School 108717 View
St Oswalds RC Voluntary Aided Primary School 108718 View
St Aloysius RC Voluntary Aided Junior School 108719 View
St Aloysius RC Voluntary Aided Infant School 108720 View
St Matthews RC Voluntary Aided Primary School 108721 View
St Marys RC Voluntary Aided Primary School 108722 View
St James RC Voluntary Aided Primary School 108723 View
St Josephs RC Voluntary Aided Primary School 108724 View
St Bedes RC Primary School, Jarrow 108725 View
Harton Technology College 108726 View
Mortimer Community College 108727 View
Brinkburn School 108728 View
King George V School 108729 View
Boldon School 108730 View
Hebburn Comprehensive School 108731 View
Springfield School 108732 View
Whitburn School 108733 View
Hedworthfield Comprehensive School 108734 View
St Josephs RC Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School 108735 View
St Wilfrids RC College 108736 View
St Annes High School 108737 View
Bamburgh School 108738 View
Margaret Sutton School 108739 View
Epinay Business and Enterprise School 108741 View
Greenfields School 108742 View
Cork Street Nursery Centre 108743 View
St Columbas Nursery School 108744 View
Millfield Community Nursery School 108745 View
Houghton Le Spring Nursery School 108746 View
Hetton-le-Hole Nursery School 108747 View
Hylton Red House Nursery School 108748 View
Usworth Colliery Nursery School 108749 View
Hetton Lyons Nursery School 108750 View
Oxclose Nursery School 108751 View
Mill Hill Nursery School 108752 View
Pennywell Early Years Centre 108753 View
Sunderland Pupil Referral Unit 108754 View
Barnes Junior School 108755 View
Barnes Infant School 108756 View
Broadway Junior School 108757 View
Grangetown Primary School 108758 View
Diamond Hall Junior School 108759 View
Diamond Hall Infant School 108760 View
Farringdon Junior School 108761 View
Farringdon Infant School 108762 View
Grindon Infant School 108766 View
Hasting Hill Primary School 108767 View
Southwick Community Primary School 108769 View
Hill View Infant School 108771 View
Pallion Primary School 108773 View
Quarry View Junior School 108774 View
Quarry View Infant School 108775 View
Dame Dorothy Primary School 108776 View
Valley Road Junior School 108777 View
Valley Road Infant School 108778 View
Bexhill Primary School 108780 View
Carley Hill Primary School 108781 View
Downhill Primary School 108782 View
Willow Fields Community Primary School 108783 View
Mill Hill Primary School 108784 View
East Herrington Primary School 108785 View
Seaburn Dene Primary School 108786 View
Ryhope Junior School 108787 View
Ryhope Infant School 108788 View
New Silksworth Junior School 108789 View
New Silksworth Infant School 108790 View
South Hylton Primary School 108791 View
Castletown Primary School 108792 View
Plains Farm Primary School 108793 View
East Rainton Primary School 108794 View
Easington Lane Primary School 108795 View
Eppleton Primary School 108796 View
Hetton Lyons Primary School 108797 View
High Usworth Infant School 108798 View
Usworth Colliery Primary School 108799 View
Springwell Village Primary School 108800 View
Newbottle Primary School 108801 View
Columbia Primary School 108802 View
Hetton Primary School 108803 View
Dubmire Junior School 108804 View
Dubmire Infant School 108805 View
High Usworth Junior School 108806 View
Washington Village Primary School 108807 View
Donwell Primary School 108808 View
Barnwell Primary School 108809 View
Fatfield Primary School 108810 View
Albany Junior School 108811 View
Albany Infant School 108812 View
Oxclose Junior School 108813 View
Oxclose Infant School 108814 View
Harraton Primary School 108815 View
Biddick Primary School 108816 View
Lambton Primary School 108817 View
Rickleton Primary School 108818 View
Richard Avenue Primary School 108819 View
Holley Park Primary School 108820 View
New Penshaw Primary School 108821 View
Marlborough Primary School 108822 View
Burnside Primary School 108823 View
Hylton Red House Primary School 108824 View
John F Kennedy Primary School 108825 View
Shiney Row Primary School 108826 View
Ayton Primary School 108827 View
Thorney Close Primary School 108828 View
Gillas Lane Primary School 108829 View
Bernard Gilpin Primary School 108830 View
Redby Primary School 108831 View
Hylton Castle Primary School 108832 View
Glebe Village Primary School and Nursery 108834 View
Barmston Village Primary School 108835 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 108836 View
St Cuthberts Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108838 View
St Hildas Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108839 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108840 View
St Josephs Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Sunderland 108841 View
English Martyrs Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108842 View
St Annes Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108843 View
St John Bosco Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108844 View
St Patricks Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108845 View
St Leonards Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108846 View
Bishop Harland Church of England Aided Primary School 108847 View
Benedict Biscop Church of England Aided Primary School 108848 View
St Michaels Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108849 View
St Josephs Washington RC School 108850 View
Our Lady Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108851 View
St Bedes Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108852 View
St John Boste Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108853 View
St John and St Patricks Church Primary School 108854 View
Hylton Red House School 108855 View
Pennywell School 108856 View
Castle View School A Specialist Business and Enterprise College 108857 View
Farringdon Community Sports College 108858 View
Monkwearmouth School 108859 View
Thornhill School Business & Enterprise College 108860 View
Fulwell Junior School 108763 View
Fulwell Infant School 108764 View
Grange Park Primary School 108765 View
Southmoor Community School, Mathematics and Computing College 108861 View
Hetton School 108862 View
Sandhill View School 108867 View
St Aidans Catholic School 108869 View
St Robert of Newminster Roman Catholic School 108870 View
St Anthonys Catholic Girls School 108871 View
St Anthonys Montessori School 108872 View
Argyle House School 108873 View
Sunderland High School 108874 View
Grindon Hall Christian School 108875 View
Craigievar School 108876 View
Thornhill Park School 108877 View
Castlegreen Community School 108878 View
Barbara Priestman School 108879 View
North View School 108880 View
Springwell Dene School 108881 View
Sunningdale School 108882 View
Davenport School 108883 View
Portland College 108884 View
Wellbank School 108885 View
Holme Court School 108886 View
Carn Gwaval CofE School 108887 View
St Agnes CofE VC Primary School 108888 View
Tresco Church of England Primary School 108889 View
St Martins Anglican VC Primary School 108890 View
The Isles of Scilly School 108891 View
Wandsworth Hospital and Home Tuition Service 108892 View
St Philips Marsh Nursery School and Barton Hill Childrens CentreCashmore Early Years Centre 108893 View
Filton Avenue Nursery School 108894 View
Little Hayes and Hillfields Early Years & Family Centre 108895 View
Ilminster Avenue Specialist Nursery School 108896 View
Novers Hill Nursery School 108897 View
Rosemary Nursery School and Childrens Centre 108898 View
Bluebell Valley Nursery School 108899 View
Speedwell Nursery School 108900 View
St Pauls Nursery School & Childrens Centre 108901 View
St Werburghs Park Nursery School 108902 View
Spring Woods Nursery School 108903 View
Redcliffe Childrens Centre and Maintained Nursery School 108904 View
The Limes Nursery School 108905 View
Hartcliffe Nursery School and Childrens Centre 108906 View
The Meriton Education and Support for Young Parents 108908 View
Air Balloon Hill Junior School 108909 View
Brunel Field Primary School 108910 View
Ashley Down Primary School 108911 View
Ashton Gate Primary School 108912 View
Ashton Vale Primary School 108913 View
Nova Primary School 108914 View
Bannerman Road Community School and Childrens Centre 108915 View
Bedminster Down Junior School 108916 View
Bedminster Down Infant School 108917 View
Begbrook Primary School 108918 View
Broomhill Junior School 108919 View
Chester Park Junior School 108920 View
Chester Park Infant School 108921 View
Colstons Primary School 108922 View
Queensdale Junior School 108923 View
Washington School 108865 View
Biddick School Sports College 108866 View
Usworth School 108863 View
Embleton Infant School 108926 View
Filton Avenue Junior School 108927 View
Filton Avenue Infant School 108928 View
Fonthill Junior School 108929 View
Fonthill Infant School 108930 View
Glenfrome Primary School 108931 View
Henbury Court Junior School 108932 View
Henleaze Junior School 108933 View
Henleaze Infant School 108934 View
Hillfields Park Junior School 108935 View
Hillfields Park Infant School 108936 View
Hotwells Primary School 108937 View
Ilminster Avenue Junior School 108938 View
Ilminster Avenue Infant School 108939 View
Knowle Junior School 108940 View
Knowle Infant School 108941 View
Knowle Park Junior School 108942 View
Knowle Park Infant School 108943 View
Luckwell Primary School 108944 View
Cutlers Brook Junior School 108945 View
Willow Green Infant School 108946 View
Novers Lane Junior School 108947 View
Novers Lane Infant School 108948 View
Connaught Infants School 108924 View
Oldbury Court Infant School 108950 View
Parson Street Primary School 108951 View
Romney Avenue Junior School 108953 View
Romney Avenue Infant and Nursery School 108954 View
St Annes Junior School 108955 View
St Annes Infant School 108956 View
St Annes Park Primary School 108957 View
Sea Mills Junior School 108958 View
Sea Mills Infant School 108959 View
Sefton Park Infant School 108960 View
Sefton Park Junior School 108961 View
Shirehampton Junior School 108962 View
Shirehampton Infant School 108963 View
Southville Primary School 108964 View
Summerhill Junior School 108965 View
Summerhill Infant School 108966 View
Two Mile Hill Junior School 108967 View
Upper Horfield Primary School 108970 View
Victoria Park Community Junior School 108971 View
Victoria Park Community Infant School 108972 View
Westbury Park Primary School 108973 View
Holymead Junior School 108974 View
Holymead Primary School 108975 View
Headley Park Primary School 108976 View
Dunmail Primary School 108977 View
West Town Lane Junior School 108978 View
West Town Lane Infant School 108979 View
Brentry Primary School 108980 View
Highridge Infant School 108981 View
Elmlea Junior School 108982 View
Broomhill Infant School & Childrens Centre 108983 View
Henbury Court Infant School 108984 View
Burnbush Primary School 108985 View
Wansdyke Primary School 108986 View
Waycroft Junior School 108987 View
Perry Court Junior School 108988 View
Waycroft Infant School 108989 View
Bridge Farm Junior School 108990 View
Elmlea Infant School 108991 View
Cabot Primary School 108992 View
Stockwood Green Primary School 108993 View
Air Balloon Hill Infant School 108994 View
Barton Hill Primary School 108995 View
Bridge Farm Infant School 108996 View
Oldfield Park Infant School 108997 View
Fosseway Junior School 108998 View
Fosseway Infant School 108999 View
Moorlands Junior School 109000 View
Moorlands Infant School 109001 View
Newbridge Junior School 109002 View
Parkside Infant School 109003 View
Southdown Junior School 109004 View
Roundhill Primary School 109005 View
Oldfield Park Junior School 109006 View
Twerton Infant School 109007 View
Widcombe Infant School 109008 View
Callicroft Primary School 109009 View
The Meadows Primary School 109010 View
Redfield Edge Primary School 109011 View
Charborough Road Primary School 109012 View
Filton Hill Primary School 109013 View
Shield Road Primary School 109014 View
Brockeridge Infant School 109015 View
Hanham Abbots Junior School 109016 View
The Park Primary School 109017 View
Staple Hill Primary School 109018 View
Cadbury Heath Primary School 109019 View
Parkwall Primary School 109020 View
Pilning Primary School 109021 View
Little Stoke Junior School 109022 View
Alexander Hosea Primary School 109023 View
Oxclose Community School 108864 View
Oldbury Court Junior School 108949 View
Hambrook Primary School 109024 View
Bromley Heath Junior School 109028 View
Bromley Heath Infant School 109029 View
Longwell Green Primary School 109030 View
Coniston Junior School 109031 View
Deers Wood School 109032 View
Samuel Whites Infant School 109033 View
The Tynings School 109034 View
Highcroft Junior School 109035 View
Rodford Junior School 109036 View
Falconride Primary School 109037 View
Callicroft Junior School 109038 View
Kingsgate County Infant School 109039 View
Crossways Junior School 109040 View
Coniston Infant School 109041 View
Stoke Lodge Junior School 109042 View
Stoke Lodge Infant School 109043 View
Manorbrook Junior School 109044 View
Severn Beach Primary School 109045 View
St Stephens Infant School 109046 View
Barley Close Community Primary School 109047 View
Rodford Infants School 109048 View
Crossways Infant School 109049 View
Manorbrook Infants School 109050 View
Fromebank Junior School 109051 View
Raysfield Junior School 109052 View
Raysfield Infants School 109053 View
Courtney Primary School 109054 View
Abbotswood Junior School 109055 View
Abbotswood Infant School 109056 View
Broadway Infant School 109057 View
Charfield Primary School 109058 View
Cranleigh Court Infants School 109059 View
North Road Community Primary School 109025 View
Bishop Sutton Primary School 109061 View
Chew Magna Primary School 109062 View
Bathampton Primary School 109060 View
Keynsham Primary School 109064 View
Chandag Junior School 109065 View
Paulton Infant School 109066 View
Peasedown St John Primary School 109067 View
Pensford Primary School 109068 View
Radstock Infant School 109069 View
Stanton Drew Primary School 109070 View
Welton Primary School 109071 View
Whitchurch Primary School 109073 View
Portishead Primary School 109074 View
Temple Primary School 109075 View
High Down Infant School 109076 View
Four Oaks Infant School 109077 View
Greenslade Infant School 109078 View
Chandag Infant School 109079 View
Midsomer Norton Primary School 109080 View
Castle Primary School 109081 View
Grove Junior School 109082 View
Birdwell Primary School 109083 View
High Down Junior School 109084 View
West Leigh Infant School 109085 View
Yeo Moor Junior School 109086 View
Yeo Moor Infant School 109087 View
Hannah More Infant School 109088 View
Paulton Junior School 109089 View
Banwell Primary School 109090 View
The Ridge Junior School 109026 View
Stanshawes Court Junior School 109027 View
Clutton Primary School 109063 View
Blagdon Primary School 109091 View
Uphill Primary School 109095 View
Ashcombe Primary School 109096 View
Bournville Junior School 109097 View
Bournville Community Infant School 109098 View
Windwhistle Primary School 109099 View
Sandford Primary School 109100 View
Winscombe Primary School 109101 View
Mendip Green Primary School 109102 View
Locking Primary School 109103 View
Oldmixon Primary School 109104 View
Worle Village Primary School 109106 View
Longvernal Primary School 109107 View
Golden Valley Primary School 109108 View
Little Stoke County Infant School 109109 View
Hannah More Primary School 109110 View
Perry Court Infant School 109111 View
Wellesley Primary School 109113 View
Cherry Garden Primary School 109114 View
Mary Elton Primary School 109115 View
Bishop Road Primary School 109116 View
Elm Park Primary School 109117 View
Blaise Primary and Nursery School 109118 View
Weston Park Primary School 109119 View
Walliscote Primary School 109120 View
Whitehouse Primary School 109122 View
Becket Primary School 109123 View
Compass Point: South Street School and Childrens Centre 109124 View
Hareclive Primary School 109125 View
Gillingstool Primary School 109126 View
Bridge Learning Campus Primary 109127 View
Four Acres Primary School 109128 View
Gay Elms Primary School 109129 View
Milton Infant School 109094 View
Milton Junior School 109093 View
Kewstoke Primary School 109092 View
St Cross Catholic Primary School 117483 View
East Ruston Area Infant School 121016 View
Manor Church of England Voluntary Aided School, York 121713 View
Nassington Primary School 121847 View
Warwick Primary School 121884 View
Meadowside Primary School 121901 View
Guilsborough Church of England (Aided) Primary School 122022 View
Ludlow Junior School 123426 View
Hammond Community Junior School 125100 View
Englefield Green Infant School and Nurseries 125101 View
Blackdown Primary School 125102 View
Green Lane Infant School 125103 View
Langshott Primary School 125104 View
Broadmere Community Primary School 125105 View
Kenyngton Manor Primary School 125106 View
Hythe Primary School 125107 View
Kingfield Primary School 125112 View
Ashford Park Primary School 125113 View
Marden Lodge Primary School 125114 View
Weyfield Primary School 125115 View
Ash Grange Primary School 125116 View
Westfield Primary School 125117 View
Beaufort Community Primary School 125118 View
Goldsworth Primary School 125119 View
Pyrford Primary School 125120 View
Chandlers Field Primary School 125125 View
Town Farm Primary School & Nursery 125126 View
Epsom Downs Primary School and Childrens Centre 125127 View
Salfords Primary School 125128 View
Furzefield Primary School 125130 View
The Grove Primary School 125131 View
Valley End CofE Infant School 125140 View
St Martins CofE Controlled Primary School, Dorking 125141 View
St Martins CofE (Aided) Junior School 125142 View
The Royal Kent CofE Primary School 125143 View
St Andrews CofE Controlled Infant School 125144 View
Powell Corderoy Primary School 125151 View
Saxon Primary School 125111 View
Rake CofE Primary School 125989 View
Petworth Cof E Primary School 125990 View
Rogate CofE Primary School 125991 View
Shipley CofE Primary School 125992 View
Slindon CofE Primary School 125994 View
Slinfold CofE Primary School 125995 View
Steyning CofE Primary School 125996 View
Walberton and Binsted CofE Primary School 125997 View
Warnham CofE Primary School 125998 View
St Marys CofE First School 125999 View
West Wittering Parochial Church of England School 126000 View
Yapton CE Primary School 126001 View
William Penn School 126002 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 126005 View
Crawley Down CofE Junior School 126008 View
Turners Hill CofE Primary School 126010 View
Twineham CofE Primary School 126011 View
West Hoathly CofE Primary School 126012 View
St Marks CofE Primary School 126015 View
West Park CofE Primary (Controlled) School 126016 View
Ashurst CofE Primary School 126020 View
Nyewood CofE Junior School 126021 View
Central CofE Academy 126023 View
St John the Baptist CofE Primary School 126027 View
March CofE Primary School,the 126031 View
West Lavington CofE First School 126032 View
Broadwater CofE Primary School 126033 View
Heene CofE Primary School 126034 View
St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School 126035 View
St Philips Catholic Primary School, Arundel 126036 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 126037 View
St Richards Catholic Primary School 126038 View
St Johns Catholic Primary School 126039 View
St Catherines Catholic Primary School, Littlehampton 126040 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School, Shoreham-by-Sea 126041 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Worthing 126042 View
Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School, Crawley 126044 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 126047 View
Nyewood CofE Infant School, Bognor Regis 126052 View
St Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School, Horsham 126053 View
St Wilfrids CofE Primary School, Haywards Heath 126056 View
St Giles CofE Primary School 126057 View
St Lawrence CofE Primary School 126058 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Haywards Heath 126059 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 126060 View
St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School, Burgess Hill 126061 View
Chichester High School for Boys 126062 View
Chichester High School for Girls 126063 View
Tanbridge House School 126064 View
Ifield Community College 126071 View
Westergate Community School 126072 View
Manhood Community College 126073 View
Thomas Bennett Community College 126075 View
The Regis School 126076 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 126024 View
St Peters CofE (Aided) Primary School 126025 View
Bishop Tufnell CofE Junior School, Felpham 126026 View
Littlehampton Community School,the 126082 View
Whitebridge First School 127825 View
Seacroft Grange First School 127846 View
Shadwell First School 127847 View
Wykebeck First School 127857 View
Christ The King RC First School 127930 View
St Benedicts RC School 128017 View
Laurieston School 128042 View
Stanningley School 128056 View
Gillas Lane Infant School 128195 View
Stockwood High School 128258 View
Chandos County Middle School 128326 View
Elton County Infant School 128408 View
Bexton County Junior School 128414 View
Halton Lodge County Infant School 128423 View
Farnworth CofE (Aided) Junior School 128455 View
Farnworth CofE (Aided) Infant School 128456 View
Brereton Hall School 128478 View
Saltburn Infant School 128491 View
Millholme School 128530 View
Morton Park Infant School 128585 View
The Bolsover School 128662 View
Middlecroft School 128665 View
Buxton College School 128669 View
Caldwell Hall School 128674 View
Forres School 128791 View
St Genevieves Convent School 128794 View
Wolsingham RC Junior Mixed and Infant School 128821 View
The Avenue Comprehensive School 128822 View
Fairlight Junior School 128836 View
Fitzherbert School 128842 View
Foulness Island CofE Primary School 128901 View
Bishop Wilson CofE Primary School 128902 View
Croft Hall School 128967 View
Park House First School 128979 View
Park House Middle School 128980 View
Beneficial First School 129027 View
Lyndale School 129171 View
Pasture Road First School 129243 View
Danepark Junior High School 129295 View
St Therese Presentation Convent School 129340 View
Partlands School 129341 View
High Brooms County Boys School 129357 View
Coxheath Infant School 129393 View
St Johns RC Infant School 129411 View
Aubourn Primary School 129557 View
Broughton House School 129600 View
Silfield County Primary School 129606 View
St James Girls Junior School 129608 View
Elm Road First School 129612 View
Beaumont College 129638 View
All Saints CofEMethodist Primary School 129583 View
Sulgrave CofE Primary School 129693 View
Hobby Horse Nursery School 129735 View
Crescent School 129778 View
Edward Greenes Tutorial Establishment 129782 View
Thameside Infant School 129757 View
Chilton Cantelo House School 129855 View
Tor International School 129859 View
Edington School 129860 View
St Johns Preparatory School 129956 View
Beaufort County Middle School 130064 View
Wembley Primary School 130095 View
Polesworth County Middle School 130148 View
West Sussex Theatre Studios 130199 View
Allfreys School 130200 View
Rosetta Infant School 130236 View
Kingscourt School 130278 View
Bicker Preparatory and Early Years School 130283 View
Muslim Girls School Rochdale 130284 View
New Hutte Community Primary School 130297 View
Newbridge School 130899 View
South Hiendley Junior Infant and Early Years School 130971 View
Crawley Down Village CofE 131001 View
Huntingdon Primary and Nursery School 131090 View
Cranmere Primary School 131125 View
Denby Grange School 131136 View
Chalkhill Education Centre, Chalkhill Hospital 131189 View
Behaviour Support Service 131211 View
St Cuthberts Catholic Primary School Wigan 131228 View
Primary Outreach and Offsite Behaviour Support Team 131242 View
Grove Wood Primary School 131329 View
Rowdown Primary School 131339 View
Educare Small School 131351 View
The Pace Centre 131462 View
K-BIS Theatre School 131463 View
Wood End Park Community School 131487 View
An-Nur Primary School 131461 View
Victoria Dock Primary School 131510 View
Leasowes Primary School 131568 View
Parkwood Primary School 131569 View
Pinner Wood School 131577 View
White Oak Primary School 131578 View
Haringey Tuition Centre 131584 View
Chaloner Primary School 131644 View
St Johns Wood Community School 131733 View
Claremont Primary School 131750 View
Park View School 131757 View
Cambian Northampton School 131802 View
Joint Responsibility Preparatory School 131809 View
Brookfield School 131817 View
Springwood Primary School 131873 View
Cedarwood Primary School 131962 View
The Richard Heathcote Community Primary School 132043 View
Oxford Montessori Schools 132048 View
Bure Park Primary School 132057 View
Holywell Primary and Nursery School 132060 View
St Johns Education Centre 132129 View
Brampton Primary School 132225 View
Eldene Nursery and Primary School 132229 View
The Westminster School 132233 View
Bushmead Primary School 132246 View
The Park School 132865 View
Abbey CofE Infant School 133184 View
Newbridge House 133207 View
Longmoor Community Primary School 133334 View
Broad Square Community Primary School 133335 View
Jubilee High School 133404 View
Menorah High School 133448 View
Al-Falah Primary School 133449 View
The School House 133542 View
Hanifah Small School 133579 View
Islamia Girls School 133631 View
Seabrook College 133656 View
Newhall Support Centre 133690 View
Lincoln Gardens Primary School 133700 View
Gearies Junior School 133933 View
Sinclair Primary and Nursery School 133943 View
Muriel Green Nursery School 133975 View
Student Support Centre 134089 View
Lancashire Education Medical Service 134129 View
Rimrose Hope CofE Primary School 134371 View
21st Century Academy 134418 View
Alban Wood Primary School and Nursery 134685 View
Falmouth Primary School 134700 View
The Trinity Catholic Primary School 134722 View
Grangeside 134869 View
The Hope Service 134870 View
Abingdon House School 134911 View
Fountain Primary School 134973 View
Holly Grove School 135014 View
Newbridge Learning Community 135199 View
Upton Priory School 135255 View
Advanced Education - Shelfield 135302 View
Broadfield Primary School 135339 View
Bradford Academy 135367 View
Vocation Base Community School 135435 View
Huntingdon Primary School 135568 View
Kisimul School 135577 View
Soaring High Montessori School 135594 View
Maltings Academy 135653 View
Focus School - Northampton Primary Campus 135799 View
Parkwood E-Act Academy 135934 View
Manchester Settlement 135948 View
Kettering Science Academy 135967 View
My Choice School - Maple House 136045 View
New Hope Christian Academy 136077 View
Trinity Academy, Halifax 136094 View
Skinners Academy 136137 View
North Shore Academy 136146 View
Oasis 136216 View
On Track Education Centre Northants 136227 View
TLC The Learning Centre 136228 View
Carlton le Willows Academy 136627 View
Clyst Vale Community College 136638 View
RISE Education 136678 View
Saffron Walden County High School 136776 View
Leeds East Academy 136826 View
Gable Hall School 136854 View
Moulsham High School 136863 View
Southwater Junior Academy 136865 View
The Montessori Place 136947 View
Nower Hill High School 137028 View
Beverley Grammar School 136995 View
Abraham Guest Academy 137210 View
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys 137227 View
The Romsey School 137239 View
Ilsham Church of England Academy 137304 View
St Bernards High School 137312 View
Wyedean School and 6th Form Centre 137382 View
Saint Edmunds Roman Catholic Primary School 137426 View
Eversholt Lower School 137555 View
William Tyndale Primary School 137566 View
Buckingham Park Church of England Primary School 137570 View
The Ebbsfleet Academy 137581 View
The Chase 137625 View
Birchwood High School 137637 View
The John Bentley School 137650 View
Sampford Peverell Church of England Primary School 137651 View
Parkside Academy 137903 View
Hanwell Fields Community School 137910 View
Rush Common School 137920 View
Tubbenden Primary School 137930 View
Chipping Norton School 137936 View
Wayland Academy Norfolk 137949 View
High Halstow Primary School 137990 View
East Tilbury Primary School and Nursery 138065 View
Fairview School 138100 View
Bishop Perowne CofE College 138107 View
The Arthur Terry School 138136 View
Hibaldstow Academy 138085 View
Eagley Junior School 138152 View
Kibblesworth Academy 138211 View
Bedford Free School 138228 View
Wilson Stuart School 138281 View
Crawshaw Academy 138304 View
The Rural Enterprise Academy 138351 View
The Dolphin School 138377 View
Clannad Education Centre 138378 View
Warren Farm Primary School 138303 View
Willow Brook Primary School Academy 138364 View
Wandsworth Preparatory School 138406 View
The Holy Cross School 138459 View
Groby Community College 138627 View
Lord Williamss School 138667 View
Old Basford School 138740 View
The St Michael Steiner School 138771 View
Sacred Heart Catholic School 138960 View
Hatton Park Primary School 138993 View
Oasis Academy Parkwood 139025 View
Outwoods Edge Primary School 139038 View
Ta - Leem Academy 139044 View
Seymour Road Academy 139078 View
Colne Primet Academy 139130 View
Whipperley Infant Academy 139219 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 139240 View
Oasis Academy Boulton 139242 View
St Georges Church of England Primary School 139267 View
Neale-Wade Academy 139272 View
Charles Dickens Primary School 139375 View
The London Acorn School 139417 View
Oak Wood Secondary School 139469 View
Oasis Academy South Bank 139659 View
Abbey View 139660 View
Steiner Academy Exeter 139661 View
Landau Forte Academy Greenacres 139719 View
Nishkam School West London 139720 View
Eden Park Academy 139733 View
Redhill School 139872 View
Khalsa Secondary Academy 139897 View
The Holme Church of England Primary School 139920 View
Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio 139924 View
Saxon Way Primary School 139928 View
Charfield Primary School 139935 View
Truro Learning Academy 139960 View
Three Ways School 140079 View
Highfield Infants School 140082 View
Torre Church of England Academy 140092 View
Old Dalby Church of England Primary School 140095 View
Henley-In-Arden CofE Primary School 140135 View
Stoke Lodge Primary School 140259 View
Pegasus Centre for Learning 140266 View
Nelson Academy 140363 View
Riversides School 140397 View
Brookfield Primary Academy 140403 View
Pebsham Primary Academy 140411 View
St Bedes Catholic Academy 140442 View
Heath Hayes Primary Academy 140490 View
Kerem Shloime 140491 View
Beis Medrash Elyon 140492 View
The Baird Primary Academy 140493 View
Braywick Court School 140494 View
Whitehall Park School 140495 View
JusTLearn 140496 View
Wygate Park Academy 140498 View
Park Lane Primary & Nursery School 140499 View
Barnwell Academy 140700 View
Ryecroft Academy 140824 View
Bishop Lonsdale Church of England Primary School and Nursery 140842 View
Bradfields Academy 140701 View
Darwen St James CofE Primary Academy 140891 View
Oak Tree School 140942 View
The Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School 140991 View
De Salis Studio College 141035 View
Woodhouse Academy 141074 View
John Wheeldon Primary Academy 141186 View
The Coppice Spring School 141187 View
Thomas Middlecott Academy 141391 View
Rosedale Primary School 141561 View
Hardwicke Parochial Academy 141575 View
Cliff Lane Primary School 141591 View
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy 141595 View
Bridgewater High School 141598 View
The Bridge Integrated Learning Space 141605 View

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