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School Name URN Details
Glevum School 109402 View
Warmley Park School 109403 View
New Siblands School 109404 View
Fosse Way School 109405 View
Westhaven School 109406 View
Henbury Manor School 109411 View
Fulford School 109412 View
Cherry Trees Nursery School 109413 View
The Lawns Nursery School 109414 View
Willow Nursery School 109415 View
Southway Nursery School 109416 View
Peter Pan Nursery School 109417 View
Hart Hill Nursery School and Childrens Centre 109418 View
Rothesay Nursery School 109419 View
Grasmere Nursery School 109420 View
Chapel Street Nursery School 109421 View
Westfield Nursery School 109422 View
Pastures Way Nursery School 109423 View
Orchard Centre 109425 View
Greys House 109426 View
Gothic Mede Lower School 109427 View
Aspley Guise Lower School 109428 View
Swallowfield Lower School 109429 View
Raleigh School 109430 View
Drake Lower School 109431 View
Livingstone Primary School 109432 View
Hilltop School 109408 View
Goldington Green Lower School 109434 View
Castle Newnham School 109435 View
Priory Lower School 109436 View
Queens Park Lower School 109437 View
Marlborough Lower School 109438 View
Slip End Village School 109440 View
Cople Lower School 109442 View
Eileen Wade Lower School 109443 View
Dunstable Icknield Lower School 109444 View
Elstow School 109448 View
Eversholt Lower School 109449 View
Everton Lower School 109450 View
Pinchmill Primary School 109451 View
Flitwick Lower School 109452 View
Gravenhurst Lower School 109453 View
Great Barford Lower School 109454 View
Harrold Lower School 109455 View
Haynes Lower School 109456 View
Derwent Lower School 109457 View
Houghton Conquest Lower School 109458 View
Houghton Regis Primary School 109459 View
Husborne Crawley Lower School 109460 View
Bedford Road Lower School 109461 View
Camestone Lower School 109462 View
Kempston Rural Lower School 109463 View
Balliol Lower School 109464 View
Langford Lower School 109465 View
St Georges Lower School 109467 View
Thomas Johnson Lower School 109468 View
Stondon Lower School 109469 View
Church End Lower School 109470 View
Shelton Lower School 109471 View
Maulden Lower School 109472 View
Moggerhanger Lower School 109473 View
Oakley Lower School 109474 View
Potton Lower School 109475 View
Ridgmont Lower School 109476 View
Laburnum Lower School 109477 View
Sharnbrook John Gibbard Lower School 109478 View
Shefford Lower School 109479 View
Shillington Lower School 109480 View
Southill Lower School 109481 View
Broadmead Lower School 109483 View
Roecroft Lower School 109484 View
Sundon Lower School 109485 View
Thurleigh Lower School 109486 View
Chalton Lower School 109487 View
Totternhoe Lower School 109488 View
Turvey Lower School 109489 View
Westoning Lower School 109490 View
Willington Lower School 109491 View
Wilstead Lower School 109492 View
Woburn Lower School 109493 View
Wootton Lower School 109494 View
Russell Lower School 109495 View
Putnoe Primary School 109496 View
St Christophers Lower School 109497 View
Shortstown Primary School 109498 View
Watling Lower School 109499 View
Lawnside Lower School 109500 View
Pulloxhill Lower School 109501 View
Kings Oak Primary School 109502 View
Brickhill Lower School 109503 View
Thornhill Primary School 109504 View
Hadrian Lower School 109505 View
Hazeldene School 109506 View
Briarwood School 109410 View
Edith Cavell Lower School 109433 View
Harlington Lower School 109511 View
Scott Lower School 109512 View
Heathwood Lower School 109513 View
Springfield Lower School 109514 View
Linslade Lower School 109515 View
Dovery Down Lower School 109516 View
Ardley Hill Lower School 109517 View
Lancot School 109518 View
Willowfield Lower School 109519 View
The Firs Lower School 109520 View
Clipstone Brook Lower School 109521 View
Robert Peel Lower School 109522 View
Southcott Lower School 109523 View
Hawthorn Park Community Primary 109524 View
Southlands Lower School 109525 View
Shackleton Primary School 109526 View
Templefield Lower School 109527 View
Lark Rise Lower School 109528 View
Hockliffe Lower School 109529 View
Beechwood Junior School 109530 View
Beechwood Infant School 109531 View
Chantry Junior School 109532 View
Chantry Infant School 109533 View
Denbigh Primary School 109534 View
Denbigh Infant School 109535 View
Dallow Primary School 109536 View
Dallow Infant School 109537 View
Farley Junior School 109538 View
Ferrars Infant School 109539 View
Ferrars Junior School 109540 View
Hart Hill Junior School 109541 View
Hart Hill Infant School 109542 View
Icknield Primary School 109543 View
Leagrave Junior School 109544 View
Leagrave Infant School 109545 View
Maidenhall Primary School 109546 View
Maidenhall Infant School 109547 View
Norton Road Primary School 109548 View
Ramridge Junior School 109549 View
Ramridge Infant School 109550 View
St Matthews Junior School 109551 View
St Matthews Primary School 109552 View
Stopsley Infant School 109554 View
Sundon Park Junior School 109555 View
Cheynes Infant School 109556 View
Tennyson Road Primary School 109557 View
The Meads Primary School 109558 View
Whipperley Infant School 109559 View
William Austin Junior School 109560 View
Bushmead Junior School 109561 View
Warden Hill Junior School 109562 View
Putteridge Junior School 109563 View
Putteridge Primary School 109564 View
Waulud Infant School 109565 View
Downside Junior School 109566 View
Downside Primary School 109567 View
Waulud Junior School 109568 View
Bushmead Infant School 109569 View
Warden Hill Infant School 109570 View
Surrey Street Primary School 109571 View
Leedon Lower School 109509 View
The Hills Lower School 109510 View
The Mary Bassett Lower School 109508 View
Foxdell Infant School 109572 View
Pirton Hill Primary School 109574 View
Hillborough Junior School 109578 View
Whitefield Primary School 109576 View
Someries Junior School 109575 View
Hillborough Infant School 109581 View
Tithe Farm Primary School 109585 View
Ramsey Manor Lower School 109587 View
Icknield Primary School 109579 View
Southfield Primary School 109580 View
Pirton Hill Junior School 109573 View
Wigmore Primary School 109588 View
Downside Lower School 109589 View
Kymbrook Lower School 109590 View
Greenleas School 109591 View
Beech Hill Community Junior School 109592 View
Beech Hill Community Infant School 109593 View
Bramingham Primary School 109594 View
St Andrews CofE VC Lower School 109595 View
Caldecote VC Lower School 109596 View
Ursula Taylor VC Lower School 109597 View
Cranfield VC Lower School 109598 View
Dunton CofE VC Lower School 109599 View
Greenfield CofE VC Lower School 109600 View
Raynsford VC Lower School 109601 View
Kensworth Church of England Primary School 109602 View
Renhold VC Lower School 109603 View
St Swithuns VC Lower School 109604 View
St Marys VC Lower School 109606 View
Studham CofE Village School 109607 View
Toddington St George Lower School 109608 View
Wrestlingworth CofE VC Lower School 109609 View
Carlton VC Lower School 109610 View
Bromham CofE Primary School 109611 View
Colmworth CofE VC Lower School 109612 View
Milton Ernest VC Lower School 109613 View
St James Church of England VA Lower School 109614 View
William Austin Infant School 109584 View
All Saints VA CofE Lower School 109616 View
St Marys VA CofE Lower School 109617 View
St Leonards, Heath and Reach, VA Lower School 109618 View
Pulford CofE VA Lower School 109619 View
Meppershall CofE VA Lower School 109620 View
Northill CofE VA Lower School 109621 View
Christopher Reeves CofE VA Lower School 109622 View
Ravensden CofE VA Lower School 109623 View
Riseley CofE Lower School 109624 View
Roxton VA (CofE) Lower School 109625 View
Wilden CofE VA Lower School 109627 View
St Lawrence VA CofE Lower School 109628 View
St Josephs RC Lower School 109629 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 109630 View
St Vincents Catholic Primary School 109631 View
St John Rigby RC VA Lower School 109632 View
Wenlock CofE Junior School 109633 View
St Margaret of Scotland Primary School 109634 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 109635 View
St Josephs RC Infant School 109636 View
Sacred Heart RC Junior School 109637 View
St Margaret of Scotland RC VA Infant School 109638 View
St Martin de Porres Primary School 109639 View
Sacred Heart Primary School 109640 View
St Martin De Porres RC VA Infant School 109641 View
Goldington Middle School 109642 View
Redborne Upper School and Community College 109643 View
Etonbury Middle School 109644 View
Stratton Upper School and Community College 109645 View
Holmemead Middle School 109646 View
Priory Middle School 109647 View
The Northfields Technology College 109648 View
Harrold Priory Middle School 109649 View
Cedars Upper School 109650 View
Sandye Place Middle School 109651 View
Robert Bloomfield Middle School 109652 View
Marston Vale Middle School 109653 View
Abbey Middle School 109654 View
Brooklands Middle School 109655 View
Arnold Middle School 109656 View
Margaret Beaufort Middle School and Arts College 109657 View
Fulbrook Middle School 109658 View
Brewers Hill Middle School 109659 View
Robert Bruce Middle School 109660 View
Castle Newnham School 109661 View
Parkfields Middle School 109662 View
Mill Vale School 109663 View
Caddington Village School 109664 View
Hastingsbury Business & Enterprise College 109665 View
Westfield School 109666 View
Gilbert Inglefield Middle School 109667 View
Linslade Middle School 109668 View
Sandy Upper School 109669 View
Samuel Whitbread Community College 109670 View
Kingsland Community College 109671 View
John Donne CofE Lower School 109615 View
John Bunyan School 109672 View
Potton Middle School 109676 View
Streetfield Middle School 109677 View
Vandyke Upper School and Community College 109678 View
Daubeney Middle School 109679 View
Challney High School for Boys and Community College 109681 View
Denbigh High School 109683 View
Halyard High School 109684 View
Woodland Middle School 109687 View
Woodside Middle School 109688 View
Harrowden Middle School 109693 View
Harlington Upper School 109673 View
Mark Rutherford School 109674 View
Kings Houghton Middle School 109675 View
Millfield Primary School 110776 View
Featherstone First School 126837 View
Brampton Infant School 126975 View
Fulneck Boys School 128041 View
Dullingham County Primary School 128357 View
Ford Secondary School 128722 View
White Horse School 129684 View
Ian Tetley Memorial School 129685 View
North Liverpool Academy 131065 View
Crompton View Primary School 131091 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 131112 View
Middleton Primary School 131719 View
Manton Primary School 132238 View
Piers House 132745 View
Ormskirk School 132834 View
Firs Hill Community Primary School 133325 View
Spring Brook School 133368 View
Westfield Primary Community School 133374 View
Moat House Primary School 133474 View
Limbrick Wood Primary School 133475 View
Jubilee Primary School 133662 View
St Mary of Charity CofE (Aided) Primary School 133663 View
Compass School 133675 View
Hospital and Outreach Education 133717 View
Bridge To School 133722 View
Radcliffe Primary School 133723 View
Jarrow School 133725 View
Pupil Referral Unit for Secondary-Aged Pupils 133746 View
Rosewood Free School 133747 View
Peterhouse School 133748 View
Kingsland CofE(C) Primary School 133766 View
Inscape House School 134064 View
Merit Pupil Referral Unit 134159 View
Westoe Crown Primary School 134187 View
The Nea Project 134198 View
Childwall Valley Primary School 134210 View
Valley Primary School and Nursery 134214 View
City of London Academy (Southwark) 134222 View
Manchester Academy 134224 View
Milton Keynes Wheelright Motor Project 134300 View
Focus School - Boston Spa Campus 134432 View
The Woodlands Education Trust Tutorial Centre 134559 View
Woodlands Community Primary School 134599 View
Focus School - Dunstable Campus 134503 View
Chestnut Tree School 134650 View
Marish Primary School 134651 View
Eden Park Primary School 134775 View
Lambeth Academy 134815 View
The School Room, 7th Floor at St Marys Education Unit 134886 View
Wargrave House School 134888 View
Seabridge Primary School 134898 View
Estuary High School 134940 View
Hartlebury CofE Primary School 135042 View
Foley Park Primary School and Nursery 135049 View
Hillcrest Jubilee School 135105 View
Gilbert Scott Primary School 135151 View
Howitt Primary Community School 135172 View
Broadlands Hall 135252 View
Elm Tree Community Primary School 135457 View
Grange Park Primary School 136154 View
Tollbar Academy 136268 View
Churchend Primary Academy 136457 View
The Crypt School 136578 View
The Appleton School 136579 View
Swavesey Village College 136580 View
Valley Park School 136581 View
The King John School 136577 View
Freemantle Church of England Community Academy 136641 View
Balgowan Primary School 137216 View
Kingston School 137220 View
Stratford Girls Grammar School 137235 View
Stratford Upon Avon School 137236 View
St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School 137428 View
Priory School 137433 View
Sandbach School 137491 View
Maharishi Free School 137498 View
The Streetly Academy 137707 View
East Ravendale CofE Primary School Academy 137811 View
The Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning Centre 137824 View
Impington Village College 137826 View
Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend 137834 View
Looe Community Academy 137839 View
The Parks 137821 View
Leweston School Junior Department 137957 View
St James Roman Catholic Primary School 137958 View
St James the Great RC Primary and Nursery School 137959 View
The Vaynor First School 137960 View
Bosworth Academy 137969 View
Hampton Primary School 137961 View
Pluckley Church of England Primary School 138001 View
Knutsford Academy 138002 View
Gilbert Inglefield Academy 138003 View
Benjamin Adlard Primary School 138063 View
East Tilbury Junior School 138064 View
Tapton School 138069 View
Langer Primary Academy 138117 View
Include - Oxfordshire 138119 View
Columbus School and College 138122 View
Education & Youth Services Ltd 138131 View
Woodspring School 138132 View
Moorcroft School TA the Eden Academy 138158 View
Wigan UTC 138229 View
Barnby Dun Primary Academy 138163 View
Stephenson Academy 138253 View
Southwark Free School 138263 View
Hackney University Technical College 138265 View
Barrow 1618 CofE Free School 138268 View
City of Peterborough Academy, Special School 138271 View
Rimon Jewish Primary School 138272 View
Winhills Primary School 138280 View
Ruskington Chestnut Street Church of England Academy 138324 View
Chingford Hall Primary School 138325 View
The Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls 138326 View
Heath Lane Academy 138327 View
Lighthouse School Leeds 138380 View
Croft Academy 138420 View
Park View Primary Academy 138673 View
North Hykeham Ling Moor Primary School 138748 View
King Edward VI Academy 138783 View
Rushbrook Primary Academy 138784 View
St Thomas a Becket Catholic Secondary School, A Voluntary Academy 138950 View
Preston Hedges Primary School 139039 View
Whetley Academy 139046 View
Four Dwellings Primary Academy 139131 View
Meadstead Primary Academy 139132 View
The Lincoln Manor Leas Junior School 139470 View
City of Derby Academy 139564 View
The Reach Free School 139662 View
Sir Thomas Fremantle School 139663 View
Wye School 139664 View
The Pinetree School 139665 View
Devon Studio School 139666 View
The Midland Studio College Nuneaton 139667 View
Woodside Lodge Outdoor Learning Centre 139734 View
All Saints Catholic College 139735 View
Arden Grove Infant and Nursery School 139736 View
Outwood Academy Acklam 139823 View
Shireland Hall Primary Academy 139875 View
Harris Academy Upper Norwood 139906 View
Purford Green Primary School 139950 View
Reynolds Primary Academy 139952 View
Engaging Potential 139963 View
Oasis Academy Warndon 140041 View
Ixworth Free School 140047 View
Jubilee High School 139948 View
The Oaktree School 140090 View
The Nene Infant School 140174 View
Hethersett Academy 140188 View
Greenfields Primary School 140191 View
Clifton All Saints Academy 140228 View
Penny Bridge CofE School 140306 View
John Blandy Primary School 140307 View
The Cornelius Vermuyden School 140308 View
Matchborough First School Academy 140309 View
Hillsborough Primary School 140310 View
Dudley Infant Academy 140311 View
Glasshoughton Infant Academy 140312 View
Preston CofE Primary School 140305 View
Ernesford Grange Community Academy 140366 View
Parkroyal Community School 140438 View
Smithills School 140500 View
Sunnyside Academy 140503 View
Rose Wood Academy 140504 View
Viewley Hill Academy 140505 View
Rolph CofE Primary School 140506 View
John Donne Primary School 140507 View
Beaufort Primary School 140508 View
Mitton Manor Primary School 140511 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School, Weymouth 140755 View
St Catherines Catholic Primary School, Wimborne 140756 View
St Catherines Roman Catholic School 140757 View
St Elizabeths Catholic Primary School 140758 View
St Georges School A Church of England Academy 140759 View
St James Church of England Primary Academy 140760 View
St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School, Dartmouth 140761 View
Harris Primary Academy Shortlands 140936 View
Evendons Primary School 140953 View
Trinity Oaks Church of England Primary School 141036 View
Aspire Academy 141037 View
St. Mary Cray Primary Academy 141117 View
Beulah Infants School 141120 View
Rosa Street Primary School 141121 View
The Ashwood Academy 141123 View
Morland Church of England VA Primary School 141125 View
Sporting Stars Academy 141128 View
The William Bradford Academy 141129 View
The Kingsway Academy 141131 View
Education Links 141139 View
The Elland Academy 141140 View
St Wilfrids Academy, Doncaster 141141 View
Harris Primary Academy Merton 141143 View
Heath View Academy 141145 View
Holy Trinity Catholic School, Chipping Norton 141150 View
Market Harborough Church of England Academy 141151 View
Kingfisher Academy 141188 View
Leigh Beck Infant School and Nursery Academy 141326 View
Eagle Haven School 141327 View
Forest Hall School 141328 View
Queen Elizabeths School 141526 View
St Andrews CofE Primary Academy 141527 View
Stoke Community School 141553 View

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