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School Name URN Details
St Bedes RC Middle School 109700 View
Thomas Whitehead CofE School 109701 View
Crawley Green Infant School 109702 View
Ashton St Peters VA C of E School 109703 View
Queensbury Upper School 109704 View
Manshead School 109705 View
Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College 109706 View
Ashcroft High School 109707 View
Lincroft Middle School 109708 View
Lea Manor High School Performing Arts College 109709 View
Wootton Upper School 109710 View
Icknield High School 109711 View
Holywell CofE VA Middle School 109712 View
Stopsley High School 109713 View
Ashton CofE VA Middle School 109714 View
Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School 109715 View
Bedford High School 109716 View
Rushmoor School 109717 View
Georgina Perkins School 109719 View
Polam School 109720 View
St Andrews School 109721 View
Dean Grange Preparatory School 109722 View
St Georges School 109723 View
Sutherlands School 109724 View
Broadmead School 109725 View
Kings House Preparatory School and Nursery 109726 View
Bedford Modern School 109728 View
Pilgrim Christian School 109729 View
The Acorn School 109730 View
East Lodge School 109731 View
Waverly Pre-Preparatory School 109732 View
Bury Lawn School 109733 View
St Margarets Residential School 109734 View
Bedford School 109718 View
Bedford Girls School 109727 View
Grange School 109735 View
Ivel Valley School 109739 View
Hillcrest School 109740 View
Rainbow School 109741 View
Ridgeway School 109742 View
Richmond Hill School 109743 View
Woodlands Secondary School 109744 View
Lady Zia Wernher School 109745 View
The Chiltern School 109746 View
Oak Bank School 109747 View
Blagdon Nursery School and Childrens Centre 109748 View
Blagrave Nursery School 109749 View
Caversham Nursery School 109750 View
Norcot Early Years Centre 109751 View
New Bridge Nursery School 109752 View
South Ascot Village Nursery School 109753 View
Cookham Nursery School 109754 View
Hungerford Nursery School Centre for Children 109755 View
Maidenhead Nursery School 109756 View
Victoria Park Nursery School & Childrens Centre 109757 View
The Lawns Nursery School 109758 View
The Ambleside Centre 109759 View
Slough Centre Nursery School 109760 View
Baylis Court Nursery School 109761 View
Cippenham Nursery School 109762 View
Lea Nursery School 109763 View
William Penn Nursery School 109764 View
Chalvey Nursery School & Early Years Centre 109765 View
Highways Pupil Referral Unit 109766 View
Wexham Park Teaching Unit 109767 View
Brocket PRU - Alternative Provision 109768 View
Seagulls Pupil Referral Unit 109769 View
Adastron House Pupil Referral Unit 109770 View
Newbury Primary Day Unit 109771 View
Dromore Adjustment Centre 109772 View
The Priory Centre 109773 View
Date Valley School 109774 View
The Olive School 109775 View
Alfred Sutton Primary School 109776 View
Battle Primary School 109777 View
Caversham Primary School 109778 View
Coley Primary School 109779 View
E P Collier Primary School 109780 View
Geoffrey Field Junior School 109781 View
Geoffrey Field Infant School 109782 View
George Palmer Junior School 109783 View
George Palmer Infant and Nursery School 109784 View
New Town Primary School 109785 View
Oxford Road Community School 109786 View
Redlands Primary School 109787 View
The Hill Primary School 109788 View
The Ridgeway Primary School 109789 View
Whitley Park Junior School 109791 View
Whitley Park Infant and Nursery School 109792 View
Wilson Primary School 109793 View
Emmer Green Primary School 109794 View
Southcote Primary School 109795 View
St Michaels Primary School 109796 View
Churchend Primary School 109797 View
Coley Park Primary School 109798 View
Moorlands Primary School 109799 View
Thameside Primary School 109800 View
Upcroft Primary School 109801 View
Beenham Primary School 109802 View
Sandy Lane Junior School 109803 View
Sandy Lane Infant and Nursery School 109804 View
Fox Hill Primary School 109805 View
Holly Spring Junior School 109806 View
Holly Spring Infant and Nursery School 109807 View
Harmans Water Junior School 109808 View
Oaklands Junior School 109809 View
Chieveley Primary School 109810 View
Curridge Primary School 109811 View
Wildmoor Heath School 109812 View
The Ilsleys Primary School 109813 View
Nine Mile Ride Primary School 109814 View
Hermitage Primary School 109815 View
Hungerford Primary School 109816 View
Inkpen Primary School 109817 View
Alwyn Infant School 109818 View
Courthouse Junior School 109819 View
Riverside Primary School and Nursery 109820 View
Wessex Primary School 109821 View
Speenhamland Primary School 109822 View
Winchcombe Junior School 109823 View
Winchcombe Nursery and Infant School 109824 View
John Rankin Junior School 109825 View
John Rankin Infant and Nursery School 109826 View
Kings Court First School 109827 View
College Town Infant and Nursery School 109828 View
Farley Hill Primary School 109829 View
Lambs Lane Primary School 109830 View
Francis Baily Primary School 109831 View
Waltham St Lawrence Primary School 109832 View
Hilltop First School 109833 View
Dedworth Green First School 109834 View
Hitchmead School 109737 View
St Johns School 109738 View
Weatherfield School 109736 View
Cranbourne Primary School 109835 View
Whiteknights Primary School 109839 View
Keep Hatch Primary School 109840 View
Woodlands Park Primary School 109841 View
Furze Platt Junior School 109842 View
South Ascot Village Primary School 109843 View
Birch Copse Primary School 109844 View
Westwood Farm Junior School 109845 View
Furze Platt Infant School 109846 View
Uplands Primary School 109847 View
South Lake Infant and Nursery School 109848 View
Polehampton Junior School 109849 View
Aldryngton Primary School 109850 View
Harmans Water Infant School 109851 View
South Lake Junior School 109852 View
Long Lane Primary School 109853 View
William Gray Junior School 109854 View
Emmbrook Infant School 109855 View
Cookham Rise Primary School 109856 View
Dunston Park Infant School 109857 View
Garland Junior School 109858 View
College Town Junior School 109859 View
William Gray Infant School 109860 View
Robert Sandilands Primary School and Nursery 109861 View
The Loddon Infant School 109862 View
Emmbrook Junior School 109863 View
Westwood Farm Infant School 109864 View
Oaklands Infant School 109865 View
Springfield Primary School 109866 View
Ascot Heath Infant School 109867 View
Wessex Infant School 109868 View
Walter Infant School 109869 View
Owlsmoor Primary School 109870 View
Falkland Primary School 109871 View
Homer First School and Nursery 109873 View
Keep Hatch Junior School 109874 View
Parsons Down Infant School 109875 View
Winnersh Primary School 109876 View
Gorse Ride Junior School 109877 View
The Colleton Primary School 109878 View
Great Hollands Junior School 109879 View
Great Hollands Infant and Nursery School 109880 View
Greenham Court Community Primary School 109881 View
Whitelands Park Primary School 109882 View
New Scotland Hill Primary School 109883 View
Alexander First School 109884 View
Coombes Infant and Nursery School 109885 View
Shinfield Infant and Nursery School 109886 View
Mrs Blands Infant School 109887 View
Oldfield Primary School 109888 View
Willow Bank Infant School 109889 View
Willow Bank Junior School 109890 View
The Pines Infant and Nursery School 109891 View
Hatch Ride Primary School 109892 View
Birch Hill Primary School 109893 View
Rivermead Primary School 109894 View
The Pines Junior School 109895 View
Downsway Primary School 109896 View
Oakfield First School 109897 View
Kennet Valley Primary School 109898 View
Wescott Infant School 109837 View
Loddon Junior School 109838 View
Westende Junior School 109899 View
James Elliman First School 109902 View
Godolphin Infant School 109903 View
Lea Infant School 109904 View
Western House Infant School 109905 View
Lea Junior School 109906 View
Wraysbury Primary School 109907 View
Marish Junior School 109908 View
Claycots Junior School 109909 View
Claycots Nursery and Infant School 109910 View
Marish Infant School and Nursery Unit 109911 View
Thames Valley Community Infant School 109912 View
Foxborough Primary School 109913 View
Montem Junior School 109914 View
William Penn Middle School 109915 View
William Penn First School 109916 View
Godolphin Junior School 109917 View
James Elliman Junior School 109918 View
The Montem Infant School 109919 View
Katesgrove Primary School 109920 View
The Hawthorns Primary School 109921 View
Parsons Down Junior School 109923 View
Gorse Ride Infants School 109924 View
Caversham Park Primary School 109925 View
Micklands Primary School 109926 View
Radstock Primary School 109927 View
Crown Wood Primary School 109928 View
Hawkedon Primary School 109929 View
Hillside Primary School 109930 View
Calcot Infant School and Nursery 109931 View
Calcot Junior School 109932 View
Lynch Hill (Foundation Primary) School 109933 View
Parlaunt Park Primary School 109935 View
Beechwood Primary School 109936 View
Spurcroft Primary School 109937 View
Larchfield Primary and Nursery School 109938 View
Ranikhet Primary School 109939 View
Pangbourne Primary School 109940 View
Wildridings Primary School 109941 View
Meadow Vale Primary School 109942 View
Wexham Court Primary School 109943 View
Manor Primary School 109944 View
All Saints Church of England Aided Infant School 109945 View
Christ Church Church of England Primary School 109946 View
Aldermaston C.E. Primary School 109947 View
Arborfield, Newland and Barkham Church of England Junior School 109948 View
Basildon C.E. Primary School 109949 View
Beedon C.E. (Controlled) Primary School 109950 View
Bisham CofE Primary School 109951 View
Braywood CofE First School 109952 View
Holyport CofE (Aided) Primary School 109953 View
Brimpton C.E. Primary School 109954 View
Bucklebury C.E. Primary School 109955 View
Burghfield St Marys C.E. Primary School 109956 View
Chaddleworth St Andrews C.E. Primary School 109957 View
Cold Ash St Marks C.E. School 109958 View
Compton C.E. Primary School 109959 View
Cookham Dean CofE Primary School 109960 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Cookham 109961 View
Crowthorne Church of England Primary School 109962 View
Enborne C.E. Primary School 109963 View
Hampstead Norreys C.E. Primary School 109964 View
Burchetts Green CofE Infants School 109965 View
Knowl Hill CofE Primary School 109966 View
Kintbury St Marys C.E. Primary School 109967 View
Lambourn C.E. Primary School 109968 View
Boyne Hill CofE Infant and Nursery School 109969 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 109970 View
Purley CofE Primary School 109971 View
St Nicholas Church of England Primary, Hurst 109972 View
St Michaels Church of England Primary School, Sandhurst 109973 View
Cippenham Infant School 109901 View
Shefford C.E. Primary School 109975 View
Shinfield St Marys CofE Junior School 109976 View
Mortimer St Marys C.E. Junior School 109977 View
Mortimer St Johns C.E. Infant School 109978 View
Streatley C.E. Voluntary Controlled School 109979 View
Theale C.E. Primary School 109980 View
Polehampton Church of England Infant School 109981 View
Warfield Church of England Primary School 109982 View
Crazies Hill CofE Primary School 109983 View
Welford and Wickham C.E. Primary School 109984 View
White Waltham CofE School 109985 View
Ascot Heath Church of England Junior School 109986 View
St Pauls CofE Junior School 109987 View
Woodley CofE Primary School 109988 View
Robert Piggott CofE Infant School 109989 View
St Marys Church of England Junior School Thatcham 109990 View
All Saints CofE Junior School 109991 View
The Palmer Church of England Junior School 109992 View
Robert Piggott CofE Junior School 109993 View
Winkfield St Marys CofE Primary School 109994 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 109995 View
Eton Wick CofE First School 109996 View
The Queen Anne Royal Free CofE Controlled First School 109997 View
Eton Porny CofE First School 109998 View
Shaw-cum-Donnington C.E. Primary School 109974 View
Lowbrook Primary School 109900 View
Bearwood Primary School 109836 View
Binfield Church of England Primary School 109999 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 110003 View
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School 110004 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary School 110005 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School 110006 View
Bradfield C.E. Primary School 110007 View
Brightwalton C.E. Aided Primary School 110008 View
Earley St Peters Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 110009 View
St Michaels Easthampstead Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 110010 View
Englefield C.E. Primary School 110011 View
Finchampstead CofE VA Primary School 110012 View
St Nicolas C.E. Junior School 110013 View
The Royal First School 110014 View
Grazeley Parochial Church of England Aided Primary School 110015 View
Sonning CofE Primary School 110016 View
Stockcross C.E. School 110017 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, Sunningdale 110018 View
St Michaels CofE Primary School, Sunninghill 110019 View
Cheapside CofE Primary School 110020 View
Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet School 110021 View
Clewer Green CofE First School 110022 View
Trinity St Stephen CofE Aided First School 110023 View
Saint Sebastians Church of England Aided Primary School 110024 View
Woolhampton C.E. Primary School 110025 View
Yattendon C.E. Primary School 110026 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Bracknell 110027 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Maidenhead 110028 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School, South Ascot 110029 View
St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School, Maidenhead 110030 View
St Edwards Catholic First School 110031 View
St Teresas Catholic Primary School, Wokingham 110032 View
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School, Bracknell 110033 View
Datchet St Marys CofE Primary School 110034 View
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Primary and Nursery School 110035 View
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Junior School 110036 View
St Finians Catholic Primary School 110037 View
St Martins Catholic Primary School 110038 View
St Ethelberts Catholic Primary School 110039 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 110040 View
St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School 110041 View
Kendrick School 110042 View
Thamesbridge College 110043 View
Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre 110044 View
Meadway School 110045 View
Charters School 110046 View
The Brakenhale School 110047 View
The Willink School 110048 View
John OGaunt School 110050 View
Newlands Girls School 110051 View
Park House School 110052 View
Shaw House School 110053 View
Ryeish Green School 110054 View
Kennet School 110055 View
The Windsor Boys School 110056 View
Windsor Girls School 110057 View
The Holt School 110058 View
St Mary and All Saints Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 110002 View
St Crispins School 110059 View
Forest School 110061 View
The Bulmershe School 110062 View
Little Heath School 110063 View
Maiden Erlegh School 110064 View
Theale Green Community School 110065 View
Sandhurst School 110068 View
Garth Hill College 110069 View
Waingels College 110070 View
Dedworth Middle School 110072 View
Churchmead School 110073 View
Baylis Court School 110074 View
Trevelyan Middle School 110075 View
Beechwood School 110076 View
Langleywood School 110077 View
Wexham School 110078 View
The Emmbrook School 110060 View
Colnbrook Church of England Primary School 110000 View
St Johns CofE (Aided) Primary School 110001 View
Our Lady Roman Catholic Primary School 117476 View
Thornton-Cleveleys Red Marsh School 119897 View
John Horniman School 126158 View
Palatine Primary School 126159 View
Rnib Sunshine House School 126166 View
Colswood Education Centre 126167 View
Herons Dale School 126169 View
Cornfield School, Littlehampton 126170 View
Stratton Education Centre 126171 View
Young Peoples Support Service 126172 View
Atworth Primary School 126175 View
Box Highlands School 126176 View
Fitzmaurice Primary School 126177 View
Bratton Primary School 126178 View
St Pauls Primary School 126182 View
Castle Combe School 126180 View
Lypiatt Primary School 126185 View
Neston Primary School 126186 View
Corsham Regis Primary School 126187 View
Monkton Park Primary School 126188 View
Easton Royal Primary School 126192 View
East Tytherton Maud Heath Primary School 126193 View
Edington School 126194 View
Gomeldon Primary School 126195 View
Southfield Junior School 126197 View
Hilmarton Primary School 126198 View
Horningsham Primary School 126199 View
Luckington Community School 126200 View
Lyneham Junior School 126201 View
Larkhill Primary School 126202 View
Odstock Primary School 126203 View
Stanton St Quintin Community Primary School 126204 View
Ramsbury Primary School 126205 View
Chiseldon Primary & Nursery School 126183 View
Haig County Primary School 126179 View
Our Ladys RC First School 127936 View
Royal Free First School 128287 View
Penwerris CofE Infant School 128552 View
Lord Digbys School 128787 View
Boarzell College 128871 View
Halsey School 129162 View
Worsley First School 129218 View
The North School for Boys 129421 View
The Laurels College and Leicester Academy 129550 View
Runton and Sutherland School 129632 View
Kirk Deighton CofE School 129666 View
Scarborough Sixth Form College 129669 View
Werrington Infant School 129900 View
Tillington Manor First School 129901 View
Chevington VC Primary School 129977 View
Court Lodge School 130102 View
Tower Lodge Preparatory School 130169 View
Culvers House Primary School 131103 View
Progress School 131138 View
Chase High School 131146 View
The Oaks Primary School 131169 View
Tansib Independent School 131482 View
Thornton Heath Nursery School 131723 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 131848 View
Beaver Road Primary School 131939 View
Hillingdon Manor School 131940 View
Brookside Primary School 131956 View
Kingsgate Primary School 132245 View
Bardfield Primary & Nursery School 133341 View
Hillview Nursery School 133668 View
Bewbush Community Primary 133969 View
Home and Hospital Service 134031 View
Caedmon Primary School 134096 View
Essential Achievers 134247 View
High Leas Education Centre 134468 View
Al Hidayah Primary School At Unit 1f, N17 Studios 134581 View
CCfL Key Stage 3 PRU 134643 View
Highfield Community Primary School 134644 View
Ladybridge High School 134646 View
The Oaks Secondary School 134662 View
The Pines Primary School 134740 View
Khalsa Primary School 134778 View
Childrens Montessori School At the Old Social Club 134936 View
Manchester Jewish School for Special Education 135027 View
Thatcham Park CofE Primary 135080 View
Brooklands Farm Primary School 135271 View
Christian School of London 135379 View
Bell Bedgebury International School 135605 View
Phoenix School Cambridge 136229 View
Oreston Community Academy 136380 View
George Abbot School 136906 View
Selly Oak Nursery School 137796 View
Belle Vue Girls Academy 138087 View
Ralph Allen School 138522 View
Physis Heathgates Academy 138580 View
Church Hill Church of England Junior School 138930 View
Four Dwellings Academy 139047 View
Southey Green Primary School and Nurseries 139133 View
Sandal Magna Community Academy 139280 View
Hooe Primary Academy 139299 View
Halcyon London International School 139415 View
Seely Primary School 139430 View
UTC Plymouth 139432 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Thame 139529 View
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Kidlington 139530 View
Halewood Academy 139614 View
Haberdashers Askes Hatcham Temple Grove Free School 139672 View
The Grangefield Academy 139673 View
Eastbrook Primary Academy 139674 View
Battling Brook Primary School 139737 View
Fairfield Primary Academy 140071 View
St Giles CofE Academy 140453 View
Falconers Hill Academy 140829 View
Ascot Road Community Free School 140956 View

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