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School Name URN Details
Romsey Junior School 110661 View
Sedley Infant School 110662 View
Shirley Community Nursery and Primary School 110663 View
Arbury Primary School 110664 View
Colville Primary School 110665 View
Mayfield Primary School 110666 View
John Paxton Junior School 110667 View
The Grove Primary School 110668 View
Bottisham Community Primary School 110669 View
Meadow Primary School 110670 View
The Icknield Primary School 110671 View
Linton Heights Junior School 110672 View
Hauxton Primary School 110673 View
Cavalry Primary School 110674 View
Brampton Junior School 110675 View
Fenstanton and Hilton Primary School 110676 View
Godmanchester Primary School 110677 View
Great Staughton Primary School 110678 View
Hemingford Grey Primary School 110679 View
Houghton Primary School 110680 View
Overhills Primary School 110681 View
Offord Primary School 110682 View
Old Fletton Primary School 110683 View
Ramsey Spinning Infant School 110684 View
The Ashbeach Primary School 110685 View
Ramsey Community Junior School 110686 View
Priory Park Infant School 110687 View
Sawtry Junior School 110688 View
Somersham Primary School 110689 View
Spaldwick Community Primary School 110690 View
Southfields Primary School 110691 View
Woodston Primary School 110692 View
Upwood Primary School 110693 View
Huntingdon Junior School 110694 View
Huntingdon Infants School 110695 View
Hartford Junior School 110696 View
Brampton Infant School 110697 View
Westfield Junior School 110698 View
John Clare Primary School 110699 View
Northborough Primary School 110700 View
Bushmead Junior School 110701 View
Priory Junior School 110702 View
Wyton on the Hill Community Primary School 110703 View
Thorndown Community Infant School 110704 View
The Duke of Bedford Primary School 110705 View
Hartford Infant School 110711 View
Thorndown Community Junior School 110712 View
Yaxley Infant School 110713 View
Sawtry Infants School 110714 View
Warboys Community Primary School 110715 View
Middlefield Community Primary School 110716 View
The Newton Community Primary School 110717 View
Dogsthorpe Junior School 110718 View
Dogsthorpe Infant School 110719 View
Fulbridge Junior School 110720 View
Fulbridge Infant and Nursery School 110721 View
Brewster Avenue Infant School 110722 View
Thongsley Infant School 110708 View
Thongsley Junior School 110709 View
Oakdale Primary School 110710 View
Walton Junior School 110724 View
Werrington Junior School 110728 View
Werrington Infant School 110729 View
Gunthorpe Primary School 110730 View
Welland Primary School 110731 View
Bishop Creighton Primary School 110732 View
Little Paxton Primary School 110733 View
Southfields Infant School 110706 View
Eastfield Infant and Nursery School 110707 View
Queens Drive Infant School 110723 View
Norwood Primary School 110734 View
Braybrook Primary School 110735 View
Longthorpe Primary School 110736 View
Earith Primary School 110737 View
Watergall Infants School 110738 View
Watergall Junior School 110739 View
Wheatfields Infant School 110740 View
Middleton Junior School 110741 View
Middleton County Infant School 110742 View
Leighton Primary School 110743 View
Bushmead Infant School 110744 View
Honeyhill Community Primary School 110745 View
Bewick Bridge Community Primary School 110746 View
Winyates Primary School 110747 View
Hardwick and Cambourne Community Primary School 110748 View
Welbourne Primary School 110749 View
St Matthews Primary School 110750 View
Histon and Impington Junior School 110751 View
Histon and Impington Infant School 110752 View
Matley Primary School 110753 View
Fourfields Community Primary School 110754 View
Wittering Primary School 110755 View
The Beeches Primary School 110756 View
Gladstone Primary School 110757 View
Burwell Village College (Primary) 110758 View
Fulbourn Primary School 110759 View
Spring Meadow Infant School 110760 View
Ravensthorpe Primary School 110761 View
Kinderley Primary School 110762 View
Queen Edith Primary School 110763 View
Parnwell Primary School 110764 View
The Spinney Primary School 110765 View
Fawcett Primary School 110766 View
Eyrescroft Primary School 110767 View
Highlees Community Primary School 110768 View
The Weatheralls Primary School 110769 View
Winhills Primary School 110770 View
Kettlefields Primary School 110771 View
Stukeley Meadows Primary School 110772 View
Ely St Johns Community Primary School 110773 View
Thorpe Primary School 110774 View
Kings Hedges Primary School 110775 View
Glebelands Primary School 110777 View
Paston Ridings Primary School 110778 View
Abbotsmede Primary School 110779 View
Babraham CofE (VC) Primary School 110780 View
Barrington CofE VC Primary School 110781 View
Bourn CofE Primary School 110782 View
Burrough Green CofE Primary School 110783 View
Castle Camps Church of England (Controlled) Primary School 110784 View
Cheveley CofE Primary School 110785 View
Coton Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School 110786 View
Dry Drayton CofE (C) Primary School 110787 View
Fordham CofE Primary School 110788 View
Great Wilbraham CofE Primary School 110789 View
Guilden Morden CofE Primary School 110790 View
Isleham Church of England Primary School 110791 View
Milton CofE VC Primary School 110792 View
Steeple Morden CofE VC Primary School 110793 View
Swaffham Prior Church of England Primary School 110794 View
William Westley Church of England VC Primary School 110795 View
Haslingfield Endowed Primary School 110796 View
Swaffham Bulbeck Church of England Primary School 110797 View
Duxford Church of England Community Primary School 110798 View
Downham Feoffees Primary School 110799 View
Elm CofE Primary School 110800 View
Cherry Hinton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 110801 View
Sutton CofE VC Primary School 110802 View
Little Thetford CofE VC Primary School 110803 View
Wilburton CofE Primary School 110804 View
West Town Primary School 110726 View
Newark Hill Primary School 110727 View
Walton Infant School 110725 View
St Augustine CofE VC Infant School 110805 View
Alconbury CofE Primary School 110809 View
Buckden CofE Primary School 110810 View
Farcet CofE (C) Primary School 110811 View
Folksworth CofE Primary School 110812 View
Great Gidding CofE Primary School 110813 View
Barnabas Oley CofE Primary School 110814 View
Great Paxton CofE Primary School 110815 View
Holme CofE Primary School 110816 View
Holywell CofE Primary School 110817 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 110818 View
Stanground St Johns CofE Controlled Primary School 110819 View
Eynesbury CofE C Primary School 110820 View
Stilton CofE VC Primary School 110821 View
St Botolphs Church of England Primary School 110822 View
Barnack CofE (Controlled) Primary School 110823 View
Castor CofE Primary School 110824 View
Eye CofE Primary School 110825 View
Newborough CofE Primary School 110826 View
Brington CofE Primary School 110827 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 110828 View
Barton CofE VA Primary School 110829 View
Elsworth CofE VA Primary School 110830 View
Great and Little Shelford CofE (Aided) Primary School 110831 View
Linton CofE Infant School 110832 View
Oakington CofE VA Primary School 110833 View
Teversham CofE VA Primary School 110834 View
Thriplow CofE VA Primary School 110835 View
Petersfield CofE Aided Primary School 110836 View
Park Street CofE Primary School 110837 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 110838 View
St Pauls CofE VA Primary School 110839 View
St Philips CofE Aided Primary School 110840 View
St Albans Catholic Primary School 110841 View
Ely St Marys CofE Junior School 110842 View
Wisbech St Mary CofE Academy 110843 View
St Peters CofE Aided Junior School 110844 View
St Laurences Catholic Primary School 110845 View
Bury CofE Primary School 110846 View
The Elton CofE Primary School of the Foundation of Frances and Jane Proby 110847 View
St Marys CofE VA Primary School 110848 View
The William de Yaxley CofE Aided Junior School 110849 View
Abbots Ripton CofE Primary School 110850 View
Peakirk-Cum-Glinton CofE Primary School 110851 View
All Saints CofE (Aided) Primary School 110852 View
St Augustines CofE (Voluntary Aided) Junior School 110853 View
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School 110854 View
Sacred Heart RC Primary School 110855 View
St Johns Church School 110856 View
St Andrews CofE Community VA Junior School 110857 View
William Law CofE (Aided) Primary School 110858 View
All Saints Interchurch VA Primary School 110859 View
Bottisham Village College 110860 View
Impington Village College 110861 View
The Rackham Church of England Primary School 110807 View
Mepal and Witcham CofE VC Primary School 110808 View
Guyhirn CofE VC Primary School 110806 View
Linton Village College 110862 View
Coleridge Community College 110866 View
Cottenham Village College 110867 View
Melbourn Village College 110868 View
Cromwell Community College 110869 View
Sir Harry Smith Community College 110870 View
Witchford Village College 110871 View
The Manor - A Foundation School 110872 View
The Netherhall School 110873 View
St Ivo School 110874 View
Arthur Mellows Village College 110875 View
John Mansfield School 110876 View
Walton Community School 110877 View
St Neots Community College 110878 View
Hereward Community College 110879 View
Bretton Woods Community School 110880 View
Bushfield Community College 110881 View
Ken Stimpson Community School 110882 View
Ely College 110883 View
Ramsey Abbey School 110886 View
St Bedes Inter-Church School 110887 View
The Neale-Wade Community College 110884 View
Hinchingbrooke School 110885 View
St Helens Primary School 110888 View
The Park Lane (Foundation) Primary School 110889 View
Wheatfields Junior School 110890 View
Crosshall Infant School 110891 View
Orton Wistow Primary School 110893 View
Crosshall Junior School 110892 View
Gamlingay Village College 110894 View
Bassingbourn Village College 110895 View
The Queens School 110896 View
Sawtry Community College 110897 View
The Kings School (the Cathedral School) 110898 View
Jack Hunt School 110899 View
Comberton Village College 110900 View
Deacons School 110901 View
Sawston Village College 110902 View
Ailwyn School 110903 View
Stanground College 110904 View
Longsands College 110905 View
St Peters School 110906 View
St John Fisher Catholic High School 110907 View
Orton Longueville School 110908 View
Soham Village College 110909 View
The Peterborough School 110910 View
Kings College School 110911 View
St Marys School 110912 View
St Faiths School 110913 View
The Leys School 110914 View
St Johns College School 110915 View
The Kings School Ely 110916 View
Acremont House Kings School Ely 110917 View
St Audreys Convent School 110918 View
St Colettes Preparatory School 110919 View
Aurora Meldreth Manor School 110920 View
Sancton Wood School 110921 View
Madingley School 110922 View
The Perse School 110923 View
The Stephen Perse Foundation 110924 View
Kimbolton School 110925 View
Wisbech Grammar School 110926 View
Horlers Pre-Preparatory School 110927 View
Whitehall School 110928 View
St Marys Junior School 110929 View
Mander Portman Woodward 110930 View
Chartwell House School 110931 View
St. Andrews College Cambridge 110932 View
Alconbury House School At Alconbury House 110933 View
Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies 110934 View
Cambridge Arts and Sciences Sixth Form and Tutorial College 110935 View
St Pauls School 110936 View
Littleton House School 110937 View
The Lady Adrian Special School 110938 View
The Manor Special School 110939 View
Highfield Special School 110940 View
The Windmill Special School 110941 View
Rees Thomas Special School 110942 View
Marshfields School 110943 View
St Georges School 110944 View
Green Hedges School 110945 View
Spring Common School 110946 View
Ellindon Residential Special School 110947 View
Heltwate School 110948 View
Meadowgate School 110949 View
Clayton School 110950 View
Samuel Pepys School 110951 View
Springfields Special School 110952 View
Westminster Nursery School 110953 View
Hilary Haworth County Nursery School 110954 View
St Marys Community Nursery School 110955 View
Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School 110956 View
Ditton Nursery School 110957 View
Birchfield Nursery School 110958 View
Warrington Road Nursery School 110959 View
Grange Nursery School 110960 View
Crewe Secondary Unit 110961 View
Swavesey Village College 110863 View
Chesterton Community College 110865 View
Parkside Community College 110864 View
St Andrews Special Unit 110962 View
Alderman Bolton Junior School 110966 View
Alderman Bolton Infant School 110967 View
Evelyn Street Community Primary School 110968 View
Oakwood Avenue Junior School 110969 View
Oakwood Avenue County Infant School 110970 View
Bewsey Lodge Primary School 110971 View
Dallam Community Primary School 110972 View
Meadowside Community Primary and Nursery School 110973 View
Victoria Infant School 110974 View
Lache County Infant School 110975 View
Newton Primary School 110976 View
Blacon Infant School 110977 View
Blacon Hall Junior School 110978 View
Highfield County Junior School 110979 View
Highfield County Infant School 110980 View
Woodfield Junior School 110981 View
Woodfield County Infant School 110982 View
J H Godwin Primary School 110983 View
Belgrave Primary School 110984 View
Boughton St Pauls Nursery and Infant School 110985 View
Lache County Junior School 110986 View
Neston Primary School 110987 View
Woodfall Junior School 110988 View
Bradshaw Community Primary School 110989 View
Moore Primary School 110990 View
The Grange Infant School 110991 View
Victoria Road Primary School 110992 View
Aston by Sutton Primary School 110993 View
Daresbury Primary School 110994 View
Kingsley Community Primary School and Nursery 110995 View
Stockton Heath Primary School 110996 View
Whitley Village School 110997 View
The Grange Junior School 110998 View
Manley Village School 110999 View
Thelwall Community Junior School 111000 View
The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School 111001 View
Weston Point Community Primary School 111002 View
Beamont Community Junior School 110964 View
Beamont Community Infant School 110965 View
The Education Unit 110963 View
Oakenclough Primary School 111007 View
Alderley Edge Community Primary School 111008 View
Styal Primary School 111009 View
Lacey Green Primary School 111010 View
Dean Row Junior School 111011 View
Brooke Dean Community School 111012 View
Gorsey Bank Primary School 111013 View
Wilmslow Grange Community Primary and Nursery School 111014 View
Disley Primary School 111015 View
Parkroyal Community School 111016 View
Ash Grove Primary and Nursery School 111017 View
Adlington Primary School 111018 View
Nether Alderley Primary School 111019 View
Vernon Junior School 111020 View
Warwick Community Primary School 111021 View
Ivy Bank Primary School 111022 View
Lower Park School 111023 View
Vernon Infant School 111024 View
Gawsworth Primary School 111025 View
Upton Priory Junior School 111026 View
The Marlborough Primary School 111027 View
Worth Primary School 111028 View
Upton Priory Nursery and Infant School 111029 View
Hollinhey Primary School 111030 View
Helsby Hillside Primary School 111004 View
Statham Community Primary School 111005 View
Ravenbank Community Primary School 111006 View
Alvanley Primary School 111003 View
Cranberry Infant School 111034 View
Holmes Chapel Primary School 111035 View
Wheelock Primary School 111036 View
Sandbach Community Primary School 111037 View
Excalibur Primary School 111038 View
Scholar Green Primary School 111039 View
Marlfields Primary School 111040 View
The Quinta Primary School 111041 View
Pikemere School 111042 View
Hermitage Primary School 111043 View
Havannah Primary School 111044 View
Offley Junior School 111046 View
Eaton Primary School 111047 View
Grange Community Primary School 111048 View
Barnton County Infant School 111049 View
Sandiway Primary School 111050 View
Little Leigh Primary School 111051 View
Moulton School 111052 View
Charles Darwin Community Primary School 111053 View
Weaverham Forest Primary School 111054 View
Byley Primary School 111055 View
Wimboldsley Community Primary School 111056 View
Winsford High Street Community Primary School 111057 View
Rudheath Community Primary School 111058 View
Cuddington Primary School 111059 View
Middlewich County Junior School 111060 View
Brierley Primary School 111061 View
Broad Street Nursery and Infant School 111062 View
Gainsborough Junior School 111063 View
Monks Coppenhall Primary School 111064 View
Leighton Primary School 111065 View
Wistaston Green Junior School 111066 View
Wistaston Green Nursery and Infant School 111067 View
Underwood West Junior School 111068 View
Hungerford Primary School 111069 View
Buerton Primary School 111070 View
Calveley Primary School 111071 View
Haslington Primary School 111072 View
Wyche Primary School 111073 View
Sound and District Primary School 111074 View
Weston Village Primary School 111075 View
Willaston Primary School 111076 View
Wistaston Junior School 111077 View
Wrenbury Primary School 111078 View
Millfields Primary School and Nursery 111079 View
The Dingle Primary School 111080 View
Highfields Community Primary School 111081 View
Mickle Trafford Village School 111082 View
Childer Thornton Primary School 111083 View
Cambridge Road Community Primary and Nursery School 111084 View
William Stockton Community Primary School 111085 View
Westminster Community Primary School 111086 View
Whitby Heath Primary School 111087 View
Upton Manor County Junior School 111088 View
Wolverham Primary and Nursery School 111089 View
Overpool County Junior School 111090 View
Pooltown Community Junior School 111091 View
Sutton Way County Junior School 111092 View
Huntington Community Primary School 111093 View
Brookside County Infant School 111094 View
Netherpool County Infant School 111095 View
High Legh Primary School 111096 View
St Johns Wood County Primary School 111097 View
Egerton Primary School 111098 View
Atherton Nursery and Infant School 111099 View
Upton Westlea Primary School 111100 View
Woodlands Junior School 111101 View
Woodlands Infant School 111102 View
Sutton Green Primary School 111103 View
Kelsall Community Primary School 111104 View
Harthill Primary School 111105 View
Waverton Community Primary School 111106 View
Farndon Primary School 111107 View
Tattenhall Park Primary School 111108 View
Ashton Hayes Primary School 111109 View
Tarvin Primary School 111110 View
Willow Wood Community Junior School 111111 View
Rossmore School 111112 View
Willow Wood Nursery and Infant School 111113 View
Weston Primary School 111114 View
Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary School 111115 View
Castle View Primary School 111116 View
Puss Bank Junior School 111117 View
Offley Infant School 111118 View
Hartford Primary School 111119 View
Greenfields Primary School 111120 View
Cledford Junior School 111121 View
The Berkeley Primary School 111122 View
Mill View Primary School 111123 View
The Brow Community Primary School 111124 View
Woodside Primary School 111125 View
Parkgate Primary School 111126 View
Woodfall Infant School 111127 View
Broomfields Junior School 111128 View
Horns Mill Primary School 111129 View
Over Hall Community School 111130 View
Alsager Highfields Community Primary School 111032 View
Buglawton Primary School 111033 View
Lindow Community Primary School 111031 View
Barnton County Junior School 111131 View
Oughtrington Community Primary School 111135 View
Oaklands Community Infant School 111136 View
Leftwich Community Primary School 111137 View
Appleton Thorn Primary School 111138 View
Leaf Lane Infant and Nursery School 111139 View
Darnhall Primary School 111133 View
Pewithall Primary School 111141 View
Gainsborough Nursery and Infant School 111142 View
Vine Tree Primary School 111143 View
Hartford Manor Primary School & Nursery 111144 View
Palacefields County Junior School 111145 View
Underwood West Nursery and Infant School 111146 View
Dean Valley Community Primary School 111147 View
Middlewich County Infant School 111148 View
Christleton Primary School 111149 View
Cherry Tree Primary School 111150 View
Cledford Infant and Nursery School 111151 View
Comberbach Primary School 111152 View
Whirley Primary School 111153 View
Saughall the Ridings Community Infant School 111154 View
Stanlaw Abbey Community School 111155 View
Lostock Hall Primary School 111156 View
Church Lawton Primary School 111157 View
Puss Bank Nursery and Infant School 111158 View
Rode Heath Primary School 111159 View
Wincham Community Primary School 111160 View
Palacefields County Infant School 111161 View
Lodgefields Community Primary School 111162 View
Elworth Hall Primary School 111163 View
Boughton Heath Primary School 111164 View
Wistaston Westfield Infant School 111165 View
Cranberry Junior School 111166 View
Weaver Primary School 111167 View
Thelwall Community Infant School 111168 View
Hillview Primary School 111169 View
Edleston Primary School 111170 View
Goostrey Community Primary School 111171 View
Brookvale Junior School 111172 View
Brookvale Infant School 111173 View
Murdishaw West Community Primary School 111174 View
Beechwood Primary School 111175 View
Gorsewood Primary School 111176 View
Windmill Hill Primary School 111177 View
Burtonwood Community Primary School 111178 View
Croft Primary School 111179 View
Great Sankey Primary School 111181 View
Woolston Community Primary School 111182 View
Ditton Primary School 111183 View
Fairfield Infant School 111184 View
Warrington Road Primary School 111185 View
West Bank Primary School 111186 View
Oakfield Junior School 111187 View
Moorfield Primary School 111188 View
Newchurch Community Primary School 111189 View
Oakfield Community Infant School 111190 View
Bruche Community Junior School 111191 View
Park Road Community Primary School 111192 View
Chapelford Village Primary School 111193 View
Upton County Infant School 111194 View
Twiss Green Community Primary School 111195 View
Bruche Community Infant School 111196 View
Fairfield Primary School 111197 View
Penketh South Community Primary School 111198 View
Lunts Heath Primary School 111199 View
Longbarn Community Primary School 111200 View
Hood Manor Community Primary School 111201 View
Brook Acre Community Primary School 111202 View
Rainow Primary School 111203 View
Locking Stumps Community Primary School 111204 View
Acresfield Community Primary School 111205 View
Westbrook Old Hall Primary School 111206 View
Chatfield Community Primary School 111207 View
Gorse Covert Primary School 111208 View
Cherry Grove Primary School 111209 View
Hallwood Park Primary School and Nursery 111210 View
Beechwood Primary School and Nursery 111211 View
Winnington Park Community Primary and Nursery School 111212 View
Wallerscote Community School 111213 View
Callands Community Primary School 111214 View
Shavington Primary School 111215 View
Mablins Lane Community Primary School 111216 View
Astmoor Primary School 111217 View
Dee Point Primary School 111218 View
Pebble Brook Primary School 111219 View
Mansfield Primary School 111220 View
Gorsthills Community Primary School 111221 View
Daven Primary School 111222 View
Broken Cross Community School 111223 View
Stanney Grange Community Primary School 111224 View
Elton Primary School 111225 View
Victoria Road Primary School 111226 View
Ashdene Primary School 111227 View
Simms Cross Primary School 111228 View
Halton Lodge Primary School 111229 View
Oldfield Primary School 111230 View
Handley Hill Primary School 111231 View
Bexton Primary School 111232 View
Hurdsfield Community Primary School 111233 View
Barrow Hall Community Primary School 111234 View
Meadow Community Primary School 111235 View
Frodsham Manor House Primary School 111236 View
Manor Park School and Nursery 111237 View
Parklands Community Primary School 111238 View
Penketh Community Primary School 111239 View
Westfield Primary School 111240 View
St Margarets CofE (Controlled) Infant School 111241 View
Hoole St Jamess CofE Junior School 111242 View
Hoole All Saints CofE Infant and Nursery School 111243 View
Halebank CofE Primary School 111244 View
Willaston CofE Primary School 111245 View
Antrobus St Marks CofE Primary School 111246 View
Frodsham CofE Primary School 111247 View
Great Budworth CofE Primary School 111248 View
Norley CofE VA Primary School 111249 View
Ashley CofE Primary School 111250 View
Little Bollington CofE Primary School 111251 View
Bollington Cross CofE Primary School 111252 View
Bosley St Marys CofE Primary School 111253 View
Chelford CofE Primary School 111254 View
Woodcocks Well CofE Primary School 111255 View
Elworth CofE Primary School 111256 View
Smallwood CofE Primary School 111257 View
Mossley CofE Primary School 111258 View
Delamere CofE Primary School 111259 View
Tarporley CofE Primary School 111260 View
Utkinton St Pauls CofE Primary School 111261 View
St Chads CofE Primary School 111262 View
Over St Johns CofE Primary School 111263 View
Wharton Church of England Junior School 111264 View
Acton CofE Primary School 111265 View
St Oswalds Worleston CofE Primary School 111266 View
The Park Primary School 111134 View
Dunham Hill Primary School 111132 View
Church Coppenhall Junior School 111140 View
Muntham House School 126154 View
St Sampsons Infants School 126273 View
Northview Primary School 126277 View
Westlea Primary School 126279 View
Shaw Ridge Primary School 126280 View
Robert Le Kyng Primary School 126281 View
Goddard Park Community Primary School 126282 View
Brook Field Primary School 126283 View
Salt Way Primary School 126284 View
Burbage Primary School 126285 View
Windmill Hill Primary School 126286 View
Charter Primary School 126292 View
Newtown Community Primary School 126293 View
Queens Crescent Primary School 126294 View
Haydonleigh Primary School 126295 View
All Cannings Church of England Primary School 126296 View
Ashton Keynes Church of England Primary School 126297 View
Biddestone CofE (Controlled) Primary School 126299 View
Box Church of England Primary School 126302 View
Christ Church Church of England Controlled Primary School 126303 View
Broad Hinton Church of England Primary School 126305 View
Broad Town Church of England Primary School 126306 View
St Nicholas Church of England VC Primary School, Bromham 126307 View
St Marys Broughton Gifford Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School 126308 View
Bulford St Leonards C of E (VA) Primary School 126309 View
St Katharines CofE(VC) Primary School 126310 View
Calne Guthrie Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infants School 126311 View
St Dunstan Church of England Primary School 126312 View
Cherhill CofE School 126313 View
Chirton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126314 View
Christian Malford CofE Primary School 126315 View
Colerne CofE Primary School 126316 View
St Sampsons Church of England Primary School 126317 View
Crockerton CofE Primary School 126318 View
Crudwell CofE Primary School 126319 View
Collingbourne Church of England Primary School 126320 View
Codford Church of England Primary School 126321 View
Durrington Church of England Controlled Junior School 126324 View
Figheldean St Michaels Church of England Primary School 126325 View
Grafton CofE Primary School 126326 View
Heddington Church of England Primary School 126327 View
Hilperton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126328 View
Lacock Church of England Primary School 126333 View
Lea and Garsdon Church of England Primary School 126335 View
Leigh CofE Primary School 126336 View
Malmesbury Church of England Primary School 126338 View
Newton Tony Church of England Voluntary Controlled School 126343 View
North Bradley CofE Primary School 126344 View
Ogbourne St George and St Andrew Church of England Controlled Primary School 126347 View
Potterne Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126348 View
Preshute Church of England Primary School 126349 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School, Purton 126350 View
Harnham Church of England Controlled Junior School 126351 View
Seagry Church of England Primary School 126352 View
St Georges Church of England Primary School, Semington 126353 View
Shalbourne CofE Primary School 126354 View
Shaw Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126355 View
Oaksey CofE Primary School 126345 View
St Anthonys RC First School 127929 View
Redwell Comprehensive School 128187 View
Doncaster Road Infants School 128218 View
Eyrescroft Infant School 128381 View
Pebble Brook County Junior School 128407 View
Penketh Infant School 128443 View
Penwith Sixth Form College 128557 View
Clowne School 128663 View
Blyth School 128756 View
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College 128824 View
Rochford College 128926 View
The Salesian School 128965 View
Wyke Sixth Form College 129263 View
Nettlestead Primary School 129366 View
Kitwood County Secondary School for Girls 129591 View
Phoenix Montessori School 129641 View
Woodhill School 129644 View
Madani Girls School 129645 View
Skellfield Nursery School 129646 View
The Elmgreen School 129649 View
Assumption School 129671 View
Bulwick CofE Primary School 129691 View
Shrewsbury Sixth Form College 129806 View
Chase Terrace First School 129875 View
Burton Manor First School 129890 View
Heron Brook CofE Middle School 129952 View
Warslow CofE Middle School 129955 View
Flixton Primary School 129985 View
Hale Middle School 130023 View
Town Farm County First School 130062 View
Spelthorne College 130106 View
Claybourne School 130138 View
Temple Court School 130139 View
Leacroft School 130140 View
Greystone School 130141 View
Crossways Pupil Referral Unit 130314 View
Norfolk Community Primary School 130335 View
Thomass Clapham 130398 View
The Birches 130902 View
The Hyde School 130935 View
Siddal Primary School 130936 View
Etz Chaim School at the Belmont 131015 View
The Griff School 131044 View
Trefoil Montessori School of Arts 131132 View
Grange Junior School 131148 View
Hollington Primary School 131155 View
Codnor Community Primary School Church of England Controlled 131156 View
Walsh Manor School 131204 View
Cotswold Community 131470 View
Bournemouth Jewish Day School 131471 View
Sedgemoor College (Boys) 131469 View
Christian Hearts Academy 131667 View
Madingley Pre-Preparatory School 131668 View
Causeway School 131669 View
Merebrook Infant School 131670 View
The Willows Primary School 132084 View
Eden Park Academy 132112 View
Montrose School 132158 View
Bridge Farm Primary School 132161 View
Parkwood High School 132163 View
Tydd St Giles County Primary School 132973 View
Barrington County Infant School 133074 View
Knaresborough St Johns CofE Primary School 133106 View
Tividale Community Primary School 133261 View
Florence Melly Community Primary School 133336 View
Kew Riverside Primary School 133343 View
Western Community Primary School 133384 View
Charlton School 133400 View
Cressey College 133438 View
Side By Side School 133439 View
The Rectory Centre 133452 View
Kentmere Primary School 133479 View
Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School, Castleford 133621 View
Valley Park Community School 133623 View
Ruislip High School 133625 View
The John Wesley Church of England Methodist Voluntary Aided Primary School 133627 View
Acre Hall Primary School 133642 View
Cherry Fold Community Primary School 133622 View
Retford Oaks High School 133703 View
Newlands Primary School 133704 View
The Mulberry Primary School 133707 View
Medlock Valley Community School 133710 View
Clarksfield Primary School 133711 View
Yew Tree Community School 133712 View
Oakfield Park School, Ackworth 133719 View
Redemption Academy 133738 View
Education In Hospital 1 (Airedale) 133753 View
Sansom Road PRU 133764 View
Kingsland Primary School 133718 View
The Key Education Centre 133778 View
Advantage Davis 133921 View
Queensbridge Primary School 133925 View
Gearies Primary School 133934 View
Churchfields Infants School 133936 View
North East Derbyshire Support Centre 133947 View
The Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School 133965 View
Southgate Primary 133971 View
Gatton (VA) Primary School 134041 View
St Andrews School 134205 View
The Woodlands Primary School 134236 View
Fernhurst Secondary SEBD School 134258 View
Primary Inclusion Centre 134265 View
Abbots Green Community Primary School 134362 View
Christchurch Learning Centre 134374 View
Brixington Primary School 134375 View
Ossett South Parade Primary 134376 View
Threshold Learning Centre 134377 View
Step Forward Educational Trust (Ripley) 134485 View
Springboard 134535 View
Kent College International Study Centre 134582 View
Stephenson House School 134610 View
Platt Bridge Community Primary School 134703 View
St Christophers 134874 View
Catton Grove Primary School 134960 View
Three Ways School 135069 View
Salford City Academy 135071 View
Bewdley Primary School 135076 View
Hallgate Primary School Cottingham 135078 View
Barcroft Primary School 135081 View
Akiva School 135086 View
Oak Heights Independent School 135090 View
Roselyn House School 135092 View
Steps Centre 135093 View
Deane Discovery Centre 135094 View
Beechwood Primary School 135145 View
Beis Hatalmud School 135168 View
Focus School - Long Eaton Campus 135074 View
Thomas Clarkson Community College 135192 View
Discovery Primary School 135196 View
Stonegate School 135292 View
Shelldene House School 135380 View
Halewood Centre for Learning (Community) 135475 View
St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic Centre for Learning (VA) 135481 View
Oakwood Primary School 135539 View
Wyre Forest School 135791 View
Hope Primary School - A Joint Catholic and Church of England Primary School 135796 View
Craven Pupil Referral Service 135851 View
Mayflower Community School 135852 View
New Forest Small School 136112 View
Skegness Academy 136217 View
Oxford Spires Academy 136261 View
Norton College 136262 View
Gosforth Junior High Academy 136348 View
St Maries Catholic Primary School and Nursery 136507 View
John Hampden Grammar School 136771 View
Sir William Borlases Grammar School 136781 View
The Holt School 136880 View
The Castle School 136916 View
South Benfleet Primary School 137029 View
King Edward VI Aston School 137043 View
Caroline Chisholm School 137089 View
King Alfreds 137140 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 137147 View
The Stourport High School and Sixth Form Centre 137162 View
Ernulf Academy 137187 View
Chadsmead Primary Academy 137268 View
Hitchin Girls School 137288 View
Greenfield CofE VC Lower School 137290 View
Whickham School 137360 View
Humberston Park School 137394 View
Bassingbourn Village College 137427 View
Amery Hill School 137535 View
Huntingdon Academy 137550 View
William Alvey School 137565 View
The Samuel Lister Academy 137576 View
Southborough High School 137917 View
The Mead Community Primary School 138133 View
Campsmount (A Co-Operative Academy) 138116 View
St Thomas Mores Catholic Primary School, Colchester 138164 View
Hurworth Primary School 138180 View
All Faiths Childrens Academy 138182 View
Eppleton Academy Primary School 138213 View
Henbury School 138217 View
The Da Vinci Studio School of Science and Engineering 138225 View
Avanti House School 138227 View
Tiger Primary School 138232 View
All Saints Academy Darfield 138234 View
St Augustines School 138238 View
Dixons Trinity Academy 138251 View
Dixons Music Primary 138252 View
Corby Technical School 138254 View
Tendring Enterprise Studio School 138255 View
Stoke Studio College for Construction and Building Excellence 138256 View
Emmanuel Community School 138258 View
City Gateway 14-19 Provision 138262 View
Stone Soup Academy 138264 View
Beccles Free School 138274 View
The Minerva Academy 138275 View
Harris Academy Greenwich 138449 View
Queensmead Primary Academy 138553 View
Castle Academy 138703 View
Horbury Academy 138707 View
Hogsthorpe Primary Academy 138749 View
Skegness Infant Academy 138750 View
Carlton Road Academy 138751 View
Staniland Academy 138752 View
The Sacred Heart Primary Catholic Voluntary Academy 138813 View
Handsworth Wood Girls Academy 138937 View
Harlington Lower School 138938 View
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School 138945 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 138947 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School Castleford 138949 View
Greenwood Academy 139048 View
Eaton Hall Special Academy 139099 View
Elizabeth Woodville School 139100 View
Bradfield School 139101 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 139173 View
Venerable Bede Church of England Academy 139184 View
Widewell Primary Academy 139289 View
Caldicotes Primary Academy 139476 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School 139477 View
Stapeley Broad Lane CofE Primary School 139539 View
West London Free School Primary 139546 View
Liverpool Life Sciences UTC 139588 View
R.E.A.L Independent Schools 139603 View
Unity Academy Blackpool 139675 View
City Academy Whitehawk 139677 View
Ark All Saints Academy 139718 View
Tech City College 139793 View
Gildredge House 139796 View
Wilberforce Primary 139824 View
Rothley Church of England Primary School 139874 View
Allhallows Primary Academy 139939 View
Frogmore Junior School 139944 View
The Mill Primary Academy 139958 View
Woking High School 139993 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy 140025 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 140026 View
Stoke High School - Ormiston Academy 140032 View
Thomas Hepburn Community Academy 140035 View
Downview Primary School 140048 View
Westfield Academy 140049 View
Kew House 140066 View
Outwood Primary Academy Lofthouse Gate 140085 View
Leigh Westleigh Methodist Primary School 140087 View
Park Road Sale Primary School 140142 View
Ramnoth Junior School 140173 View
Lordswood School 140186 View
Benedict Primary School 140187 View
Moorlands CofE Primary Academy 140189 View
Kensington Primary Academy 140213 View
Bridge School 140227 View
Wantage Church of England Primary School 140255 View
The Whitehaven Academy 140406 View
Atwood Primary Academy 140517 View
Twickenham Primary School 140518 View
Norton Primary Academy 140519 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Aylesham 140520 View
South Avenue Primary School 140521 View
Lark Hall Infant & Nursery Academy 140522 View
Flax Hill Junior Academy 140523 View
Bishop Walsh Catholic School 140524 View
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 140525 View
Marden Primary Academy 140526 View
Stanley Green Infant Academy 140527 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 140528 View
Peafield Lane Academy 140637 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 140638 View
Shirley Manor Primary School 140639 View
St Gregorys Catholic School 140640 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Broadstairs 140641 View
St Keverne Community Primary School 140642 View
St Martin-in-Meneage Community Primary School 140643 View
St Marychurch Church of England Primary and Nursery School 140644 View
Keyham Barton Catholic Primary School 140730 View
St Meriadoc CofE Junior Academy 140781 View
St Meriadoc CofE Infant Academy 140782 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy 140783 View
St Peters RC Primary School 140784 View
Tilbury Pioneer Academy 140832 View
Newbold CofE Primary School 140843 View
Endsleigh Holy Child VC Academy 140905 View
Rowley Park Primary Academy 140996 View
Walton Hall Academy 140997 View
Grove Wood Primary School 141052 View
Hanborough Manor CofE School 141053 View
St Philips CofE Primary School 141098 View
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School 141156 View
Northern House School (Solihull) 141171 View
Sandfield Primary School 141197 View
St Dennis Primary Academy 141198 View
Levenshulme High School 141196 View
Willow Brook Primary School and Nursery 141195 View
St Marys Catholic Academy 141257 View
Green Gates Academy 141384 View
Brotherton and Byram Community Primary Academy 141393 View
UTC@harbourside 141394 View
Westwood Academy 141401 View
Dartford Primary Academy 141534 View
Drapers Maylands Primary School 141549 View
Midfield Primary School 141613 View
Boughton Heath Academy 141614 View

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