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School Name URN Details
Audlem St James CofE Primary School 111267 View
Bickerton Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 111268 View
Stapeley Broad Lane CofE Primary School 111269 View
Barrow CofE Primary School 111270 View
Capenhurst CofE Primary School 111271 View
Guilden Sutton CofE Primary School 111273 View
St Marys CofE Infant School 111274 View
Little Sutton C of E Primary School 111275 View
Saughall the Thomas Wedge CofE Junior School 111276 View
Mobberley CofE Primary School 111277 View
Mollington CofE (Controlled) Primary School 111279 View
Clutton Church of England Primary School 111280 View
Duddon St Peters CofE Primary School 111281 View
Malpas Alport Endowed Primary School 111282 View
Shocklach Oviatt CofE Primary School 111283 View
Tilston Parochial CofE Primary School 111284 View
Tushingham-with-Grindley CofE Primary School 111285 View
Huxley CofE Primary School 111286 View
St Annes Fulshaw C of E Primary School 111287 View
St Barnabas CofE Primary School 111288 View
Lostock Gralam CofE Primary School 111289 View
Overleigh St Marys CofE Primary School 111290 View
All Saints CofE (Controlled) Junior School 111291 View
Neston St Marys CofE Primary School 111292 View
Spinney Avenue Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 111293 View
Dodleston CofE Primary School 111272 View
Hale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 111294 View
Warrington St Anns CofE Primary School 111298 View
Warrington St Barnabas CofE Primary School 111299 View
St Margarets CofE Junior School 111300 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 111301 View
St Werburghs CofE Primary School 111302 View
St Oliver Plunkett Catholic Primary School 111303 View
Birchwood CofE Primary School 111304 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School 111305 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 111306 View
St Albans Catholic Primary School 111307 View
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School 111308 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School 111309 View
St Stephens Catholic Primary School 111310 View
St Clares Catholic Primary School 111311 View
Bishop Wilson Church of England Primary School 111312 View
St Winefrides Catholic Primary School 111313 View
Runcorn All Saints CofE Primary School 111314 View
Grappenhall St Wilfrids CofE Primary School 111315 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 111316 View
Kingsley St Johns CofE (VA) Primary School 111317 View
St Thomas CofE Primary School 111318 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary School 111319 View
St Clements Catholic Primary School 111320 View
The Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School 111321 View
St Monicas Catholic Primary School 111322 View
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School 111323 View
Bollington St Johns CofE Primary School 111324 View
Prestbury CofE Primary School 111325 View
Wincle CofE Primary School 111326 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 111327 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary School 111328 View
Marton and District CofE Aided Primary School 111329 View
St Albans Catholic Primary School 111330 View
St John the Evangelist CofE Primary School Macclesfield 111331 View
Brereton CofE Primary School 111332 View
Astbury St Marys CofE Primary School 111333 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 111334 View
Saint Marys Catholic Primary School 111335 View
Crowton Christ Church CofE Primary School 111336 View
Lower Peover CofE Primary School 111337 View
Whitegate CofE Primary School 111338 View
St Gabriels Catholic Primary School 111339 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 111340 View
St Bedes Catholic Primary School, Weaverham 111341 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Crewe 111342 View
Bridgemere CofE Primary School 111343 View
Bunbury Aldersey CofE Primary School 111344 View
Warmingham CofE Primary School 111345 View
Wybunbury Delves CofE Primary School 111346 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 111347 View
Backford CofE Primary School 111348 View
St Thomas of Canterbury Blue Coat CofE Junior School 111295 View
St Elphins (Fairfield) CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 111296 View
Warrington St Jamess CofE Primary School 111297 View
Saighton CofE Primary School 111350 View
St Saviours Catholic Junior School 111354 View
St Bernards Catholic Primary School 111355 View
St Saviours Catholic Infant School 111356 View
St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School 111357 View
St Vincents Catholic Primary School 111358 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School 111359 View
Bollinbrook CofE Primary School 111360 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School 111361 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School Padgate 111363 View
Hollins Green St Helens CofE (Aided) Primary School 111364 View
Winwick CofE Primary School 111365 View
Woolston CofE Aided Primary School 111366 View
St Paul of the Cross Catholic Primary School 111367 View
St Lewis Catholic Primary School 111368 View
St Oswalds Catholic Primary School 111369 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 111370 View
St Bedes Catholic Junior School 111371 View
St Bedes Catholic Infant School 111372 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 111373 View
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Infant School 111374 View
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Junior School 111375 View
St Vincents Catholic Primary School 111376 View
Our Lady Mother of the Saviour Catholic Primary School 111378 View
St Lukes Catholic Primary School 111379 View
St Martins Catholic Primary School 111380 View
Cinnamon Brow CofE Primary School 111381 View
Stretton St Matthews CofE Primary School 111382 View
St Bertelines CofE Primary School 111383 View
St Werburghs and St Columbas Catholic Primary School 111384 View
St Philip (Westbrook) CofE Aided Primary School 111385 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 111386 View
Davenham CofE Primary School 111387 View
St Theresas Catholic Primary School 111388 View
Witton Church Walk CofE Primary School 111389 View
St Basils Catholic Primary School 111390 View
St Gerards Catholic Primary and Nursery School 111391 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School 111392 View
St Michaels Catholic Primary School 111393 View
Farnworth Church of England Controlled Primary School 111394 View
Kingsway High School 111395 View
Blacon High School, A Specialist Sports College 111396 View
Queens Park High School 111397 View
Neston High School 111398 View
Frodsham School, A Science and Technology College 111399 View
The Heath School 111400 View
The Grange School 111401 View
Tytherington High School 111402 View
Ryles Park High School 111403 View
Alsager School 111404 View
Westlands High School 111405 View
Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College 111406 View
Heathfield Community High School 111407 View
Dane Valley High School 111408 View
Rudheath Community High School 111409 View
Middlewich High School 111410 View
Woodford Lodge High School 111411 View
The Verdin High School 111412 View
Coppenhall High School 111413 View
Weaverham High School 111414 View
The County High School Leftwich 111415 View
Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College 111416 View
Ruskin Community High School 111417 View
Victoria Community Technology School 111418 View
Malbank School and Sixth Form College 111419 View
Shavington High School 111420 View
Christleton High School 111421 View
Upton-by-Chester High School 111422 View
Cheshire Oaks High School, A Specialist Sports College 111423 View
Ellesmere Port Christ Church CofE Primary School 111351 View
Norton Priory High School 111425 View
Ellesmere Port Specialist School of Performing Arts 111426 View
Knutsford High School 111427 View
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School 111428 View
The Whitby High School 111429 View
Culcheth High School 111430 View
Penketh High School 111431 View
Bishop Heber High School 111424 View
Woolston Community High School 111433 View
Great Sankey High School 111434 View
Wade Deacon High School 111435 View
Poynton High School 111436 View
Brookvale Comprehensive School 111437 View
Lysander Community High School 111438 View
Brine Leas High School 111439 View
Helsby High School 111440 View
Hartford High School A Specialist Languages and Sports College 111441 View
Kings Grove School 111442 View
Wilmslow High School 111443 View
Birchwood Community High School 111444 View
Sir Thomas Boteler High School 111445 View
William Beamont Community High School 111446 View
Bridgewater High School 111447 View
Lymm High Voluntary Controlled School 111448 View
The Catholic High School, Chester A Specialist Science College 111449 View
Our Ladys Catholic Infant School 111353 View
Fairfield High School 111432 View
Our Ladys Catholic Junior School 111352 View
St Nicholas Catholic High School 111450 View
St Gregorys Catholic High School 111454 View
The Bishops Blue Coat Church of England High School 111455 View
Cardinal Newman Catholic High School 111456 View
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College 111457 View
All Hallows Catholic College 111458 View
Kettleshulme St James CofE (VA) Primary School 111459 View
Mottram St Andrew Primary School 111460 View
St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School 111461 View
Pott Shrigley Church School 111462 View
The Bankfield School 111463 View
Fallibroome High School 111464 View
Macclesfield High School 111465 View
Abbey Gate Prep School 111466 View
St Hilarys School 111467 View
The Ryleys School 111468 View
Merton House School 111469 View
Firs School 111470 View
The Grange School 111471 View
Terra Nova School 111472 View
The Kings School In Macclesfield 111473 View
Beech Hall School 111474 View
Mostyn House School 111475 View
Sandbach School 111476 View
Wilmslow Preparatory School 111477 View
Alderley Edge School for Girls 111478 View
Yorston Lodge School 111479 View
St Brides School 111480 View
Pownall Hall School 111481 View
The Hammond 111482 View
Cransley School 111483 View
Abbey Gate College 111484 View
The Kings School 111485 View
The Queens School 111486 View
Daintry Hall Preparatory School 111487 View
Robert Raikes Tutorial School 111488 View
The Sarah Bartholomew School 111489 View
Macclesfield Preparatory School 111490 View
Lambs House School 111491 View
Joseph Rayner Independent School 111493 View
Dee Banks School 111494 View
Green Lane Community Special School 111495 View
Fox Wood Special School 111496 View
Cavendish High School 111497 View
Chaigeley School 111498 View
David Lewis School 111499 View
Delamere Forest School 111500 View
Woolston Brook School 111501 View
Cloughwood School 111502 View
Greenbank School 111503 View
Oaklands School 111504 View
Hebden Green Community School 111505 View
The Russett School 111506 View
Springfield School 111507 View
Park Lane School 111508 View
Deeside School 111509 View
Hinderton School 111510 View
Ellesmere Port Catholic High School 111451 View
St Thomas More Catholic High School, A Specialist School for Maths & ICT 111452 View
St Chads Catholic High School 111453 View
Dorin Park School & Specialist SEN College 111511 View
Ashley High School 111515 View
Brookfields School 111516 View
Archers Brook Semh Residential School 111517 View
Billingham Nursery School 111518 View
Seaton Carew Nursery School 111519 View
Eston Centre (EOTAS) 111520 View
Bishopton Centre 111521 View
Hart Primary School 111522 View
High Clarence Primary School 111523 View
Billingham South Community Primary School 111524 View
Roseberry Junior School 111525 View
Roseberry Infant School 111526 View
Low Grange Junior School 111527 View
Low Grange Infant School 111528 View
Bewley Junior School 111529 View
Bewley Infant School 111530 View
Lingdale Primary School 111531 View
Northgate Junior School 111532 View
Lockwood Primary School 111533 View
Wolviston Primary School 111534 View
Preston Primary School 111535 View
Loftus Junior School 111536 View
Park Lane Infant School 111537 View
Harry Dack Infant School 111538 View
Mill Lane Primary School 111539 View
Bowesfield Primary School 111540 View
Newtown Junior School 111541 View
Newtown Infant School 111542 View
Hartburn Primary School 111543 View
Redbrook Primary School 111544 View
Fairfield Junior School 111545 View
Fairfield Infant School 111546 View
Hardwick Green Primary School 111547 View
Rosehill Infant School 111548 View
Whitehouse Primary School 111549 View
The Glebe Primary School 111550 View
Elm Tree Infant School 111551 View
Skelton-In-Cleveland Infant School 111552 View
Yarm Primary School 111554 View
Harewood Junior School 111555 View
Mandale Junior School 111556 View
Mandale Infant School 111557 View
Harewood Infant School 111558 View
The Village Primary 111559 View
Bader Primary School 111560 View
Junction Farm Primary School 111561 View
Westgarth Primary School 111563 View
The Links Primary School 111564 View
Brook Farm School 111512 View
Levendale Primary School 111566 View
Galley Hill Primary School 111567 View
Brougham Primary School 111568 View
Ayresome Junior School 111569 View
Ayresome Infant School 111570 View
Beechwood Junior School 111571 View
Beechwood Infant School 111572 View
Caldicotes Primary School 111573 View
Kader Primary School 111574 View
Linthorpe Junior School 111575 View
Linthorpe Infant School 111576 View
Kirklevington Primary School 111565 View
Rosebank School 111513 View
Chesnut Lodge Special School 111514 View
Uffculme School 113560 View
Milldown Church of England Middle School 113887 View
Stephenson Way Primary School 114205 View
St Pauls Nursery School 121266 View
Richmond Church of England Primary and Nursery School 121512 View
Haygrove School 123882 View
Belvedere Junior School 124050 View
Greysbrooke Primary School 124126 View
Merryfields School 124519 View
Nacton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 124738 View
Shrewton CofE Primary School 126357 View
South Marston Church of England Primary School 126358 View
Southwick Church of England Primary School 126359 View
Staverton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126360 View
Stratford-sub-Castle Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126361 View
Sutton Veny CofE School 126362 View
King William Street Church of England Primary School 126363 View
St Marks CofE Junior School, Salisbury 126364 View
Trowbridge Parochial Church of England Junior School 126365 View
St Johns CofE School 126367 View
Westbury Church of England Junior School 126369 View
Westbury Leigh CofE Primary School 126370 View
Winsley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126371 View
Sambourne Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126374 View
Dilton Marsh CofE Primary School 126375 View
Yatton Keynell CofE School 126376 View
St Peters Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 126377 View
Farley All Saints Church of England Primary School 126378 View
Minety Church of England Primary School 126379 View
St Barnabas Church of England School, Market Lavington 126380 View
Zeals CofE First School 126381 View
Coombe Bissett Church of England Primary School 126382 View
Dinton CofE Primary School 126383 View
Wilton CofE Primary School 126384 View
Landford CofE Primary School 126385 View
Barford St Martin Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 126386 View
Fovant CofE First School 126387 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School, Tisbury 126388 View
Great Bedwyn Church of England School 126391 View
St Michaels CofE Aided Primary 126392 View
Bishops Cannings Church of England Aided Primary School 126395 View
Chapmanslade Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 126396 View
Chilton Foliat Church of England Primary School 126397 View
St Peters Church of England Primary School, Chippenham 126398 View
Amesbury Church of England Aided Junior School 126393 View
East Ardsley Junior School 127884 View
Peel Street Infant School 127885 View
Newall First School 127886 View
Westgate Primary School 127887 View
Halton Middle School 127958 View
Fearnville School 128058 View
Dene House School 128139 View
Simms Cross County Junior School 128441 View
Tamar Christian School 128560 View
Caldewgate Junior School 128580 View
Spondon School 128659 View
The Old School 128800 View
High Lea School 128803 View
Witham Bridge Hospital School 128937 View
Wilberforce Sixth Form College 129262 View
The Brent Infant School 129356 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 129403 View
Fosse Bank Preparatory School 129446 View
Haughton CofE First School 129914 View
Butley Middle School 129990 View
Greasbrough Centre 130027 View
Seale CofE First School 130074 View
St Marys CofE First School 130076 View
Firth House Preparatory School 130193 View
East Leeds Pupil Referral Unit 130333 View
West Park Central Pupil Referral Unit 130334 View
Shipcote Centre 130400 View
The Old Gables 130903 View
The Reintegration Service 131067 View
Immanuel School 131075 View
Cavendish School 131237 View
Surrey Square Infant School 131317 View
The Meadows School 131481 View
Bridgeway PRU 131640 View
The Oak Tree Primary School 131658 View
High Trees 131712 View
Sondes Place School 132923 View
Edgbaston College Preparatory School 132935 View
Reach 133178 View
Sherwood Hall School and Sixth Form College 133267 View
The Livity School 133440 View
JFS 133724 View
Redbridge Infants School 133937 View
The Davis School 134068 View
Orchard Primary School 134185 View
Rathbone Training Wigan 134344 View
Alternative Provision PRU 134521 View
North Harringay Primary School 134681 View
Glynn House Short Stay School 134756 View
The Acorns School 134872 View
Clarendon College 135121 View
Lakeview School 135374 View
The Oaks 135428 View
Christ The King Catholic and Church of England (VA) Centre for Learning 135474 View
Richard Rose Morton Academy 135620 View
Wharton CofE Primary School 135635 View
Ks1 Pupil Referral Unit 135639 View
The Divine Mercy Roman Catholic Primary School 135648 View
Brook House 135725 View
Iqra Primary School 135614 View
Paces High Green School for Conductive Education 135815 View
Springbank Primary School 135868 View
Bury Road School 135871 View
Harris Academy Purley 135955 View
Focus School - Harrow Primary Campus 136097 View
Dartmouth Academy 136200 View
The Canterbury Academy 136302 View
John Henry Newman Catholic College 136347 View
Hockerill Anglo-European College 136482 View
The Queen Katherine School 136526 View
Castleford Academy 136633 View
Manchester Secondary PRU 136743 View
St Columb Major Academy 136862 View
Willow Bank Primary School 136932 View
Education Youth Services 136939 View
The Coleshill School 136986 View
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Saffron Walden 137081 View
Tendring Technology College 137188 View
Oasis Academy Limeside 137479 View
Southwark Primary School 137480 View
Hasmonean High School 137539 View
Saint Augustine Webster Catholic Voluntary Academy 138017 View
Lansdowne Primary Academy 138048 View
Tangmere Primary Academy 138049 View
Ryvers School 138192 View
IES Breckland 138250 View
Cramlington Village Primary School 138257 View
The Hawthornes Free School 138260 View
Bilingual Primary School - Brighton & Hove 138261 View
Reach Academy Feltham 138266 View
Ark Bolingbroke Academy 138267 View
Harris Primary Free School Peckham 138270 View
The Greenwich Free School 138245 View
Sirius Academy North 138246 View
Outwood Academy Valley 138247 View
Enfield Heights Academy 138381 View
Kadampa Primary School Derbyshire 138456 View
Countesthorpe Community College 138524 View
Thomas Estley Community College 138527 View
Yarborough Academy 138542 View
Grindon Hall Christian School 138567 View
Cranford Park Academy 138613 View
Summerhill Academy 138658 View
St Filumenas Catholic Primary School 138723 View
The Bolsover School 138836 View
St Ignatius Catholic Primary School 138946 View
Penwortham Priory Academy 138948 View
Brentford School for Girls 139095 View
Mark Rutherford School 139160 View
Sir John Gleed School 139168 View
Tabor Academy 139179 View
The Boston Grammar School 139180 View
Walkwood Church of England Middle School 139185 View
Warden House Primary School 139186 View
Guildford County School 139193 View
Weavers Close Church of England Primary School 139200 View
Christ Church (Erith) CofE Primary School 139212 View
St Augustine of Canterbury CofE Primary School 139213 View
Date Palm Primary School 139221 View
Coleridge Primary 139223 View
Star Academy, Sandyford 139226 View
The JCB Academy 139234 View
Ys Up 139236 View
St Marys Primary School, Dilwyn 139241 View
River Mead School 139260 View
Mount Pellon Primary Academy 139270 View
Gipsey Bridge Academy 139296 View
Rustington Community Primary School 139478 View
Blockley Church of England Primary School 139524 View
Dorchester Primary School 139525 View
James Brindley School 139526 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Witney 139527 View
George Betts Primary Academy 139565 View
The Studio School Liverpool 139589 View
Inspire Enterprise Academy 139591 View
Park Avenue Girls High School 139784 View
Royal Greenwich Trust School Academy 139786 View
Langmoor Primary School Oadby 139859 View
Lound Infant School 139862 View
Middleton Cheney Primary Academy 139866 View
Mildenhall College Academy 139867 View
St Bedes Catholic Primary School 139876 View
St Gerards Catholic Primary School 139877 View
Stranton Primary School 139884 View
RNIB Three Spires Academy 139911 View
Plymouth School of Creative Arts 139923 View
The Jubilee Academy 139925 View
East Garforth Primary Academy 140068 View
Fareham Academy 140069 View
English Martyrs Catholic Voluntary Academy 140070 View
Enderby Danemill Primary School 140316 View
The Halifax Academy 140326 View
Green Oaks Primary Academy 140327 View
Falmouth Primary Academy 140328 View
Cleves Cross Primary School 140324 View
Mary Rose School 140325 View
Hamstreet Primary Academy 140323 View
St Peters Church of England First School 140645 View
Wickersley School and Sports College 140646 View
The Cathedral School of St Mary 140785 View
St Nicholas Primary School 140906 View
Bengeworth CE Academy 140932 View
Morville CofE (Controlled) Primary School 141180 View
Heygreen Primary School 141330 View
St Wulstans Catholic Primary School 141444 View
Manchester Road Primary Academy 141445 View
Queen Eleanors Church of England School 141446 View
Cuddington Croft Primary School 141447 View
Blackfriars Academy 141448 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 141477 View
Sawley Junior School 141543 View
Burton End Primary Academy 141546 View
Ellowes Hall Sports College 141570 View

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