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School Name URN Details
Hanover Primary School 100407 View
Hargrave Park Primary School 100408 View
Hugh Myddelton Junior School 100409 View
Hugh Myddelton Infant School 100410 View
Laycock Primary School 100411 View
Montem Junior School 100412 View
Montem Infant School 100413 View
Moorfields Primary School 100414 View
Moreland Primary School 100415 View
Newington Green Junior School 100416 View
Newington Green Infant School 100417 View
Pakeman Primary School 100418 View
Angel Primary School 100419 View
Pooles Park Junior School 100420 View
Pooles Park Infant School 100421 View
Robert Blair School 100422 View
Rotherfield Junior School 100423 View
Rotherfield Infant School 100424 View
Thornhill Primary School 100425 View
Vittoria Primary School 100426 View
William Tyndale Primary School 100427 View
Winton Primary School 100428 View
Yerbury Primary School 100429 View
Tufnell Park Primary School 100430 View
Highbury Quadrant Primary School 100431 View
Ashmount Primary School 100432 View
Ashmount Infant School 100433 View
Prior Weston Primary School and Childrens Centre 100434 View
Hungerford Primary School and Childrens Centre 100435 View
Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School 100436 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 100441 View
St Jude and St Pauls CofE Primary School 100442 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 100443 View
St Marks CofE Primary School 100444 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 100446 View
St Peter and St Paul RC Primary School 100447 View
St Andrews (Barnsbury) Church of England Primary School 100448 View
St Joan of Arc RC Primary School 100449 View
Christ The King RC Primary School 100450 View
Blessed Sacrament RC Primary School 100451 View
Holloway School 100453 View
Highbury Fields School 100455 View
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School 100457 View
Central Foundation Boys School 100458 View
St Aloysius RC College 100459 View
Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls 100460 View
Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts 100461 View
Dallington School 100462 View
Charterhouse Square School 100463 View
Holly Park Montessori School 100465 View
The Metropolitan Theatre School 100466 View
Richard Cloudesley School 100467 View
Colebrooke School 100468 View
Samuel Rhodes MLD School 100469 View
Harborough Aut School 100470 View
Rosemary Sld School 100471 View
Golborne Childrens Centre 100472 View
St Annes & Avondale Park Nursery School 100473 View
Chelsea Open Air Nursery School and Childrens Centre 100474 View
Maxilla Nursery School 100475 View
The Latimer Education CentrePupil Referral Unit 100476 View
Ashburnham Community School 100477 View
Bevington Primary School 100479 View
Bousfield Primary School 100480 View
Colville Primary School 100481 View
Fox Primary School 100482 View
Marlborough Primary School 100483 View
Oxford Gardens Primary School 100485 View
Park Walk Primary School 100486 View
Avondale Park Primary School 100487 View
Thomas Jones Primary School 100488 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 100489 View
St Barnabas and St Philips CofE Primary School 100493 View
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School 100494 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 100490 View
Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School 100491 View
St Thomas CofE Primary School 100492 View
Edmund Waller Primary School 100680 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 100729 View
Elfrida Primary School 100681 View
Anston Greenlands Junior and Infant School 106921 View
St Cuthberts Catholic Primary School 112310 View
Arnside National CofE School 112311 View
Bampton Endowed School 112312 View
Beetham CofE Primary School 112313 View
St Oswalds CofE Primary School 112314 View
Crosby Ravensworth CofE School 112315 View
Crosscrake CofE Primary School 112316 View
Crosthwaite CofE School 112317 View
St Patricks CofE School 112318 View
Grasmere CofE Primary School 112319 View
Grayrigg CofE School 112320 View
Langdale CofE School 112321 View
St Thomass CofE Primary School 112322 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 112323 View
Morland Area CofE Primary School 112324 View
St Marks CofE Primary School 112325 View
Patterdale CofE School 112326 View
Selside Endowed CofE Primary School 112327 View
Shap Endowed CofE Primary School 112328 View
St Marys CofE Nursery and Infant School 112329 View
Windermere CofE Junior School 112330 View
Dent CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 112331 View
Borrowdale CofE Primary School 112333 View
Braithwaite CofE VA Primary School 112334 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 112335 View
Dean CofE School 112336 View
Our Lady and St Patricks, Catholic Primary 112337 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 112338 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 112340 View
Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School 112341 View
Lowther Endowed School 112342 View
Dean Barwick School 112343 View
St Cuthberts Catholic Primary School 112344 View
Beckermet CofE School 112345 View
St Patricks Catholic Junior School 112346 View
St Patricks Catholic Infant School 112347 View
St Bridgets Catholic Primary School 112348 View
St Begas CofE Primary School 112349 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 112350 View
St James Catholic Primary School 112351 View
Waberthwaite CofE School 112352 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 112353 View
St Beghs Catholic Junior School 112354 View
St Gregory and St Patricks Catholic Infant School 112355 View
Leven Valley CofE Primary School 112356 View
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School 112357 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 112358 View
Ulpha CofE School 112359 View
Penny Bridge CofE School 112360 View
Church Walk CofE Primary School 112361 View
St James CofE Junior School 112362 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 112363 View
St Columbas Catholic Primary School 112364 View
St Pius X Catholic Primary School 112365 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 112366 View
Bishop Goodwin Memorial CofE Junior School 112367 View
Bishop Goodwin CofE Nursery and Infant School 112368 View
St Bedes Catholic Primary School 112369 View
St Cuthberts Catholic Community School 112370 View
St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School 112371 View
Warcop CofE Primary School 112372 View
St Kentigerns CofE Infant and Nursery School 112373 View
Ambleside CofE Primary School 112374 View
Beacon Hill Community School 112375 View
Lochinvar School 112376 View
Solway Community Technology College 112377 View
Samuel Kings School 112378 View
The Lakes School 112379 View
Settlebeck High School 112380 View
Cockermouth School 112381 View
Netherhall School 112382 View
Dowdales School 112383 View
John Ruskin School 112384 View
Ulverston Victoria High School 112385 View
Ehenside Community School 112386 View
Wyndham School 112387 View
Millom School 112388 View
Walney School 112389 View
The Morton School 112390 View
The Alfred Barrow School 112391 View
Thorncliffe School - A Specialist Sports College 112392 View
Ullswater Community College 112393 View
Southfield Technology College 112394 View
Stainburn School and Science College 112395 View
Whitehaven School 112396 View
The Nelson Thomlinson School 112397 View
St Benedicts Catholic High School 112398 View
Newman Catholic School 112399 View
St Bernards Catholic High School 112400 View
St Josephs Catholic High School, Business and Enterprise College 112401 View
Hayton CofE Primary School 112402 View
Scotby CofE Primary School 112403 View
Warwick Bridge Primary School 112404 View
Brampton Primary School 112405 View
St Pauls CofE Junior School 112406 View
Broughton Primary School 112407 View
Appleby Primary School 112408 View
Askam Village School 112409 View
Flookburgh CofE Primary School 112410 View
Eaglesfield Paddle CofE VA Primary School 112411 View
Dalton St Marys CofE Primary School 112412 View
Dearham Primary School 112413 View
Bowness-on-Solway Primary School 112414 View
Ireleth St Peters CofE Primary School 112415 View
Heversham St Peters CofE Primary School 112416 View
Gilsland CofE Primary School 112418 View
Hallbankgate Village School 112417 View
Orton CofE School 112419 View
Fir Ends Primary School 112420 View
Flimby Primary School 112421 View
Castle Carrock School 112422 View
Beaconside CofE Primary School 112423 View
Beaconside CofE Junior School 112424 View
Crosby-on-Eden CofE School 112425 View
Longtown Junior School 112426 View
Kirkbie Kendal School 112427 View
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School 112428 View
Trinity School 112429 View
St Aidans County High School Specialist Sports College 112430 View
The Queen Katherine School 112431 View
Wiggonby CofE School 112309 View
St Michaels CofE Primary School 112332 View
Dallam School 112432 View
Parkview School 112436 View
Cartmel Priory CofE School 112437 View
Queen Elizabeth School 112438 View
William Howard School 112439 View
Caldew School 112440 View
Keswick School 112441 View
Lime House School 112442 View
Harecroft Hall School 112443 View
St Bees School 112444 View
Casterton, Sedbergh Preparatory School 112445 View
Windermere School 112446 View
Kirkby Stephen Grammar School 112433 View
Holme Park School 112448 View
St Ursulas Convent High School 112449 View
Chetwynde School 112450 View
Sedbergh School 112451 View
Oversands School 112452 View
Austin Friars 112453 View
Greystone House School 112454 View
Underley Hall School 112455 View
Cedar House School 112456 View
Riverside School 112458 View
Hunter Hall School 112459 View
St Monicas Preparatory School 112460 View
Underley Garden School 112461 View
Cherry Tree Centre 112462 View
Wellspring Christian School 112463 View
Mayfield School 112464 View
Sandgate School 112465 View
Sandside Lodge School 112466 View
George Hastwell School 112467 View
James Rennie School 112468 View
Hadfield Nursery School 112469 View
Gamesley Early Excellence Centre 112470 View
Lord Street Nursery School 112471 View
Central Community Nursery School 112472 View
Beechwood Nursery School 112473 View
Harrington Nursery School 112474 View
Walbrook Nursery School 112475 View
Stonehill Nursery School 112476 View
New Mills Nursery School 112477 View
Ripley Nursery School 112478 View
Ashgate Nursery School 112479 View
Whitecross Nursery School 112480 View
Flagg Nursery School 112481 View
Castle Nursery School 112482 View
Pinxton Nursery School 112483 View
South Normanton Nursery School 112484 View
Alfreton Nursery School 112485 View
Cedar Grove 112486 View
North Lees 112487 View
Kingsmead Behaviour Support Service 112488 View
Holly House 112489 View
Deincourt Support Centre 112491 View
Croft Infant School 112493 View
Woodbridge Junior School 112494 View
Ironville and Codnor Park Primary School 112495 View
Riddings Infant and Nursery School 112496 View
Riddings Junior School 112497 View
Somerlea Park Junior School 112498 View
Leys Junior School 112492 View
Eden Grove School 112447 View
Appleby Grammar School 112434 View
North Cumbria Technology College 112435 View
Somercotes Infant School 112499 View
Bramley Vale Primary School 112503 View
Bamford Primary School 112504 View
Barlborough Primary School 112505 View
Blackwell Community Primary and Nursery School 112506 View
Newton Primary School 112507 View
Westhouses Primary School 112508 View
New Bolsover Primary and Nursery School 112509 View
Brockley Primary School 112510 View
Bolsover Infant School 112511 View
Bradwell Junior School 112512 View
Cutthorpe Primary School 112513 View
Wigley Primary School 112514 View
Brassington Primary School 112515 View
Firfield Primary School 112516 View
Brimington Junior School 112517 View
Brimington Manor Infant School 112518 View
Henry Bradley Infant School 112519 View
Burbage Primary School 112520 View
Buxton Junior School 112521 View
Buxton Infant School 112522 View
Harpur Hill Primary School 112523 View
Castle Gresley Infant School 112524 View
Combs Infant School 112525 View
Buxworth Primary School 112526 View
Chinley Primary School 112527 View
Clay Cross Infant School 112528 View
Clay Cross Junior School 112529 View
Holmgate Primary School and Nursery 112530 View
Danesmoor Infant School 112531 View
Clowne Junior School 112532 View
Clowne Infant and Nursery School 112533 View
Crich Junior School 112534 View
Curbar Primary School 112535 View
Lea Primary School 112536 View
Doveridge Primary School 112537 View
Draycott Community Primary School 112538 View
Dronfield Junior School 112539 View
Dronfield Infant School 112540 View
William Levick Primary School 112541 View
Eckington Junior School 112542 View
Birk Hill Infant School 112543 View
Marsh Lane Primary School 112544 View
Renishaw Primary School 112545 View
Ridgeway Primary School 112546 View
Egginton Primary School 112547 View
Creswell Junior School 112548 View
Etwall Primary School 112549 View
Grindleford Primary School 112550 View
Findern Primary School 112551 View
Padfield Community Primary School 112552 View
Grassmoor Primary School 112553 View
Hayfield Primary School 112554 View
Aldercar Infant School 112555 View
Codnor Infant School 112556 View
Heanor Langley Infant School & Nursery 112557 View
Langley Mill Junior School 112558 View
William Howitt Junior Community School 112559 View
Mary Howitt Infant Community School 112560 View
Marlpool Junior School 112561 View
Marlpool Infant School 112562 View
Coppice Primary School 112563 View
Heath Primary School 112564 View
Penny Acres Primary School 112565 View
Hope Primary School 112566 View
Horsley Woodhouse Primary School 112567 View
Chaucer Infant School 112568 View
Cotmanhay Junior School 112569 View
Cotmanhay Infant School 112570 View
Granby Junior School 112571 View
Hallam Fields Junior School 112572 View
Kensington Junior School 112573 View
Field House Infant School 112574 View
Charlotte Nursery and Infant School 112575 View
Kilburn Junior School 112576 View
Kilburn Infant and Nursery School 112577 View
Killamarsh Junior School 112578 View
Killamarsh Infant School 112579 View
Little Eaton Primary School 112580 View
Ashover Primary School 112501 View
Harrington Junior School 112582 View
Parklands Infant and Nursery School 112583 View
Grange Primary School 112584 View
Longmoor Primary School 112585 View
Lakeside Infant School 112586 View
Brooklands Infant School 112588 View
Marston Montgomery Primary School 112589 View
Matlock Infant and Nursery School 112590 View
Tansley Primary School 112592 View
Melbourne Junior School 112593 View
Melbourne Infant School 112594 View
Morley Primary School 112595 View
Morton Primary School 112596 View
New Mills Primary School 112597 View
Hague Bar Primary School 112598 View
Swanwick Primary School 112500 View
Cressbrook Primary School 112581 View
Aston-on-Trent Primary School 112502 View
Newtown Primary School 112599 View
Overseal Primary School 112603 View
Parwich Primary School 112604 View
Pilsley Primary School 112605 View
Park House Primary School 112606 View
John King Infant School 112607 View
Pinxton Kirkstead Junior School 112608 View
Longwood Community Infant School 112609 View
Anthony Bek Community Primary School 112610 View
Ripley Junior School 112611 View
Ripley Infant School 112612 View
Street Lane Primary School 112613 View
Ladycross Infant School 112614 View
Scarcliffe Primary School 112615 View
Langwith Bassett Primary School 112616 View
Palterton Primary School 112617 View
Shardlow Primary School 112618 View
Brookfield Primary School 112619 View
Shirland Primary School 112620 View
Stonebroom Primary and Nursery School 112621 View
The Green Infant School 112622 View
The Brigg Infant School 112623 View
Glebe Junior School 112624 View
South Wingfield Primary School 112625 View
Barrow Hill Primary School 112626 View
Staveley Junior School 112627 View
Poolsbrook Primary School 112628 View
Speedwell Infant School 112629 View
Duckmanton Primary School 112630 View
Sudbury Primary School 112631 View
Arkwright Primary School 112632 View
Springfield Junior School 112633 View
Church Gresley Infant and Nursery School 112634 View
Newhall Community Junior School 112635 View
Newhall Infant School 112636 View
Stanton Primary School 112637 View
Temple Normanton Primary School 112638 View
Town End Junior School 112639 View
Tibshelf Infant School 112640 View
Tupton Primary and Nursery School 112641 View
Unstone Junior School 112642 View
Unstone St Marys Infant School 112643 View
Apperknowle Community Primary School 112644 View
Walton Holymoorside Primary School 112645 View
Wessington Primary School 112646 View
Whaley Bridge Primary School 112647 View
Furness Vale Primary School 112648 View
Whitwell Primary School 112649 View
Hodthorpe Primary School 112650 View
Deer Park Primary School 112651 View
Wirksworth Junior School 112652 View
Wirksworth Infant School 112653 View
Middleton Community Primary School 112654 View
Woodville Infant School 112655 View
Peak Dale Primary School 112656 View
Brampton Junior School 112657 View
Brampton Infant School 112658 View
Cavendish Junior School 112659 View
Ashbrook Junior School 112602 View
Spire Junior School 112661 View
Gilbert Heathcote Nursery and Infant School 112662 View
Hasland Junior School 112663 View
Hasland Infant School 112664 View
Hady Primary School 112665 View
Thornsett Primary School 112600 View
North Wingfield Junior School 112601 View
Spire Nursery and Infant School 112660 View
Highfield Hall Primary School 112667 View
William Rhodes Primary School 112671 View
The Park Infant & Nursery School 112672 View
Brockwell Nursery and Infant School 112673 View
Westfield Infant School 112674 View
Dallimore Primary School 112675 View
Mickley Infant School 112676 View
Eureka Primary School 112677 View
Parkside Junior School 112678 View
Heath Fields Primary School 112679 View
Holmesdale Infant School 112680 View
Ladywood Primary School 112681 View
The Park Junior School 112682 View
Matlock Junior School 112683 View
Sawley Infant and Nursery School 112684 View
Northfield Junior School 112685 View
Ashbourne Hilltop Infant School 112686 View
Copthorne Community Infant School 112687 View
Ashbrook Infant School 112688 View
Sawley Junior School 112689 View
Duffield the Meadows Primary School 112690 View
Brockwell Junior School 112691 View
Hadfield Infant School 112692 View
Gamesley Community Primary School 112693 View
Elmsleigh Infant and Nursery School 112694 View
Warmbrook Junior School 112695 View
Lenthall Infant and Nursery School 112696 View
Hunloke Park Primary School 112697 View
Dronfield Stonelow Junior School 112698 View
Fairfield Infant and Nursery School 112699 View
Dovedale Primary School 112700 View
Willington Primary School 112701 View
Sandiacre Cloudside Junior School 112702 View
Hilton Primary School 112703 View
Waingroves Primary School 112704 View
Norbriggs Primary School 112705 View
Mary Swanwick Community Primary School 112666 View
New Whittington Community Primary School 112668 View
Old Hall Junior School 112669 View
Abercrombie Primary School 112670 View
Chaucer Junior School 112709 View
Lons Infant School 112710 View
Allenton Community Primary School 112712 View
Gorseybrigg Junior School 112707 View
Ashgate Infant School 112714 View
Beaufort Junior School 112715 View
Becket Primary School 112717 View
Beaufort Infant School 112716 View
Boulton Junior School 112718 View
Boulton Primary School 112719 View
Dale Community Primary School 112720 View
Hardwick Junior School 112721 View
Hardwick Infant and Nursery School 112722 View
Moorhead Primary School 112723 View
Nightingale Junior School 112724 View
Osmaston Primary School 112725 View
Normanton Junior School 112726 View
Pear Tree Community Junior School 112727 View
Pear Tree Infant School 112728 View
Reigate Junior School 112729 View
Reigate Infant School 112730 View
Roe Farm Junior School 112731 View
Roe Farm Infant School 112732 View
Rosehill Infant and Nursery School 112733 View
Cottons Farm Primary School 112734 View
Southgate Infant School 112735 View
Brackensdale Junior School 112736 View
Brackensdale Infant School 112737 View
Lakeside Community Primary School 112738 View
Portway Infant School 112740 View
Allenpark Infant School 112742 View
Alvaston Junior School 112743 View
Alvaston Infant and Nursery School 112744 View
Shelton Infant School 112745 View
Breadsall Hill Top Primary School 112747 View
Cavendish Close Infant School 112749 View
Cherry Tree Hill Junior School 112750 View
Cherry Tree Hill Primary School 112751 View
Meadow Farm Community Primary School 112752 View
Chaddesden Park Junior School 112753 View
Chellaston Infant School 112754 View
Carlyle Infant and Nursery School 112755 View
Ashgate Junior School 112713 View
Ridgeway Infant School 112757 View
Wren Park Primary School 112758 View
Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School 112759 View
Larklands Infant School 112708 View
Gayton Junior School 112756 View
Simmondley Primary School 112706 View
Ravensdale Junior School 112760 View
Borrow Wood Infant School 112764 View
Silverhill Primary School 112765 View
Oakwood Junior School 112766 View
Oakwood Infant and Nursery School 112767 View
Redwood Junior School 112768 View
North Wingfield Infant School 112769 View
Redwood Primary School 112770 View
Ash Croft Primary School 112771 View
Holme Hall Primary School 112772 View
Heage Primary School 112773 View
Brookfield Primary School 112774 View
Whitecotes Primary School 112775 View
Grampian Primary School 112776 View
Dunston Primary and Nursery School 112777 View
Firs Estate Primary School 112778 View
Lawn Primary School 112779 View
Normanton Village Infant School 112780 View
Stenson Fields Primary Community School 112781 View
Derwent Community School 112782 View
Highfield Primary School 112783 View
Model Village Primary School 112784 View
Long Row Primary School 112785 View
Ambergate Primary School 112786 View
Pottery Primary School 112787 View
Milford Primary School 112788 View
Herbert Strutt Primary School 112789 View
Sunnyhill Infant School 112791 View
Arboretum Primary School 112792 View
Whaley Thorns Primary School 112793 View
Inkersall Primary School 112795 View
St Oswalds CofE Infant School 112796 View
Bakewell CofE Infant School 112797 View
Barlow CofE Primary School 112798 View
Sale and Davys Church of England Primary School 112799 View
St Annes CofE Primary School 112800 View
Bradley CofE Primary School 112802 View
Bradwell CofE (Controlled) Infant School 112803 View
Brailsford CofE Primary School 112804 View
Breadsall CofE VC Primary School 112805 View
Fairfield Endowed CofE (C) Junior School 112806 View
Chapel-En-Le-Frith CofE Infant School 112808 View
Dove Holes CofE Primary School 112809 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 112810 View
Clifton CofE Primary School 112811 View
Coton-in-the-Elms Cof E Primary School 112812 View
Edale CofE Primary School 112813 View
Creswell CofE Controlled Infant and Nursery 112814 View
Elton CofE Primary School 112815 View
Eyam CofE Primary School 112816 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 112817 View
St James CofE Controlled Primary School 112818 View
Great Hucklow CE Primary 112819 View
Rowsley CofE (Controlled) Primary School 112820 View
Earl Sterndale CofE Primary School 112821 View
Biggin CofE Primary School 112822 View
Asterdale Primary School 112761 View
Springfield Primary School 112762 View
Chaddesden Park Primary School 112763 View
Hartington CofE Primary School 112823 View
Langley Mill CofE Infant School and Nursery 112827 View
Loscoe CofE Primary School and Nursery 112828 View
Mundy CofE Junior School 112829 View
Horsley CofE (Controlled) Primary School 112830 View
Hulland CofE Primary School 112831 View
Kirk Ireton C of E Primary School 112832 View
Kirk Langley CofE Primary School 112833 View
Kniveton CofE Primary School 112834 View
Longford CofE Primary School 112835 View
Mapperley CofE Controlled Primary School 112836 View
All Saints CofE Junior School 112837 View
Matlock All Saints Infants School 112838 View
Darley Churchtown CofE Primary School 112839 View
Cromford CofE Primary School 112840 View
Matlock Bath Holy Trinity CofE Controlled Primary School 112841 View
South Darley CofE Primary School 112842 View
Monyash CofE Primary School 112843 View
Netherseal St Peters CofE (C) Primary School 112844 View
Norbury CofE Primary School 112845 View
Long Lane Church of England Primary School 112846 View
Osmaston CofE (VC) Primary School 112847 View
Peak Forest Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 112848 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 112849 View
Risley Lower Grammar CE (VC) Primary School 112850 View
Rosliston CofE Primary School 112851 View
Edward Revell Primary School 112852 View
Richardson Endowed Primary School 112853 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 112854 View
Stanley Common CofE Primary School 112855 View
Stanton-in-Peak CofE Primary School 112856 View
Woodthorpe CofE Primary School 112857 View
Stoney Middleton CofE (C) Primary School 112858 View
Stretton Handley Church of England Primary School 112859 View
St Georges CofE Controlled Primary School 112860 View
Walton-on-Trent CofE School 112861 View
Mugginton CofE Primary School 112862 View
Winster CofE Primary School 112863 View
Wirksworth CofE Infant School 112864 View
Woodville CofE Junior School 112865 View
Crich Carr CofE Primary School 112866 View
Crich Church of England Infant School 112867 View
Duke of Norfolk CofE Primary School 112868 View
St Andrews CofE Junior School 112869 View
Bakewell Methodist Junior School 112870 View
Church Broughton CofE Primary School 112871 View
Taxal and Fernilee CofE Primary School 112872 View
Derby St Chads CofE (VC) Nursery and Infant School 112873 View
Holbrook CofE Primary School 112874 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 112875 View
Calow CofE VC Primary School 112876 View
Charlesworth Voluntary Controlled Primary School 112877 View
Carsington and Hopton Primary School 112878 View
Newbold CofE VA Primary School 112879 View
Fritchley CofE (Aided) Primary & Nursery School 112880 View
Denby Free CofE VA Primary School 112881 View
Camms CofE (Aided) Primary School 112882 View
Fitzherbert CofE (Aided) Primary School 112883 View
Dinting Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 112884 View
Hathersage St Michaels CofE (Aided) Primary School 112885 View
Litton CofE Primary School 112886 View
Longstone CofE Primary School 112887 View
Bonsall CofE (A) Primary School 112888 View
St Georges CofE Primary School (VA) 112889 View
Newton Solney CofE (Aided) Infant School 112890 View
Pilsley CofE Primary School 112891 View
Taddington and Priestcliffe School 112892 View
Bishop Pursglove CofE (A) Primary School 112893 View
Turnditch CofE (Aided) Primary School 112894 View
Scargill CofE (Aided) Primary School 112895 View
Weston-on-Trent CofE (VA) Primary School 112896 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 112897 View
St Marys Catholic Primary 112898 View
Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary 112899 View
All Saints Catholic Primary School 112900 View
Saint Marys Catholic Primary 112901 View
St Charless Catholic Primary 112902 View
St Thomas Catholic Primary 112903 View
St Marys Catholic Primary 112904 View
St Josephs Catholic and Church of England Primary 112905 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary 112906 View
St Elizabeths Catholic Primary School 112907 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary 112908 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary 112909 View
English Martyrs Catholic Primary 112910 View
St Margarets Catholic Primary 112911 View
St Laurence CofE VA Primary School 112912 View
St Andrews CofE Methodist (Aided) Primary School 112913 View
Bishop Lonsdale Church of England Aided Primary School and Nursery 112914 View
St James Church of England Aided Infant School 112915 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School and Nursery 112916 View
Walter Evans Church of England Aided Primary School 112917 View
St Georges Catholic Primary School 112918 View
St Werburghs Church of England VA Primary School 112919 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, Alvaston, Derby 112920 View
St Peters Church of England Aided Junior School 112921 View
St James Church of England Aided Junior School 112922 View
Codnor CofE Junior School 112825 View
Hartshorne CofE Primary School 112824 View
Corfield CofE Infant School 112826 View
Tintwistle CofE (Aided) Primary School 112923 View
St Albans Catholic Primary School, Chaddesden, Derby 112927 View
St Giles CofE (Aided) Primary School 112928 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary 112929 View
Swanwick Hall School 112930 View
Alfreton Grange Arts College 112931 View
Chapel-en-le-Frith High School 112932 View
Tupton Hall School 112933 View
The Long Eaton School 112934 View
Wilsthorpe Community School 112935 View
New Mills School & Sixth Form 112936 View
Deincourt Community School 112937 View
William Allitt School 112938 View
Aldercar High School 112939 View
Granville Sports College 112940 View
Frederick Gent School 112941 View
Hope Valley College 112942 View
Eckington School 112943 View
Sinfin Community School 112944 View
Ilkeston School: Specialist Arts College 112945 View
Bennerley Business and Enterprise College 112946 View
Kirk Hallam Community Technology and Sports College 112947 View
John Flamsteed Community School 112948 View
Tibshelf Community School 112949 View
Highfields School 112950 View
The Bemrose School 112951 View
Derby Moor Community Sports College 112952 View
High View School and Technology Centre 112953 View
The Village Community School 112954 View
Lees Brook Community Sports College 112955 View
Littleover Community School 112956 View
Glossopdale Community College 112957 View
Whittington Green School 112958 View
Hasland Hall Community School 112959 View
Newbold Community School 112960 View
Parkside Community School 112961 View
Brookfield Community School 112962 View
The Bolsover School 112963 View
Heritage High School 112964 View
Shirebrook School 112965 View
Springwell Community College 112966 View
Queen Elizabeths Grammar School 112967 View
Anthony Gell School 112968 View
Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School 112969 View
Buxton Community School 112970 View
St Thomas More Catholic School Buxton 112971 View
St Philip Howard Catholic School 112972 View
Saint Benedict Catholic School and Performing Arts College 112973 View
Belmont Primary School 112974 View
Borrow Wood Primary School 112975 View
Repton Primary School 112976 View
Chellaston Junior School 112977 View
Linton Primary School 112978 View
St Giles CE VA Primary School 112925 View
The Curzon CofE Primary School 112981 View
Fairmeadows Foundation Primary School 112982 View
Shelton Junior School 112983 View
Pennine Way Junior School 112984 View
Netherthorpe School 112985 View
The Ecclesbourne School 112986 View
Chellaston School 112987 View
Merrill College 112988 View
Belper School and Sixth Form Centre 112989 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Derby 112926 View
Murray Park Community School 112991 View
Noel-Baker School 112992 View
Youlgrave All Saints CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 112924 View
John Port School 112990 View
Redhill Foundation Primary School 112980 View
Friesland School 112994 View
St Marys Catholic High School 112998 View
Woodlands School 112999 View
Saint John Houghton Catholic School 113000 View
Mill Hill School 113001 View
St Anselms School 113002 View
Abbotsholme School 113003 View
Trent College 113004 View
St Elphins School 113005 View
Stancliffe Hall School 113006 View
Ockbrook School 113007 View
St Wystans School 113008 View
Repton School 113009 View
Mount St Marys College 113010 View
The Pingle School 112995 View
William Gilbert Endowed Primary School 112979 View
Ashbourne PNEU School 113011 View
Peaklands Preparatory School 113012 View
Old Vicarage School 113013 View
Michael House School 113014 View
St Josephs Convent School 113015 View
St Peter and St Paul School 113016 View
Derby High School 113017 View
Barlborough Hall School 113018 View
Bladon House School 113019 View
Friar Gate House School 113020 View
Alderwasley Hall School 113021 View
Repton Preparatory (Foremarke Hall ) 113022 View
Dame Catherine Harpurs School 113023 View
Emmanuel School 113024 View
Gateway Nursery School 113025 View
Eastwood Grange School 113026 View
Morley Hall Preparatory School 113027 View
Derby Grammar School 113028 View
West Park School 112997 View
John Duncan School (Special) 113030 View
Brackenfield Special School 113031 View
Ashgate Croft School 113032 View
Swanwick School and Sports College 113033 View
Brookside School 113034 View
Overseal Manor School 113035 View
Stubbin Wood School 113036 View
Bennerley Fields Specialist Speech and Language College 113037 View
Westbrook Special School 113038 View
Peak School 113039 View
Alfreton Park Community Special School 113040 View
Stanton Vale School 113041 View
St Martins School 113042 View
Ashe Hall School 113043 View
Royal School for the Deaf Derby 113044 View
St Clares School 113046 View
Ivy House School 113047 View
Boothby Meadows School 113049 View
Chestnut Nursery 113050 View
Ham Drive Nursery School and Day Care 113051 View
Plym Bridge Nursery and Day Care 113052 View
The Central Devon Personalised Learning Service 113053 View
Torhill @ the Polsham Centre 113054 View
North Devon Personalised Learning Service 113055 View
Martins Gate Pupil Referral Unit 113056 View
Plymouth Tuition Services Years 3 -9 113057 View
Plymouth Tuition Service: Young Parents Centre 113058 View
Axminster Community Primary School 113059 View
Bow Community Primary School 113060 View
The Duchy School Bradninch 113061 View
Broadclyst Community Primary School 113062 View
Cheriton Bishop Community Primary School 113063 View
Cheriton Fitzpaine Primary School 113064 View
Clyst Hydon Primary School 113065 View
Clyst St Mary Primary School 113066 View
Colyton Primary School 113067 View
Copplestone Primary School 113068 View
Haywards Primary School 113069 View
St Andrews Primary School 113070 View
Culmstock Primary School 113071 View
Dalwood Primary School 113072 View
Alphington Primary School 113073 View
Beacon Heath First School 113074 View
Bradley Rowe First School 113075 View
Bradley Rowe Middle School 113076 View
Cowick First School 113077 View
Foxhayes First School 113078 View
Heanor Gate Science College 112993 View
Lady Manners School 112996 View
Landau Forte College 113029 View
Countess Wear Community School 113079 View
Newtown Primary School 113083 View
Redhills Community Primary School 113084 View
St Thomas Primary School 113085 View
Stoke Hill Infants and Nursery School 113086 View
Stoke Hill Junior School 113087 View
Ladysmith Junior School 113081 View
Topsham First School 113089 View
Ladysmith Infant & Nursery School 113080 View
Summerway Middle School 113088 View
Montgomery Primary School 113082 View
Annesley Primary and Nursery School 122404 View
Rosslyn Junior School 122459 View
St Pauls CofE (C) Junior School 124223 View
All Saints CofE (C) Primary School 124231 View
St Teresas Catholic (A) Primary School 124320 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School 124321 View
St Augustines RC (A) Primary School 124322 View
St Gregorys RC (A) Junior School 124323 View
St Gregorys RC (A) Infants School 124324 View
St Maria Goretti Catholic Primary School 124325 View
St Modwens Catholic Primary School 124326 View
Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School 124327 View
St Peters CofE (A) First School 124328 View
All Saints CofE (A) Primary School 124329 View
John Wood CofE (A) Infants School 124330 View
Old Warren House School 124526 View
Parkside Pupil Referral Unit 124527 View
Westbridge Pupil Referral Unit 124528 View
Albany PRU 124529 View
Hampden House PRU 124530 View
Bildeston Primary School 124531 View
Forest Community Primary School 124532 View
Clare Community Primary School 124533 View
Elmswell Community Primary School 124534 View
New Cangle Community Primary School 124537 View
Somersham Primary School 124609 View
Wenhaston Primary School 124616 View
Wickham Market Community Primary School 124617 View
Witnesham Primary School 124618 View
Woodbridge Primary School 124619 View
Wortham Primary School 124620 View
Colneis Junior School 124624 View
Britannia Primary School and Nursery 124653 View
Reydon Primary School 124623 View
Salisbury High School 126469 View
Wilton CofE Middle School 126470 View
Nadder CofE Middle School 126471 View
St Josephs Catholic School 126473 View
Aloeric Primary School 126474 View
Downton CofE VA Primary School 126475 View
Kings Park Primary School 126476 View
Lowbourne Junior School 126477 View
Saint Edmunds Roman Catholic Primary School 126478 View
Frogwell Primary School 126479 View
Studley Green Primary School 126480 View
St Georges Catholic Primary School, Warminster 126481 View
St Marys RC Primary School 126482 View
Paxcroft Primary School 126483 View
Wingfield CofE Primary School (VA) 126484 View
Holy Rood Catholic Junior School 126485 View
Sutton Benger Church of England Aided Primary School 126486 View
Holy Trinity Church of England School, Calne 126487 View
Ludgershall Castle Primary School 126489 View
Zouch Primary School 126491 View
Clarendon Junior School 126492 View
Clarendon Infants School 126493 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 126494 View
Wyvern College 126496 View
Pewsey Vale School 126498 View
St Johns Marlborough 126500 View
Bradon Forest School 126503 View
The Commonweal School 126505 View
Hardenhuish School 126509 View
Matravers School 126510 View
Castledown School 126511 View
Stonar School 126512 View
St Marys School (Snr) and St Margarets School (Prep) 126513 View
St Marys School 126515 View
Marlborough College 126516 View
Salisbury Cathedral School 126518 View
The Godolphin School 126519 View
Leaden Hall School 126520 View
Sandroyd School 126521 View
Warminster School 126522 View
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls 126507 View
Meanwood CofE First School 127926 View
Vesper Gate Middle School 128012 View
Ralph Thoresby High School 128013 View
Lawnswood School 128014 View
Mount St Marys RC School 128032 View
Brownhill Primary School 127911 View
Hillsview Junior School 128121 View
Mountfield Infant School 128125 View
Glebe School 128212 View
Bank Leaze Infant School 128220 View
Luton Sixth Form College 128256 View
Faith Christian School 128302 View
Russell County Combined School 128316 View
Castlefield County First School 128318 View
Walters Ash County Middle School 128335 View
Claytons Middle School 128328 View
Arley County Primary School 128411 View
Nether Tabley County Primary School 128412 View
Norbury Booths County Junior School 128413 View
Elton County Junior School 128436 View
Cranage CofE Aided Primary School 128453 View
Boynton School 128510 View
Springwell School 128533 View
The Queens School 128535 View
Calow CofE Junior School 128625 View
Bolham First School 128690 View
Prince Rock Infant School 128701 View
Croft Lodge School 128735 View
Ravenswood Preparatory School 128738 View
Torbay Preparatory School 128751 View
Plymouth Rudolf Steiner School 128753 View
Plantings School 128760 View
Courtenay School 128764 View
College of the Sacred Hearts 128792 View
Manor County Primary School 128885 View
Woodham Ley County Infant School 128897 View
Camrose School 128915 View
Ogilvie School 128933 View
Guiting Power Parochial Primary School 128951 View
St Marys CofE Junior School 128952 View
Hucclecote School 128954 View
New Barns School 128969 View
Newport County Infant School 129007 View
Broadwell CofE Primary School 128946 View
Elbury Mount Junior School 129078 View
Grangewood Infants School 129133 View
Cranbourne Junior School 129134 View
Hatfield School 129156 View
Harperbury Hospital School 129184 View
Ashby Junior School 129192 View
Strand First School 129212 View
James Meadows Middle School 129213 View
Fairfield First School 129229 View
St Marys CofE Infants School 129253 View
Whitgift School 129270 View
John Leggott College 129271 View
Ainthorpe Junior High School 129272 View
Endike Junior High School 129278 View
Amy Johnson School 129282 View
Kinloss Junior High School 129310 View
Wrotham Road County Primary School 129350 View
Wrotham Road Infant School 129351 View
The Brent Junior School 129355 View
St Peters and St Margarets Infant School 129402 View
Cage Green County Junior School 129379 View
Fort Luton High School for Boys 129419 View
Duncan Bowen High School 129429 View
Allhallows CofE Middle School 129440 View
Longfield CofE Middle School 129441 View
St Bernards RC Junior School 129475 View
Mountfields County Junior School 129517 View
City of Leicester School 129540 View
King Richard III School 129541 View
Blessed Hugh More School 129598 View
Claydon High School 129627 View
Scorton Endowed School 129672 View
The Field Hospital School 129683 View
Queen Elizabeths Girls School 129733 View
Kitebrook House 129776 View
The Francis Eyre School 129777 View
Oxford Tutorial College 129783 View
Ashley Moor College 129824 View
Chilcompton CofE VC Infant School 129843 View
Stratton-On-the-Fosse CofE VA Primary School 129847 View
Holmcroft Middle School 129943 View
Oulton Broad County Primary School 129969 View
St Margarets Junior School 129970 View
Rushmere Hall Infant School 129973 View
Whitton Junior School 129974 View
Whitton Infant School 129975 View
Chedburgh VC Primary School 129976 View
Icklingham CofE Primary School 129986 View
Reydon High School 129987 View
Alfold First School 130009 View
Lingfield County First School 130028 View
Baldwins Hill County Primary School 130029 View
Hoefield County Middle School 130065 View
Our Ladys RC Primary School 130092 View
Esher College 130100 View
The Farmstead School 130137 View
Lainesmead Junior School 130211 View
Longsands Community Primary School 130261 View
Hexthorpe Primary School 130290 View
Thorne Green Top Primary School 130293 View
Colwell Primary School 130294 View
PNEU School Compton 130195 View
Cauldwell School 130326 View
South West Area Pupil Referral Unit 130349 View
Alexandra Primary School 130358 View
Gable End 130855 View
Bushy Leaze Early Years Centre 130861 View
Regard for Learning Education Centre 130907 View
The Pines Pupil Referral Unit 131041 View
Stanley Primary School 131070 View
The Kingfisher School 131084 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Broadstairs 131126 View
Loddon Primary School 131192 View
Abbey College, Ramsey 131205 View
The Oaks 131206 View
Christ College 131282 View
Staddons School 131475 View
Hillside Specialist School and College 131479 View
The R J Mitchell Primary School 131590 View
Handale Primary School 131645 View
Clore Tikva School 131682 View
Ark Burlington Danes Academy 131752 View
Rossendale Education Centre 131811 View
David Young Community Academy 131898 View
St Leonards CofE Primary School 131903 View
The Meadows School 131905 View
North Hill House 131975 View
Jigsaw CABAS School 131976 View
The Terrace School 131977 View
Bilston Nursery School 132018 View
Chafford Hundred Campus Business and Enterprise College 132083 View
Claycots School 132089 View
St John and St James CofE Primary School 132137 View
Rookery School & Childrens Centre 132138 View
St Aidans Church of England Primary School 132145 View
Moorlands View School 132079 View
Highfield Primary School 132203 View
Heybridge Alternative Provision School 132205 View
Caldecote Community Primary School 132211 View
Furley Park Primary School 132235 View
Two Village Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 132234 View
Merrylands Primary School 132262 View
Forge Lane Primary School 132265 View
Imam Muhammad Zakariya School 132738 View
Dodworth St John the Baptist CofE (VA) Primary School 132753 View
Engayne Primary School 132766 View
Hall Meadow Primary School 132769 View
Holland Park Pre-Preparatory School 132790 View
Asquith Primary School 132795 View
Trinity Lodge 132868 View
London Islamic School 132797 View
St Johns Catholic Primary School 132796 View
Longton County Junior School 133135 View
Grantully County Nursery School 133243 View
Hadden Park High School 133256 View
Sutton Road Primary School 133277 View
Sharps Copse Primary and Nursery School 133303 View
Oughton Primary and Nursery School 133323 View
Etruscan Primary School 133328 View
Oaklands Park School 133370 View
Bermondsey School 133388 View
Venerable Bede Church of England (Aided) Secondary School 133391 View
Pennoweth Primary School 133406 View
Hillcrest Shifnal School 133478 View
Beis Hamedrash Elyon 133526 View
St Mary and St Benedict Catholic Primary School 133556 View
Valley Road Community Primary School 133559 View
Cotford St Luke Primary School 133560 View
Lubavitch House School (Junior Girls) 133618 View
Hensingham Community Primary School 133726 View
The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School (Church of England Voluntary Aided) 133727 View
Yenton Primary School 133729 View
Crown Centre 133750 View
Kings Wood School and Nursery 133756 View
Phoenix Primary School 133702 View
The Causeway School 133777 View
Milton Road Primary School 133930 View
Richmond Avenue Primary School 133957 View
Secondary Accelerated Learning Service 134026 View
Hanwell Fields Community School 134033 View
Harleston CofE VA Primary School 134049 View
Whitstone Head School 134062 View
Rhoda Reid School 134086 View
Heart of the Forest Community Special School 134190 View
Wings School 134191 View
Flamstead End Primary and Nursery School 134197 View
Wyvern College 134199 View
Regent Tutorial College 134206 View
Petts Hill Primary School 134217 View
West Heath Primary School 134279 View
Not School.Net 134285 View
Langley St Leonards Primary School 134312 View
The Oaks Community Primary School 134249 View
KS4 PRU 134322 View
Shaw Wood Primary School 134363 View
Threshold Learning Centre 134378 View
Haydon Training Independent School 134380 View
Rathbone 134381 View
Citischool 134392 View
Olive Tree School 134400 View
Blackgates Primary School 134406 View
Pudsey Waterloo Primary 134408 View
The Waltham Forest Inclusion Centre 134410 View
Tlg Bradford 134427 View
Lewis Charlton Learning Centre 134438 View
Nor08 Norfolk Primary 134448 View
Afifah School 134469 View
Medeshamstede School 134510 View
Bla01 - Blackburn With Darwen 134564 View
Nty03 - North Tyneside Primary C.O.Suit 1.6 134565 View
The From Boyhood To Manhood Foundation 134573 View
Crescent Community High School for Girls 134590 View
PRU for Medical Needs 134596 View
The Quest School 134605 View
St Clements College 134615 View
New Chapter School 134628 View
Hardwick Primary School 134629 View
Allbrook Education Trust 134504 View
New Regents College 134635 View
Upton Meadows Primary School 134653 View
Stoke Lodge Primary School 134678 View
Bridgeview 134633 View
Step By Step, School for Autistic Children Ltd 134634 View
Ainsdale Hope Church of England High School 134711 View
St Josephs Catholic and CofE (VA) Primary School 134773 View
Cedars Park Community Primary School 134787 View
Buckingham Park Primary School 134791 View
Oliver House Preparatory School 134808 View
Al-Aqsa Schools Trust 134809 View
Ravenstone House Pre Preparatory School and Nursery 134817 View
Manorside Primary School 134709 View
Langdale Academy for Personalised Learning 134834 View
Prospect School 134849 View
Lansbury Bridge School 134865 View
Bridge Education, Camden Tuition Service 134876 View
Leicester International School 134905 View
Wilds Lodge School 134938 View
LEcole Bilingue Maternelle 134939 View
St James the Great Primary and Nursery School 134975 View
Spring Hill High School 134982 View
Yavneh College 134985 View
Trinity St Peters CofE Primary School 134988 View
Appletree Nursery School 134991 View
Hameldon Community College 134995 View
St Georges VA Church Primary School 134830 View
Summerhill Primary School 135032 View
Birchen Coppice Primary School 135045 View
St Oswalds CofE Primary School 135058 View
Landau Forte College 135120 View
Denton Community College 135122 View
Compass Centre South 135127 View
North Bridge House Prep School 135140 View
Oakwood Primary School 135146 View
The Cricket School 135156 View
Covingham Park Primary School 135206 View
The Phoenix Special School 135227 View
Bridgwater Centre 135233 View
Waypoint House 135289 View
The Willows 135293 View
Werneth Primary School 135342 View
Warm Stone 135343 View
Kingsway Primary School 135353 View
Good Hope School 135360 View
Warren Wood Community School 135361 View
Aegir Community School 135362 View
Ark Evelyn Grace Academy 135389 View
Carradon PRU 135394 View
Elmwood School 135461 View
Kirkby Sports College Centre for Learning 135478 View
Khalsa VA Primary School 135482 View
Springboard Centre 135501 View
Maple Medical PRU 135502 View
Ferndearle 135510 View
Killigrew Primary and Nursery School 135528 View
Ebenezer House 135549 View
Cledford Primary School 135567 View
Fairlight Glen Independent Special School 135623 View
Harris Academy Falconwood 135677 View
Southover Partnership School 135698 View
St Chads Catholic and Church of England High School 135731 View
Oaklands Primary School 135612 View
The British Muslim School 135792 View
River Beach Primary School 135808 View
Harris Boys Academy East Dulwich 135816 View
Bedfont Primary School 135831 View
Skinners Kent Academy 135888 View
Chrysalis Therapeutic Educational Centre 135997 View
Carisbrooke College 136012 View
St Peter and St Paul CofE Primary School 136058 View
Al-Furqan Community College (Boys) 136063 View
Old Sams Farm Independent School 136168 View
Meridian Education 136176 View
Clissold Park School 136218 View
Hillcrest Glebedale School 136220 View
Sanctuary Education 136221 View
Ayasofia Primary School 136084 View
Torquay Boys Grammar School 136321 View
Caistor Grammar School 136350 View
Clarendon House Grammar School 136385 View
Lever Edge Primary Academy 136395 View
Liberty Lodge Independent School 136434 View
Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 136435 View
Rainham School for Girls 136456 View
Kirk Hallam Community Academy 136485 View
Bexhill Academy 136487 View
Holcombe Grammar School 136594 View
Kingsmead Academy 136639 View
Fairfield High School for Girls 136593 View
Lordswood Girls School and Sixth Form Centre 136592 View
Challney High School for Boys 136651 View
Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College 136663 View
The Burgate School and Sixth Form 136719 View
Wood End Academy 136737 View
EF Academy Torbay 136738 View
Oakfield School 136754 View
Dulwich Hamlet Junior School 136665 View
Wallington High School for Girls 136789 View
Aylesbury High School 136846 View
Southwater Infant Academy 136866 View
The King Edmund School 136868 View
Aylesbury Grammar School 136884 View
Barr Beacon School 136885 View
South Farnham School 136888 View
Eden Park Primary School Academy 136892 View
Greenfields School of Development 136950 View
Chulmleigh Primary School 137023 View
Darrick Wood Infant School 137032 View
Sir John Leman High School 137055 View
The Macclesfield Academy 137064 View
The Co-operative Academy of Leeds 137065 View
Ash Hill Academy 137066 View
Pickhurst Infant Academy 137069 View
The Chauncy School 137090 View
Gravesend Grammar School 137099 View
Newton Abbot College 137124 View
Hammond Academy 137238 View
Caldew School 137254 View
Lydiard Park Academy 137264 View
Bloxwich Academy 137274 View
New Forest School 137279 View
All Saints Junior School 137281 View
Severn Vale School 137298 View
Royal Latin School 137344 View
The Thomas Aveling School 137376 View
Christs College Finchley 137388 View
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School 137423 View
Redby Academy 137463 View
Hadleigh Junior School 137485 View
Short Stay School for Norfolk 137490 View
Fosse Way School 137493 View
St Marys Primary School, Dilwyn 137495 View
The Freeston Academy 137655 View
Meridian School 137656 View
Prism Independent School 137785 View
Plume School 137790 View
Bluecoat Academy 137798 View
Great Corby Primary School 137860 View
New Gables 137868 View
The Deepings School 137873 View
Rudston Primary School 137888 View
Bourton Meadow Academy 137939 View
Horbury Bridge Church of England Junior and Infant Academy 137967 View
St Marks Catholic School 137995 View
Webheath Academy Primary School 138026 View
Holmer Green Senior School 138058 View
Signhills Infant Academy 138062 View
Dorothy Goodman School Hinckley 138156 View
Stafford Leys Community Primary School 138154 View
Cedar Road Primary School 138160 View
Mowden Infant School 138175 View
Denton West End Primary School 138207 View
Aston University Engineering Academy 138222 View
Atherton Community School 138233 View
High Weald Academy 138236 View
Nyland School 138307 View
Christ Church Church of England Primary School 138317 View
Huncote Community Primary School 138321 View
The Vale Primary Academy 138332 View
Parkland Primary School South Wigston 138348 View
Dukesgate Academy 138416 View
The Croft Primary School 138424 View
Charles Warren Academy 138440 View
Orchard School Bristol 138448 View
Teddington School 138460 View
Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College 138483 View
Lumbertubs Primary School 138494 View
Newlands Spring Primary School Academy Trust 138533 View
The Crescent Academy 138551 View
Noel Park Primary School 138588 View
Seymour Primary School 138645 View
Hilltop Primary School 138648 View
Briscoe Lane Academy 138653 View
Siddal Primary School 138657 View
Filton Avenue Primary School 138668 View
Alpha Preparatory School 138669 View
Oasis Academy Byron 138687 View
Danetree Primary School 138764 View
Oakdale Learning Centre 138769 View
Childwall Sports & Science Academy 138787 View
Forest Gate Academy 138788 View
Minerva Primary Academy 138789 View
Stourfield Infant School 138815 View
The Bramcote School 138837 View
The Pochin School 138838 View
Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn 138839 View
Church Hill Infant School 138929 View
Birchwood Primary School 138934 View
Wigston Birkett House Community Special School 138935 View
Silver Birch 138971 View
Kingsmoor Academy 138996 View
Kingston Park Academy 138997 View
Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy 138998 View
Millfield L.E.A.D. Academy 138999 View
Reaside Academy 139002 View
Bridge Learning Campus 139049 View
Bannerman Road Community Academy 139050 View
Manor Croft Academy 139076 View
Outwood Primary Academy Kirkhamgate 139080 View
Fir Tree Primary School and Nursery 139081 View
City of Peterborough Academy 139082 View
Lakelands Academy 139102 View
Woodside Academy 139106 View
Mansel Primary 139137 View
Severnbanks Primary School 139165 View
Whitecross Hereford 139189 View
John Smeaton Academy 139282 View
Hobart High School 139311 View
The Iffley Academy 139312 View
Preston Manor School 139319 View
North East Centre for Autism - Aycliffe School 139329 View
Cambian Willows 139339 View
Stretton Church of England Academy 139384 View
Pembroke Park Primary School 139386 View
Priorswood Primary School 139388 View
Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School 139436 View
Bramford Primary School 139437 View
The Willows Primary School 139438 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, Littlemore 139480 View
Leighfield Academy 139481 View
Penketh High School 139506 View
The Ilfracombe Church of England Academy 139553 View
Trinity School 139554 View
Harris Primary Academy Kent House 139678 View
Denham Green E-Act Academy 139679 View
St Bartholomews Church of England Academy 139680 View
The Nottingham Emmanuel School 139765 View
The Da Vinci Studio School of Creative Enterprise 139902 View
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College 139936 View
Glenmoor Academy 140008 View
Rothwell Victoria Infant School 140061 View
Cockington Primary School 140063 View
The Grove Academy 140077 View
Sileby Redlands Community Primary School 140101 View
Haltwhistle Community Campus Upper School 140132 View
Woodside CofE Primary School 140153 View
Joseph Clarke School 140197 View
Beechwood Junior School 140263 View
Patchway Community College 140288 View
Shaw Ridge Primary School 140291 View
Shrivenham Church of England Controlled School 140293 View
Kingswood Parks Primary School 140275 View
Skelton Primary School 140319 View
The Bluecoat Beechdale Academy 140369 View
Our Lady of Pity Catholic Primary School 140458 View
Oakwood High School 140459 View
West Meadows Primary School 140460 View
Monkwearmouth Academy 140461 View
Bentley Heath Church of England Primary School 140462 View
Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy (Handsworth) 140463 View
Mordiford CofE Primary School 140464 View
Grampound Road Village CofE School 140466 View
Woodlands School 140486 View
Dodworth St John the Baptist CofE Primary Academy 140539 View
St Simon Stock Catholic School 140537 View
Darlinghurst School 140536 View
Portland Spencer Academy 140550 View
Eastgate Academy 140663 View
The Oak View Academy 140664 View
Octagon AP Academy 140665 View
Howbridge Church of England Junior School 140666 View
Knollmead Primary School 140667 View
Monkwick Junior School 140668 View
Newmarket Academy 140669 View
Pendeen School 140670 View
Pinkwell Primary School 140671 View
New Road Primary School 140538 View
Brownlow Primary School 140702 View
Highcliffe Primary School and Community Centre 140725 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School, Barnstaple 140739 View
Pear Tree Primary School 140740 View
Purleigh Community Primary School 140744 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 140765 View
Earls Court Free School Primary 140811 View
North Bridge Enterprise College 140816 View
Westcott Primary School 140830 View
Lime Tree Primary Academy 140877 View
Park Campus Academy 140907 View
Pyrford Church of England Aided Primary School 140929 View
Eden Boys School Bolton 140959 View
Eden School 141016 View
Canary Wharf College 2 141039 View
The Mill Academy 141097 View
Knockhall Academy 141099 View
Bromley Trust Alternative Provision Academy 141116 View
CUL Academy Trust 141126 View
Rise Park Junior School 141173 View
IncludEd 141207 View
Moretonhampstead Primary School 141285 View
Brownmead Primary Academy 141320 View
Alt Academy 141333 View
Jubilee L.E.A.D. Academy 141334 View
Dixons Manningham Academy 141375 View
Ingoldsby Academy 141390 View
Brompton-Westbrook Primary School 141467 View
Tauheedul Islam Girls High School 141565 View
St Botolphs Church of England Primary School 141579 View
Flanderwell Primary School 141589 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 141601 View
Stanwix School 141623 View
Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Primary School 141633 View

What you will find in this list?

In this list, you'll find educational institutions of Essex county. Each entry includes the school's name, unique reference number (URN), and a "View" button. Here's how to make the most of this directory:

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