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School Name URN Details
Laurel Lane Primary School 102390 View
Rabbsfarm Primary School 102408 View
Warrender Primary School 102409 View
St Catherine Catholic Primary School 102424 View
Grange Park Infant and Nursery School 102433 View
Abbotsfield School 102449 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Isleworth 102528 View
Upton Cross Primary School 102750 View
Winsor Primary School 102751 View
Colegrave Primary School 102752 View
Sheringham Primary School 102753 View
Selwyn Primary School 102754 View
Southern Road Primary School 102755 View
Sandringham Junior School 102756 View
Scott Wilkie Primary School 102757 View
Calverton Primary School 102758 View
Ellen Wilkinson Primary School 102759 View
Cleves Primary School 102760 View
North Beckton Primary School 102761 View
Vicarage Primary School 102762 View
Essex Primary School 102763 View
St James CofE Junior School 102764 View
West Ham Church Primary School 102765 View
St Lukes Primary School 102766 View
St Antonys RC Junior School 102767 View
St Antonys Infant School 102768 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary School 102769 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School 102770 View
St Helens Catholic Primary School 102771 View
St Joachims RC Primary School 102772 View
St Michaels Catholic Primary School 102773 View
St Winefrides RC Primary School 102774 View
Forest Gate Community School 102775 View
Little Ilford School 102776 View
Rokeby School 102777 View
Lister Community School 102778 View
Woodside Community School 102779 View
Langdon School 102780 View
Brampton Manor School 102781 View
Plashet School 102782 View
The Cumberland School 102783 View
Eastlea Community School 102784 View
Sarah Bonnell School 102785 View
St Angelas Ursuline School 102786 View
St Bonaventures RC School 102787 View
Stratford School 102788 View
Grangewood Independent School 102789 View
Eleanor Smith School 102793 View
Manford Primary School 102795 View
Christchurch Junior School 102796 View
Christchurch Infants School 102797 View
Cleveland Road Primary School 102798 View
Cleveland Infants School 102799 View
Downshall Primary School 102800 View
Farnham Green Primary School 102801 View
Fairlop Primary School 102802 View
Gearies Junior School 102803 View
Gearies Infants School 102804 View
Gilbert Colvin Primary School 102805 View
Glade Primary School 102806 View
Gordon Primary School 102808 View
Highlands Junior School 102809 View
Highlands Infants School 102810 View
Mossford Green Primary School 102811 View
Newbury Park Primary School 102812 View
Parkhill Junior School 102813 View
Parkhill Infants School 102814 View
Redbridge Junior School 102815 View
Redbridge Infants School 102816 View
South Park Junior School 102817 View
South Park Infants School 102818 View
Uphall Primary School 102819 View
William Torbitt Primary School 102820 View
William Torbitt Infant School 102821 View
Woodlands Infants School 102822 View
Aldersbrook Primary School 102823 View
Churchfields Junior School 102824 View
Churchfields Infants School 102825 View
Oakdale Junior School 102826 View
Oakdale Infants School 102827 View
Ray Lodge Junior School 102828 View
Ray Lodge Infants School 102829 View
Roding Primary School 102830 View
Wells Primary School 102831 View
Snaresbrook Primary School 102832 View
Fullwood Primary School 102833 View
Woodlands Primary School 102834 View
Grove Primary School 102835 View
Chadwell Primary School 102836 View
Coppice Primary School 102837 View
John Bramston Primary School 102838 View
Nightingale Primary School 102839 View
Barley Lane Primary School 102840 View
Wanstead Church School 102841 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School 102842 View
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School 102843 View
St Antonys Catholic Primary School 102844 View
St Bedes Catholic Primary School 102845 View
St Aidans Catholic Primary School 102846 View
Wohl Ilford Jewish Primary School 102847 View
SS Peter and Pauls Catholic Primary School 102848 View
The Cedar School 102790 View
Ilford County High School 102850 View
Wanstead High School 102851 View
Woodford County High School 102852 View
Loxford School of Science and Technology 102853 View
Woodbridge High School 102854 View
Beal High School 102855 View
Seven Kings School 102856 View
Mayfield School 102858 View
Hainault Forest High School 102859 View
Trinity Catholic High School 102860 View
Kantor King Solomon High School 102861 View
Canon Palmer Catholic School 102862 View
The Chadwell Heath Foundation School 102863 View
St Aubyns School 102864 View
Woodford Green Preparatory School 102866 View
Beehive Preparatory School 102867 View
Cranbrook 102868 View
Eastcourt Independent School 102869 View
Glenarm College 102870 View
Snaresbrook Preparatory School 102871 View
Avon House School 102872 View
Park School for Girls 102873 View
The Ursuline Prep School Ilford 102874 View
Ilford Grammar School 102876 View
Ethel Davis School 102877 View
Little Heath School 102878 View
The New Rush Hall School 102879 View
Hyleford School 102880 View
Hatton School and Special Needs Centre 102881 View
Windham Nursery School 102882 View
Carlisle Infant School 102883 View
Darell Primary and Nursery School 102884 View
East Sheen Primary School 102885 View
Hampton Hill Junior School 102886 View
Hampton Junior School 102887 View
Hampton Infant School and Nursery 102888 View
Caterham High School 102849 View
John F Kennedy Special School 102791 View
Beckton Special School 102792 View
Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School 102889 View
Meadlands Primary School 102893 View
Nelson Primary School 102894 View
Orleans Primary School 102895 View
The Russell Primary School 102896 View
Sheen Mount Primary School 102897 View
Stanley Primary School 102898 View
Stanley Infant and Nursery School 102899 View
Trafalgar Junior School 102900 View
Trafalgar Infant School 102901 View
Barnes Primary School 102902 View
Collis Primary School 102903 View
Buckingham Primary School 102904 View
Chase Bridge Primary School 102905 View
St Richards Church of England Primary School 102907 View
St Elizabeths Catholic Primary School 102910 View
St Edmunds Catholic Primary School 102912 View
St Jamess Roman Catholic Primary School 102913 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 102914 View
Bishop Perrin Church of England Primary School 102918 View
Archdeacon Cambridges Church of England Primary School 102920 View
Orleans Park School 102923 View
Hampton Community College 102924 View
Teddington School 102925 View
Whitton School 102926 View
Shene School 102927 View
Waldegrave School for Girls 102928 View
Christs Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School 102929 View
Denmead School 102930 View
Kings House School 102931 View
The Mall School 102933 View
The Old Vicarage School 102935 View
St Catherines School 102936 View
Tower House School 102937 View
Kew College 102940 View
Athelstan House School 102941 View
St Pauls School 102942 View
Twickenham Preparatory School 102943 View
Unicorn School 102944 View
The German School 102945 View
Hampton School 102946 View
The Royal Ballet School 102947 View
The Swedish School 102948 View
The Montessori Pavilion School 102949 View
The Harrodian School 102950 View
Heathfield Infant School 102891 View
Lowther Primary School 102892 View
Heathfield Junior School 102890 View
Sunflower Montessori School 102951 View
Spencer Nursery School 102955 View
Thomas Wall Nursery School 102956 View
The Limes College 102957 View
Bandon Hill Primary School 102958 View
Barrow Hedges Primary School 102959 View
Avenue Primary School 102960 View
Camden Junior School 102961 View
Cheam Common Junior School 102962 View
Cheam Common Infants School 102963 View
Cheam Fields Primary School 102964 View
Cheam Park Farm Junior School 102965 View
Cheam Park Farm Infants School 102966 View
Green Wrythe Primary School 102968 View
Hackbridge Infants School 102970 View
Muschamp Junior School 102972 View
Muschamp Infants School 102973 View
Beddington Park Primary School 102974 View
Devonshire Primary School 102975 View
Manor Park Primary School 102976 View
Brookfield Primary School 102977 View
Tweeddale Junior School 102978 View
Victor Seymour Infants School 102980 View
Robin Hood Infants School 102981 View
Dorchester Primary School 102982 View
Beddington Infants School 102983 View
Robin Hood Junior School 102984 View
Westbourne Primary School 102987 View
Amy Johnson Primary School 102988 View
Rushy Meadow Primary School 102989 View
All Saints Benhilton CofE Primary School 102990 View
Holy Trinity CofE Junior School 102991 View
St Dunstans Cheam CofE Primary School 102992 View
St Cecilias Catholic Primary School 102993 View
St Marys RC Junior School 102994 View
St Elpheges RC Junior School 102996 View
Greenshaw High School 103000 View
Highview High School 103001 View
Glenthorne High School 103002 View
Stanley Park High School 103003 View
All Saints Carshalton Church of England Primary School 103004 View
Stanley Park Junior School 103005 View
Stanley Park Infants School 103006 View
Nonsuch High School for Girls 103008 View
The John Fisher School 103009 View
Sutton Grammar School for Boys 103011 View
Wallington County Grammar School 103014 View
Homefield Preparatory School 103015 View
Ambleside Junior School 103016 View
Collingwood School 103017 View
Sutton High School 103022 View
Carew Manor School 103024 View
Wandle Valley School 103026 View
Church Hill Nursery and Childrens Centre 103028 View
Acacia Nursery 103030 View
Chase Lane Primary School 103032 View
Church Mead Junior School 103040 View
Davies Lane Primary School 103042 View
Clarendon School 102952 View
Downsell Primary School 103044 View
Mayville Infants School 103046 View
Newport Junior School 103047 View
Newport School 103048 View
Sybourn Junior School 103049 View
Sybourn Primary School 103050 View
Chapel End Junior School 103051 View
Chapel End Infant School and Early Years Centre 103052 View
Strathmore School 102954 View
Oldfield House School 102953 View
Edinburgh Primary School 103053 View
Selwyn Primary School 103057 View
Selwyn Infants School 103058 View
The Winns Primary School 103061 View
Chingford Hall Primary School 103064 View
Edward Redhead Infant and Nursery School 103065 View
Edward Redhead Junior School 103066 View
Riverley Primary School 103067 View
Woodford Green Primary School 103068 View
Oakhill Primary School 103069 View
Dawlish Primary School 103073 View
Gwyn Jones Primary School 103074 View
George Tomlinson Primary School 103075 View
Mission Grove Primary School 103077 View
Chingford CofE Primary School 103084 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 103085 View
St Josephs Catholic Junior School 103086 View
St Marys Catholic Junior School 103087 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 103088 View
St Saviours Church of England Primary School 103089 View
Roger Ascham Primary School 103056 View
St Marys Walthamstow CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 103092 View
Connaught School for Girls 103095 View
Walthamstow School for Girls 103103 View
Kelmscott School 103105 View
Henry Maynard Junior School 103055 View
St Josephs Catholic Infant School 103090 View
St Thomas Centre Nursery School 103124 View
Marsh Hill Nursery School 103126 View
Goodway Nursery School 103128 View
Kings Norton Nursery School 103129 View
Selly Oak Nursery School 103149 View
Alston Infant School 103156 View
Barford Primary School 103162 View
Beeches Junior School 103163 View
Bromford Infant School 103174 View
Brownmead Junior and Infant School 103176 View
Canterbury Cross Primary School 103177 View
Cherry Orchard Primary School 103178 View
Clifton Infant School 103183 View
Springfield Junior School 103184 View
Colmers Farm Junior School 103186 View
Colmore Junior School 103188 View
Cromwell Junior and Infant School and Nursery Class 103191 View
Regents Park Community Primary School 103193 View
Summerfield Junior and Infant School 103196 View
Warren Farm Primary School 103197 View
Four Dwellings Infant School 103199 View
George Dixon Primary School 103200 View
Gilbertstone Primary School 103201 View
Conway Primary School 103202 View
Greet Primary School 103204 View
Grendon Junior and Infant School (NC) 103205 View
Gunter Primary School 103208 View
Hall Green Junior School 103209 View
Hall Green Infant School 103210 View
Harborne Junior School 103211 View
Story Wood School and Childrens Centre 103213 View
Hobmoor Primary School 103216 View
Lakey Lane Junior and Infant School 103223 View
Wyndcliffe Infant School 103225 View
Lyndon Green Junior School 103228 View
Lyndon Green Infant School 103229 View
Mapledene Junior School 103230 View
Mapledene Infant School (NC) 103231 View
Marlborough Infant School 103232 View
Moor Green Infant School 103235 View
Nansen Primary School 103236 View
Paganel Infant School (NC)(SU) 103239 View
Paget Primary School 103240 View
Redhill Junior and Infant School 103247 View
Rednal Hill Junior School 103248 View
Erdington Hall Primary School 103251 View
Severne Junior Infant and Nursery School 103252 View
Slade Junior and Infant School 103254 View
Sladefield Infant School 103255 View
St Benedicts Infant School 103261 View
Stechford Primary School 103262 View
Stirchley Primary School 103264 View
Ladypool Primary School 103265 View
Thornton Primary School 103268 View
Tiverton Junior and Infant School 103271 View
Short Heath Primary School 103272 View
Westminster Junior School 103275 View
Kingsland Primary School (NC) 103221 View
Kings Heath Infant and Nursery School 103220 View
Yorkmead Junior and Infant School 103284 View
Broadmeadow Infant School 103288 View
Bellfield Junior School 103291 View
Albert Bradbeer Infant and Nursery Community School 103292 View
Firs Infant School 103294 View
Welsh House Farm Community School and Special Needs Resources Base 103295 View
Chilcote Primary School 103298 View
Blakesley Hall Primary School 103300 View
Wattville Infant and Nursery School 103301 View
Wychall Farm Junior School 103302 View
Wychall Farm Infant School 103303 View
Northfield Manor Primary School 103304 View
Lee Bank Junior and Infant School 103305 View
Chivenor Junior and Infant School 103306 View
Topcliffe Primary School 103307 View
Wilkes Green Infant School (NC) 103308 View
Primrose Hill Community School 103309 View
Woodgate Primary School 103310 View
Westminster Infant School 103311 View
Marlborough Junior School 103312 View
Deykin Avenue Junior and Infant School 103313 View
Hollywood Primary School 103314 View
Cofton Primary School 103315 View
Rookery Infant School 103316 View
Wilkes Green Junior School 103317 View
Featherstone Primary School 103318 View
Brookvale Primary School 103319 View
Glenmead Primary School 103320 View
Birchfield Community School 103321 View
Chilwell Croft Primary School 103322 View
Chandos Primary School 103325 View
Water Mill Primary School 103326 View
James Watt Junior School 103327 View
Welford Primary School 103328 View
Heathfield Primary School 103329 View
Fairway Primary School 103330 View
James Watt Infant School 103331 View
Chad Vale Primary School 103332 View
Heath Mount Primary School 103333 View
Woodthorpe Junior and Infant School 103334 View
Nonsuch Primary School 103335 View
Anglesey Junior School 103336 View
Worlds End Infant and Nursery School 103337 View
Whitehouse Common Infant School 103348 View
Four Oaks Infant School 103350 View
Moor Hall Primary School 103351 View
Hill West Junior School 103352 View
Maney Hill Primary School 103353 View
Whitehouse Common Junior School 103354 View
New Oscott Infant and Nursery School 103355 View
Penns Primary School 103356 View
Banners Gate Infant and Nursery School 103357 View
Hill West Infant School 103358 View
New Oscott Junior School 103359 View
Holland House Infant School and Nursery 103360 View
Hillstone Primary School 103361 View
Benson Community School 103362 View
Osborne Primary School 103363 View
Foundry Primary School 103364 View
Highters Heath Community School 103365 View
Tame Valley Community School 103366 View
Percy Shurmer Primary School 103367 View
Kingsthorne Primary School 103368 View
Turves Green Primary School 103369 View
Aston Tower Community Primary School 103370 View
Woodcock Hill Primary School 103372 View
Ridpool Primary and Nursery School 103373 View
The Oval Primary School 103374 View
Gossey Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School 103375 View
Great Barr Primary School 103377 View
Heathlands Junior and Infant School (NC) 103382 View
Bells Farm Primary School 103383 View
Leigh Junior Infant and Nursery School 103380 View
Elms Farm Community Primary School 103381 View
Pegasus Primary School 103379 View
Green Meadow Primary School 103378 View
Robin Hood Junior and Infant School 103386 View
Mansfield Green Community School 103387 View
Little Sutton Primary School 103388 View
Mere Green Combined School 103389 View
Coppice Primary School 103390 View
Calshot Primary School 103391 View
Grove School 103392 View
Frogmill Community Junior School 103393 View
Reaside Junior School 103394 View
New Hall Primary and Childrens Centre 103395 View
The Beeches Infant and Nursery School 103396 View
Quinton Church Primary School 103399 View
St Clements Church of England Primary School 103400 View
St James Church of England Primary School, Handsworth 103401 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 103404 View
St Michaels CofE Junior and Infant School 103405 View
St Saviours C of E Primary School 103406 View
St Lukes CofE Junior and Infant School 103407 View
St Peters Church of England Junior School 103408 View
St Peters Church of England Infant and Nursery School 103409 View
St Georges CofE Junior and Infant School 103411 View
Saint Barnabas Church of England Primary School 103412 View
Twickenham Primary School 103376 View
St Georges Church of England Primary School 103414 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 103415 View
St Laurence Church Junior School 103416 View
St Michaels Church of England Aided Primary School 103418 View
Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School 103420 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 103421 View
Abbey Catholic Primary School 103422 View
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 103424 View
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School 103425 View
Maryvale Catholic Primary School 103426 View
The Oratory Roman Catholic Primary School 103427 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School (NC) 103430 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 103434 View
St Chads Catholic Primary School 103435 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 103436 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School 103437 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 103438 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 103439 View
St Edmunds Catholic Primary School 103440 View
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School 103441 View
St Mary and St John Junior and Infant School 103442 View
Our Lady and St Rose of Lima Catholic Primary School 103443 View
King David Junior and Infant School 103444 View
Bournville Junior School 103445 View
Nelson Mandela School 103384 View
Parkfield Community School 103385 View
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 103413 View
Bournville Infant School 103446 View
St James Catholic Primary School 103450 View
St Wilfrids Catholic Junior and Infant School 103451 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School 103452 View
St Peter and St Paul RC Junior and Infant School 103454 View
St Dunstans Catholic Primary School 103455 View
St Teresas Catholic Primary School 103456 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School 103457 View
St Gerards RC Junior and Infant School 103458 View
St Laurence Church Infant School 103459 View
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School 103461 View
St Bernards Catholic Primary School 103462 View
St Judes Catholic Primary School 103463 View
St Columbas Catholic Primary School 103464 View
St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School 103465 View
St Albans Catholic Primary School 103466 View
St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School 103467 View
St Marks Catholic Primary School 103468 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 103469 View
St Cuthberts RC Junior and Infant (NC) School 103470 View
Hawkesley Anglican Methodist Church Junior School 103471 View
Hawkesley CofE and Methodist Infant School 103472 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 103473 View
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 103474 View
St Nicholas Catholic Primary School 103475 View
St Clares Catholic Primary School 103476 View
Sacred Heart Catholic School 103477 View
St John and Monica Catholic Primary School 103478 View
Holly Hill Methodist CofE Infant School 103479 View
Saltley School and Specialist Science College 103480 View
Waverley School 103481 View
Hillcrest School A Specialist Maths and Computing College and Sixth Form Centre 103482 View
Hodge Hill Girls School 103483 View
Lordswood Boys School 103484 View
Lordswood Girls School and The Sixth Form Centre, Harborne A Specialist Media Arts College 103485 View
Kings Heath Boys 103486 View
Sheldon Heath Community Arts College 103487 View
The College High Specialist Arts School 103488 View
Washwood Heath Technology College 103489 View
Sir Wilfrid Martineau School 103490 View
Bartley Green School A Specialist Technology and Sports College 103491 View
Perry Beeches School 103492 View
Bordesley Green Girls School & Sixth Form 103493 View
Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Technology College 103494 View
Hodge Hill College 103503 View
Castle Vale Performing Arts College 103506 View
Four Dwellings High School 103510 View
Broadway School 103511 View
Jaffray School 103512 View
Moseley School and Sixth Form 103519 View
Yardleys School 103520 View
Plantsbrook School 103527 View
Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College 103538 View
The Deanery Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 103542 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary School 103447 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 103448 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School 103449 View
Edgbaston College 103565 View
Honeybourne School 103569 View
Eastbourne House School 103570 View
Eccleston School 103571 View
King Edwards School 103584 View
The Harper Bell Adventist School 103589 View
Al-Hijrah School 103590 View
Birchfield Independent Girls School 103591 View
Al-Furqan Community College 103592 View
Al Huda Girls School 103595 View
Prenton Primary School 103598 View
Abbey College 103599 View
Victoria School 103601 View
George Auden School 103602 View
Longwill A Primary School for Deaf Children 103603 View
Uffculme School 103605 View
Baskerville School 103606 View
Baverstock Foundation School and Specialist Sports College 103547 View
Woodlands Hospital School 103607 View
Braidwood School for the Deaf 103611 View
Hunters Hill College 103609 View
Selly Oak Trust School 103613 View
Priestley Smith School 103614 View
The Dame Ellen Pinsent School 103615 View
Queensbury School 103616 View
Brays School 103618 View
Mayfield School 103619 View
Childrens Hospital School 103620 View
Springfield House Community Special School 103623 View
Wilson Stuart School 103612 View
Heartlands Hospital School 103608 View
Hallmoor School 103610 View
Red Hall Infant School 103785 View
Fairhaven Primary School 103786 View
Thorns Primary School 103787 View
Sycamore Green Primary School 103811 View
Russells Hall Primary School 103813 View
Manor Way Primary School 103816 View
Roberts Primary School 103821 View
Gig Mill Primary School 103822 View
Queen Victoria Primary School 103826 View
Straits Primary School 103827 View
Church of the Ascension CofE Primary School 103835 View
St Margarets At Hasbury CofE Primary School 103840 View
Netherton CofE Primary School 103841 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 103842 View
St Marys RC Primary School 103843 View
Jessons CofE Primary School (VA) 103845 View
Cradley CofE Primary School 103846 View
Summerhill School 103854 View
The Dormston School 103855 View
The Crestwood School 103856 View
Pedmore Technology College and Community School 103859 View
The Earls High School 103860 View
Leasowes High School 103861 View
Cradley High School 103862 View
Redhill School and Specialist Language College 103865 View
Castle High School and Visual Arts College 103867 View
Ellowes Hall Sports College 103871 View
The High Arcal School 103873 View
Holly Hall Maths and Computing College 103875 View
Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School Limited 103876 View
The Sutton School and Specialist College 103877 View
Halesbury School 103881 View
Locarno Infant School 103917 View
Locarno Junior School 103918 View
Victoria Infant School 103921 View
Whitecrest Primary School 103922 View
Crocketts Community Primary School 103941 View
Devonshire Junior School 103942 View
George Betts Primary School 103944 View
Lightwoods Primary School 103947 View
Merry Hill Infant School 103965 View
Lyng Primary School 103968 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 103997 View
Churchfields High School 104004 View
Alexandra High School and Sixth Form Centre 104008 View
George Collegiate Academy 104009 View
Willingsworth High School 104010 View
Oldbury College of Sport 104011 View
Perryfields High School Specialist Maths and Computing College 104012 View
Shireland Language College 104013 View
Tividale Community Arts College 104014 View
Britannia High School 104015 View
Bristnall Hall Technology College 104016 View
Langley High School 104017 View
Holly Lodge High School College of Science 104018 View
St Michaels CE High School 104019 View
Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts 104020 View
Manor Foundation Business, Enterprise & Sports College 104021 View
The Heathfield Foundation Technology College 104022 View
Haden Hill School 104023 View
Shenstone Lodge School 104024 View
Millfield School 104025 View
Whittington Grange School 104026 View
Fitzwarren School 104027 View
Glenvale School 104028 View
Arden School 104029 View
Cape Primary School 103937 View
Triple Crown Centre 104038 View
Burman Infant School 104040 View
Coppice Junior School 104041 View
Cranmore Infant School 104042 View
Daylesford Infant School 104043 View
Dorridge Primary School 104045 View
Haslucks Green School 104046 View
Hatchford Brook Junior and Infant School 104047 View
Kineton Green Primary School 104048 View
Sharmans Cross Junior School 104049 View
Shirley Heath Junior School 104050 View
Streetsbrook Infant and Nursery School 104051 View
Woodlands Infant School 104053 View
Damson Wood Nursery and Infant School 104055 View
Oak Cottage Primary School 104056 View
Mill Lodge Primary School 104057 View
Yew Tree Primary School 104058 View
Balsall Common Primary School 104059 View
Marston Green Junior School 104060 View
Kingshurst Junior School 104061 View
Kingshurst Infant School 104062 View
Fordbridge Nursery and Infant School 104063 View
Hockley Heath Primary School 104064 View
Tidbury Green School 104065 View
Castle Bromwich Junior School 104066 View
Castle Bromwich Infant and Nursery School 104067 View
Bennetts Well Junior and Infant School 104068 View
Regent School 104033 View
Coleshill Heath School 104070 View
Windy Arbor Primary School 104071 View
Green Lanes Primary School 104072 View
Marston Green Infant School 104073 View
Cheswick Green Primary School 104074 View
Peterbrook Primary School 104075 View
Chapel Fields Junior School 104076 View
Yorkswood Primary School 104077 View
Ulverley School 104078 View
Greswold Primary School 104079 View
Langley Primary School 104080 View
Woodlands Junior and Infant School 104081 View
Burtons Farm Primary School 104082 View
Smiths Wood Community Primary School 104083 View
Monkspath Junior and Infant School 104084 View
Knowle CofE Junior School 104085 View
Knowle CofE Infant School 104086 View
Meriden Church of England Primary School 104087 View
Bentley Heath Church of England Primary School 104088 View
St Margarets Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 104089 View
St Alphege Church of England Infant and Nursery School 104090 View
St James Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School 104091 View
St Alphege Church of England Junior School 104092 View
George Fentham Endowed School 104094 View
Blakeley School 104035 View
Albert Bradford School 104034 View
Alcott Hall Junior and Infant School 104069 View
Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School 104102 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 104103 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 104104 View
Bishop Wilson Church of England Primary School 104105 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 104106 View
St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School 104107 View
Langley School, Specialist College for the Performing Arts, Languages and Training 104108 View
Arden School 104111 View
Light Hall School Specialist Mathematics and Computing College 104112 View
Lode Heath School 104113 View
Lyndon School 104114 View
Whitesmore School 104117 View
St Peters Catholic School and Specialist Science College 104119 View
The Archbishop Grimshaw Catholic School 104120 View
Eversfield Preparatory School 104122 View
Saint Martins School 104123 View
Solihull School 104124 View
Kingsley Preparatory School 104125 View
Ruckleigh School 104127 View
The City Technology College 104129 View
Hazel Oak School 104130 View
Reynalds Cross School 104131 View
Forest Oak School 104132 View
Merstone School 104133 View
Sandbank Nursery School 104134 View
Fullbrook Nursery School 104135 View
Valley Nursery School 104137 View
Lane Head Nursery School 104139 View
Alumwell Nursery School 104140 View
St Andrews Catholic Primary School 104099 View
Alumwell Infant School 104143 View
Blakenall Heath Junior School 104144 View
Sunshine Infant and Nursery School 104145 View
Busill Jones Primary School 104146 View
Chuckery Junior School 104148 View
Delves Infant School 104150 View
Edgar Stammers Junior School 104151 View
Edgar Stammers Infant School 104152 View
Elmore Green Primary School 104153 View
Hillary Junior School 104155 View
Hillary Infant School 104156 View
Leamore Primary School 104157 View
Alumwell Junior School 104142 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School 104100 View
North Walsall Infant School 104159 View
Palfrey Infant School 104161 View
Palfrey Junior School 104160 View
North Walsall Junior School 104158 View
Beaumont Primary School 105173 View
Ladybridge Community Primary School 105169 View
The Glebe Infant School 109105 View
Park Lane Primary School 109790 View
Fir Tree Primary School and Nursery 109872 View
Wooden Hill Primary and Nursery School 109922 View
Ryvers Primary School 109934 View
Edgbarrow School 110049 View
Furze Platt Senior School 110066 View
Easthampstead Park Community School 110071 View
Philip Morant School and College 115320 View
Hagley Primary School 116678 View
Broadlands Primary School 116679 View
Hampton Dene Primary School 116680 View
Hunderton Junior School 116681 View
Hunderton Infants School 116682 View
Lord Scudamore Primary School 116683 View
Marlbrook Primary School 116684 View
St Martins Primary School 116685 View
Trinity Primary School 116686 View
Holme Lacy Primary School 116687 View
Honeybourne First School 116688 View
Inkberrow First School 116689 View
Kempsey Primary School 116690 View
Kidderminster, Birchen Coppice First School 116691 View
Kidderminster, Comberton First School 116692 View
Kidderminster, Foley Park First School and Nursery Unit 116693 View
Kidderminster, Franche First School 116694 View
Kidderminster, Lea Street First School 116695 View
Kidderminster, the Marlpool First School 116696 View
Kidderminster, the Offmore First School 116697 View
The Sutton Park First School 116698 View
Kings Caple Primary School 116699 View
Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School 116700 View
Kington Primary School 116701 View
Ledbury Primary School 116702 View
Lugwardine Primary School 116706 View
Luston Primary School 116707 View
Madley Primary School 116708 View
Great Malvern Primary School 116709 View
Malvern Hills Primary School 116710 View
Malvern, the Grove Junior School 116711 View
Malvern, the Grove Infants School 116712 View
Marden Primary School 116713 View
Michaelchurch Escley Primary School 116714 View
Pebworth First School 116715 View
Abbey Park First and Nursery School 116716 View
Cherry Orchard First School 116717 View
Peterchurch Primary School 116718 View
Redditch, Arrowcrest First School 116719 View
Astwood Bank First School 116720 View
Batchley First and Nursery School 116721 View
Redditch, Claybrook First School 116722 View
The Harry Taylor First School 116723 View
Holyoakes Field First School 116724 View
Redditch, Ipsley First School 116725 View
Redditch, Icknield First School 116726 View
The Vaynor First School 116727 View
Webheath First School 116728 View
Tenacres First School 116729 View
Woodrow First School 116730 View
Ashfield Park Primary School 116731 View
Rubery, Callowbrook First School 116732 View
Roman Way First School 116733 View
Shobdon Primary School 116734 View
Stoke Prior First School 116735 View
Stoke Prior Primary School 116736 View
Stourport-On-Severn First School 116737 View
Stourport-On-Severn, Lickhill Lodge First School 116738 View
Stourport-On-Severn, Burlish Park First School 116739 View
St Weonards Primary School 116740 View
Suckley Primary School 116741 View
Sutton Primary School 116742 View
Walford Primary School 116743 View
Welland Primary School 116744 View
Wellington Primary School 116745 View
Weobley Primary School 116746 View
Wigmore Primary School 116747 View
Withington Primary School 116748 View
Cherry Orchard Primary School 116749 View
Cranham Primary School 116750 View
Dines Green Primary School 116751 View
Gorse Hill Community Primary School 116752 View
Worcester, Northwick Manor Infants School 116753 View
Nunnery Wood Primary School 116754 View
Perdiswell Primary School 116755 View
Worcester, Ronkswood Junior School 116756 View
Worcester, Ronkswood Infants School 116757 View
Worcester, Northwick Manor Junior School 116758 View
Stanley Road Primary School 116759 View
Worcester, Warndon Junior School 116760 View
Worcester, Warndon Infants School 116761 View
Wychbold First and Nursery School 116762 View
Wythall, Meadow Green Primary 116763 View
Redditch, Marlfield Farm First School 116764 View
Moons Moat First School 116765 View
Spennells First School 116766 View
Redditch, Ravens Bank First School 116767 View
Beaconside Primary and Nursery School 116768 View
Pitmaston Primary School 116769 View
Oldbury Park Primary School 116770 View
Worcester, Elbury Mount Primary School 116771 View
Somers Park Primary School 116772 View
Lickey Hills Primary School and Nursery 116773 View
Abbey Park Middle School 116774 View
Rubery, Gannow Middle School 116775 View
Leigh and Bransford Primary School 116776 View
Hollywood, the Coppice Primary School 116777 View
Westacre Middle School 116778 View
Witton Middle School 116779 View
Abberley Parochial VC Primary School 116780 View
Bayton CofE Primary School 116781 View
Belbroughton CofE Primary School 116782 View
Bewdley, St Annes CofE First School 116783 View
Blakedown CofE Primary School 116784 View
Bosbury CofE Primary School 116785 View
Brilley CofE Primary School 116786 View
Broadheath CofE Primary School 116787 View
Burley Gate CofE Primary School 116788 View
Callow End CofE Primary School 116789 View
Canon Pyon CofE Primary School 116790 View
Castlemorton CofE Primary School 116791 View
Church Lench CofE First School 116792 View
Claines CofE Primary School 116793 View
Cleeve Prior CofE (Controlled) First School 116794 View
Clehonger CofE Primary School 116795 View
Clent Parochial Primary School 116796 View
Colwall CofE Primary School 116797 View
Cookley Sebright First School 116798 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 116799 View
Cropthorne-with-Charlton CofE First School 116800 View
Crowle CofE First School 116801 View
Leominster Infants School 116703 View
Leominster Junior School 116704 View
Longtown Community Primary School 116705 View
Defford-Cum-Besford CofE School 116802 View
Eckington CofE First School 116806 View
Eldersfield Lawn CofE Primary School 116807 View
Elmley Castle CofE First School 116808 View
Bengeworth First School 116809 View
St Richards CofE First School 116810 View
St Andrews CE School 116811 View
Far Forest Lea Memorial CofE First School 116812 View
Goodrich CofE Primary School 116813 View
Gorsley Goffs Primary School 116814 View
Grimley and Holt CofE Primary School 116815 View
Hanbury CofE First School 116816 View
Hanley Swan St Gabriels with St Marys CofE Primary School 116817 View
Hartlebury CofE First School 116818 View
Harvington CofE First School 116819 View
Holmer CofE Primary School 116820 View
Himbleton CofE First School 116821 View
Hindlip CofE First School 116822 View
St Marys of Hope CofE Primary School 116823 View
Kidderminster, St Barnabas First School 116824 View
Kidderminster, St Georges CofE First School 116825 View
Kidderminster, St Johns CofE First School 116826 View
Kidderminster, St Oswalds CofE First School 116827 View
Little Dewchurch CofE Primary School 116828 View
The Littletons CofE First School 116829 View
Malvern Wyche CofE Primary School 116830 View
Martley CofE Primary School 116831 View
Mordiford CofE Primary School 116832 View
Much Birch CofE Primary School 116833 View
Norton Juxta Kempsey First School 116834 View
Offenham CofE First School 116835 View
Orleton CofE Primary School 116836 View
Overbury CofE First School 116837 View
Pendock CofE Primary School 116838 View
Pensax CofE Primary School 116839 View
Pinvin CofE First School 116840 View
Powick CofE Primary School 116841 View
Feckenham CofE First School 116842 View
St Georges CofE First School 116843 View
St Lukes CofE First School 116844 View
St Stephens CofE First School 116845 View
Romsley St Kenelms CofE Primary School 116846 View
Rushwick CofE Primary School 116847 View
Sedgeberrow CofE First School 116848 View
Stretton Sugwas CofE Primary School 116849 View
Tenbury CofE Primary School 116850 View
Tibberton CofE First School 116851 View
Upper Arley CofE VC First School 116852 View
Upton-upon-Severn CofE Primary School 116853 View
Upton Snodsbury CofE First School 116854 View
Whitbourne CofE Primary School 116855 View
Whittington CofE Primary School 116856 View
Wilden All Saints CofE First School 116857 View
St Barnabas CofE Primary School 116858 View
Eardisley CofE Primary School 116804 View
Eastnor Parochial Primary School 116805 View
Dilwyn CofE Primary School 116803 View
Red Hill CofE Primary School 116859 View
Northleigh CofE Primary School 116863 View
Astley CofE Primary School 116864 View
St Andrews CofE First School 116865 View
St Michaels CofE Primary School 116866 View
Brampton Abbotts CofE Primary School 116867 View
The Bredon Hancocks Endowed First School 116868 View
Bridstow CofE Primary School 116869 View
Broadwas CofE Aided Primary School 116870 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 116871 View
St Peters Catholic First School 116872 View
Chaddesley Corbett Endowed First School 116873 View
Cradley CofE Primary School 116874 View
Cutnall Green CofE First 116875 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 116876 View
St Peters CofE First School 116877 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 116878 View
Fladbury CofE First School 116879 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 116880 View
Great Witley CofE Primary School 116881 View
Hallow CofE Primary School 116882 View
Our Ladys RC Primary School 116883 View
St Francis Xaviers Primary School 116884 View
St James CofE Primary School 116885 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 116886 View
St Ambroses RC Junior School 116887 View
St Ambrose RC Infants School 116888 View
Kidderminster St Marys CofE First School 116889 View
Kimbolton St James CofE Primary School 116890 View
Kingsland CofE School 116891 View
Lea CofE Primary School 116892 View
Leintwardine Endowed CE Primary School 116893 View
Ivington CofE Primary School 116894 View
Lindridge St Lawrence CE Primary School 116895 View
Llangrove CofE Primary School 116896 View
Longdon St Marys Church of England (VA) Primary School 116897 View
Madresfield CofE Primary School 116898 View
St Matthias Church of England Primary School 116899 View
Malvern Parish CofE Primary School 116900 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 116901 View
Malvern Wells CofE Primary School 116902 View
St James CofE Primary School 116903 View
Much Marcle CofE Primary School 116904 View
Ombersley Endowed First School 116905 View
Pembridge CofE Primary School 116906 View
Pencombe CofE Primary School 116907 View
Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School 116908 View
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School 116909 View
St Thomas More Catholic First School 116910 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 116911 View
Redditch, St John Fisher Catholic First School 116912 View
Staunton-on-Wye Endowed Primary School 116913 View
Stone CofE First School 116914 View
St Wulstans Catholic Primary School 116915 View
Sytchampton Endowed Primary School 116916 View
Tardebigge CofE First School 116917 View
Weston-under-Penyard CofE Primary School 116918 View
Whitchurch CofE Primary School 116919 View
Wolverley Sebright First School 116920 View
Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary 116921 View
St Clements CofE Primary 116922 View
St Georges CofE Primary School 116923 View
St Georges Catholic Primary School 116924 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 116925 View
St Thomas Cantilupe CofE Primary School 116926 View
Bewdley High School and Sixth Form Centre 116927 View
North Bromsgrove High School 116928 View
South Bromsgrove Community High School 116929 View
Queen Elizabeth Humanities College 116930 View
Droitwich Spa High School 116931 View
The De Montfort School 116932 View
Haybridge High School and Sixth Form 116933 View
Wyebridge Sports College 116934 View
Whitecross Hereford; High School and Specialist Sports College 116935 View
Aylestone Business and Enterprise College 116936 View
Woodrush Community High School 116937 View
Baxter Business and Enterprise College 116938 View
Kingstone High School 116939 View
Lady Hawkins High School 116940 View
Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre 116941 View
The Chase 116942 View
Pershore High School 116943 View
Fairfield High School 116944 View
Redditch, Bridley Moor High School 116945 View
Arrow Vale Community High School - A Specialist Sports College 116946 View
Redditch, the Abbey High School 116947 View
Redditch, the Leys High School 116948 View
Stourport High School-Language College 116949 View
Tenbury High School 116950 View
Waseley Hills High School and Sixth Form Centre 116951 View
Weobley High School 116952 View
Wigmore High School 116953 View
Wolverley High School 116954 View
John Masefield High School 116955 View
Bredon Hill Middle School 116956 View
Aston Fields Middle School 116957 View
Catshill Middle School 116958 View
Parkside Middle School 116959 View
Blackminster Middle School 116960 View
Simon de Montfort Middle School 116961 View
Hagley Middle School 116962 View
St Nicholas CofE Middle School 116861 View
Kidderminster, Sion Hill Middle School 116966 View
Birchensale Middle School 116967 View
Redditch, Dingleside Middle School 116968 View
Redditch, Lodge Farm Middle School 116969 View
Redditch, Moatfield Middle School 116970 View
Kidderminster, Franche Middle School 116965 View
Ridgeway Middle School 116971 View
Drakes Broughton St Barnabas CofE First and Middle School 116862 View
John Kyrle High School and Sixth Form Centre 116975 View
Wribbenhall Middle School 116976 View
Elgar Technology College 116977 View
Christopher Whitehead Language College 116978 View
Nunnery Wood High School 116979 View
Martley, the Chantry High School 116980 View
Hanley Castle High School 116981 View
King Charles I School 116982 View
Alvechurch CofE Middle School 116983 View
Stourport-On-Severn, Burlish Middle School 116972 View
Kidderminster, Comberton Middle School 116964 View
Stourport-On-Severn, Lickhill Middle School 116973 View
St Egwins CofE Middle School 116984 View
Kidderminster, St Johns CofE Middle School 116985 View
Redditch, St Stephens CofE Middle School 116986 View
Windmill CofE Middle School 116988 View
Redditch, St Peters CofE Middle School 116989 View
Bewdley, St Annes Middle School 116990 View
The Bishop of Herefords Bluecoat School 116991 View
St Marys RC High School 116992 View
Bishop Perowne CofE College 116993 View
Hagley Catholic High School 116994 View
Dyson Perrins CofE Sports College 116995 View
The Sladen CofE Middle School 116996 View
St Augustines Catholic High School: A Specialist Science College 116997 View
Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College 116999 View
Prince Henrys High School 117000 View
St Johns CofE Foundation Middle School 117001 View
The Downs, Malvern College Prep School 117002 View
The Elms School 117003 View
Haberdashers Redcap School 117004 View
St Richards School 117005 View
St Marys Worcester 117006 View
The Alice Ottley School 117007 View
Barbourne Preparatory School 117008 View
Sunnyside School 117009 View
Green Hill School 117010 View
Abberley Hall School 117011 View
Bromsgrove School 117012 View
Whitford Hall School 117013 View
Winterfold House School 117014 View
Holy Trinity School 117015 View
The Knoll School 117016 View
Wormbridge CofE Primary School 116860 View
Kidderminster, Birchen Coppice Middle School 116963 View
Church Hill Middle School 116974 View
Malvern College 117017 View
The Mount School 117021 View
Dodderhill School 117022 View
Lea House School 117023 View
Hillside School Limited 117024 View
Innisfree House School 117025 View
Croftdown School 117026 View
St Marys Preparatory School 117027 View
Kirtlands School 117028 View
Aymestrey School 117029 View
Cambian New Elizabethan School 117030 View
Kings Hawford Lodge School 117031 View
Bredon School 117032 View
Sunfield Childrens Home Limited 117033 View
Bowbrook House School 117034 View
Abbey College in Malvern 117035 View
Hereford Cathedral School 117036 View
The Kings School 117037 View
Royal Grammar School Worcester 117038 View
Hereford Waldorf School 117039 View
Kinloss School 117040 View
The River School 117041 View
Rowden House School 117042 View
Grange House School 117043 View
Madinatul Uloom Al Islamiya School 117044 View
Lucton School 117045 View
Saint Michaels College 117046 View
Hereford Cathedral Junior School 117047 View
Cambian Hereford School 117048 View
Rigby Hall Day Special School 117049 View
Cliffey House School 117050 View
Barrs Court School 117051 View
Heathfield Knoll 117020 View
Blakebrook School 117053 View
The Alexander Patterson School 117054 View
Westfield School 117055 View
Pitcheroak School 117056 View
Stourminster Special School 117057 View
Vale of Evesham School 117058 View
Manor Park School 117059 View
Rose Hill School 117060 View
Thornton House School 117061 View
Chadsgrove School 117062 View
Besford Court School 117063 View
New College Worcester (NMSS) 117064 View
Weston Way Nursery School 117065 View
Arlesdene Nursery School and Pre-School 117066 View
Greenfield Nursery School 117067 View
Batford Nursery School 117068 View
Birchwood Nursery School 117069 View
Heath Lane Nursery School 117070 View
York Road Nursery School 117071 View
Rye Park Nursery School 117072 View
Nevells Road Nursery School 117073 View
Muriel Green Nursery School 117074 View
London Colney Nursery School 117075 View
Kingswood Nursery School 117076 View
Oxhey Early Years Centre 117077 View
Tenterfield Nursery School 117078 View
Ludwick Nursery School 117079 View
Peartree Way Nursery School 117080 View
Wall Hall Nursery School 117081 View
Lea Valley Education Support Centre 117082 View
Abbots Langley School 117083 View
Ashwell Primary School 117084 View
Northgate Primary School 117085 View
Bovingdon Junior School 117086 View
Jenyns First School and Nursery 117087 View
Bushey Heath Primary School 117088 View
Highwood Primary School 117089 View
Merry Hill Infant School and Nursery 117090 View
Holdbrook Primary School 117091 View
Four Swannes Primary School 117092 View
Chorleywood Primary School 117093 View
Beechfield School 117094 View
New Briars Primary and Nursery School 117095 View
Shepherd Primary 117096 View
Hobletts Manor Junior School 117097 View
The Russell School 117098 View
Cowley Hill School 117099 View
Flamstead Village School 117100 View
Gaddesden Row JMI School 117101 View
Sauncey Wood Primary School 117102 View
Manland Primary School 117103 View
Gascoyne Cecil Junior School 117104 View
Green Lanes Primary School 117105 View
George Street Primary School 117106 View
Boxmoor Primary School 117107 View
Two Waters Primary School 117108 View
Tudor Primary School 117109 View
South Hill Primary School 117110 View
Abel Smith School 117111 View
Hexton Junior Mixed and Infant School 117112 View
Highbury Infant School and Nursery 117113 View
Strathmore Infant and Nursery School 117114 View
Highover Junior Mixed and Infant School 117115 View
Wilshere-Dacre Junior School 117116 View
Blackmarston School 117052 View
Malvern St James 117018 View
Hunsdon Junior Mixed and Infant School 117117 View
Wilbury Junior School 117121 View
Grange Junior School 117122 View
Hillshott Infant School and Nursery 117123 View
Kimpton Primary School 117118 View
Breachwood Green Junior Mixed and Infant School 117119 View
Little Hadham Primary School 117126 View
Markyate Village School and Nursery 117127 View
Pirton School 117128 View
Reed First School 117129 View
Yorke Mead Primary School 117130 View
Harvey Road Primary School 117131 View
Little Green Junior School 117132 View
Malvern Way Infant and Nursery School 117133 View
Tannery Drift School 117134 View
Bernards Heath Infant and Nursery School 117135 View
Camp Primary and Nursery School 117136 View
Fleetville Junior School 117137 View
Fleetville Infant and Nursery School 117138 View
Garden Fields Junior Mixed and Infant School 117139 View
St Peters School 117140 View
Aboyne Lodge Junior Mixed and Infant School 117141 View
Mandeville Primary School 117142 View
Bernards Heath Junior School 117143 View
St Pauls Walden Primary School 117144 View
Colney Heath Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School 117145 View
London Colney Primary & Nursery School 117146 View
Sandon Junior Mixed and Infant School 117147 View
Sandridge School 117148 View
Fawbert and Barnard Infants School 117149 View
Shenley Primary School 117150 View
Letchmore Infants and Nursery School 117151 View
Fairlands Primary School and Nursery 117152 View
Therfield First School 117153 View
Walkern Primary School 117154 View
The Orchard Primary School 117155 View
Central Primary School 117156 View
Bushey and Oxhey Infant School 117157 View
Chater Junior School 117158 View
Chater Infant School 117159 View
Field Junior School 117160 View
Watford Field School (Infant & Nursery) 117161 View
Parkgate Junior School 117162 View
Parkgate Infants and Nursery School 117163 View
Garston Infants School 117164 View
Knutsford School 117165 View
St Meryl School 117166 View
Cassiobury Junior School 117167 View
Kingsway Junior School 117168 View
Warren Dell Primary School 117169 View
Oxhey Wood Primary School 117170 View
Watton-at-Stone Primary and Nursery School 117171 View
Peartree Primary School 117172 View
Blackthorn Junior School 117173 View
Templewood Primary School 117174 View
Holwell Primary School 117175 View
Knebworth Primary and Nursery School 117120 View
Westbury Primary and Nursery School 117124 View
Hertford Heath Primary and Nursery School 117125 View
Widford School 117176 View
Hurst Drive Primary School 117180 View
Woodlands Primary School 117181 View
Summerswood Primary School 117182 View
Kenilworth Primary School 117183 View
Meryfield Primary School 117184 View
Salisbury Infants School 117185 View
Icknield Infant and Nursery School 117186 View
Bowmansgreen Primary School 117187 View
Margaret Wix Primary School 117188 View
Broom Barns Community Primary School 117189 View
Lea Farm Junior School 117190 View
Alban Wood Junior School 117191 View
Little Furze Junior Mixed and Infant School 117192 View
Greenfields Primary School 117193 View
Woodhall Primary School 117194 View
Saffron Green Primary School 117195 View
Hazelgrove Primary School 117196 View
Hobletts Manor Infants School 117197 View
Chaulden Junior School 117198 View
Roebuck Junior School 117199 View
Bedwell Primary School 117200 View
Flamstead End Junior School 117201 View
Chaulden Infants and Nursery 117202 View
Haslewood Junior School 117203 View
Roebuck Infant School 117204 View
Peartree Spring Junior School 117205 View
Peartree Spring Primary School 117206 View
Longmeadow Junior School 117207 View
Longmeadow Infant and Nursery School 117208 View
Bandley Hill Junior School 117209 View
Bandley Hill Infants School 117210 View
Roundwood Primary School 117211 View
Wheatfields Junior Mixed School 117212 View
Thumbswood Infant School 117213 View
Chambersbury Primary School 117214 View
Broadfield Junior School 117215 View
Broadfield Infants School 117216 View
Windermere Primary School 117217 View
Anstey First School 117218 View
Monksmead School 117219 View
Howe Dell Primary School 117220 View
Almond Hill Junior School 117221 View
Oakwood Primary School 117222 View
Northfields Infants and Nursery School 117223 View
Purwell Primary School 117224 View
Killigrew Junior School 117225 View
Camps Hill Community Primary School 117226 View
Harwood Hill Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School 117227 View
Tanners Wood Junior Mixed and Infant School 117178 View
Havers Infant School 117179 View
Wymondley Junior Mixed and Infant School 117177 View
Mayfield Infants School and Nursery 117232 View
Brookland Junior School 117233 View
The Reddings Primary School 117234 View
How Wood Primary and Nursery School 117235 View
Redbourn Infants and Nursery School 117236 View
Lodge Farm Junior Mixed School 117237 View
Lodge Farm Infants School 117238 View
Rossgate Primary School 117239 View
Skyswood Primary & Nursery School 117240 View
Martindale Primary and Nursery School 117241 View
Bushey Manor Junior School 117242 View
Goffs Oak Primary & Nursery School 117243 View
Summercroft Junior School 117244 View
Eastbury Farm Primary School 117245 View
Burydale Junior School 117246 View
Shephall Green Infant and Nursery School 117247 View
Bedmond Village Primary and Nursery School 117248 View
Gade Valley Primary School 117249 View
Cunningham Hill Junior School 117250 View
Pin Green Primary School and Nursery 117251 View
Micklem Primary School 117231 View
Whitehill Junior School 117253 View
Westfield Primary School and Nursery 117254 View
Downfield Primary School 117255 View
Pixies Hill Primary School 117256 View
Rowans Primary School 117257 View
The Grove Junior School 117258 View
Pixmore Junior School 117259 View
Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery 117260 View
Oaklands Primary School 117261 View
Flamstead End Infant and Nursery School 117262 View
Hollybush Primary School 117263 View
Oughtonhead Junior School 117264 View
Oughtonhead Infants School 117265 View
Maple Cross Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School 117266 View
Killigrew Infant and Nursery School 117267 View
Wheatfields Infants and Nursery School 117268 View
Moss Bury Primary School and Nursery 117269 View
Westfield Community Primary School 117270 View
Priors Wood Primary School 117271 View
Brookland Infant and Nursery School 117272 View
Summercroft Infant and Nursery School 117273 View
Goldfield Infants and Nursery School 117274 View
Tower Primary School 117275 View
Fair Field Junior School 117228 View
Creswick Primary and Nursery School 117229 View
Thorley Hill Primary School 117230 View
Homerswood Primary and Nursery School 117252 View
Greenway Primary and Nursery School 117276 View
Reedings Junior School 117280 View
The Grove Infant and Nursery School 117281 View
The Hammond Primary School 117282 View
Kings Langley Primary School 117283 View
Forres Primary School 117284 View
Martins Wood Primary School 117285 View
Dundale Primary School and Nursery 117286 View
Crabtree Junior School 117287 View
Redbourn Junior School 117288 View
Arnett Hills Junior Mixed and Infant School 117289 View
Holywell Primary School 117290 View
The Firs Junior School 117291 View
Trotts Hill Primary and Nursery School 117292 View
Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School 117293 View
Panshanger Primary School 117294 View
Bovingdon Infants School 117295 View
Bournehall Primary School 117296 View
Mill Mead Primary School 117297 View
Maple Primary School 117298 View
Round Diamond Primary School 117299 View
Hartsbourne Primary School 117300 View
Beech Hyde Primary School and Nursery 117301 View
Andrews Lane Primary School 117302 View
Newberries Primary School 117303 View
Rickmansworth Park Junior Mixed and Infant School 117304 View
Mandeville Primary School 117305 View
Giles Junior School 117306 View
The Cranbourne Primary School 117307 View
Bromet Primary School 117308 View
Millfield First and Nursery School 117309 View
Hillmead Primary School 117310 View
Nascot Wood Junior School 117311 View
Crabtree Infants School 117312 View
The Ryde School 117313 View
William Ransom Primary School 117314 View
Prae Wood Primary School 117315 View
The Giles Infant and Nursery School 117316 View
Kingsway Infants School 117317 View
Alban Wood Infant and Nursery School 117318 View
Kingshill Infant School 117319 View
Laurance Haines School 117320 View
Woodside Primary School 117321 View
Woolenwick Junior School 117322 View
Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School 117323 View
Leavesden JMI School 117324 View
Springmead Primary School 117325 View
Cunningham Hill Infant School 117279 View
The Lea Primary School and Nursery 117327 View
Wheatcroft Primary School 117328 View
Mary Exton Primary School 117329 View
Lordship Farm Primary School 117330 View
Studlands Rise First School 117331 View
Roman Way First School 117332 View
Thorn Grove Primary School 117277 View
Icknield Walk First School 117278 View
Longlands Primary School and Nursery 117326 View
Lime Walk Primary School 117333 View
Samuel Lucas Junior Mixed and Infant School 117337 View
Roselands Primary School 117338 View
Cherry Tree Primary School 117339 View
Coates Way JMI and Nursery School 117340 View
Grove Road Primary School 117341 View
High Beeches Primary School 117342 View
Barncroft Primary School 117343 View
Jupiter Drive Junior Mixed and Infant School 117344 View
Stonehill School 117345 View
Richard Whittington Primary School 117346 View
Mount Pleasant Lane Junior Mixed and Infant School and Nursery 117347 View
Watchlytes Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School 117348 View
Brockswood Primary School 117349 View
Lannock Primary School 117350 View
Ryelands Primary School 117351 View
Ashtree Primary School and Nursery 117352 View
Sheredes Primary School 117353 View
Radburn Primary School 117354 View
Applecroft School 117355 View
Ley Park Primary School 117356 View
Five Oaks Primary and Nursery School 117357 View
Wood End School 117358 View
Eastbrook Primary School 117359 View
Meriden Primary School 117360 View
Bengeo Primary School 117361 View
Stream Woods Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School 117362 View
Morgans Primary School & Nursery 117363 View
The Leys Primary and Nursery School 117364 View
Belswains Primary School 117365 View
Bonneygrove Primary School 117366 View
Burleigh Primary School 117367 View
Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School 117368 View
Cranborne Primary School 117369 View
Ladbrooke Junior Mixed and Infant School 117370 View
Oakmere Primary School 117371 View
Sunny Bank Junior School 117372 View
Sunny Bank Infants School 117373 View
Nascot Wood Infant and Nursery School 117374 View
The Pines Junior Mixed and Infant School 117375 View
Hartsfield Junior Mixed and Infant School 117376 View
Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School 117377 View
Commonswood Primary & Nursery School 117378 View
Millbrook School 117379 View
Manor Fields Primary School 117380 View
Bellgate Primary School 117381 View
Aldbury Church of England Primary School 117382 View
St Johns Church of England Infant and Nursery School 117383 View
St Marys Infants School 117384 View
St Marys Junior Mixed School 117385 View
Barley Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School 117386 View
Bayford Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 117387 View
Tonwell St Marys Church of England Primary School 117388 View
Benington Church of England Primary School 117389 View
Layston Church of England First School 117390 View
Ashfield Junior School 117391 View
Codicote Church of England Primary School 117392 View
Essendon CofE (VC) Primary School 117393 View
Furneux Pelham Church of England School 117394 View
Graveley Primary School 117395 View
Ponsbourne St Marys Church of England Primary School 117396 View
Hertford St Andrew CofE Primary School 117397 View
Aycliffe Drive Primary School 117335 View
Holtsmere End Junior School 117336 View
Fairfields Primary School and Nursery 117334 View
St Pauls Voluntary Controlled Church of England Infants School 117399 View
Preston Primary School 117403 View
Sarratt Church of England Primary School 117404 View
Spellbrook Primary School 117405 View
Roger De Clare First CofE School 117406 View
St Andrews Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 117407 View
Thundridge Church of England Primary School 117408 View
St Marys Voluntary Controlled Church of England Junior School 117409 View
St Catherines Church of England Primary School 117410 View
Musley Infant School 117411 View
Wareside Church of England Primary School 117412 View
Weston Primary School 117413 View
Potten End CofE Primary School 117414 View
Dewhurst St Mary CofE Primary School 117415 View
Leverstock Green Church of England Primary School 117416 View
St Pauls Church of England Primary School, Langleybury 117417 View
Nash Mills Church of England Primary School 117418 View
Albury Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 117419 View
Ardeley St Lawrence Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 117420 View
Aston St Marys Church of England Aided Primary School 117421 View
Barkway VA Church of England First School 117422 View
Victoria Church of England Infant and Nursery School 117423 View
St Marys CofE Primary School, Northchurch 117424 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 117425 View
St Michaels Church of England Primary School 117426 View
St Clements Church of England Voluntary Aided Junior School 117427 View
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 117428 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 117429 View
All Saints Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Datchworth 117430 View
St Nicholas Elstree Church of England VA Primary School 117431 View
St John the Baptist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School 117432 View
High Wych Church of England Primary School 117398 View
Little Munden Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 117402 View
Wormley Primary School 117400 View
Great Gaddesden Church of England Primary School 117433 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 117436 View
Broxbourne CofE Primary School 117437 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary School 117438 View
Hormead Church of England (VA) First School 117439 View
St Ippolyts Church of England Aided Primary School 117440 View
St Pauls Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Chipperfield 117441 View
Norton St Nicholas CofE (VA) Primary School 117442 View
Little Gaddesden Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 117443 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School and Nursery 117444 View
Offley Endowed Primary School 117445 View
Cockernhoe Endowed CofE Primary School 117446 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School, Rickmansworth 117447 View
St Peters Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 117448 View
The Abbey Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, St Albans 117449 View
St Alban and St Stephen Roman Catholic Infant and Nursery School 117450 View
St Michaels Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, St Albans 117451 View
Park Street Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 117452 View
Puller Memorial, Church of England, Voluntary Aided Primary School 117453 View
St Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Primary School 117454 View
Stapleford Primary School 117455 View
St Nicholas CofE (VA) Primary School and Nursery 117456 View
Tewin Cowper Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 117457 View
Bishop Wood Church of England Junior School, Tring 117458 View
Long Marston VA Church of England Primary School 117459 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 117460 View
St Michaels Woolmer Green CofE VA Primary School 117461 View
St Helens Church of England Primary School 117462 View
St Bartholomews Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Wigginton 117463 View
Our Lady Roman Catholic Primary School 117464 View
St Joseph Catholic Primary School 117465 View
St Teresa Roman Catholic Primary School 117466 View
St Andrews Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Hitchin 117467 View
St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Junior School 117468 View
St Philip Howard Catholic Primary School 117469 View
St Adrian Roman Catholic Primary School 117470 View
Saint Albert the Great Catholic Primary School 117471 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School and Nursery, Bishops Stortford 117472 View
St Johns Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School, Lemsford 117435 View
St Margaret Clitherow Roman Catholic Primary School 117474 View
St John Catholic Primary School 117475 View
St Thomas More Roman Catholic Primary School 117477 View
St Dominic Catholic Primary School 117478 View
St Thomas More Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 117479 View
St John Fisher Roman Catholic Primary School 117480 View
St Nicholas CofE VA Primary School 117434 View
Christ Church CofE (VA) Primary School and Nursery, Ware 117473 View
Ickleford Primary School 117401 View
The Holy Family Catholic Primary School 117481 View
Divine Saviour Roman Catholic Primary School 117485 View
Holy Rood Catholic Junior School 117486 View
St John Roman Catholic Primary School 117487 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and Nursery 117488 View
Saint Bernadette Catholic Primary School 117489 View
Welwyn St Marys Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 117490 View
Saint Alban and St Stephen Catholic Junior School 117491 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School 117492 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 117493 View
Holy Rood RC Infants School 117494 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 117495 View
Pope Paul Catholic Primary School 117496 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 117497 View
Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School 117498 View
The Priory School 117499 View
The Hemel Hempstead School 117500 View
Richard Hale School 117501 View
Hitchin Boys School 117502 View
Hitchin Girls School 117503 View
Fearnhill School 117504 View
Verulam School 117505 View
Presdales School 117506 View
Stanborough School 117507 View
Langleybury School 117508 View
The Knights Templar School 117509 View
The Hillside School 117510 View
Sir John Lawes School 117511 View
Adeyfield School 117512 View
Norton School 117513 View
Beaumont School 117514 View
Countess Anne Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School, Hatfield 117482 View
St Roses Catholic Infants School 117484 View
The Cedars School 118994 View
Ripplevale School 118995 View
St Nicholas School 119059 View
Colne Lord Street School 119171 View
Holme Slack Community Primary School 119234 View
Garstang Community Primary School 119300 View
Whaplode Church of England Primary School 120555 View
Ducklington Primary School 123107 View
Chesterton Primary School 124169 View
Birds Bush Primary School 124170 View
The John Bamford Primary School 124171 View
Camberley Infant and Nursery School 124970 View
Knaphill School 125000 View
Maybury Primary School 125001 View
St Johns Primary School 125002 View
West Byfleet Infant School 125003 View
Wood Street Infant School 125004 View
Barnsbury Junior School 125007 View
The Greville Primary School 125008 View
Hurst Green Infant School 125010 View
The Raleigh School 125011 View
Meath Green Junior School 125012 View
Eastwick Junior School 125013 View
Milford School 125014 View
Great Bookham County Infant School 125016 View
Heather Ridge Infant School 125017 View
Cordwalles Junior School 125018 View
Oakfield Junior School 125019 View
South Camberley Primary & Nursery School 125020 View
The Hermitage Junior School 125022 View
Cuddington Croft Primary School 125027 View
Prior Heath Infant School 125028 View
The Pilgrims Way School 125031 View
The Oaktree School 125032 View
Boxgrove Primary School 125033 View
Mytchett Primary School 125035 View
Wallace Fields Infant School 125036 View
The Grange Community Infant School 125037 View
Pirbright Village Primary School 125040 View
Weybourne Infant School 125041 View
Eastwick Infant School 125045 View
Holly Lodge Primary School 125046 View
The Knaphill Lower School 125047 View
Folly Hill Infant School 125048 View
Moss Lane School 125049 View
Swansmere School 125050 View
Badshot Lea Village Infant School 125051 View
Polesden Lacey Infant School 125052 View
Crawley Ridge Infant School 125053 View
Court Lodge Infant and Nursery School 125054 View
Burhill Primary School 125055 View
Grovelands Primary School 125056 View
Ashley Infant School 125057 View
Bell Farm Primary School 125058 View
Ambleside Junior School 125059 View
Audley Primary School 125060 View
Ravenscote Community Junior School 125061 View
Connaught Junior School 125062 View
Watchetts Junior School 125063 View
Pine Ridge Infant and Nursery School 125064 View
Meadowcroft Community Infant School 125065 View
Stamford Green Primary School 125066 View
Onslow Infant School 125067 View
Holland Junior School 125069 View
Reigate Priory Community Junior School 125070 View
Thorpe Lea Primary School 125072 View
St Anns Heath Junior School 125073 View
Barnsbury Infant School 125074 View
Manby Lodge Infant School 125075 View
William Cobbett Primary School 125077 View
Tillingbourne Junior School 125079 View
New Monument School 125082 View
Meath Green Infant School 125083 View
Clarendon Primary School 125088 View
Kingscroft Junior School 125089 View
Riverbridge Primary School 125092 View
Spelthorne Junior School 125093 View
Chennestone Primary School 125094 View
Spelthorne School 125095 View
Beauclerc Infant and Nursery School 125096 View
Sandringham School 125097 View
Barnwood Community Primary School 125098 View
Busbridge Infant School 125099 View
Ongar Place Primary School 125042 View
Godalming Junior School 125044 View
Wray Common Primary School 125129 View
Lakeside Primary School 125132 View
Hale School 125133 View
The Acorns Infant School 125134 View
Walsh Memorial CofE Controlled Infant School 125135 View
Ottershaw CofE Junior School 125138 View
Farncombe Church of England Infant School 125145 View
All Saints CofE Infant and Nursery School 125146 View
St Marys CofE Voluntary Controlled Infant School 125149 View
St Marys CofE Controlled Primary School, Byfleet 125150 View
St Marys CofE Infant School 125154 View
Ottershaw CofE Infant School 125155 View
Walsh CofE Junior School 125156 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 125158 View
Witley CofE Controlled Infant School 125159 View
Chilworth CofE (Aided) Infant School 125167 View
Greenfield School 125399 View
The Ferncumbe CofE Primary School 125687 View
Bridge Junior School 126760 View
Woodington Infant School 127051 View
Ley Hill Junior School 127052 View
Ley Hill Infants School 127053 View
Little Sutton Middle School 127054 View
Little Sutton First School 127056 View
Coppice Infant School 127057 View
Handsworth New Road School 127058 View
Longmeadow School 127059 View
Duddeston Manor Community School 127060 View
Ladywood School 127061 View
Kings School 127062 View
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College 127063 View
Cadbury Sixth Form College 127064 View
St Georges CofE School 127067 View
Deanery CofE Infant School 127069 View
Burcot Grange High School 127070 View
Edgbaston High School Prep Department 127072 View
Chace Junior School 127075 View
Chace Infant School 127076 View
Coundon Junior School 127077 View
Wood End Junior School 127078 View
Wood End Infant School 127079 View
Frederick Bird Junior School 127080 View
Henry Parkes Junior School 127082 View
Henry Parkes Infant School 127083 View
Hill Farm Junior School 127084 View
Hill Farm Infant School 127085 View
Holbrook Junior School 127086 View
Manor Park Infant School 127089 View
Parkgate Junior School 127091 View
Richard Lee Junior School 127096 View
Richard Lee Infant School 127097 View
Stivichall Junior School 127098 View
Stivichall Infant School 127099 View
Stoke Junior School 127100 View
Blackheath Junior School 127155 View
Hunslet Carr First School 127830 View
Iveson House First School 127834 View
Potternewton Lane First School 127842 View
Quarry Mount First School 127843 View
Rodley First School 127844 View
Halton First School 127851 View
Weetwood First School 127853 View
Richmond Hill First School 127860 View
Gledhow First School 127861 View
Grimes Dyke First School 127862 View
White Laith First School 127863 View
Austhorpe First School 127864 View
Rothwell West Junior School 127889 View
Broadgate Infant School 127898 View
Moor Knoll Infant School 127907 View
Roundhay School 127952 View
Whinmoor Middle School 127953 View
Ryecroft Middle School 127967 View
Bramley CofE Middle School 128015 View
Holy Trinity CofE Middle School 128026 View
Kettlethorpe First School 128068 View
Pendower Primary School 128127 View
Gefrin Midgard School 128137 View
Sheriff Leas School 128144 View
Seaton Burn Community High School 128168 View
Toner Avenue County Infant School 128176 View
Bedewell County Junior School 128182 View
Blackfell Infant School 128197 View
Barmston Infant School 128198 View
Barmston Junior School 128199 View
Ryhope School 128205 View
Kol Hatorah School 128208 View
Roundhay Lodge School 128050 View
Murton Primary School 128150 View
St Antonys Prep School 128243 View
Frenchay Park Hospital School 128248 View
Kingsbrook Middle School 128259 View
Meadow Vale Infant School 128273 View
Littlewick Green Montessori 128304 View
Evelyn Fox School 128308 View
Rushmead CofE Middle School 128337 View
Queen Edith Junior School 128367 View
Queen Edith Infant School 128368 View
Ravensthorpe Junior School 128379 View
Egerton Street County Infant School 128393 View
Stanney Grange County Infant School 128417 View
Barrow Hall Lane County Junior School 128444 View
St Michaels RC Infant School 128460 View
St Maries RC Primary School 128461 View
The Grange Comprehensive School 128470 View
Widnes Sixth Form College 128471 View
St Josephs RC High School 128474 View
Ashwood House 128485 View
Springfield Pre-Preparatory School 128486 View
Northfield Infant School 128489 View
Belmont Junior School 128495 View
Daven County Junior School 128403 View
Hartlepool Sixth Form College 128514 View
Rosebank High School 128523 View
Porthleven Junior School 128537 View
Porthleven Infant School 128538 View
Lodge Hill Junior School 128541 View
Trethosa Primary School 128544 View
Fellover School 128558 View
Cotehill CofE School 128588 View
Askham CofE School 128590 View
Mickleover School 128661 View
St Philomenas Convent School 128675 View
Dawlish County Infant School 128696 View
Prince Rock Junior School 128700 View
William Shapland Middle School 128716 View
Presentation of Mary Convent School 128731 View
Rocklands School 128741 View
Pinhoe First School 128686 View
Winton County Junior School 128776 View
St Michaels CofE Junior School 128784 View
Thornlow Junior School 128793 View
Holwell School 128801 View
Mayfair School 128829 View
Bevendean County Infant School 128835 View
Bexhill College 128847 View
Convent of Our Lady School 128861 View
Temple Sutton County Junior School 128882 View
Edwardstone House School 128920 View
Longlevens School 128955 View
Fernhill County Infant School 129009 View
Weyhill CofE Primary School 129029 View
Barton Peveril College 129038 View
Itchen College 129044 View
St Michaels School 129095 View
Lawnside School 129098 View
Ellerslie School 129099 View
Hallow Park School 129103 View
Hillside School 129105 View
Peter Symonds College 129048 View
Wood End Junior Mixed School 129130 View
Wellfield Wood Infant School 129145 View
Hitchin School 129153 View
Wheathampstead School 129164 View
Broxbournebury School 129178 View
Old Clee Middle School 129206 View
Old Clee First School 129207 View
Scartho First School 129208 View
South Parade Middle School 129209 View
Western First and Nursery School 129223 View
St Annes RC Junior High School 129330 View
St Marys RC School 129333 View
Rise Hall School 129334 View
Carnforth School 129335 View
Newport CofE Primary School 129338 View
Grace Academy Solihull 129342 View
Aylesham County Junior School 129372 View
Wansbeck Junior High School 129303 View
Wheeler Junior High School 129302 View
Huntleys Secondary School for Boys 129414 View
Warren Wood Girls School 129420 View
Bridge Project School 129457 View
Grace School 129458 View
Shadsworth High School 129490 View
Everton High School 129491 View
St John Fisher RC School 129496 View
St Thomas More High School 129497 View
St Marys College 129502 View
Lawrence House School 129505 View
George Fox School 129506 View
Claremont Preparatory School 129507 View
Plc Tuition Centre 129508 View
Alderman Richard Hallam Junior School 129520 View
Coleman County Infant School 129521 View
Learn 4 Life School 129571 View
Cherry Willingham County Junior School 129577 View
Kitwood County Secondary School for Boys 129590 View
Upton With Fishley VA School 129625 View
Woodfield Junior School 129654 View
Woodfield County Infants School 129655 View
Norwood Primary School 129658 View
Ingmanthorpe Hall School 129676 View
Whytlaw County First School 129706 View
Whitegate Infant School 129714 View
Player Comprehensive School 129729 View
St Blaise School 129761 View
Park Campus 129762 View
The Endowed CofE (Aided) Primary School 129765 View
Beckett School 129779 View
The Down Primary School 129785 View
Coton Mount Infant School 129787 View
Shelton House School 129820 View
Oriel School 129825 View
Immanuel School 129829 View
Kingsbury School 129861 View
Chell County Primary School 129866 View
Birchbank Special School 129835 View
Broadacres CofE Middle School 129953 View
Riverside Nursery School 129962 View
Polstead County Primary School 129963 View
Henham County Primary School 129965 View
Horringer Primary School 129980 View
Ingham VC Primary School 129981 View
Anglican Academy of Arts 130001 View
Four Elms School 130006 View
Cardinal Newman RC Middle School 130089 View
Strodes College 130107 View
St Teresas School 130109 View
Bramcote Hospital School 130173 View
St Michaels Burton Park 130189 View
Cardinal Godfrey School 130110 View
Little Acorns Montessori School 130203 View
Burbage County Primary School 130209 View
Thomass Fulham 130239 View
Al-Ameen Primary School 130244 View
Thorne South Common Primary School 130298 View
St Stephens Church of England Primary School 130327 View
Denaby Main Primary School 130923 View
Brambleside Community Primary School 130963 View
The Beacon Primary Short Stay School 130987 View
Holyoakes Field Pupil Referral Unit 130988 View
The Priory Pupil Referral Unit 130990 View
Avenue Primary School 131002 View
Newbridge Primary School 131019 View
Hollywater School 131068 View
Rowlands Gill Community Primary School 131081 View
Arabic School In Durham (ASD) C.O. Bowburn Community Association 131129 View
Kells Lane Primary School 131106 View
Chopwell Primary School 131107 View
West Sussex Alternative Provision College 131182 View
All Saints Upton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 131217 View
Eastfield Primary School 131224 View
Holy Trinity Rosehill CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 131251 View
Highfield Community School 131299 View
Woodfield Primary School 131300 View
Haywood Grove School 131319 View
St Edwards College 131320 View
Oaktree School 131321 View
Ferriby School 131324 View
Newington Green Primary School 131325 View
The Linnet Independent Learning Centre 131327 View
Alexandra House 131328 View
Tyldesley St Georges Central CofE Primary School 131331 View
The Cricket School 131334 View
The Lyceum 131343 View
Kensington International School 131344 View
Wybers Wood Primary School 131345 View
Northwick Park Primary School 131346 View
St Margarets CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 131349 View
Hedon Nursery School 131416 View
Oak Meadow Church of England Controlled Primary School 131419 View
Moorlands School 131448 View
Little Arthur Independent School 131452 View
St Therese of Lisieux Primary School 131453 View
Lillesdon School 131454 View
Cheddar Grove Primary School 131493 View
Woodlands 131521 View
Iqra Independent School 131524 View
Burnt Oak Primary School 131527 View
Allerton Primary School 131541 View
Three Castles College 131610 View
Chorlton Park Primary School 131620 View
Barnhill Community High School 131639 View
Greenwood School 131641 View
Arnold View Primary School 131642 View
Colchester Pupil Referral Unit 131643 View
Wellgate Primary School 131661 View
Al-Aqsa Primary School 131665 View
Oakfield House School 131666 View
Ashby Fields Primary School 131671 View
Madresfield Early Years Centre 131676 View
Middlewich Primary School 131727 View
Side By Side Nursery 131742 View
Emmaus School 131743 View
The Wyvern School (Buxford) 131748 View
Barnsley Academy 131749 View
Albert Bradbeer Primary 131759 View
Moor Green Primary 131771 View
The Moat School 131675 View
Oakfield Primary School 131806 View
The Vines School 131833 View
Our Lady of the Assumption Junior School 131835 View
Oakgrove School 131887 View
Windlehurst School 131889 View
Woodhouse Community Primary School 131919 View
Cambridge Steiner School 131937 View
Paradise Muslim School 131965 View
Stonehouse School 131973 View
Chandlings 131981 View
Acorn House College 131982 View
The Student Support Centre 132035 View
Whitefield Independent Preparatory School 132049 View
Manor Oak Primary School 132063 View
Ilford Ursuline High School 132106 View
Bridge Short Stay School 132131 View
Oakley School 132148 View
Dorothy Goodman School Hinckley 132154 View
Malmesbury Primary School 132169 View
Thorpe Primary School 132180 View
Worth Valley Primary School 132220 View
Little Parndon Primary School 132222 View
Longwood Primary School 132224 View
Greenfield Primary School 132226 View
Stoberry Park School 132227 View
Bristol Gateway School 132239 View
Berry Hill Primary School 132242 View
Thames Christian College 132237 View
Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School 132768 View
Seven Sisters Primary School 132253 View
Langold Dyscarr Community School 132814 View
Cherry Tree Primary School, Basildon 132833 View
Pipers Vale Community Primary School 132836 View
The John Loughborough School 132846 View
North East Essex Additional Provision School 132850 View
One World Montessori Nursery and Pre-Preparartory School 132851 View
Kershaw Dene School 132958 View
Benfieldside Infant School 132885 View
The Winterley Project School 133297 View
Ridgefield Primary School 133311 View
Shooters Hill Post-16 Campus 133313 View
Stablecare 133426 View
Rosewood Primary School 133437 View
Feversham College 133450 View
Islamic Tarbiyah Preparatory School 133453 View
Keldmarsh Primary School 133481 View
The William Hogarth Primary School 133486 View
Plantings School 133949 View
Parsons Green Prep School 134010 View
The Bridge School 134030 View
Moorlands CofE Voluntary Controlled Primary School 134045 View
Christs College, Guildford 134120 View
Ohel Torah 134233 View
SS Osmund and Andrews R.C. Primary School 134237 View
St Margarets Anfield Church of England Primary School 134245 View
St Thomass School 134345 View
St Georges CofE VA Primary School 134472 View
Littlebury Resource Centre 134488 View
Step Forward Educational Trust (Derby) 134494 View
Treverbyn Primary (TEC) 134586 View
Mossbourne Community Academy 134693 View
Musgrove Park Hospital Education 134695 View
Queensmead Community Primary School 134744 View
Ancora House School 134766 View
Dovecote Primary and Nursery School 134841 View
Regent College 134891 View
New Directions 134919 View
Bridgewater 134935 View
The Ark 134968 View
Hull Preparatory School 135068 View
Willerby Carr Lane Primary School 135115 View
Sycamore House 135182 View
Ty Newydd 135391 View
Whitebeam School - Green Corns 135421 View
St Anns Well Primary School 135444 View
Lovells Hall 135554 View
Oak Field School and Specialist Sports College 135573 View
Archbishop Sentamu Academy 135598 View
The Milton Keynes Academy 135665 View
Maltings Independent School Ltd 135678 View
The Meadows Montessori School 135689 View
Long Cross Primary and Nursery School 135781 View
The Wisdom Academy 135882 View
North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School 135891 View
Hopewell School (Bartram) 136017 View
Oasis Academy Oldham 136027 View
Castleford Oyster Park Primary School 136051 View
Holy Family VA RC Primary School 136080 View
Shawclough 136130 View
St Lukes School 136181 View
Sarum Academy 136183 View
MPC College 136224 View
Westcliff High School for Boys Academy 136272 View
Samuel Ward Academy 136322 View
Beths Grammar School 136334 View
Cleves School 136338 View
Pates Grammar School 136353 View
Parkstone Grammar School 136368 View
Birkenhead Park School 136411 View
Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist School 136440 View
Platanos College 136450 View
Sandye Place Academy 136541 View
East Wickham Primary Academy 136599 View
Windsor High School and Sixth Form 136618 View
Cleeve School 136772 View
Thomas Mills High School 136782 View
The Chantry School 136897 View
Tiffin School 136910 View
Suckley Primary School 136983 View
Fullbrook School 137003 View
Leventhorpe 137156 View
Appleby Grammar School 137251 View
Hazelwick School 137263 View
Kingsdown School 137265 View
The Blue School 137285 View
Biddulph High School 137356 View
Kents Hill Infant School 137395 View
Nishkam Primary School Birmingham 137492 View
Outwood Academy Danum 137524 View
Redstone Educational Academy 137560 View
Burnham Grammar School 137564 View
The Tyrrells School 137607 View
Lisle Marsden Church of England Primary Academy 137611 View
Nansloe Academy 137616 View
Bourn CofE Primary Academy 137626 View
Ormiston Endeavour Academy 137674 View
Oaks Primary Academy 137881 View
Langtree School 137976 View
Henry Hinde Infant School 137989 View
Ellacombe Academy 138047 View
The Elizabethan Academy 138076 View
Clacton County High School 138084 View
Place Farm Primary Academy 138161 View
Switched-On Christian School 138249 View
Oakbank 138367 View
Bridgwater College Academy 138375 View
Reedswood E-ACT Academy 138452 View
Harris Academy Morden 138495 View
Ormiston Sudbury Academy 138506 View
Bradford Studio School 138566 View
Slade Primary School 138590 View
Sudbury Primary School 138608 View
The Gainsborough Parish Church Primary School 138640 View
Westwoodside Church of England Academy 138713 View
The Faber Catholic Primary School 138722 View
Costessey Junior School 138642 View
Ellison Boulters Church of England Primary School 138753 View
Severn View Academy 138782 View
Great Yarmouth Primary Academy 138793 View
Christ The King Voluntary Academy 138810 View
Grey Court School 138825 View
Redland Green School 138855 View
The Treehouse School 138873 View
Riverside Academy 138914 View
The Rydal Academy 138989 View
Kings Langley School 139036 View
Beacon View Primary Academy 139065 View
Battle Primary Academy 139066 View
Abbeywood Community School 139067 View
Thistley Hough Academy 139068 View
Farringdon Academy 139103 View
St Anns CE Primary School 139169 View
The Crossley Heath School 139182 View
St Michaels CofE Academy 139279 View
Cowley St Laurence CofE Primary School 139306 View
Christ Church Cep Academy, Folkestone 139309 View
The ACE Academy 139328 View
Langtons Junior Academy 139406 View
St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard 139418 View
Freemans Endowed Church of England Junior Academy 139461 View
Highwoods Community Primary School 139462 View
Fairway Primary Academy 139484 View
Kedington Primary Academy 139485 View
St John Rigby Catholic Primary School 139515 View
St Michaels Catholic Academy 139656 View
Ark Priory Primary Academy 139699 View
St Thomas More Catholic High School, A Specialist School for Maths & ICT 139764 View
Robert Owen Academy 139895 View
Havelock Junior School 140054 View
Alexandra Junior School 140080 View
Over Hall Community School 140097 View
Austrey CofE Primary School 140125 View
Ladybarn Primary School 140137 View
St George and St Martins Catholic Primary School 140145 View
St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School 140151 View
Boothroyd Primary Academy 140234 View
Buckland Church of England Primary School 140278 View
Millbrook Primary School 140284 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 140297 View
Langdon Academy 140373 View
Ormiston Meadows Academy 140374 View
Burfield Academy 140384 View
Old Cleeve CofE School, Washford 140636 View
Duchy of Lancaster Methwold CofE Primary School 140712 View
Durrington High School 140713 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Swanage 140780 View
Whitefield Schools 140795 View
The Bath Studio School 140944 View
Elutec 140945 View
Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School 140946 View
Nottingham Free School 141010 View
Ark Elvin Academy 141019 View
Walney School 141041 View
Weedon Bec Primary School 141080 View
Carwarden House Community School 141147 View
The Green Room 141225 View
Deeplish Primary Academy 141365 View
St James Church of England Academy 141387 View
Cutnall Green CofE First 141412 View
Blackfield Primary School 141474 View
St Malachys Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy 141480 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 141552 View
Focus School, York Campus 141555 View
Wistaston Church Lane Academy 141568 View

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