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School Name URN Details
St Andrews Southgate Primary School (CE) 102030 View
Freezywater St Georges CofE Primary School 102031 View
St John and St James CofE Primary School 102032 View
St James CofE Primary School 102033 View
St Michaels CofE Primary School 102034 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 102035 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 102036 View
St Edmunds Catholic Primary School 102037 View
St Georges Catholic Primary School 102038 View
St Monicas RC Primary School 102039 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School 102040 View
Latymer All Saints CofE Primary School 102041 View
Wolfson Hillel Primary School 102042 View
Edmonton County School 102043 View
Kingsmead School 102044 View
Winchmore School 102045 View
The Gladys Aylward School 102046 View
Southgate School 102047 View
Enfield County School 102048 View
Chace Community School 102049 View
Lea Valley High School 102050 View
Turin Grove School 102051 View
Bishop Stopfords School 102052 View
St Annes Catholic High School for Girls 102053 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 102054 View
The Latymer School 102055 View
Broomfield School 102056 View
Albany School 102057 View
St Ignatius College 102058 View
Enfield Grammar School 102059 View
Keble Preparatory School 102060 View
Grange Park Preparatory School 102062 View
Salcombe School 102063 View
Vita Et Pax School 102064 View
St Johns Preparatory and Senior School 102065 View
Oaktree School 102069 View
Waverley School 102070 View
Pembury House Nursery School 102071 View
Rowland Hill Nursery School 102072 View
Woodlands Park Nursery School and Childrens Centre 102073 View
Stroud Green Pre-School Centre 102074 View
Haringey Pupil Referral Unit 102075 View
Alexandra Junior School 102076 View
Alexandra Infant School 102077 View
Belmont Junior School 102078 View
Belmont Infant School 102079 View
Bounds Green Junior School 102080 View
Bounds Green Infant School 102081 View
Bruce Grove Junior School 102082 View
Bruce Grove Infant School 102083 View
Campsbourne Junior School 102084 View
Campsbourne Infant School 102085 View
Coleraine Park Primary School 102086 View
The Devonshire Hill Nursery & Primary School 102087 View
Downhills Junior School 102088 View
Downhills Infant School 102089 View
Down Lane Junior School 102090 View
Earlsmead Primary School 102091 View
Highgate Primary School 102092 View
Lancasterian Junior School 102093 View
Lancasterian Primary School 102094 View
Lordship Lane Junior School 102095 View
Lordship Lane Infant School 102096 View
Coldfall Primary School 102097 View
Tetherdown Primary School 102098 View
Noel Park Junior School 102099 View
Noel Park Infant School 102100 View
North Harringay Junior School 102101 View
North Harringay Infant School 102102 View
Parkhurst Infant School 102103 View
Risley Avenue Junior School 102104 View
Risley Avenue Infant School 102105 View
Rokesly Junior School 102106 View
Rokesly Infant & Nursery School 102107 View
Seven Sisters Junior School 102108 View
Seven Sisters Infant School 102109 View
South Harringay Junior School 102110 View
South Harringay Infant School 102111 View
Stamford Hill Primary School 102112 View
Stroud Green Junior School 102113 View
Stroud Green Infant School 102114 View
West Green Primary School 102115 View
Earlham Junior School 102116 View
Earlham Infant School 102117 View
Woodlands Park Junior School 102118 View
Woodlands Park Infant School 102119 View
Tiverton Primary School 102120 View
Coleridge Primary School 102121 View
Muswell Hill Junior School 102122 View
Muswell Hill Infant School 102123 View
Welbourne Primary School 102124 View
Lea Valley Primary School 102125 View
Nightingale Primary School 102126 View
Ferry Lane Primary School 102127 View
Rhodes Avenue Primary School 102128 View
Crowland Primary School 102129 View
Weston Park Primary School 102130 View
The Willow Primary School 102131 View
Aylands School 102068 View
West Lea School 102067 View
St Aidans Voluntary Controlled Primary School 102132 View
St James Church of England Primary School 102136 View
St Anns CofE Primary School 102137 View
St Marys CofE Junior School 102138 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 102139 View
St Michaels CofE Primary School 102140 View
St Pauls and All Hallows CofE Junior School 102141 View
Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary School 102142 View
St Francis de Sales RC Junior School 102143 View
St Ignatius RC Primary School 102144 View
St Marys Priory RC Junior School 102145 View
St Pauls RC Primary School 102146 View
St Marys Priory RC Infant School 102147 View
St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School 102148 View
St Francis de Sales RC Infant School 102149 View
St Martin of Porres RC Primary School 102150 View
St Gildas Catholic Junior School 102151 View
St John Vianney RC Primary School 102152 View
Hornsey School for Girls 102153 View
Highgate Wood Secondary School 102154 View
Northumberland Park Community School 102155 View
Fortismere School 102156 View
Gladesmore Community School 102157 View
Woodside High School, A Business & Enterprise Specialist School 102158 View
The Langham School 102159 View
St David and St Katharine CofE Secondary School 102160 View
St Thomas More Catholic School 102161 View
Channing School 102162 View
Highgate School 102163 View
Highfield School 102164 View
Norfolk House School 102165 View
Parkside Preparatory School 102166 View
The John Loughborough School 102167 View
Sunrise Primary School 102168 View
North London Rudolf Steiner School 102169 View
Montessori House 102170 View
Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School 102171 View
The London School for Children With Cerebral Palsy 102172 View
Limewood School 102173 View
Excelsior College 102174 View
Blanche Nevile School 102175 View
Vale School 102176 View
The Brook School 102177 View
Riverside School 102178 View
Greenfields School 102179 View
The Helix Education Centre 102180 View
Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior School 102181 View
Pinner Wood First School 102182 View
Pinner Wood Middle School 102183 View
Whitefriars Community School 102184 View
Roxeth Primary School 102185 View
Marlborough Primary School 102186 View
Grimsdyke School 102187 View
Camrose Primary With Nursery 102188 View
Belmont School 102189 View
Cannon Lane Junior School 102190 View
Cedars Middle School 102191 View
Elmgrove Junior School 102192 View
Kenmore Park Junior School 102193 View
Pinner Park Junior School 102194 View
Priestmead Primary School and Nursery 102195 View
Roxbourne Junior School 102196 View
Stag Lane Junior School 102197 View
Stanburn Junior School 102198 View
Longfield Primary School 102199 View
Weald Junior School 102200 View
West Lodge Middle School 102201 View
Grange Primary School 102202 View
Heathland School 102203 View
Cannon Lane Primary School 102204 View
Cedars First School 102205 View
Longfield Infant School and Nursery 102206 View
Pinner Park Infant and Nursery School 102207 View
Priestmead First School and Nursery 102208 View
Stag Lane Infant and Nursery School 102209 View
Belmont First School 102210 View
Elmgrove Primary School & Nursery 102211 View
Kenmore Park Infant and Nursery School 102212 View
Roxbourne Primary School 102213 View
Stanburn Primary School 102214 View
Weald Rise Primary School 102215 View
West Lodge Primary School 102216 View
Grange Nursery and Infant School 102217 View
Roxeth Manor First School 102218 View
Earlsmead Primary School 102219 View
Welldon Park Primary School 102220 View
Welldon Park Junior School 102221 View
Norbury School 102222 View
Vaughan Primary School 102223 View
Glebe Primary School 102224 View
Aylward Primary School 102225 View
Whitchurch First School and Nursery 102226 View
St Johns CofE Middle School 102227 View
St Johns CofE First School 102228 View
St Bernadettes Catholic Primary School 102229 View
St Anselms Catholic Primary School 102230 View
St Teresas Catholic Primary School and Nursery 102231 View
St Pauls and All Hallows CofE Infant School 102133 View
The Green CofE Primary School 102134 View
St Michaels CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 102135 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School 102232 View
Park High School 102236 View
Canons High School 102237 View
Nower Hill High School 102238 View
Whitmore High School 102239 View
Rooks Heath High School 102240 View
Bentley Wood High School 102241 View
Harrow High School and Sports College 102242 View
The Sacred Heart Language College 102243 View
Salvatorian Roman Catholic College 102244 View
Harrow School 102245 View
Heathfield School for Girls 102246 View
The John Lyon School 102247 View
Orley Farm School 102248 View
Quainton Hall School 102249 View
Alpha Preparatory School 102250 View
Buckingham College School 102251 View
Peterborough and St Margarets School 102252 View
Reddiford School 102253 View
Roxeth Mead School 102254 View
Innellan House School 102255 View
Purcell School 102256 View
North London Collegiate School 102257 View
Dorset House School 102258 View
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital School 102259 View
Shaftesbury High School 102260 View
Whittlesea School 102261 View
Alexandra School 102262 View
Birnam Wood Pupil Referral Unit 102263 View
Albert Road Unit 102264 View
Oglethorpe Unit 102265 View
Engayne Junior School 102266 View
Engayne Infant School 102267 View
The James Oglethorpe Primary School 102268 View
Harold Wood Primary School 102269 View
Ardleigh Green Junior School 102270 View
Ardleigh Green Infant School 102271 View
Elm Park Primary School 102272 View
Benhurst Primary School 102273 View
Branfil Junior School 102274 View
Branfil Infant School 102275 View
Hylands Primary School 102276 View
Hacton Primary School 102277 View
Harold Court Primary School 102278 View
Langtons Junior School 102279 View
Langtons Infant School 102280 View
Scargill Junior School 102281 View
Scargill Infant School 102282 View
Suttons Primary School 102283 View
Whybridge Junior School 102284 View
Whybridge Infant School 102285 View
Wykeham Junior School 102286 View
Wykeham Infants School 102287 View
Brookside Junior School 102288 View
Brookside Infant School 102289 View
Clockhouse Junior School 102290 View
Clockhouse Primary School 102291 View
Crowlands Junior School 102292 View
Crowlands Infant School 102293 View
Crownfield Junior School 102294 View
Crownfield Infant School 102295 View
Gobions Primary School 102296 View
Hatch End High School 102235 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 102233 View
St Georges Primary School 102234 View
Mawney Junior School 102297 View
Rise Park Junior School 102301 View
Rise Park Infant School 102302 View
Squirrels Heath Junior School 102303 View
Squirrels Heath Infant School 102304 View
The Manor Primary School 102305 View
Upminster Junior School 102306 View
Upminster Infant School 102307 View
Gidea Park Primary School 102308 View
Towers Infant School 102309 View
Mitchell Junior School 102310 View
Parsonage Farm Junior School 102311 View
Parsonage Farm Primary School 102312 View
Towers Junior School 102313 View
Brady Primary School 102314 View
Mitchell Infants School 102315 View
Scotts Primary School 102316 View
Broadford Primary School 102317 View
Ingrebourne Primary School 102318 View
Newtons Primary School 102319 View
Pyrgo Priory Primary School 102320 View
Nelmes Primary School 102321 View
Mead Primary School 102322 View
Dunningford Primary School 102323 View
Rainham Village Primary School 102324 View
Hilldene Primary School 102325 View
Pinewood Primary School 102326 View
Dame Tipping Church of England Primary School 102327 View
St Edwards Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 102328 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 102329 View
La Salette Catholic Primary School 102330 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 102331 View
St Ursulas Catholic Junior School 102332 View
St Ursulas Catholic Infant School 102333 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 102334 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 102335 View
St Albans Catholic Primary School 102336 View
Hall Mead School 102337 View
Redden Court School 102338 View
Brittons School and Technology College 102339 View
Emerson Park School 102340 View
Sanders School 102341 View
The Chafford School, A Specialist Business and Enterprise College 102342 View
The Royal Liberty School 102343 View
Gaynes School 102344 View
Marshalls Park School 102345 View
The Albany, A Business and Enterprise College 102346 View
Kings Wood School 102347 View
Bower Park School 102348 View
St Edwards Church of England School & Sixth Form College 102349 View
The Campion School 102350 View
The Frances Bardsley School for Girls 102351 View
Abbs Cross School and Arts College 102352 View
The Coopers Company and Coborn School 102353 View
Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School 102354 View
Gidea Park College 102355 View
Goodrington School 102356 View
St Marys Hare Park School 102357 View
Raphael Independent School 102358 View
Immanuel School 102359 View
Immanuel School 102360 View
Oakfields Montessori School 102361 View
Corbets Tey School 102362 View
Dycorts School 102363 View
Ravensbourne School 102364 View
McMillan Early Childhood Centre 102365 View
Hillingdon Tuition Centre 102366 View
Belmore Childrens Centre, Nursery and Primary School 102367 View
Bourne Primary School 102368 View
The Breakspear School 102369 View
Cherry Lane Junior School 102370 View
Cherry Lane Infant School 102371 View
Colham Manor Junior School 102372 View
Colham Manor Primary School 102373 View
Coteford Junior School 102374 View
Coteford Infant School 102375 View
Cowley Infant School 102376 View
Deanesfield Primary School 102377 View
Field End Junior School 102378 View
Field End Infant School 102379 View
Glebe Primary School 102380 View
Harefield Junior School 102381 View
Harefield Infant School 102382 View
Harlyn Primary School 102383 View
Harmondsworth Primary School 102384 View
Heathrow Primary School 102385 View
Hillingdon Junior School 102386 View
Hillingdon Infant School 102387 View
Lady Bankes Junior School 102388 View
Minet Junior School 102391 View
Minet Nursery and Infant School 102392 View
Newnham Junior School 102393 View
Newnham Infant and Nursery School 102394 View
Pinkwell Junior School 102395 View
Pinkwell Infant School 102396 View
Mawney Infants School 102298 View
Parklands Junior School 102299 View
Parklands Infant School 102300 View
Ryefield Primary School 102397 View
William Byrd School 102401 View
Wood End Park Junior School 102402 View
Yeading Junior School 102403 View
Yeading Infant and Nursery School 102404 View
Hermitage Primary School 102405 View
Brookside Primary School 102406 View
Highfield Primary School 102407 View
Breakspear Infant and Nursery School 102410 View
Whitehall Infant School 102411 View
Wood End Park Infant School 102412 View
Whiteheath Infant and Nursery School 102413 View
Frithwood Primary School 102414 View
Cranford Park Primary School 102415 View
Ruislip Gardens Primary School 102416 View
Bishop Winnington-Ingram CofE Primary School 102417 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 102418 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 102419 View
Dr Tripletts CofE Primary School 102420 View
St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School 102421 View
Botwell House Catholic Primary School 102422 View
St Bernadette Catholic Primary School 102423 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 102425 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 102426 View
Evelyns School 102427 View
John Penrose School 102428 View
Bishop Ramsey CofE Voluntary Aided Secondary School 102429 View
Oak Farm Infant School 102430 View
Oak Farm Junior School 102431 View
Grange Park Junior School 102432 View
Hillside Infant School 102434 View
Hillside Junior School 102435 View
Charville Primary School 102436 View
St Laurence CofE Junior School 102437 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 102438 View
Hayes Park School 102439 View
Bishopshalt School 102440 View
Haydon School 102441 View
Vyners School 102442 View
Queensmead School 102443 View
Uxbridge High School 102444 View
Northwood School 102445 View
Rosedale College 102446 View
Mellow Lane School 102447 View
The Douay Martyrs Catholic School 102448 View
Whiteheath Junior School 102400 View
Swakeleys School 102450 View
Harlington School 102451 View
Northwood College for Girls 102452 View
St Helens School 102453 View
St Martins School 102454 View
The Hall School 102455 View
St Helens College 102456 View
St Johns School 102457 View
ACS Hillingdon International School 102458 View
Guru Nanak Sikh College 102459 View
West Drayton Primary School 102398 View
Whitehall Junior School 102399 View
The Willows School 102460 View
Pield Heath House RC School 102464 View
Hedgewood School 102465 View
Moorcroft School 102466 View
Grangewood School 102467 View
Alexandra Junior School 102468 View
Alexandra Nursery and Infant School 102469 View
Belmont Primary School 102470 View
Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School 102471 View
Cavendish Primary School 102472 View
Chatsworth Junior School 102473 View
Chatsworth Infant and Nursery School 102474 View
Crane Junior School 102475 View
Crane Infant and Nursery School 102476 View
Cranford Junior School 102477 View
Cranford Infant and Nursery School 102478 View
Bedfont Junior School 102479 View
Bedfont Infant and Nursery School 102480 View
Fairholme Junior School 102481 View
Fairholme Infant and Nursery School 102482 View
Feltham Hill Junior School 102483 View
Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School 102484 View
Grove Park Primary School 102485 View
Victoria Junior School 102486 View
Heston Junior School 102487 View
Heston Infant and Nursery School 102488 View
Hounslow Heath Junior School 102489 View
Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School 102490 View
Hounslow Town Primary School 102491 View
Isleworth Town Primary School 102492 View
Lionel Primary School 102493 View
Marlborough Primary School 102494 View
Norwood Green Junior School 102495 View
Norwood Green Infant and Nursery School 102496 View
Southville Junior School 102497 View
Southville Infant and Nursery School 102498 View
Sparrow Farm Infant and Nursery School 102499 View
Spring Grove Primary School 102500 View
Springwell Junior School 102501 View
Springwell Infant and Nursery School 102502 View
Strand-on-the-Green Junior School 102503 View
Strand-on-the-Green Infant and Nursery School 102504 View
Wellington Primary School 102505 View
Worple Primary School 102506 View
Forge Lane Junior School 102507 View
Sparrow Farm Junior School 102508 View
Oriel Primary School 102509 View
The Orchard Junior School 102510 View
The Orchard Infant and Nursery School 102511 View
Ivybridge Primary School 102512 View
Westbrook Primary School 102513 View
RNIB Sunshine House School and Childrens Home 102463 View
Chantry School 102461 View
Green Dragon Junior School 102517 View
Forge Lane Infant and Nursery School 102518 View
Grove Road Primary School 102519 View
Beavers Community Primary School 102520 View
Hogarth Primary School 102521 View
Berkeley Primary School 102522 View
The Blue School CofE Primary 102523 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 102524 View
The Rosary Catholic Junior School 102525 View
Our Lady and St Johns Catholic Primary School 102526 View
St Lawrence RC Primary School 102527 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School ,Chiswick 102529 View
The Rosary Infant and Nursery School 102530 View
St Michael and St Martin RC Primary School 102531 View
Chiswick Community School 102532 View
Hounslow Manor School 102533 View
Longford Community School 102534 View
Feltham Community College 102535 View
Brentford School for Girls 102536 View
Heston Community School 102537 View
Lampton School 102538 View
The Heathland School 102539 View
Cranford Community College 102540 View
Isleworth and Syon School for Boys 102541 View
The Green School 102542 View
St Marks Catholic School 102543 View
Gumley House RC Convent School, FCJ 102544 View
Gunnersbury Catholic School 102545 View
Ashton House School 102546 View
Chiswick and Bedford Park Preparatory School 102547 View
Hounslow College 102548 View
International School of London 102550 View
Arts Educational School 102551 View
St Thomas More School 102552 View
Park School 102553 View
Marjory Kinnon School 102554 View
Oaklands School 102555 View
Lindon Bennett School 102556 View
Syon Park School 102557 View
The Cedars Primary School 102558 View
Fairfield Nursery School 102559 View
Edward Pauling Primary School 102514 View
Meadow High School 102462 View
The Smallberry Green Primary School 102515 View
Green Dragon Infant and Nursery School 102516 View
Surbiton Childrens Centre Nursery 102560 View
Burlington Junior School 102564 View
Burlington Infant and Nursery School 102565 View
Moor Lane Junior School 102566 View
Coombe Hill Infant School 102567 View
Ellingham Primary School 102568 View
Green Lane Primary and Nursery School 102569 View
Knollmead Primary School 102570 View
Latchmere School 102571 View
Latchmere Infant School 102572 View
Robin Hood Primary School 102573 View
Tolworth Junior School 102574 View
Tolworth Infant and Nursery School 102575 View
Coombe Hill Junior School 102576 View
Maple Infants School 102577 View
Alexandra School 102578 View
King Athelstan Primary School 102579 View
Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School 102580 View
Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School 102581 View
Kings Oak Primary School 102582 View
Lovelace Primary School 102583 View
Christ Church CofE Junior School 102584 View
Mecklenburg Pupil Referral Unit 102561 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 102586 View
Malden Parochial CofE Primary School 102587 View
St Andrews and St Marks CofE Junior School 102588 View
St Johns C of E Primary School 102589 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 102590 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School, Kingston Hill 102591 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 102592 View
St Marys CofE (Aided) Primary School 102593 View
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 102594 View
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School 102595 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 102596 View
St Agathas Catholic Primary School 102597 View
Coombe Girls School 102598 View
Chessington Community College 102599 View
The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre 102600 View
Southborough High School 102601 View
The Tiffin Girls School 102602 View
Tolworth Girls School and Centre for Continuing Education 102603 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 102604 View
Tiffin School 102605 View
Richard Challoner School 102606 View
Coombe Boys School 102608 View
Holy Cross Preparatory School 102609 View
Shrewsbury House School 102610 View
Surbiton High School 102611 View
Rokeby School 102612 View
Bretby House School 102613 View
Linley House School 102614 View
Marymount International School 102615 View
Park Hill School 102616 View
Study School 102617 View
Westbury House School 102618 View
Kingston Grammar School 102619 View
Canbury School 102620 View
Christ Church New Malden CofE Primary School 102585 View
Malden Oaks PRU 102562 View
Castle Hill Primary School 102563 View
Bedelsford School 102621 View
Benedict Primary School 102625 View
Bond Primary School 102626 View
Bushey First School 102627 View
Dundonald Primary School 102628 View
Garfield Primary School 102629 View
Moreton Green First School 102630 View
Beecholme Primary School 102631 View
Hatfeild Primary School 102632 View
Hollymount School 102633 View
Joseph Hood Primary School 102634 View
Links Primary School 102635 View
Lonesome Primary School 102636 View
Malmesbury First School 102637 View
Merton Abbey Primary School 102638 View
Merton Park Primary School 102639 View
Morden Primary School 102640 View
Tudor First School 102641 View
Pelham Primary School 102642 View
Haslemere Primary School 102643 View
Poplar Primary School 102644 View
St Marks Primary School 102645 View
The Sherwood School 102646 View
Singlegate Primary School 102647 View
Wimbledon Park Primary School 102648 View
Abbotsbury Primary School 102649 View
Greenwood First School 102650 View
Harland First School 102651 View
West Wimbledon Primary School 102652 View
Cranmer Primary School 102653 View
Gorringe Park Primary School 102654 View
Hillcross Primary School 102655 View
Liberty Primary 102656 View
Malmesbury Middle School 102657 View
Morden Farm Middle School 102658 View
Park House Middle School 102659 View
Stanford Primary School 102660 View
William Morris Primary School 102661 View
Wimbledon Chase Primary School 102662 View
All Saints CofE Primary School 102663 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 102664 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 102665 View
Bishop Gilpin CofE Primary School 102666 View
St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School 102667 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 102668 View
St Teresas Catholic Primary School 102669 View
St John Fisher RC Primary School 102671 View
The Priory CofE School 102672 View
Ricards Lodge High School 102673 View
Raynes Park High School 102674 View
Watermeads High School 102675 View
Eastfields High School 102676 View
Rowan High School 102677 View
Tamworth Manor High School 102678 View
Rutlish School 102679 View
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Middle School 102680 View
Wimbledon College 102681 View
St Catherines Catholic Middle School 102682 View
Ursuline High School Wimbledon 102683 View
Kings College School 102684 View
The Rowans School 102685 View
Ursuline Preparatory School 102686 View
Donhead Preparatory School 102687 View
Hazelhurst School for Girls 102688 View
The Study Preparatory School 102689 View
Wimbledon Common Preparatory School 102690 View
Wimbledon House School 102691 View
Wimbledon High School 102692 View
The Norwegian School in London 102693 View
Blossom House School 102694 View
St Matthews Montessori School 102695 View
Cambridge House School 102696 View
Melrose School 102697 View
Perseid School 102698 View
Cricket Green School 102699 View
Edith Kerrison Nursery School 102700 View
Kay Rowe Nursery School 102701 View
Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Childrens Centre 102702 View
Ronald Openshaw Nursery School 102703 View
St Stephens Nursery School 102704 View
Sheringham Nursery School & Childrens Centre 102705 View
Oliver Thomas Nursery School 102706 View
Oasis Nursery School 102707 View
Tunmarsh School 102708 View
Altmore Infant School 102709 View
Avenue Primary School 102710 View
Brampton Primary School 102711 View
Carpenters Primary School 102712 View
Central Park Junior School 102713 View
Central Park Infant School 102714 View
Curwen Primary and Nursery School 102715 View
Dersingham Primary School 102716 View
Drew Primary School 102717 View
Earlham Primary School 102718 View
Elmhurst Primary School 102719 View
Gainsborough Primary School 102720 View
St Philips School 102622 View
Dysart School 102623 View
Alfred Mizen First School 102624 View
Godwin Junior School 102721 View
Keir Hardie Primary School 102725 View
Hartley Primary School 102726 View
Kensington Primary School 102727 View
Lathom Junior School 102728 View
Manor Primary School 102729 View
Maryland Primary School 102730 View
Monega Primary School 102731 View
Ranelagh Primary School 102732 View
Nelson Primary School 102733 View
Odessa Infant School 102735 View
Park Primary School 102736 View
Portway Junior School 102737 View
Portway Infant School 102738 View
Ravenscroft Primary School 102739 View
Roman Road Primary School 102740 View
Rosetta Primary School 102741 View
Salisbury Primary School 102742 View
Sandringham Infant School 102743 View
William Davies Primary School 102745 View
Star Primary School 102746 View
Storey Primary School 102747 View
St Stephens Primary School 102748 View
Tollgate Primary School 102749 View
Woodgrange Infant School 102722 View
Grange Primary School 102723 View
Hallsville Primary School 102724 View
Boldon CofE Primary School 108707 View
All Saints CofE Junior School 108708 View
Ellison CofE Junior Mixed and Infants School 108712 View
Oakleigh Gardens School 108740 View
Toner Avenue Primary School 108704 View
Lukes Lane Community School 108703 View
Bedewell Primary School 108705 View
Havelock Community Primary School 108768 View
Blackfell Primary School 108833 View
St Benets Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 108837 View
Cashmore Nursery School 108907 View
Two Mile Hill Infant School 108968 View
Tyning Hengrove Junior School 108969 View
Embleton Junior School 108925 View
Blackhorse Primary School 109121 View
St Bedes Catholic Middle School 116998 View
St Jamess School 117019 View
Northgate High School 124840 View
Chantry High School 124841 View
Holywells High School 124843 View
Thurleston High School 124844 View
Westbourne Sports College 124845 View
College Heath Middle School 124850 View
Samuel Ward Arts and Technology College 124852 View
Stowupland High School 124853 View
Kirkley Middle School 124854 View
Foxborough Middle School 124855 View
King Edward VI Church of England Voluntary Controlled Upper School 124856 View
All Saints Church of England Voluntary Controlled Middle School, Sudbury 124857 View
St Felix CofE VC Middle School 124858 View
Blackbourne Church of England Voluntary Controlled Middle School, Stanton 124859 View
Debenham Church of England Voluntary Controlled High School 124860 View
St Benedicts Catholic School 124861 View
St James CofE VA Middle School 124862 View
St Louis Catholic Middle School 124863 View
St Albans Catholic High School 124864 View
Stoke College 124865 View
Orwell Park School 124866 View
Eversley School 124867 View
Saint Felix School 124868 View
Starting Points (Southfield PNEU) 124869 View
Summerhill School 124870 View
Fairfield Preparatory School 124871 View
Fairstead House School 124872 View
Claydon High School 124846 View
Old Buckenham Hall School 124873 View
Moreton Hall School 124877 View
Amberfield School 124878 View
Bramfield House School 124879 View
School of Jesus and Mary 124880 View
Ipswich School 124881 View
St Josephs Oakhill 124882 View
St Josephs College 124883 View
Framlingham College 124884 View
The Old School 124885 View
Culford School 124886 View
Woodbridge School 124887 View
Ipswich High School 124888 View
Royal Hospital School 124889 View
Centre Academy East Anglia 124890 View
Briar Independent School 124891 View
Finborough School 124892 View
Brookes School Cambridge 124893 View
Shi-Tennoji School 124894 View
Moats Tye School 124895 View
The International Community School 124896 View
Greenfield School 124897 View
St Georges School 124898 View
Felixstowe International College 124899 View
Culford Preparatory School 124900 View
Priory School 124901 View
Riverwalk School 124902 View
Hillside Special School 124903 View
Barnardiston Hall Preparatory School 124875 View
Warren School 124905 View
Belstead School 124906 View
Hillcroft Preparatory School 124874 View
Beacon Hill School 124908 View
The Bridge School 124909 View
Oakwood School 124910 View
Chertsey Nursery School 124911 View
Dorking Nursery School 124912 View
The Wharf Nursery School & Childrens Centre 124913 View
Dene Nursery School 124914 View
Shepherds Hill Nursery School 124915 View
Fordway Centre 124916 View
Phoenix Centre 124917 View
Pyrford Centre 124918 View
Sidlow Bridge Centre 124919 View
Old Dean Tuition Centre 124921 View
Woking Peg 124922 View
Wey Valley College 124923 View
The Bridge Tuition Centre 124924 View
Staines Tuition Centre 124925 View
Hersham Centre C O Drill Hall 124926 View
Lintons Lane Centre 124927 View
Sycamore Centre 124928 View
The Ashley School 124904 View
Coachmans Cottage Tuition Centre 124930 View
Horley Tuition Centre 124931 View
The Oakley Tuition Centre 124932 View
Caterham Pupil Referral Unit 124933 View
Abinger Common First School 124934 View
Wyke Primary School 124935 View
Kingswood Primary School 124937 View
Warren Mead Junior School 124938 View
Walton-on-the-Hill Primary School 124939 View
Woodmansterne Primary School 124940 View
South Lee School 124876 View
Thomas Wolsey School 124907 View
Bletchingley Village Primary School 124941 View
Woodlea Primary School 124945 View
Charlwood Village Primary School 124946 View
New Haw Community Junior School 124947 View
The Redlands Junior School 124950 View
St Lawrence Primary School 124951 View
Trumps Green Infant School 124952 View
Manorcroft Primary School 124953 View
Hamsey Green Primary 124943 View
Ewell Grove Infant and Nursery School 124955 View
Epsom Primary and Nursery School 124956 View
Sparrow Farm Community Junior School 124957 View
The Mead Infant School 124959 View
Danetree Junior School 124960 View
West Ewell Infant School and Nursery 124961 View
Riverview CofE Primary School 124962 View
The Orchard Infant School 124964 View
Hinchley Wood Primary School 124965 View
Long Ditton Infant and Nursery School 124966 View
Thames Ditton Infant School 124968 View
The Bourne Community School 124969 View
Beacon Hill Community Primary School 124978 View
Horley Infant School 124981 View
Barnett Wood Infant School 124982 View
Fetcham Village Infant School 124983 View
The Dawnay School 124984 View
The Woodville School 124985 View
Dormansland Primary School 124986 View
Earlswood Infant and Nursery School 124987 View
Holmesdale Community Infant School 124988 View
Merstham Primary School 124989 View
St Johns Primary School 124990 View
Orchards School 124991 View
Shalford Infant School 124992 View
Oatlands School 124994 View
Windlesham Village Infant School 124995 View
Bagshot Infant School 124996 View
Epsom Downs County Infant School 124954 View
Warlingham Village Primary School 124944 View
Greenacre School for Girls 125318 View
Singleton CofE Primary School 125993 View
Balcombe CofE Controlled Primary School 126006 View
Bolney CofE Primary School 126007 View
Copthorne CofE Junior School 126013 View
Albourne CofE Primary School 126014 View
Harting CofE Primary School 126017 View
Arundel CofE Primary School 126019 View
Bury CofE Primary School 126022 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 126028 View
St Marys CofE (Aided) Primary School 126029 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 126030 View
St Margarets CofE Primary School 126043 View
Stradbrooke Middle School 127677 View
Moortown First School 127841 View
Stanningley First School 127848 View
Beckett Park First School 127870 View
Hawksworth Wood First School 127871 View
Little London First School 127869 View
Ninelands Lane Junior School 127895 View
Raynville First School 127868 View
Earl Cowper Middle School 127951 View
Hugh Gaitskell School 127963 View
Simpsons Lane First School 128072 View
Throstle Farm First School 128074 View
Redewood School 128134 View
The Silverhill School 128140 View
Condercum House School 128141 View
John Paul Nursery School 128174 View
Lukes Lane County Infant School 128178 View
Wellbank School 128215 View
Perse Preparatory School 128389 View
Oldfield County Infant School 128419 View
The Meadow County Junior School 128420 View
Fearnall County Primary School 128421 View
Mansfield County Infant School 128422 View
Astmoor County Infant School 128428 View
Bexton County Infant School 128439 View
Beacon Infant School 128539 View
St Austell Sixth Form College 128556 View
Upton Primary School 128567 View
Renwick County Primary School 128570 View
Oulton CofE Primary School 128589 View
Modbury County Primary School 128698 View
Kingsteignton CofE Infant School 128708 View
Woodham Ley County Junior School 128884 View
Palmers Sixth Form College 128910 View
St Cedds RC School 128911 View
Oakfields Montessori School 128928 View
Priory Meadow School 128936 View
Coney Hill Infants School 128942 View
Whaddon County Infant School 128943 View
Brockworth Infant School 128944 View
Brockweir County Primary School 128945 View
Westacre Middle School 129089 View
Leavesden Green Junior Mixed School 129114 View
Chalk Dell Infant School 129131 View
Thomas Bourne CofE Middle School 129169 View
Springfield Middle School 129224 View
Wybers Wood Middle School 129236 View
Parkside First School 129246 View
St Marys First and Middle School 129256 View
Sherwood Park County Junior School 129380 View
Broadwater County Infant School 129384 View
Liskeard Hillfort Primary School 129391 View
St Marys RC Infant School 129412 View
Sir Thomas Cheyne Middle School 129432 View
Richmond House School 129548 View
Sturton By Stow School 129595 View
Terrington St Clement Junior School 129615 View
Terrington St Clement Infant School 129616 View
Honingham Primary School 129617 View
Felthorpe First School 129618 View
Great Cressingham VC Primary School 129619 View
Pennoyers Primary School 129620 View
South Creake Primary School 129621 View
South Walsham Primary School 129622 View
Syderstone County Primary School 129623 View
Bradenham VC Primary School 129624 View
Woodnewton CofE Primary School 129694 View
Kings Cliffe Middle School 129697 View
Riverbank School 129710 View
Croeswylan School 129814 View
Bradeley Infant School 129869 View
St Andrews School 129922 View
Redhill Infant School 129879 View
St Bartholomews CofE (Aided) First School 130082 View
Baddesley Clinton RC Junior and Infant School 130166 View
Bowsland Green Primary School 130257 View
Highfield School 130196 View
Thorne Brooke Primary School 130289 View
Gayhurst Community School 130303 View
Rabia Girls and Boys School 130331 View
Long Itchington CofE Primary School 130874 View
Brettenham Primary School 130933 View
Mill Green School 131022 View
Beis Soroh Schneirer 131026 View
Hooke Court School 131027 View
St Johns Catholic Infant School 131028 View
Oswald Road Primary School 131030 View
Oakwood School 131033 View
Pleasant Street 131087 View
Eastglade Primary and Nursery School 131088 View
Orchard Centre 131142 View
Flying Bull Primary School 131210 View
Newker Primary School 131233 View
Surrey Square Primary School 131318 View
Al-Hira School 131413 View
Hillfields Primary School 131498 View
Silver Birches Independent School 131589 View
Betty Layward Primary School 131706 View
East Brighton College of Media Arts 131777 View
Tabernacle School 131778 View
Gascoigne Primary School 131775 View
Castle View Primary School 131776 View
Townfield Primary School 131774 View
Ilminster Avenue Primary School 131794 View
Highfields Boys Secondary School 131781 View
Dulwich College (Ducks) Kindergarten and Infant School 131779 View
Pyrford Church of England Aided Primary School 131906 View
Kassim Darwish Grammar School for Boys 131979 View
Beaufort Community Primary School 131980 View
The Gateway Primary School 132107 View
Dover College International Study Centre 132116 View
Kent Education Health Needs Service 132186 View
Burley Oaks Primary School 132221 View
Yearsley Grove Primary School 132228 View
The Henry Moore Primary School 132230 View
St Gregorys Catholic Infant School 132826 View
Abbotsmede Infant School 132866 View
Oak Hill First School 132820 View
Leigh County First School 132921 View
The Redlands CofE Infant School 132922 View
Benjamin Adlard Junior School 132929 View
St Thomas RC Junior School 132970 View
St Michaels Church of England Primary School 133282 View
The Davenport School 133298 View
Wessex College 133522 View
Mayville Primary School 133525 View
Great Oaks Small School 133539 View
Knutton St Marys Primary School 133993 View
Badgers Hill 134056 View
Al-Burhan Grammar School 134034 View
Moel Llys Centre 134090 View
Bridlewood Primary School 134134 View
Madley Brook Community Primary School 134136 View
Trinity CofE VC Primary School 134239 View
Moordale Academy 134491 View
The Avenue Learning Centre 134530 View
Hazeley School 134631 View
Link Education Centre (Orchard Lodge) 134696 View
Murton Community Primary School 134856 View
Sompting Village Primary School 134896 View
Granta School 134937 View
Larkman Primary School 134943 View
Lakenham Primary School 134965 View
Sacred Heart Primary School 135029 View
Stourport Primary School 135038 View
Hurst Farm 135104 View
Chellow Heights Special School 135228 View
Spires Academy 135305 View
Chance PRU 135332 View
Kingsmead School 135345 View
West Lakes Academy 135632 View
Saughall All Saints Church of England Primary School 135736 View
Shotton Hall Primary School 135838 View
Walsden St Peters CE (VC) Primary School 135862 View
The George Eliot School 135947 View
Stillbrook Lodge Independent Montessori Primary School 136180 View
The Premier Academy 136275 View
Fort Pitt Grammar School 136337 View
Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College 136340 View
Beechen Cliff School 136520 View
Swakeleys School for Girls 136631 View
Kingstone High School 137073 View
Holy Rood Catholic Primary School 137074 View
The Hart School 137100 View
Woodlands Academy 137165 View
Corelli College 137473 View
Forest Way School 137905 View
Ashwicke Hall School 137950 View
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School 138105 View
Everton Free School 138379 View
Oasis Academy Bank Leaze 138409 View
Hornbeam Academy Special Academy 138454 View
The Robert Napier School 138511 View
Tudhoe Colliery Primary School 138557 View
Grasmere Academy 138576 View
Lady Margaret School 138607 View
The Green Way Academy 138678 View
Frome Vale Academy 138791 View
Tudor Grange Primary Academy, St James 139007 View
Bristnall Hall Academy 139043 View
Brookside Primary School 139117 View
Henbury Court Primary Academy 139116 View
Norwich Road Academy 139575 View
Eskdale Academy 139584 View
Kingfisher Community Primary School 139927 View
Pyrcroft Grange Primary School 139951 View
Mill Chase Academy 140182 View
Wolverhampton Girls High School 140798 View
Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School 140799 View
Whitehill Primary School 140800 View
Humberston Cloverfields Academy 140801 View
Cowes Enterprise College 140845 View
North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College 141040 View
William de Yaxley Church of England Academy 141211 View
Parkwood Academy 141355 View
Filby Primary School 141496 View

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