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School Name URN Details
Sherborne Nursery School 100004 View
Brecknock Primary School 100010 View
Carlton Primary School 100012 View
Edith Neville Primary School 100013 View
Kingsgate Junior School 100016 View
Kingsgate Infant School 100017 View
Rhyl Primary School 100021 View
Torriano Primary School 100023 View
Gospel Oak Primary School 100025 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, NW3 100032 View
Holy Trinity and Saint Silas CofE Primary School, NW1 100033 View
Kentish Town Church of England Primary School 100034 View
St Michaels Church of England Primary School 100044 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 100045 View
St Pauls Church of England Primary School 100046 View
Parliament Hill School 100050 View
Regent High School 100051 View
City of London School 100003 View
St Margarets School 100062 View
University College School 100065 View
St Anthonys Preparatory School 100070 View
North Bridge Nursery School 100071 View
Trevor-Roberts School 100075 View
South Hampstead High School 100076 View
Alexander McLeod Infant School 100110 View
Cherry Orchard Primary School 100115 View
South Rise Junior School 100121 View
Gordon Primary School 100127 View
Middle Park Infant School 100139 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 100169 View
Saint Mary Magdalene Church of England All Through School 100171 View
Our Lady of Victories RC Primary School 100504 View
Redcliffe School 100507 View
Queens Gate School 100511 View
St James Senior Girls School 100527 View
Instituto Espanol Canada Blanch 100532 View
Triangle Nursery School 100550 View
Norwood Secondary Centre 100555 View
Clapham Manor Primary School 100560 View
Cornholme Junior, Infant and Nursery School 107521 View
Parkdale Primary School 122528 View
Round Hill Primary School 122707 View
Portland Primary and Nursery School 122708 View
Haywood School 122842 View
Swarcliffe Middle School 127969 View
Astmoor County Junior School 128424 View
St John Fisher RC Junior School 128465 View
All Hallows CofE Primary School 128587 View
Shirley Warren Middle School 129022 View
Tauntons College 129047 View
Sutton Park Junior High School 129311 View
Dorchester Junior High School 129313 View
Coleford Junior High School 129314 View
Harmston Hall Hospital School 129602 View
Wellstead Primary School 129650 View
Witney Nursery School 129746 View
Milverton Court School 129822 View
Blakeley Heath First School 129898 View
St Peters CofE First School 129923 View
Polesworth First School 130152 View
Phoenix School 130273 View
Morfields Study Centre 130329 View
Copperfields College 131047 View
Camrose Early Years Centre for Children & Families 131151 View
Emerson Valley School 131190 View
Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch Boys School 131199 View
Old Clee Primary School 131256 View
Mab Lane Junior Mixed and Infant School 131480 View
Embleton Primary School 131495 View
Henry Tyndale School 131559 View
Ursuline College 131583 View
Sefton View Childrens Home and School 131826 View
Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah Primary School 131916 View
Meadowdale Primary School 132010 View
Birchwood Avenue Primary School 132105 View
Crane Park Primary School 132263 View
Newton Road Community Primary School 132780 View
Elvetham Heath Primary School 132801 View
St Francis of Assisi CofE School 132810 View
Furzebrook School 132891 View
Winterborne Kingston School 132884 View
Blackford Education (Schools) Ltd TA the Libra School 133392 View
Oaks Park High School 133405 View
Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery 133516 View
Kemsley Primary School 133658 View
Chancellor Park Primary School, Chelmsford 133661 View
Barnaby Bear Ward School Room At Central Middlesex Hospital 133998 View
Bradley Stoke Community School 134036 View
Corporation Road Community Primary School 134075 View
Christ Church, Erith,CofE VA Primary School 134358 View
Alec Reed Academy 134369 View
Battlebridge Education Centre 134433 View
Nor07 - Norfolk Reintergration 134434 View
The Rose School 134625 View
Chase View Community Primary School 134666 View
Eaton Primary School 134962 View
Meadows Primary School and Nursery 134999 View
King Charles I Secondary School 135060 View
The Winchcombe School 135079 View
Wilton and Barford CofE Primary School 135142 View
Royton Hall Primary School 135341 View
Ark King Solomon Academy 135242 View
Progress School 135604 View
Great Howarth College 135660 View
Red Balloon Learner Centre - Northwest London 135687 View
The Littlehampton Academy 135745 View
Droylsden Academy 135864 View
University of Chester CE Academy 135941 View
The Ridings Federation Winterbourne International Academy 135944 View
Sirius Academy West 135945 View
Drapers Academy 136090 View
The Co-Operative Academy of Stoke-On-Trent 136102 View
Hammersmith Academy 136172 View
St Buryan Primary School 136269 View
West Grantham Academy The Earl of Dysart 136477 View
West Hatch High School 136758 View
Kings Caple Primary Academy 136759 View
Queen Marys High School 136777 View
Preston Muslim Girls High School 136801 View
Ilkley Grammar School 136905 View
The Voyager Academy 137084 View
Humberston Academy 137200 View
Garstang Community Academy 137342 View
Plumberow Primary Academy 137381 View
Sheldwich Primary School 137397 View
Buckden CofE Primary School 137639 View
Herschel Grammar School 137726 View
Gretton Primary School 137854 View
Stanground Academy 137880 View
Milestone Academy 137883 View
Aldridge School - A Science College 137974 View
Young Gloucestershire Youth Achievement Foundation 138145 View
Gilsland CofE Primary School 138159 View
Fleetville Junior School 138205 View
Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe 138237 View
Diamond Academy 138419 View
Compass Community School 138441 View
The Sele School 138484 View
Bolton Islamic Girls School 138498 View
St John Fisher, a Catholic Voluntary Academy 138514 View
Simpsons Lane Academy 138535 View
Oxford Christian School 138552 View
Rickley Park Primary School 138933 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 138940 View
Belmore Primary Academy 138983 View
St Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Primary School 139032 View
Boston High School 139140 View
Parkfield Community School 139162 View
Monteney Primary School 139544 View
Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy 140210 View
Hoyland Common Primary School 140242 View
Small Acres 140270 View
Naseby Church of England Primary Academy 140736 View
Notre Dame RC School 140737 View
Whyteleafe Primary School 141593 View

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