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School Name URN Details
Engaines Primary School and Nursery 115314 View
William de Ferrers School 115343 View
Colchester County High School for Girls 115370 View
Rodmarton School 115535 View
The Croft Primary School 115568 View
Dursley Church of England Primary School 115620 View
St James and Ebrington Church of England Primary School 115713 View
Charlton Kings Infant School 115737 View
Terriers Middle School 128333 View
St Peters CofE Middle School 128339 View
Sunningmead First School 128693 View
St Francis Boys School 128809 View
Waycroft Primary School 131500 View
Backwell School 132005 View
Young People Out of School Project 134320 View
RHIS School (Incorporating ALTE School) 134576 View
Focus School - Hornby Campus 134770 View
Bury Park Educational Institute (Al - Hikmah Secondary School) 134807 View
Upper Arley CofE VC Primary School 135037 View
The Belvedere Academy 135174 View
Parayhouse School 135175 View
Knowle Park Primary School 135203 View
Nexus Centre 135499 View
Darley Cottage 135696 View
Meopham Community Academy 136351 View
Sharnbrook Academy 136470 View
Amherst School 136499 View
Prenton High School for Girls 137130 View
The Vale Academy 137453 View
Weston Academy 138068 View
Boston West Academy 138291 View
Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy 138468 View
Hillside Primary School 138574 View
Haven High Academy 138754 View
Shipston High School 138767 View
Rushden Community College 139013 View
Cordeaux Academy 139055 View
Links Academy 139197 View
The Wells Free School 139696 View
Harris Primary Academy Haling Park 140208 View
Bridgewater Park Primary School 140612 View
Blandford St Mary Church of England Primary School 141046 View
Latton Green Primary Academy 141381 View

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