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School Name URN Details
Bank Leaze Primary School 109138 View
Horfield Church of England Primary School 109143 View
St George Church of England Primary School 109145 View
Newbridge St Johns Church of England VC Infants School 109156 View
Christ Church, Church of England Infant School, Downend 109166 View
Old Sodbury Church of England Primary School 109175 View
Wick Church of England Primary School 109177 View
Frenchay Church of England Primary School 109178 View
St Chads Patchway CofE Primary School 109179 View
Christ Church Church of England Primary School 109219 View
St Martins Church of England Primary School 109220 View
Wrington Church of England Primary School 109221 View
Yatton Voluntary Controlled Infant School 109222 View
Combe Down CofE Primary School 109230 View
Dr Bells and St Matthias CofE VA Junior School 109232 View
Shoscombe Church School 109236 View
St Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Primary School 109248 View
Holy Trinity Primary School 109249 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 109250 View
Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School, Bristol 109251 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 109257 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 109266 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary School, Thornbury 109267 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 109271 View
St John the Evangelist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School 109274 View
Portway Community School 109275 View
Lockleaze School 109277 View
Withywood Community School 109284 View
Bridge Learning Campus - Secondary 109286 View
St George Community College 109291 View
Hayesfield Girls School 109292 View
Culverhay School 109293 View
Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College 109315 View
Colstons School 109336 View
Amberley House School 109338 View
Torwood House School 109341 View
Westwing School 109354 View
Rydal Pre-Preparatory School 109367 View
Bath High School 109373 View
International School of Choueifat 109375 View
Victory School 109377 View
Cox Green School 110067 View
The Edith Borthwick School 115464 View
Lexden Springs School 115475 View
Woodacre School 115477 View
Calton Junior School 115485 View
Gotherington Primary School 115524 View
Cleeve View County Infants School 115584 View
Lakeside Primary School 115594 View
Hempsted Church of England Primary School 115608 View
Aylburton Church of England Primary School 115610 View
Bisley Blue Coat Church of England Primary School 115612 View
Clearwell Church of England Primary School 115638 View
Randwick Church of England Primary School 115645 View
Redmarley Church of England Primary School 115646 View
Mitcheldean Endowed Primary School 115693 View
Walkwood CofE Middle School 116987 View
Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre 118880 View
Wrotham School 118881 View
Aylesford School - Sports College 118882 View
Dartford Grammar School for Girls 118883 View
Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys 118884 View
Oldborough Manor Community School 118885 View
Fulston Manor School 118886 View
Senacre Technology College 118887 View
Cranbrook School 118888 View
Minster College 118889 View
The Skinners School 118890 View
Angley School - A Sports College 118891 View
Rainham Mark Grammar School 118892 View
The Canterbury High School 118893 View
Oakwood Park Grammar School 118894 View
The Robert Napier School 118895 View
Meopham School 118896 View
The Malling School 118897 View
The Archbishops School 118898 View
Tunbridge Wells High School 118899 View
Sir Roger Manwoods School 118900 View
Chatham Grammar School for Girls 118901 View
The Bradbourne School 118902 View
Hugh Christie Technology College 118903 View
St Simon Stock Catholic School 118904 View
The Wildernesse School 118905 View
The Westlands School 118906 View
St Gregorys Catholic Comprehensive School 118907 View
St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive School 118908 View
The Folkestone School for Girls 118909 View
The Charles Dickens School 118910 View
Mascalls School 118911 View
St Edmunds Catholic School 118912 View
Southfields 118913 View
Cheyne Middle School 118914 View
Tonbridge Grammar School 118915 View
Barton Court Grammar School 118916 View
The Rochester Grammar School 118917 View
St Anselms Catholic School 118918 View
St Georges Church of England Foundation School 118919 View
Herne Bay High School 118920 View
Queen Elizabeths Grammar School 118921 View
Hillview School for Girls 118922 View
The Thomas Aveling School 118923 View
Chaucer Technology School 118924 View
Montgomery School 118925 View
The Howard School 118929 View
Pent Valley Technology College 118930 View
Dover Grammar School for Boys 118931 View
Dane Court Grammar School 118932 View
St Johns Catholic Comprehensive 118933 View
Chatham House Grammar School for Boys 118934 View
Sandwich Technology School 118935 View
Gravesend Grammar School 118936 View
Ashford School 118937 View
Wellesley House School 118938 View
Dover College 118940 View
Northbourne Park School 118941 View
Marlborough House School 118942 View
St Ronans School 118943 View
Gads Hill School 118944 View
St Angelas Junior School 118945 View
Kent College Pembury 118946 View
St Lawrence College 118947 View
Kings School, Rochester 118948 View
Beechwood Sacred Heart School 118949 View
Holmewood House School 118950 View
Rose Hill School 118951 View
Sevenoaks School 118952 View
Sevenoaks Preparatory School 118953 View
St Michaels Prep School 118954 View
The New Beacon School 118955 View
West Heath School 118956 View
Radnor House Sevenoaks School 118957 View
Sutton Valence School 118958 View
Tonbridge School 118959 View
The Schools At Somerhill 118960 View
Hollington School 118961 View
Haddon Dene School 118962 View
St Josephs Convent School 118963 View
St Andrews Preparatory School 118964 View
Steephill School 118965 View
Westbrook House Preparatory School 118966 View
Bronte School 118967 View
Ashford Friars Prep School 118968 View
Sibton Park School 118969 View
Honiton House School 118970 View
The Granville School 118971 View
Shernold School 118972 View
Hilden Grange School 118973 View
Hilden Oaks School 118974 View
The Mead School 118975 View
Croft Hall School 118976 View
Chartfield School 118977 View
Bethany School 118978 View
Bryony School 118979 View
The Hill Preparatory School 118980 View
Solefield School 118981 View
Eylesden Court Preparatory School 118982 View
Underhill Preparatory School 118983 View
Russell House School 118984 View
St Andrews School (Rochester) 118985 View
St Lawrence College Junior School 118986 View
St Josephs Convent Independent Preparatory School 118987 View
Derwent Lodge School 118988 View
Westbrook House Preparatory School 118989 View
Dulwich Preparatory School 118990 View
Cobham Hall 118991 View
Spring Grove School 2003 Ltd 118992 View
The Kings School Canterbury 118996 View
Bedgebury School 118999 View
Kent College (Canterbury) 119001 View
East Court School 119003 View
Elliott Park School 119005 View
Rochester Independent College 119006 View
Sackville School 119007 View
St Faiths At Ash School Limited 119008 View
Heath Farm School 119009 View
Junior Kings School 119010 View
The Family School 119011 View
Steppingstone School 119012 View
Learning Opportunities Centre Secondary 119013 View
Lorenden Preparatory School 119014 View
ISP School (Kent) 119015 View
Fosse Bank School 119016 View
Frant Court School 119018 View
Learning Opportunities Centre Middle 119019 View
Kent College Nursery, Infant and Junior School 119020 View
Brewood Secondary School 119021 View
Kent College Preparatory School 119022 View
The Leigh City Technology College 119024 View
New Brompton College 118926 View
The Hayesbrook School 118927 View
Northfleet Technology College 118928 View
Waveney School 119025 View
Meadows School 119029 View
Royal School for Deaf Children Margate 119030 View
The East Kent Hospital School Service 119031 View
Valence School 119032 View
Halstead Place School 119033 View
Danecourt Community School 119035 View
Bower Grove School 119036 View
Furness School 119038 View
Dorton House School 119039 View
Ifield School 119040 View
Foreland Fields School 119041 View
Goldwyn School 119042 View
Bradfields School 119043 View
The Beacon Folkestone 119044 View
Rowhill School 119045 View
Elms School 119046 View
St Georges School 119047 View
Greystones School 119048 View
St Thomas School 119049 View
Ridge View School 119050 View
Grange Park School 119051 View
Abbey Court Foundation Special School 119052 View
Riverside School 119053 View
St Bartholomews School 119054 View
Five Acre Wood School 119055 View
Stone Bay School 119056 View
Foxwood School 119057 View
The Orchard School 119058 View
Bourne Place School 119060 View
Portal House School 119062 View
Gap House School 119063 View
Lee Royd Nursery School 119064 View
Rockwood Nursery School 119065 View
Duke Street Nursery School 119066 View
Highfield Nursery School 119067 View
Barden Lane Nursery School 119068 View
Myrtle Bank Nursery School 119069 View
Rosegrove Nursery School 119070 View
Ightenhill Nursery School 119071 View
Elm Street Nursery School 119072 View
Howard Street Nursery School 119073 View
Stoneyholme Nursery School 119074 View
Greaves Park Nursery School 119075 View
Willow Nursery School 119076 View
Accrington Road Nursery School 119077 View
Bradley Nursery School 119078 View
Moorgate Nursery School 119080 View
Rosehill Nursery School 119081 View
Brunshaw Nursery School 119082 View
Stoneygate Nursery School 119083 View
Longshaw Nursery School 119084 View
Little Harwood Childrens Centre 119085 View
Fairfield Nursery School 119086 View
John Smethurst Nursery School 119087 View
Woodfield Nursery School 119088 View
Ribblesdale Nursery School 119089 View
Newtown Nursery School 119090 View
Ashworth Nursery School 119091 View
Caldecott Foundation School 119027 View
Laleham School 119028 View
Broomhill Bank School 119026 View
Brunel Nursery School 119092 View
Whitegate Nursery School and Childrens Centre 119096 View
Bacup Nursery School 119097 View
Darwen Childrens Centre 119098 View
Staghills Nursery School 119100 View
Basnett Street Nursery School 119101 View
Seven Trees Nursery School 119102 View
Stepping Stones School 119103 View
Haven School 119104 View
Preston Tutorial Centre 119105 View
Golden Hill Pupil Referral Unit 119106 View
Accrington Tutorial Centre 119107 View
Copper House School 119108 View
Hendon Brook School 119110 View
Leabrook School 119111 View
Larches House School 119112 View
Minster Lodge School 119113 View
Marles Hill School 119114 View
Audley Junior School 119115 View
Griffin Park Primary School 119116 View
Intack Primary School 119118 View
Longshaw Community Junior School 119119 View
Lower Darwen Primary School 119120 View
Meadowhead Junior School 119121 View
Meadowhead Infant School 119122 View
Daisyfield Primary School 119123 View
Lammack Primary School 119124 View
Longshaw Infant School 119125 View
North Road Primary School 119126 View
Roe Lee Park Primary School 119127 View
Forton Primary School 119128 View
Bowerham Primary & Nursery School 119129 View
Lancaster Dallas Road Community Primary School 119130 View
Ridge Community Primary School 119131 View
Lancaster Ryelands Primary School 119132 View
Skerton Community Primary School 119133 View
Willow Lane Community Primary School 119134 View
Morecambe Bay Community Primary School 119135 View
Audley Infant School 119136 View
Lancaster Road Primary School 119137 View
Morecambe and Heysham Sandylands Community Primary School 119138 View
West End Primary School 119139 View
Nateby Primary School 119140 View
Nether Kellet Community Primary School 119141 View
Flakefleet County Junior School 119142 View
Flakefleet Infant School 119143 View
Hambleton Primary School 119144 View
Kirkham and Wesham Primary School 119145 View
Ansdell Primary School 119146 View
Stalmine Primary School 119147 View
Thornton Primary School 119148 View
Thornton Cleveleys Royles Brook Primary School 119149 View
Farington Primary School 119150 View
Fulwood and Cadley Primary School 119151 View
Harris Primary School 119152 View
Kennington Primary School 119153 View
Goosnargh Whitechapel Primary School 119154 View
Lea Community Primary School 119155 View
Little Hoole Primary School 119156 View
Penwortham Primary School 119157 View
Tarleton Community Primary School 119158 View
Lostock Hall Community Primary School 119159 View
Catforth Primary School 119160 View
Clitheroe Pendle Primary School 119161 View
Great Harwood Primary School 119162 View
Feniscowles Primary School 119163 View
Padiham Primary School 119164 View
Sabden Primary School 119165 View
Barrowford School 119166 View
Blacko Primary School 119167 View
Briercliffe Primary School 119168 View
Brierfield Walter Street Primary School 119169 View
Laneshaw Bridge Primary 119170 View
Park Primary School 119172 View
Colne Primet Primary School 119173 View
West Street Community Primary School 119174 View
Bradley Primary School 119175 View
Marsden Community Primary School 119176 View
Lomeshaye Junior School 119177 View
Walverden Primary School 119178 View
Whitefield Infant School and Nursery 119179 View
Trawden Forest Primary School 119180 View
Worsthorne Primary School 119181 View
Accrington Huncoat Primary School 119182 View
Accrington Hyndburn Park Primary School 119183 View
Accrington Peel Park Primary School 119184 View
Accrington Spring Hill Community Primary School 119185 View
Clayton-le-Moors Mount Pleasant Primary School 119186 View
Oswaldtwistle West End Primary School 119188 View
Britannia Community Primary School 119189 View
Northern Primary School 119190 View
Hillside Nursery School 119093 View
McMillan Nursery School 119095 View
Sharneyford Primary School 119192 View
Ramsbottom Stubbins Primary School 119196 View
Cloughfold Primary School 119197 View
Water Primary School 119198 View
Waterfoot Primary School 119199 View
Ashleigh Primary School 119200 View
Turton Belmont Community Primary School 119201 View
Anderton Primary School 119202 View
Brindle Gregson Lane Primary School 119203 View
Highfield Primary School 119204 View
Buckshaw Primary School 119205 View
Coppull Primary School and Nursery 119206 View
Woodlea Junior School 119208 View
Pinfold Primary School 119209 View
Skelmersdale Park Primary School 119210 View
Burnley Rosehill Community Infant School 119212 View
Burnley Healey Wood Infant School 119213 View
Burnley Lowerhouse Junior School 119215 View
Burnley Coal Clough Primary School 119216 View
Burnley Brunshaw Primary School 119217 View
Burnley Barden Community Infant School 119218 View
Burnley Casterton Primary School 119219 View
Shadsworth Infant School 119220 View
Shadsworth Junior School 119221 View
Higher Croft Community Primary School 119223 View
Crawford Village Primary School 119224 View
Deepdale Junior School 119227 View
Deepdale Community Primary School 119228 View
Eldon Primary School 119229 View
Brockholes Wood Community Primary School and Nursery 119230 View
Frenchwood Community Primary School 119231 View
Preston Grange Primary School 119232 View
Preston Greenlands Community Primary School 119233 View
Ribbleton Avenue Infant School 119235 View
Moor Nook Community Primary School 119236 View
The Roebuck School 119237 View
Ashton Primary School 119238 View
Ingol Community Primary School 119239 View
Claremont Community Primary School 119240 View
Devonshire Junior School 119241 View
Devonshire Infant School 119242 View
Grange Park Community Junior School 119243 View
Grange Park Community NurseryInfant School 119244 View
Hawes Side Primary School 119245 View
Layton Primary School 119246 View
Norbreck Primary School 119247 View
Revoe Community Primary School 119248 View
Anchorsholme Primary School 119249 View
Helmshore Primary School 119195 View
Haslingden Primary School 119194 View
Kelbrook Primary School 119250 View
Thames Primary School 119254 View
Waterloo Primary School 119255 View
Westcliff Primary School 119256 View
Burnley Stoneyholme Community Primary School 119257 View
Rosegrove Infant School 119258 View
Burnley Hargher Clough Junior School 119259 View
Barden Primary School 119260 View
Burnley Heasandford Primary School 119261 View
Whittlefield Primary School 119262 View
Burnley, Burnley Wood Primary School 119263 View
Burnley Ightenhill Primary School 119264 View
Gisburn Road Community Primary School 119265 View
Rainhall Road Community Primary School 119266 View
Salterforth Primary School 119267 View
Stanley Junior School 119268 View
Stanley Infant School 119269 View
Gisburn Primary School 119270 View
Tonacliffe Primary School 119271 View
Trumacar Nursery and Community Primary School 119272 View
Moorside Primary School 119273 View
Edisford Primary School 119275 View
Poulton-le-Fylde Carr Head Primary School 119276 View
Charles Saer Community Primary School 119277 View
Kingsfold Primary School 119278 View
Weeton Primary School 119279 View
Rawtenstall Balladen Community Primary School 119280 View
Nelson Castercliff Community Primary School 119281 View
Ormskirk West End Primary School 119282 View
Morecambe and Heysham Torrisholme Community Primary School 119283 View
Lytham St Annes Mayfield Primary School 119284 View
Seven Stars Primary School 119285 View
Walton-le-Dale Community Primary School 119286 View
Aughton Town Green Primary School 119287 View
Freckleton Strike Lane Primary School 119288 View
Belthorn Primary School 119289 View
Northfold Community Primary School 119290 View
Clifton Primary School 119291 View
Queens Drive Primary School 119292 View
Whitefield Primary School 119293 View
Avondale Primary School 119294 View
Sudell Primary School 119295 View
Stanah Primary School 119296 View
Little Digmoor Primary School 119297 View
Hillside Community Primary School 119298 View
Larkholme Primary School 119299 View
Poulton-le-Fylde the Breck Primary School 119301 View
Skelmersdale Brookfield Community Primary School 119302 View
Moorside Community Primary School 119303 View
Delph Side Community Primary School 119304 View
Lever House Primary School 119305 View
Abbey Village Primary School 119307 View
Skelmersdale Elmers Green Community Primary School 119308 View
Eccleston Primary School 119310 View
Great Wood Primary School 119311 View
Balshaw Lane Community Primary School 119312 View
Crawshawbooth Primary School 119313 View
Ormskirk Asmall Primary School 119314 View
Lytham Hall Park Primary School 119315 View
Carleton Green Community Primary School 119316 View
Clough Fold Primary School 119317 View
Clayton-le-Woods Manor Road Primary School 119318 View
Coupe Green Primary School 119319 View
Reedley Primary School 119320 View
Clitheroe Brookside Primary School 119321 View
Caton Community Primary School 119322 View
Holland Moor Primary School 119323 View
Gillibrand Primary School 119324 View
Lancaster Lane Community Primary School 119325 View
Haslingden Broadway Primary School 119326 View
Fairlie Community Primary School 119327 View
Burscough Village Primary School 119328 View
Cobbs Brow School 119329 View
Moor Park Junior School 119252 View
Clayton Brook Primary School 119331 View
Fishwick Primary School 119333 View
Crow Orchard Primary School 119334 View
Coates Lane Primary School 119335 View
Moss Side Primary School 119336 View
Penwortham Broad Oak Primary School 119337 View
Westwood Primary School 119338 View
Sherwood Primary School 119339 View
Todmorden Road Primary School 119340 View
Accrington Woodnook Primary School 119341 View
Shakespeare Primary School 119342 View
Fleetwood Chaucer Community Primary School 119343 View
Brookhouse Primary School 119344 View
Mereside Primary School 119345 View
Thornton Cleveleys Manor Beach Primary School 119346 View
Morecambe and Heysham Westgate Primary School 119347 View
Marton Primary School and Nursery 119348 View
Roseacre Primary School 119349 View
Moor Park Infant School 119253 View
Earby Springfield Primary School 119251 View
Adlington Primary School 119330 View
Holy Trinity VC School 119357 View
St Stephens CofE School 119358 View
Christ Church CofE Infant (Controlled) School 119359 View
Barnoldswick Church of England Controlled Primary School 119360 View
Kirkland and Catterall St Helens Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 119361 View
Wray with Botton Endowed Primary School 119362 View
Cop Lane Church of England Primary School, Penwortham 119363 View
Howick Church Endowed Primary School 119364 View
Blackburn St Thomas Church of England Primary School 119355 View
Padiham Green Church of England Primary School 119366 View
Rawtenstall St Pauls Church of England Primary School 119367 View
St Marys CofE Primary School Rawtenstall 119368 View
Leyland St Andrews Church of England Infant School 119369 View
Aughton Christ Church Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 119370 View
Ormskirk Lathom Park Church of England Primary School 119371 View
Ormskirk Church of England Primary School 119372 View
Gisburn Forest Tosside Parochial Church of England Primary School 119373 View
St Bartholomews Church of England Primary School 119374 View
Staining Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 119375 View
Burscough Bridge St Johns Church of England Primary School 119376 View
Westhead Lathom St James Church of England Primary School 119377 View
Quernmore Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 119378 View
Tatham Fells Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 119379 View
Bamber Bridge St Aidans Church of England Primary School 119380 View
Morecambe and Heysham Grosvenor Park Primary School 119351 View
Penwortham Middleforth Church of England Primary School 119382 View
Roughlee Church of England Primary School 119383 View
Bickerstaffe Voluntary Controlled Church of England School 119381 View
Banks St Stephens CofE School 119384 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 119386 View
Higham St Johns Church of England Primary School 119387 View
Aughton St Michaels Church of England Primary School 119388 View
Read St Johns CofE Primary School 119389 View
Rawtenstall Newchurch Church of England Primary School 119390 View
Thornton Cleveleys Baines Endowed Voluntary Controlled Primary School 119391 View
Carters Charity Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Preesall 119392 View
Higher Walton Church of England Primary School 119393 View
Bamber Bridge Methodist Voluntary Controlled Primary School 119394 View
Duke Street Primary School 119352 View
Bamber Bridge St Saviours Church of England Primary School 119365 View
Ribbleton Avenue Methodist Junior School 119354 View
St Michael With St John CofE Primary School 119356 View
Edenfield Church of England Primary School 119385 View
Parkdale School 127232 View
Roseheath County Infant School 127238 View
Huyton-With-Roby CofE (Aided) Infant School 127239 View
Holy Angels Infant School 127242 View
Wards Bridge High School 127231 View
St Pauls High School 127246 View
Northfield School 127249 View
Millbridge School 127251 View
Birchfield County Infant School 127255 View
Breckfield County Infant School 127256 View
Broadgreen County Junior School 127257 View
Broadgreen County Infant School 127258 View
Butler County Infant School 127259 View
Stonebridge Lane County Primary School 127262 View
Hey Green Road Infant School 127265 View
Everton Park County Junior School 127266 View
Hunts Cross County Infant School 127267 View
Major Lester County Infant School 127268 View
Matthew Arnold Infant School 127269 View
St Michaels School 127230 View
Allerton Bywater Junior School 127908 View
Kippax North Infant School 127910 View
Hillesley Primary School 128234 View
Colville Primary School 128362 View
Macclesfield High School 128469 View
South Cumbria Network 128566 View
Exeter Tutorial College 128754 View
The Arthur Morris School 128755 View
Witham Bible Training Centre 128930 View
North Malvern CofE Primary School 129084 View
Wells House School 129101 View
Brandles School 129182 View
Western Middle School 129219 View
Boulevard Junior High School 129276 View
Francis Askew Junior High School 129320 View
Red Hill School 129460 View
Seabrook Lodge School 129461 View
Oak Bank School 129462 View
Woodville Residential Special School 129513 View
Askrigg Primary School 129660 View
Brookside Middle School 129811 View
Hollinswood County Middle School 129812 View
Pakenham VC Primary School 129982 View
St Barnabas RC First School 130087 View
Binley Woods Primary School 130886 View
Pennsylvania House 131032 View
Riverview CofE Primary and Nursery School VA 131072 View
Chartswood Education Centre 131092 View
Kingsbury School 131093 View
Brookfield High School 132159 View
Green Hall Primary School 132160 View
Conway Primary School 132800 View
Westmorland School 132828 View
Hillside Special School 132953 View
Kings Avenue School 133315 View
Oakley Vale Primary School 133551 View
Woodlands School at Hutton Manor 133628 View
Blueberry Park 133691 View
Phoenix Community Primary School 133961 View
Primary Resource Provision 134025 View
The Business Academy Bexley 133769 View
Knowle West Early Years Centre 134241 View
Redlands Education Centre 134500 View
Nine Maidens Short Stay School 134755 View
Loseley Fields Primary School 134828 View
Wistaston Church Lane Primary School 135138 View
Rusthall St Pauls CofE VA Primary School 135164 View
The Link School Tudor Grove 135640 View
Oakfield Academy 136970 View
Academy De London 137489 View
Harris Academy Chafford Hundred 137549 View
The Earls High School 137812 View
Stowford School 137963 View
The Henrietta Barnett School 138051 View
Elmridge Primary School 138654 View
North Ormesby Primary Academy 138854 View
Ruskin Junior School 138886 View
Warwick Academy 138887 View
Billesley Primary School 138888 View
Cheney School 139146 View
St James Church School 139324 View
St Peter and St Paul Church of England Academy 139349 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Otley 139355 View
Southlands Lower School 139371 View
Heartsease Primary Academy 139491 View
Saint Pauls Catholic High School 139456 View
Havercroft Academy 139568 View
Woodlands Primary Academy 139580 View
New Islington Free School 139598 View
Heartlands High School 139616 View
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School 139621 View
Harris Primary Academy Kenley 139640 View
Nightingale Primary Academy 139701 View
Beacon Primary Academy 139702 View
Gusford Community Primary School 139803 View
Judith Kerr Primary School 139907 View
The Green School for Girls 139989 View
Ursula Taylor Church of England School 139990 View
Pontefract De Lacy Primary School 140023 View
Stanground St Johns CofE Primary School 140031 View
Newton Regis CofE Primary School 140139 View
Haywood Village Academy 140216 View
Castle Mead School 140223 View
Oasis Academy Putney 140222 View
Beecroft Academy 140276 View
Grove Church of England School 140474 View
Loxford School 140475 View
Holme Farm School 140619 View
The Future Tech Studio 140620 View
Salisbury Sixth Form College 140621 View
Meadow Primary School 140622 View
Giffards Primary School 140720 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Falmouth 140775 View
The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College 140786 View
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School 140805 View
Stalham Academy 140819 View
St Anselms Catholic School, Canterbury 140874 View
Wheatley Park School 140875 View
New Haw Community Junior School 140876 View
Ganton School 140904 View
Kennington Park Academy 140908 View
St Peters Church of England Primary School Wymondham 140909 View
Jubilee Primary School 141025 View
Park Community School 141027 View
Holt Farm Junior School 141170 View
Heronswood Primary School 141246 View
Focus 1st Academy 141247 View
North Chadderton School 141248 View
Griffin Primary School 141303 View
Pear Tree Mead Academy 141304 View
Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy 141314 View

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