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School Name URN Details
Milefield Primary School 106617 View
Ladywood Primary School 106618 View
Shafton Primary School 106619 View
Birkwood Primary School 106620 View
Cherry Dale Primary School 106621 View
St Dominics Catholic Primary School 106633 View
Dodworth Church of England Voluntary Aided Infant School 106634 View
Hexthorpe Centre 106664 View
Royston Summer Fields Primary School 106613 View
Askern Spa Junior School 106673 View
Hunningley Primary School 106614 View
Dunsville Primary School 106680 View
Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School 106681 View
Rossington Holmescarr Junior School 106687 View
Sprotbrough Richmond Hill Infant School 106689 View
Scawthorpe Castle Hills Primary School 106693 View
Rowena Nursery and Infant School 106695 View
Grange Lane Infant School 106696 View
Sprotbrough Richmond Hill Junior School 106697 View
Rossington Tornedale Infant School 106698 View
South Common First School 106699 View
Conisbrough Ivanhoe Junior and Infant School 106700 View
Shaw Wood Infant School 106701 View
Scawsby Saltersgate Infant School 106703 View
Hatfield Crookesbroom Primary School 106705 View
Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School 106706 View
Montagu Primary School 106708 View
Woodlands Junior School 106709 View
Denaby Main Infants School 106712 View
Norton Infant School 106713 View
Auckley Junior and Infant School 106714 View
Wadworth Primary School 106715 View
Owston Skellow Junior School 106716 View
Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School 106717 View
Kirkby Avenue Infant School 106719 View
Kirkby Avenue Junior School 106720 View
Scawsby Rosedale Primary School 106721 View
Tickhill Estfeld Primary School 106725 View
Park Primary School 106728 View
Woodfield Primary School 106733 View
Nightingale Infant School 106736 View
Mexborough Highwoods Primary School 106748 View
Rossington St Michaels CofE Primary School 106765 View
Travis St Lawrence CofE Primary School 106766 View
Branton St Wilfrids Church of England Primary School 106767 View
Canon Popham Church of England (VA) Primary and Nursery School 106768 View
Mexborough Park Road Infant School 106684 View
Denaby Main Junior School 106678 View
Edlington Hill Top Infant School 106679 View
Thorne Marshland Middle School 106797 View
Stainforth Middle School 106798 View
Woodfield Middle School 106800 View
Balby Middle School 106803 View
Wilby Carr Middle School 106804 View
Hall Cross School 106808 View
Hill House School 106812 View
Hill House St Marys School 106815 View
Rossington Hall School 106819 View
Chase School 106820 View
Cedar Special School 106821 View
Fernbank School (Severe Learning Difficulties) 106823 View
Sandall Wood School 106825 View
Redbarn Rowan Pupil Referral Unit 106830 View
The Masbrough Centre 106831 View
Badsley Moor Junior School 106832 View
Badsley Primary School 106833 View
Broom Valley Infant School 106836 View
Coleridge Primary School 106837 View
Herringthorpe Junior School 106840 View
Thornhill Primary School 106849 View
Thorpe Hesley Primary School 106850 View
Herringthorpe Infant School 106851 View
Roughwood Junior School 106852 View
Roughwood Primary School 106853 View
Sitwell Junior School 106854 View
Rockingham Junior and Infant School 106855 View
Maltby Crags Junior School 106869 View
Crags Community School 106870 View
Redscope Primary School 106844 View
Anston Brook Junior School 106872 View
Ravenfield Primary School 106873 View
Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School 106874 View
Wales Primary School 106883 View
Kiveton Park Infant School 106884 View
Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School 106885 View
Wath Park Infant School 106886 View
Wath Victoria Primary School 106887 View
Anston Park Infant School 106905 View
Bramley Grange Primary School 106906 View
Wickersley Northfield Primary School 106909 View
Maltby Redwood Junior and Infant School 106912 View
Swinton Brookfield Junior School 106914 View
Swinton Brookfield Infant School 106916 View
Brinsworth Howarth Primary School 106918 View
Aughton Primary School 106919 View
Anston Brook Infant School 106920 View
Thorpe Hesley Infant School 106923 View
Aston Hall Junior and Infant School 106925 View
Woodsetts Primary 106926 View
Greasbrough Primary School 106927 View
Kilnhurst St Thomas CofE Primary School 106928 View
Wentworth CofE (Controlled) Junior and Infant School 106929 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 106930 View
St Gerards Catholic Primary School 106941 View
Redscope Junior School 106843 View
Maltby Hall Infant School 106871 View
Grace Owen Nursery School 106975 View
Sheaf Unit 106979 View
Meersbrook Bank Primary School 107002 View
Meynell Community Primary School 107003 View
Nether Green Junior School 107004 View
St Bedes Catholic Primary School 106945 View
Our Lady and St Josephs Catholic Primary School 106942 View
Pye Bank Nursery Infant School 107011 View
Greenlands Junior School 107019 View
Greenlands Nursery Infant School 107020 View
Treeton CofE (A) Primary School 106946 View
Black Firs Primary School 111045 View
St Bridgets Catholic Primary School 111377 View
The New Buckenham Upper School 121247 View
Wood Dene School 121248 View
The Small School At Red House 121249 View
All Saints School 121250 View
Downham Preparatory School and Montessori Nursery 121251 View
St Andrews School 121252 View
Emmanuel Christian School 121253 View
Sidestrand Hall School 121254 View
The Ethel Tipple School, Kings Lynn 121255 View
Fred Nicholson School 121256 View
Hall School 121257 View
Sheringham Woodfields School 121258 View
Alderman Jackson School 121259 View
Chapel Road School 121260 View
The Clare School 121261 View
The Parkside School, Norwich 121262 View
Eaton Hall School, Norwich 121263 View
Harford Manor School, Norwich 121264 View
John Grant School, Caister-on-Sea 121265 View
Childhaven Community Nursery School 121267 View
Brougham Street Nursery School 121268 View
Otley Street Community Nursery School 121269 View
Danesgate Community 121270 View
Acomb Primary School 121271 View
Carr Junior School 121272 View
Carr Infant School 121273 View
Derwent Junior School 121274 View
Haxby Road Primary School 121278 View
Knavesmire Primary School 121279 View
Park Grove Primary School 121280 View
Poppleton Road Primary School 121281 View
Scarcroft Primary School 121282 View
Clifton Green Primary School 121283 View
Shipton Street Infant School 121284 View
Westfield Junior School 121285 View
Westfield Infant School 121286 View
Burton Green Primary School 121287 View
Hob Moor Infant School 121288 View
Hob Moor Junior School 121289 View
Woodthorpe Primary School 121290 View
Hempland Junior School 121291 View
Hempland County Infant School 121292 View
Leeming and Londonderry Community Primary School 121293 View
Glaisdale Primary School 121294 View
Lealholm Primary School 121295 View
Goathland Primary School 121296 View
Great Smeaton Community Primary School 121297 View
Hawes Community Primary School 121298 View
Ralph Butterfield Primary School 121299 View
Oakridge Community Primary School 121300 View
Staithes, Seton Community Primary School 121301 View
Hunton and Arrathorne Community Primary School 121302 View
Kirkbymoorside Community Primary School 121303 View
Leyburn Community Primary School 121304 View
Malton Community Primary School 121305 View
Nawton Community Primary School 121306 View
Newby and Scalby Primary School 121307 View
Applegarth Primary School 121308 View
North and South Cowton Community Primary School 121309 View
Osmotherley Primary School 121310 View
Reeth Community Primary School 121311 View
Romanby Primary School 121312 View
Rosedale Abbey Community Primary School 121313 View
Barrowcliff School 121314 View
Barrowcliff Community Junior School 121315 View
Scarborough, Braeburn Primary and Nursery School 121316 View
Friarage Community Primary School 121317 View
Gladstone Road Junior School 121318 View
Gladstone Road Primary School 121319 View
Hinderwell Community Primary School 121320 View
Scarborough, Northstead Community Primary School 121321 View
Slingsby Community Primary School 121322 View
Snape Community Primary School 121323 View
Stillington Primary School 121324 View
Stokesley Community Primary School 121325 View
Alanbrooke School 121326 View
Welburn Community Primary School 121327 View
Whitby, East Whitby Community Primary School 121328 View
Scarborough, Braeburn Community Junior School 121329 View
Mill Hill Community Primary School 121330 View
Easingwold Community Primary School 121331 View
Dishforth Airfield Community Primary School 121332 View
Leeming RAF Community Primary School 121333 View
Colburn Community Primary School 121334 View
Skelton Primary School 121335 View
Scarborough, Overdale Community Primary School 121336 View
Linton-on-Ouse Primary School 121337 View
Catterick Garrison, Le Cateau Community Primary School 121338 View
Osbaldwick Primary Schools 121339 View
Huntington Primary School 121340 View
Sowerby Community Primary School 121341 View
Sheriff Hutton Primary School 121342 View
Wavell Community Junior School 121343 View
Catterick Garrison, Wavell Community Infant School 121344 View
Whitby, Airy Hill Community Primary School 121345 View
West Cliff Primary School 121346 View
Yearsley Grove Infant School 121347 View
Clifton with Rawcliffe Federation: Infant School 121348 View
Wheatcroft Community Primary School 121349 View
Derwent Infant School 121275 View
Yearsley Grove Junior School 121351 View
Oaken Grove Primary School 121352 View
Stakesby Community Primary School 121353 View
Bullamoor Junior School 121354 View
Sinnington Primary School 121355 View
Pickering Community Junior School 121356 View
Seamer and Irton Community Primary School 121357 View
Cayton Community Primary School 121358 View
Broomfield School 121359 View
Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary School 121360 View
Hutton Rudby Primary School 121361 View
Lindhead School 121362 View
Pickering Community Infant School 121363 View
Helmsley Community Primary School 121364 View
Thirsk Community Primary School 121365 View
Wigginton Primary School 121366 View
Headlands Primary School 121367 View
Alverton Primary School 121368 View
Alne Primary School 121369 View
Amotherby Community Primary School 121370 View
Appleton Wiske Community Primary School 121371 View
Brompton Community Primary School 121372 View
Brompton and Sawdon Community Primary School 121373 View
Fishergate Primary School 121277 View
Dringhouses Primary School 121276 View
Catterick Garrison, Carnagill Community Primary School 121350 View
Carlton Miniott Community Primary School 121374 View
Appleton Roebuck Primary School 121378 View
Askwith Community Primary School 121379 View
Bentham Community Primary School 121380 View
Low Bentham Community Primary School 121381 View
Boroughbridge Primary School 121382 View
Bradleys Both Community Primary School 121383 View
Brotherton and Byram Community Primary School 121384 View
Burton Salmon Community Primary School 121385 View
Carlton-in-Snaith Community Primary School 121386 View
Cononley Community Primary School 121387 View
Cowling Community Primary School 121388 View
Drax Community Primary School 121389 View
Fairburn Community Primary School 121390 View
Kettlesing Felliscliffe Community Primary School 121391 View
Giggleswick Primary School 121392 View
Great Ouseburn Community Primary School 121393 View
Harrogate, Bilton Grange Community Primary School 121394 View
Harrogate, Grove Road Community Primary School 121395 View
Harrogate, New Park Community Primary School 121396 View
Oatlands Community Infant School 121397 View
Starbeck Community Primary School 121398 View
Western Primary School 121399 View
Woodlands Community Junior School, Harrogate 121400 View
Summerbridge Community Primary School 121401 View
Hellifield Community Primary School 121402 View
Hensall Community Primary School 121403 View
Glasshouses Community Primary School 121404 View
Hirst Courtney and Temple Hirst Community Primary School 121405 View
Kettlewell Primary School 121406 View
Knaresborough, the Manor Infant School 121407 View
Langcliffe Community Primary School 121408 View
Lothersdale Community Primary School 121409 View
Darley Community Primary School 121410 View
Beckwithshaw Community Primary School 121411 View
Rufforth Primary School 121412 View
Scotton Lingerfield Community Primary School 121413 View
Selby Community Primary School 121414 View
Sicklinghall Community Primary School 121415 View
Skipton, Ings Community Primary and Nursery School 121416 View
Skipton, Water Street Community Primary School 121417 View
South Milford Community Primary School 121418 View
Staveley Community Primary School 121419 View
Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School 121420 View
Thornton in Craven Community Primary School 121421 View
Upper Poppleton Junior School 121422 View
Whitley and Eggborough Community Primary School 121423 View
Willow Tree Community Primary School 121424 View
Skipton, Greatwood Community Primary School 121425 View
Moorside Infant School 121426 View
Castleton Community Primary School 121376 View
East Ayton Community Primary School 121377 View
Clifton with Rawcliffe Federation: Junior School 121375 View
Moorside Junior School 121427 View
Hookstone Chase Community Primary School 121428 View
Knaresborough, Aspin Park Community Primary School 121432 View
Upper Poppleton Infant School 121433 View
Brayton Community Junior School 121434 View
Sherburn Hungate Community Primary School 121435 View
Thorpe Willoughby Community Primary School 121436 View
Rossett Acre Primary School 121437 View
Harrogate, Coppice Valley Community Primary School 121438 View
Copmanthorpe Infant School 121439 View
Bishopthorpe Infant School 121440 View
Camblesforth Community Primary School 121441 View
Ripon, Greystone Community Primary School 121442 View
Knaresborough, Meadowside Community Primary School 121443 View
Barwic Parade Community Primary School, Selby 121444 View
Ingleton Primary School 121445 View
Tadcaster East Community Primary School 121446 View
Glusburn Community Primary School 121447 View
Barlby Bridge Community Primary School 121448 View
Barlby Community Primary School 121449 View
Hemingbrough Community Primary School 121450 View
Hunmanby Primary School 121451 View
Langton Primary School 121452 View
Leavening Community Primary School 121453 View
Luttons Community Primary School 121454 View
Pannal Primary School 121429 View
Norton Community Primary School 121456 View
Riccall Community Primary School 121457 View
Rillington Community Primary School 121458 View
Filey Junior School 121459 View
Selby, Longmans Hill Community Primary School 121460 View
Sherburn in Elmet, Athelstan Community Primary School 121461 View
Kellington Primary School 121462 View
Saltergate Community Junior School 121463 View
Saltergate Infant School 121464 View
Roseberry Community Primary School 121465 View
Tadcaster, Riverside Community Primary School 121466 View
Lakeside Primary School 121467 View
Tang Hall Primary School 121468 View
Woodfield Primary School 121469 View
Badger Hill Primary School 121470 View
Ainderby Steeple Church of England Primary School 121471 View
Aiskew, Leeming Bar Church of England Primary School 121472 View
Saint Barnabas Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121473 View
St Pauls Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121474 View
St Hildas Ampleforth Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121475 View
Arkengarthdale Church of England Primary School 121476 View
Bainbridge Church of England Primary and Nursery School 121477 View
Baldersby St James Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121478 View
Bedale Church of England Primary School 121479 View
Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121480 View
Brompton-on-Swale Church of England Primary School 121481 View
West Burton Church of England Primary School 121482 View
Crakehall Church of England Primary School 121483 View
Crayke Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121484 View
Croft Church of England Primary School 121485 View
Danby Church of England Voluntary Controlled School 121486 View
Dishforth Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121487 View
East Cowton Church of England Primary School 121488 View
Grosmont CofE Primary School 121489 View
Eppleby Forcett Church of England Primary School 121490 View
Sleights Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121491 View
Foston Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121492 View
Gillamoor Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121493 View
Gilling (Richmond) CofE Primary School 121494 View
Marwood Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant School, Great Ayton 121495 View
Hackforth and Hornby Church of England Primary School 121496 View
Hackness Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121497 View
Hawsker Cum Stainsacre Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121498 View
Hipswell Church of England Primary School 121499 View
Hovingham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121500 View
Huby Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121501 View
Husthwaite Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121502 View
Ingleby Greenhow Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121503 View
Kirby Hill Church of England Primary School 121504 View
Kirkby Fleetham Church of England Primary School 121505 View
Knayton CofE Primary School 121506 View
Lythe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121507 View
Kell Bank Church of England Primary School 121508 View
Middleton Tyas Cof E Primary School 121509 View
Pickhill Church of England Primary School 121510 View
Ravensworth Church of England Primary School 121511 View
Sand Hutton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121513 View
Sessay Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121514 View
Snainton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121515 View
South Kilvington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121516 View
Spennithorne Church of England Primary School 121517 View
Sutton on the Forest Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121518 View
Sutton-Under-Whitestonecliffe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121519 View
Thornton Dale CofE (VC) Primary School 121520 View
Thornton Watlass Church of England Primary School 121521 View
Topcliffe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121522 View
Warthill Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121523 View
St Nicholas Church of England Primary School, West Tanfield 121524 View
Ruswarp Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121525 View
Wykeham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121526 View
Copmanthorpe Junior School 121430 View
Oatlands Community Junior School 121431 View
North Duffield Community Primary School 121455 View
Barton Church of England Primary School 121527 View
Elvington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121531 View
Escrick Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121532 View
Filey Church of England Voluntary Controlled Nursery and Infant School 121533 View
Hertford Vale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Staxton 121534 View
St Oswalds Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121535 View
Lord Deramores Primary School 121536 View
Naburn Church of England Primary School 121537 View
Settrington All Saints Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121538 View
Sherburn Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121539 View
Weaverthorpe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121540 View
West Heslerton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121541 View
Gunnerside Methodist Primary School 121542 View
Melsonby Methodist Primary School 121543 View
Richmond Methodist Primary School 121544 View
Robert Wilkinson Primary School 121545 View
Arncliffe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121546 View
St Marys Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121547 View
Barlow Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121548 View
St Cuthberts Church of England Primary School, Pateley Bridge 121549 View
Birstwith Church of England Primary School 121550 View
Bishop Monkton Church of England Primary School 121551 View
Archbishop of Yorks CofE Voluntary Controlled Junior School, Bishopthorpe 121553 View
Fylingdales Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121528 View
Burton Leonard Church of England Primary School 121555 View
Chapel Haddlesey Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121556 View
Clapham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121557 View
Bishop Thornton Church of England Primary School 121552 View
Dunnington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121530 View
Brayton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121554 View
Finstock Church of England Primary School 123095 View
South Manchester Jewish Preparatory School 127423 View
Star of the Sea School 127424 View
Clarendon Cottage School 127425 View
Queens Park School 127426 View
Alt Infant and Nursery School 127428 View
Eustace Street Infant and Nursery School 127429 View
Oldham Sixth Form College 127434 View
Redbrook Middle School 127442 View
Kingsway Middle School 127443 View
Matthew Moss Middle School 127444 View
Chorlten Convent High School 127422 View
Our Lady of Good Counsel RC First School 127939 View
Sacred Heart RC First School 127945 View
Hillsview Infant School 128122 View
Ravenswood Infant School 128128 View
Wharrier Street Infant School 128131 View
Water Hall County Middle School 128334 View
Sir William Borlases School 128344 View
Prior Pursglove College 128520 View
Carn Michael School 128563 View
Maryport Nursery School 128564 View
North Walney Infant School 128578 View
Morton Park Junior School 128584 View
Woodsford House School 128807 View
Alleyn Court Eton House School 128913 View
Havant College 129039 View
Farnborough Sixth Form College 129040 View
Pixie Kindergarten and Junior School 129056 View
Allington Manor School 129067 View
Pope Pius XII RC Primary School 129150 View
Hadham Hall School 129152 View
Barton County Infant School 129189 View
Wyke Junior High School 129275 View
Norwich Steiner School 129511 View
Cherry Willingham County Infant School 129576 View
Grimsbury Infant School 129748 View
Milton Heights School 129752 View
PNEU Schoolroom 129775 View
Wade Memorial CofE Aided Infant School 129928 View
Chase Terrace Middle School 129944 View
New Norseland School 130004 View
De Burgh School 130101 View
Goring Hall School 130190 View
Springfield Park School 130191 View
Paddington Academy 130912 View
Hatchell Wood Primary School 130924 View
Somers Park Primary School 130926 View
Brondesbury College London 131059 View
Brandles School 131060 View
Yew Tree Community Primary School (With Designated Special Provision) 131061 View
The Petchey Academy 131062 View
Park View School 131063 View
Chilworth House School 131064 View
Bedenham Primary School 131117 View
Guns Village Primary School 131178 View
King George V Primary School 131223 View
Macaulay School 131254 View
Leverhulme Community Primary School 131271 View
Woodhouse School 131336 View
Whiteley Primary School 131420 View
Highfield Community Primary School 131421 View
The Old Priory School 131422 View
Hillary Primary School 131511 View
All Hallows RC High School 131512 View
Primary Pupil Referral Unit 131555 View
Drove Primary School 131566 View
Smithdown Primary School 131597 View
Cherry Lane Primary School 131638 View
Charles Edward Brooke Refugee Centre Co Charles Edward Brooke CofE School 131703 View
South Park Primary School 131930 View
Lisle Marsden CofE Aided Primary School 131964 View
Monkfield Park Primary School 131996 View
Copmanthorpe Primary School 132047 View
Wilford Court 132115 View
Oak Hill 132139 View
Hadrian Park Primary School 132141 View
Highlea Secondary School 132157 View
All Saints Catholic Primary School 132208 View
Deansfield Primary School 132837 View
Hillhouse CofE Primary School 133254 View
All Saints College 133302 View
Woodside CofE Controlled Primary School 133350 View
Harrop Fold School 133351 View
The Churchill School 133367 View
Willow Dene School 133399 View
Henry Chichele Primary School 133552 View
Grove Bridge Education 133606 View
Ayresome Primary School 133659 View
Education In Hospital 2 (BRI) 133752 View
The Gates Primary School 133926 View
Yardley Primary School 133996 View
Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation 134084 View
Skelton Primary School 134095 View
Pear Tree Primary School 134106 View
Brookside School 134128 View
SBK Independent School 134170 View
Exwick Heights Primary School 134172 View
Cambian Wisbech School 134179 View
Bright Futures 134186 View
St Nicholas CofE Primary 134238 View
Linthorpe Community Primary School 134259 View
Hadley Learning Community - Primary Phase 134262 View
Rushall Community College 134263 View
The Phoenix School 134272 View
Oasis Academy Enfield 134311 View
Options Barton 134315 View
Jameah Islameah 134436 View
Sacred Heart RC Primary School 134479 View
Dan02 Bridge Year 10 134487 View
Corley Centre 134533 View
Auckland Education Centre 134534 View
Focus School - Berkeley Campus 134568 View
Northwick Education 134569 View
Norwich Academy School 134578 View
Walthamstow Montessori School 134579 View
Chestnuts Primary School 134680 View
Taunton Deane Partnership College 134699 View
The Flixton Centre 134712 View
Greenfields Community Primary School 134857 View
Great Preston VC CofE Primary School 134913 View
Headlands 134981 View
Thundersley Primary School 135154 View
The Primrose Centre 135253 View
Bristol Brunel Academy 135300 View
Holy Trinity CofE VA Primary School 135591 View
Land of Learning Primary School 135858 View
Dixons Allerton Academy 135866 View
Grangeside School 135939 View
KICKSTART 135950 View
The Gateshead Cheder Primary School 136000 View
Iqra Academy 136023 View
Abbey College Cambridge 136083 View
Al-Ikhlaas Primary School 136098 View
The Pier Head Preparatory Montessori School 136250 View
Erith School 136330 View
Ivybridge Community College 136336 View
Blessed John Henry Newman Roman Catholic College 136432 View
St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic Primary School 136686 View
Lord Scudamore Primary Academy 136761 View
Trinity Church School 136804 View
The Free School Norwich 136821 View
North Kesteven School 136871 View
Stroud High School 136874 View
St Martins School Brentwood 136875 View
Chipping Campden School 136960 View
Hagley Park Academy 137103 View
East Point Academy 137134 View
Whitstone 137192 View
Bishop Ramsey Church of England School 137407 View
The Ursuline Academy Ilford 137418 View
Grange Lane Infant Academy 137482 View
Deyes High School 137533 View
Sallygate School 137795 View
Stradbroke High School 137901 View
The Priory Catholic Voluntary Academy 137909 View
St Helena School 137944 View
Biggleswade Academy 137947 View
Samuel Whitbread Academy 137948 View
Stretton Sugwas CofE Academy 138055 View
Ateres Girls High School 138118 View
Ashton-on-Mersey School 138123 View
Saint Ambrose College 138134 View
Eastfield Academy 138423 View
Maplefields Academy 138634 View
Louth Kidgate Primary Academy 138637 View
Ibstock Community College 138721 View
King Edward VII Science and Sport College 138821 View
Wootton Primary School 138822 View
Kingswood Academy 139118 View
Seer Green Church of England School 139164 View
Gosberton Academy 139192 View
Kingshill Church School 139205 View
East London Islamic School 139216 View
Education and Youth Services Ltd 139222 View
Merlin Top Primary Academy 139229 View
Queens Road Academy 139230 View
Courtyard AP Academy 139541 View
St Gregorys Catholic Middle School 139547 View
Risdene Academy 139757 View
Nine Maidens Alternative Provision Academy 139758 View
Rise Mentoring 139836 View
Grestone Academy 139904 View
Hazelbeck Special School 139977 View
Cloughwood Academy 140093 View
Wilbarston Church of England Primary School 140094 View
Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School 140098 View
Hawthorns School 140133 View
Endike Academy 140184 View
Westside Academy Trust 140201 View
Barrow Hall Orchard Church of England Primary School 140230 View
Simon Balle All-Through School 140294 View
St Aidans Catholic Primary Academy 140295 View
St Augustines Catholic Academy 140296 View
Castle Academy 140362 View
Hardingstone Academy 140370 View
Sacred Heart School, A Catholic Voluntary Academy 140439 View
Sandhill Primary Academy 140446 View
Bishop Luffa School, Chichester 140472 View
The Hendreds Church of England School 140473 View
Avicenna Academy 140479 View
Sunnyside Spencer Academy 140613 View
Manor Cottage 140615 View
Holgate Primary and Nursery School 140616 View
Leominster Primary School 140617 View
Spencer House School 140618 View
Birklands Primary School 140659 View
Colne Valley High School 140660 View
Cravenwood Primary Academy 140661 View
Easington CofE Primary Academy 140662 View
Southcoates Primary Academy 140849 View
Barlestone Church of England Primary School 140850 View
Woolden Hill Primary School 140851 View
Snettisham Primary School 140852 View
Loughborough Church of England Primary School 140911 View
Apollo Studio Academy 141109 View
Harrow House International College 141138 View
Sir John Talbots Technology College 141176 View
Delabole Community Primary School 141322 View
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What you will find in this list?

In this list, you'll find educational institutions of Somerset county. Each entry includes the school's name, unique reference number (URN), and a "View" button. Here's how to make the most of this directory:

  1. School Names: The list displays the names of educational institutions, making it easy for you to identify schools in your preferred UK county.

  2. URN (Unique Reference Number): The URN is a unique identifier for each school, allowing for precise tracking and reference.

  3. View Button: Click the "View" button next to any school to access detailed information about that specific institution. This includes contact details, addresses, school types, and more.

Why use the Somerset schools directory?

  1. Comprehensive Information: We've curated a rich database of schools, ensuring you have access to a wide range of educational options across Somerset.

  2. Informed Decision-making: Whether you're searching for a school for yourself or your child, having detailed information at your fingertips empowers you to make informed decisions.

  3. Effortless Exploration: Navigate through the directory effortlessly to find schools in Somerset.

The Eduportalbd Somerset schools directory is your gateway to exploring the diverse educational landscape of the Somerset. Begin your journey by selecting a county or using the search bar to find specific institutions. We're committed to providing you with the information you need to make educational decisions with confidence.