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School Name URN Details
Whitehall Nursery and Infant School 104163 View
Bentley Drive Primary School 104164 View
Beechdale Primary School 104165 View
Mossley Junior School 104166 View
Mossley Infant School 104167 View
Abbey Primary School 104168 View
Lower Farm Primary School 104169 View
Delves Junior School 104170 View
Dorothy Purcell Junior School 104171 View
Croft Community Primary School 104172 View
Priory Junior Mixed and Infant School 104173 View
Bentley West Primary School Additionally Resourced for Hearing Impaired 104174 View
King Charles Primary School 104175 View
Pinfold Street Primary School 104176 View
Rough Hay Primary School 104177 View
Salisbury Primary School 104178 View
Kings Hill Primary School 104179 View
Moxley Nursery and Infant School 104180 View
Albion Road Junior School 104181 View
Beacon Infant School 104182 View
Beacon Junior School 104183 View
Clothier Street Primary School 104184 View
Elm Street Infant School 104185 View
Little London Junior Mixed and Infant School 104186 View
New Invention Infant School 104187 View
Short Heath Junior School 104188 View
County Bridge Primary School 104189 View
Woodlands Primary School 104190 View
Pool Hayes Primary School 104191 View
New Invention Junior School 104192 View
Caldmore Village Primary School 104193 View
Allens Rough Primary School 104194 View
Leighswood Junior School 104195 View
Rushall Primary School 104196 View
Leighswood Infant School 104197 View
Walsall Wood School 104201 View
Watling Street Primary School 104202 View
Castlefort Junior Mixed and Infant School 104204 View
Ryders Hayes Community School 104205 View
Brownhills West Primary School 104206 View
Radleys Primary School 104207 View
Lakeside Primary School 104208 View
Ogley Hay Infant School 104200 View
Manor Primary School 104210 View
Blackwood School 104211 View
Lindens Primary School 104212 View
Hatherton Primary School 104213 View
Pelsall Village School 104214 View
Redhouse Primary School 104209 View
Greenfield Primary School 104216 View
Meadow View JMI School 104217 View
Harden Primary School 104218 View
Pheasey Park Farm Primary School 104219 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 104220 View
Bloxwich CofE Primary School 104221 View
Little Bloxwich CofE VC Primary School 104222 View
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 104223 View
Old Church Church of England C Primary School 104224 View
Rosedale Church of England C Infant School 104225 View
St Giles Church of England Primary School 104226 View
St Michaels Church of England C Primary School 104227 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School 104228 View
Birchills Church of England Primary Community School 104229 View
Blue Coat Church of England Aided Junior School 104230 View
Blue Coat Church of England Aided Infant School 104231 View
St Marys The Mount Catholic Primary School 104232 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School, Walsall 104233 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School, Bloxwich 104234 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Darlaston 104235 View
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School 104236 View
Cooper and Jordan Church of England Junior School 104237 View
Cooper and Jordan Church of England Infant School 104238 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School 104239 View
St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School 104240 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School, Streetly 104241 View
St Bernadettes Catholic Primary School 104242 View
Joseph Leckie Community Technology College 104243 View
Whetstone Field Primary School 104198 View
Frank F Harrison Engineering College 104245 View
Alumwell Business and Enterprise College 104246 View
Shelfield Sports and Community College 104247 View
Brownhills School 104248 View
Darlaston Community Science College 104249 View
Willenhall School Sports College 104250 View
Pool Hayes Arts and Community School 104251 View
Sneyd Community School 104252 View
Manor Farm Community School 104253 View
Blue Coat Church of England Comprehensive School A Performing Arts Specialist College 104254 View
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College 104255 View
Park Hall Infant School 104256 View
Park Hall Junior School 104257 View
The Streetly School 104258 View
Lodge Farm Primary 104215 View
T P Riley Community School 104244 View
Ogley Hay Junior School 104199 View
St Thomas More Catholic School, Willenhall 104259 View
Aldridge School - A Science College 104263 View
Barr Beacon Language College 104264 View
Mayfield Preparatory School 104265 View
Hydesville Tower School 104266 View
Palfrey Girls School 104267 View
Beacon Special School 104268 View
Castle Business and Enterprise College 104269 View
Three Crowns School 104270 View
The Jane Lane School, A College for Cognition & Learning 104271 View
Mary Elliot School 104272 View
Daw End School 104273 View
Old Hall School 104274 View
Oakwood School 104275 View
Elston Hall Nursery School 104276 View
Gibbs Street Nursery School 104277 View
Low Hill Nursery School 104278 View
Ashmore Park Nursery School 104279 View
Eastfield Nursery School 104280 View
Phoenix Nursery School 104281 View
St Edwards Nursery School 104282 View
Windsor Nursery School 104283 View
Woodley Nursery School 104284 View
Bushbury Nursery School 104285 View
Kingston Centre (Primary PRU) 104286 View
Braybrook Centre 104287 View
The Orchard Centre (Home and Hospital PRU) 104288 View
Bushbury Hill Junior School 104289 View
Bushbury Hill Primary School 104290 View
Collingwood Junior School 104291 View
Collingwood Infant School 104292 View
Old Fallings Junior School 104293 View
Fallings Park Primary School 104294 View
Oxley Primary School 104295 View
West Park Junior School 104296 View
Whitgreave Junior School 104297 View
Whitgreave Infant School 104298 View
Woodfield Junior School 104299 View
Woodfield Infant School 104300 View
Brickkiln Junior and Infant School 104301 View
Graiseley Primary School 104302 View
Springdale Junior School 104303 View
Rakegate Primary School 104304 View
Rake Gate Infant School 104305 View
East Park Junior School 104306 View
Springdale Infant School 104307 View
East Park Primary School 104308 View
Palmers Cross Primary School 104309 View
Claregate Primary School 104310 View
Castlecroft Primary School 104311 View
Westacre Infant School 104312 View
Field View Primary School 104313 View
Green Acres Junior School 104314 View
Loxdale Primary School 104315 View
Stonefield Junior and Infant School 104316 View
Stowlawn Primary School 104317 View
Villiers Primary School 104318 View
Deyncourt Primary School 104319 View
Long Knowle Primary School 104320 View
Moat House Primary School 104321 View
Wood End Primary School 104322 View
Stow Heath Primary School 104323 View
Stow Heath Junior School 104324 View
Wilkinson Primary School 104325 View
Hill Avenue Primary School 104326 View
Lanesfield Primary School 104327 View
Manor Primary School 104328 View
Parkfield Primary School 104329 View
Spring Vale Primary School 104330 View
Goldthorn Park Primary School 104331 View
Uplands Junior School 104332 View
Long Ley Primary School 104333 View
Merridale Primary School 104334 View
Dunstall Hill Primary School 104335 View
Farndale Junior School 104336 View
Priory Green Junior School 104337 View
Priory Green Primary School 104338 View
West Park Infants School 104339 View
Danesmore Park Primary School 104340 View
Oak Meadow Primary School 104341 View
Eastfield Primary School 104342 View
Bingley Junior and Infant School 104343 View
Warstones Primary School 104344 View
Wodensfield Primary School 104345 View
Berrybrook Primary School 104346 View
Ettingshall Primary School and Nursery 104347 View
Perry Hall Primary School 104348 View
Wednesfield Village Primary School 104349 View
Dovecotes Primary School 104350 View
Elston Hall Primary School 104351 View
Grove Primary School 104352 View
Woden Primary School 104353 View
Woodthorne Primary School 104354 View
Trinity CofE Junior School 104355 View
Trinity CofE Infant School 104356 View
Christ Church Church of England Infant School Leicester Street 104357 View
St Andrews Church of England Junior School 104358 View
Shire Oak School (A Science College) 104260 View
Queen Marys High School 104261 View
Queen Marys Grammar School 104262 View
St Bartholomews Church of England Primary School 104359 View
St Thomas Church of England Primary School 104363 View
St Albans Church of England Primary School 104364 View
St Leonards CofE Junior and Infant School 104365 View
Christ Church (Church of England) Junior School 104366 View
St Judes Church of England Primary School 104367 View
St Andrews Church of England Infant School 104368 View
St Martins Church of England Primary School 104369 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School 104370 View
St Lukes Church of England Aided Junior School 104371 View
St Lukes Church of England Aided Primary School 104372 View
Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School 104373 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 104374 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Wolverhampton 104375 View
St Stephens Church of England Primary School 104361 View
St Michaels Catholic Primary School 104377 View
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School 104378 View
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 104379 View
St Mary and St John Catholic Primary School 104376 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School, Wednesfield 104381 View
St Pauls Church of England Aided Primary School 104382 View
The Giffard Catholic Primary School 104383 View
St Michaels Church of England Aided Primary School 104384 View
The Northicote School 104385 View
Highfields School 104386 View
St Matthias School 104387 View
Regis School 104388 View
Smestow School, A Specialist Sports College 104389 View
Coppice Performing Arts School 104390 View
Pendeford Business and Enterprise College 104391 View
Wednesfield High School, A Specialist Engineering College 104392 View
Parkfield High School 104393 View
The Bilston High School 104394 View
Colton Hills Community School 104395 View
Heath Park Business and Enterprise College 104396 View
Moreton Community School 104397 View
Valley Park School 104398 View
St Peters Collegiate Church of England School 104399 View
St Edmunds Catholic School, A Specialist Mathematics & Computing College 104400 View
Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Sports College 104401 View
Wolverhampton Girls High School 104402 View
Moseley Park 104403 View
Aldersley High School 104404 View
The Royal Wolverhampton School 104405 View
Royal Wolverhampton Junior School 104406 View
Tettenhall College Incorporated 104407 View
Newbridge Preparatory School 104408 View
The Drive School 104409 View
St Joseph Convent 104410 View
Wolverhampton Grammar School 104411 View
Penn Fields School 104412 View
Westcroft Sport and Vocational College 104413 View
Tettenhall Wood School 104414 View
Green Park School 104415 View
Broadmeadow Special School 104416 View
Penn Hall School 104417 View
St Judes Church of England Junior School 104360 View
St Teresas Catholic Primary School, Parkfield 104380 View
Christ Church (Church of England) Infant and Nursery School 104362 View
Meadow Park School 104418 View
Longview Community School 104422 View
Knowsley Village School 104423 View
Beechwood Primary School 104424 View
Prescot Primary School 104425 View
Halsnead Community Primary School 104426 View
Malvern Primary School 104427 View
Cherryfield Primary School 104428 View
Park Brow Community Primary School 104429 View
Simonswood Primary School 104430 View
Westvale Primary School 104431 View
Millbrook Community Primary School 104432 View
Whiston Willis Community Primary School 104433 View
New Hutte Junior School 104434 View
Mackets Primary School 104435 View
Roseheath Community Primary School 104436 View
Overdale Primary School 104437 View
New Hutte Infant School 104438 View
Mosscroft Primary School 104439 View
Nine Tree Primary School 104440 View
Plantation Primary School 104441 View
Brookside Community Primary School 104442 View
Southmead Community Primary School 104443 View
Ravenscroft Community Primary School 104444 View
Blacklow Brow Primary School 104445 View
Evelyn Community Primary School 104446 View
Eastcroft Park School 104447 View
Kirkby CofE Primary School 104448 View
Cronton CofE Primary School 104449 View
Halewood CofE Primary School 104450 View
Huyton-with-Roby CofE Primary School 104451 View
St Gabriels CofE Primary School 104452 View
St Mary and St Pauls CofE Primary School 104453 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 104454 View
St Dominics Catholic Junior School 104455 View
St Dominics RC Infant School 104456 View
St Aloysius RC Junior School 104457 View
St Aloysius RC Infant School 104458 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School 104459 View
St Lukes Catholic Primary School 104460 View
St Laurences Catholic Primary School 104461 View
St Josephs RC Junior School 104462 View
St Aidans Catholic Primary School 104463 View
St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School 104464 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 104465 View
St Maries Catholic Primary School 104466 View
St Alberts Catholic Primary School 104467 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 104468 View
St Marks Catholic Primary School 104469 View
St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School 104470 View
St Josephs (Kirkby) RC Infant School 104471 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 104472 View
St Agnes Catholic Primary School 104473 View
St Brigids Catholic Primary School 104474 View
St Leos and Southmead Catholic Primary School Serving the Community 104475 View
St John Fisher Catholic Primary School 104476 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 104477 View
English Martyrs Primary School 104478 View
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School 104479 View
St Columbas Catholic Primary School 104480 View
St Margaret Marys Catholic Infant School 104481 View
St Margaret Marys Catholic Junior School 104482 View
Brookfield High School 104483 View
Knowsley Hey Arts College 104484 View
Ruffwood School 104485 View
Higher Side Community Comprehensive School 104486 View
Prescot School 104487 View
Halewood College 104488 View
Bowring Community Sports College 104489 View
St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School, A Specialist Technology College 104490 View
St Edmund of Canterbury Catholic High School 104491 View
All Saints Catholic High School 104492 View
St Thomas Becket Catholic High School 104493 View
Parkfield School 104494 View
Bluebell Park School 104495 View
Highfield School 104496 View
SpringfieldElms Federation At Bluebell Park 104497 View
Alt Bridge School 104498 View
Roby Park Primary School 104420 View
Knowsley Central School 104500 View
Knowsley Southern Primary Support Centre 104501 View
Allenby Square Nursery School 104502 View
Chatham Place Nursery School 104503 View
East Prescot Road Nursery School 104504 View
Everton Nursery School and Family Centre 104505 View
Ellergreen Nursery School and Childcare Centre 104506 View
Abercromby Nursery School 104507 View
Brookside Pupil Referral Unit 104508 View
Central Liverpool Pupil Referral Unit 104509 View
South Liverpool Pupil Referral Unit 104510 View
The Kingsway Educational Guidance Unit 104511 View
Toxteth Pupil Referral Unit 104512 View
Anfield Junior School 104513 View
Anfield Infant School 104514 View
Arnot Community Primary School 104515 View
Banks Road Primary School 104516 View
Barlows Primary School 104517 View
The Sylvester Primary School 104419 View
Knowsley Northern Primary Support Centre 104499 View
Park View Primary School 104421 View
Beaufort Junior Mixed and Infant School 104518 View
Booker Avenue Junior School 104522 View
Kensington Infants School 104523 View
Breckfield Primary School 104524 View
Broad Square Junior School 104525 View
Broad Square Infant School 104526 View
Butler Junior Mixed and Infant School 104527 View
Mab Lane County Junior School 104528 View
Chatsworth Junior Mixed and Infant School 104529 View
Corinthian Community Primary School 104530 View
Dovecot Junior School 104531 View
Dovecot Infants School 104532 View
Dovedale Junior School 104533 View
Dovedale Infant School 104534 View
Earle Primary School 104535 View
Fazakerley Junior School 104536 View
Colwell County Junior Mixed Department School 104538 View
Colwell Road Infant School 104539 View
Maidford Primary School 104540 View
Florence Melly Junior School 104541 View
Florence Melly Infant and Nursery School 104542 View
Gilmour Junior School 104543 View
Gilmour (Southbank) Infant School 104544 View
Springwood Heath Primary School 104545 View
Granby Junior Mixed and Infant School 104546 View
Heygreen Community Primary School 104547 View
Joseph Williams Junior Mixed and Infant School 104548 View
Hunts Cross Primary School 104549 View
Knotty Ash Primary School 104550 View
Leamington Junior School 104551 View
Leamington Infants School 104552 View
Lidderdale Infant and Nursery School 104553 View
Lister Junior School 104554 View
Lister Infant and Nursery School 104555 View
Major Lester Junior Mixed and Infant School 104556 View
Matthew Arnold Primary School 104557 View
Monksdown Junior School 104558 View
Monksdown Community Infant School 104559 View
Morrison School 104560 View
Mosspits Junior School 104561 View
Mosspits Infant School 104562 View
Newsham Junior Mixed and Infant School 104563 View
Northcote Primary School 104564 View
Northway Primary and Nursery School 104565 View
Parkhill Primary School 104566 View
Pinehurst Junior School 104567 View
Pinehurst Infant School 104568 View
Pleasant Street Primary School 104569 View
Whitefield Primary School 104570 View
Ranworth Square Primary School 104571 View
Rathbone Junior Mixed and Infant School 104572 View
Roscoe Junior School 104573 View
Roscoe Infants School 104574 View
Rudston Junior School 104575 View
St Michael-In-the-Hamlet Junior School 104576 View
St Michael-In-the-Hamlet Infant School 104577 View
Stockton Wood Junior School 104578 View
Stockton Wood Infant School 104579 View
Sudley Infant School 104580 View
Tiber Street Junior School 104581 View
Birchfield Primary School 104520 View
Blackmoor Park Junior School 104521 View
Belle Vale Community Primary School 104519 View
Tiber Street Infant School 104582 View
Rice Lane Infant and Nursery School 104586 View
Wellesbourne Junior School 104587 View
Wellesbourne Infant and Nursery School 104588 View
Windsor Community Primary School 104589 View
Alderwood Junior School 104590 View
Middlefield Community Primary School 104591 View
Blackmoor Park Infants School 104592 View
Booker Avenue Infant School 104593 View
Woolton Junior School 104594 View
Childwall Valley Primary School 104595 View
Sudley Junior School 104596 View
Alderwood Infant School 104597 View
Rudston Infant School 104598 View
Woolton Infants School 104599 View
Norman Pannell School 104600 View
Mab Lane Infant School 104601 View
Dove Street Infant School 104602 View
Cross Farm Primary School 104603 View
Longmoor Junior School 104604 View
Kensington Junior School 104605 View
Kirkdale Primary School 104606 View
Lawrence Junior School 104607 View
Lawrence Infants School 104608 View
Everton Park Junior Mixed and Infant School 104609 View
Gwladys Street Primary and Nursery School 104610 View
Broadgreen Primary School 104611 View
Croxteth Community Primary School 104612 View
St Cleopas Church of England Junior Mixed and Infant School 104613 View
St Georges CofE Junior Mixed and Infant School 104614 View
St Silas Church of England Primary School 104615 View
Wavertree Church of England School 104616 View
St Margarets CofE Infants School 104617 View
St Margarets Anfield CofE Junior School 104618 View
Walton St Mary Church of England Primary School 104619 View
Garston Church of England Primary School 104620 View
Bishop Martin Church of England Primary School 104621 View
St Annes (Stanley) Junior Mixed and Infant School 104622 View
Saint Margaret of Antioch CofE (Aided) Primary School 104623 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School, West Derby 104624 View
Childwall Church of England Primary School 104625 View
All Saints Catholic Junior School 104626 View
All Saints Catholic Infant and Nursery School 104627 View
Bishop Goss RC Junior Mixed and Infant School 104628 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary School 104629 View
Friary Catholic Primary School 104630 View
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Garston 104631 View
Our Lady and St Swithins Catholic Primary School 104632 View
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 104633 View
Holy Name Catholic Primary School 104634 View
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School 104635 View
Much Woolton Catholic Primary School 104636 View
Our Lady of Reconciliation Catholic Primary School 104637 View
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School 104638 View
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School 104639 View
St Finbars Catholic Primary School 104640 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 104641 View
Our Ladys Bishop Eton Catholic Primary School 104642 View
St Austins Catholic Primary School 104643 View
St Bernards RC Junior Mixed and Infant School 104644 View
St Cecilias Catholic Junior School 104645 View
St Charles Catholic Primary School 104646 View
St Christophers Catholic Junior School 104647 View
St Clares Catholic Primary School 104648 View
St Cuthberts Catholic Primary and Nursery School 104649 View
St Francis de Sales Catholic Junior School 104650 View
St Francis de Sales Catholic Infant and Nursery School 104651 View
St Hughs Catholic Primary School 104652 View
St Malachys Catholic Primary School 104653 View
St Matthews Catholic Junior School 104654 View
St Matthews Catholic Infant School 104655 View
St Michaels Catholic Primary School 104656 View
St Nicholass Catholic Primary School 104657 View
St Oswalds Catholic Junior School 104658 View
St Oswalds Catholic Infant School 104659 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 104660 View
St Pauls Catholic Junior School 104661 View
St Philomenas RC Junior School 104662 View
St Philomenas RC Infants School 104663 View
St Sebastians Catholic Primary School and Nursery 104664 View
St Teresas Catholic Junior School 104665 View
St Teresas Catholic Infant School 104666 View
St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School 104667 View
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Junior School 104668 View
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Infant School 104669 View
Our Lady of Good Help Catholic Primary School 104670 View
Our Lady of Assumption Junior School 104671 View
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School 104672 View
Eileen Craven Junior Mixed and Infant School 104583 View
St Christophers Catholic Infant School 104675 View
St Anthony of Padua Catholic Primary School 104676 View
St Cecilias Catholic Infant School 104677 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 104678 View
St Paschal Baylon Catholic Primary School 104679 View
Lisieux Catholic Infant School 104680 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 104681 View
St Pauls and St Timothys Catholic Infant School 104673 View
King David Primary School 104682 View
St Lawrences Church of England Junior Mixed and Infant School 104683 View
St Gerards Catholic Primary School 104684 View
St Johns RC Primary School 104685 View
Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School 104686 View
West Derby School 104687 View
Holly Lodge Girls College 104688 View
Anfield Community Comprehensive School 104689 View
Breckfield Community Comprehensive School 104690 View
Shorefields School 104691 View
Fazakerley High School 104692 View
Alsop High School Technology & Applied Learning Specialist College 104693 View
The Queen Mary School 104694 View
Croxteth Community Comprehensive School 104695 View
Broadgreen International School, A Technology College 104696 View
Childwall School - A Specialist Sports College 104697 View
Calderstones School 104698 View
New Heys Comprehensive School 104699 View
Gateacre School 104700 View
Lee Manor High School 104701 View
Parklands High School 104702 View
King David High School 104703 View
The Blue Coat School 104704 View
Archbishop Blanch School 104705 View
Notre Dame Catholic College 104706 View
Campion Catholic High School 104707 View
Nugent RC Boys Comprehensive School 104708 View
Bellerive FCJ Catholic College 104709 View
St Benedicts College 104710 View
All Hallows RC High School 104711 View
St Julies Catholic High School 104712 View
Broughton Hall Catholic High School 104713 View
Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School 104714 View
St John Bosco Arts College 104715 View
De La Salle Humanities College 104716 View
Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College 104717 View
St Francis Xaviers College 104718 View
Our Ladys Catholic High School 104719 View
St Margarets Church of England High School 104720 View
St Hildas Church of England High School 104721 View
Liverpool College International 104722 View
Carleton House Preparatory School 104723 View
Beechenhurst Preparatory School 104724 View
Newborough School 104725 View
Elliott-Clarke School 104726 View
McKee School 104727 View
Runnymede St Edwards School 104728 View
Belvedere Preparatory School 104729 View
Christian Fellowship School 104730 View
Oaktree Education Trust 104731 View
Margaret Beavan School 104732 View
Alder Hey Childrens Hospital School 104733 View
St Vincents School - A Specialist School for Sensory Impairment and Other Needs 104734 View
Royal School for the Blind (Liverpool) 104735 View
Abbots Lea School 104736 View
Rice Lane Junior School 104585 View
Meadow Bank School 104738 View
Woolton High School 104739 View
Greenways School 104740 View
White Thorn School 104741 View
Sandfield Park School 104737 View
Longmoor Infant and Nursery School 104584 View
Our Lady of Assumption Infant School 104674 View
Clifford Holroyde Specialist Sen College 104742 View
Harold Magnay Special School 104746 View
Finchlea School 104747 View
Palmerston School 104748 View
Redbridge High School 104749 View
Princes School 104750 View
Millstead School 104751 View
Wheathill School 104752 View
Mersey View School 104753 View
Ashfield School 104754 View
Newton-Le-Willows Nursery School 104756 View
Pace 104757 View
Allanson Street Primary School 104758 View
Carr Mill Infant and Nursery School 104759 View
Parr Flat Community Junior School 104760 View
Rivington Primary School 104761 View
Robins Lane Community Primary School 104762 View
Thatto Heath Community Primary School 104763 View
Sutton Manor Community Primary School 104764 View
Windlehurst Community Primary School 104765 View
Parr Flat Community Infant School 104766 View
Carr Mill Junior School 104767 View
Derbyshire Hill Community Primary School 104768 View
Sherdley Primary School 104769 View
Eaves Primary School 104770 View
Ashurst Primary School 104771 View
Willow Tree Primary School 104772 View
Bleak Hill Primary School 104773 View
Grange Valley Primary School 104774 View
Grantside School 104743 View
Lyme Community Primary School 104776 View
Longton Lane Community Primary School 104777 View
Garswood Primary School 104778 View
Chapel End Primary School 104779 View
Rainford Brook Lodge Community Primary School 104780 View
Oakdene Primary School 104781 View
Legh Vale Primary School 104782 View
Eccleston Mere Primary School 104783 View
Ernest Cookson School 104744 View
Richard Evans Community Primary School 104785 View
The Manor CofE Junior School 104786 View
Wargrave CofE Primary School 104787 View
Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School 104788 View
Knowsley Road Primary School 104789 View
Rainford CofE Primary School 104790 View
Sutton Oak CofE Primary School 104791 View
The District CofE Primary School 104792 View
Parish CofE Primary School 104793 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 104794 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 104795 View
Newton-le-Willows Primary School 104775 View
Merton Bank Primary School 104784 View
Watergate School 104745 View
Queensway Community Primary School 105772 View
Irlam Primary School 105898 View
Ascension CofE Primary School 105927 View
Our Ladys Preparatory School 110154 View
Phoenix College 110189 View
Kennel Lane School 110190 View
Burnham Grammar School 110493 View
Chesham Park Community College 110510 View
Akeley Wood Senior School 110536 View
Waterbeach Community Primary School 110621 View
Kingswood Primary School 115529 View
Deerhurst and Apperley Church of England Primary School 115619 View
Frampton-On-Severn Church of England Primary School 115623 View
Littledean Church of England Primary School 115631 View
Longney Church of England Primary School 115634 View
Shurdington Church of England Primary School 115649 View
St Dominics Catholic Primary School 115706 View
Rosehill Junior School 119211 View
St Nicholas CofE VA Primary School 120227 View
Charnwood College (High) 120253 View
Castle Rock High School 120258 View
Belvoir High School and Melton Vale Post 16 Centre 120259 View
Wreake Valley Community College 120267 View
Countesthorpe Community College 120268 View
Brookvale High School Groby 120269 View
Moat Community College 120292 View
Holbeach Primary School 120414 View
Long Sutton Primary School 120416 View
Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School 120428 View
The Edward Richardson Primary School, Tetford 120481 View
St Peters CofE (A) Primary School 124312 View
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School 124319 View
St Lawrence CofE (Aided) Primary School 125168 View
St Nicolas CofE Junior School 125169 View
St Michaels CofE Aided Infant School 125170 View
St Pauls CofE (Aided) Primary School 125171 View
Westcott CofE First School 125172 View
St Judes Church of England Junior School (VA) 125173 View
Thorpe CofE Aided Primary School 125174 View
Christ Church CofE Aided Infant School, Virginia Water 125175 View
St James CofE Aided Primary School 125176 View
Esher CofE Aided Primary School 125177 View
St Lawrence CofE Aided Junior School, East Molesey 125179 View
Long Ditton St Marys CofE (Aided) Junior School 125180 View
Ewhurst CofE Aided Infant School 125181 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 125182 View
St Marys CofE Aided Infant School, Frensham 125183 View
St Johns CofE Aided Infant School 125184 View
Green Oak CofE Primary School and Nursery 125185 View
Busbridge CofE Aided Junior School 125186 View
St Stephens CofE Primary School 125187 View
Queen Eleanors CofE Junior School 125188 View
St Nicolas CofE Aided Infant School 125189 View
St Giles CofE (Aided) Infant School 125190 View
Limpsfield CofE Infant School 125191 View
Newdigate CofE Endowed Aided Infant School 125192 View
Nutfield Church CofE Primary School 125193 View
Reigate Parish Church Primary School 125196 View
St Peters CofE Infant School 125197 View
All Saints CofE Aided Infant School 125198 View
Clandon CofE Aided Primary School 125199 View
The Chandler CofE Aided Junior School 125200 View
Horsell CofE Aided Junior School 125201 View
Wonersh and Shamley Green CofE Aided Primary School 125202 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School 125203 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 125204 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 125205 View
St Polycarps Catholic Primary School, Farnham 125206 View
St Tarcisius RC Junior School 125207 View
St Matthews CofE Aided Infant School, Cobham 125178 View
St Josephs RC Junior School 125208 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School, Thames Ditton 125212 View
The Marist Catholic Primary School 125213 View
St Ignatius RC Primary School 125214 View
St Marys CofE Junior School 125217 View
Send CofE Primary School 125218 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 125219 View
St Clements Catholic Primary School 125220 View
St Marys RC Infant School 125221 View
St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School, Cranleigh 125222 View
Christ The King RC First School 125224 View
St Johns CofE (Aided) Infant School 125225 View
St Hugh of Lincoln Catholic Primary School 125226 View
The Weald CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 125227 View
Ashford CofE Primary School 125228 View
Laleham CofE VA Primary School 125229 View
St Nicholas CofE Primary School 125230 View
Littleton CofE Infant School 125231 View
St Michael Catholic Primary School 125233 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Redhill 125234 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 125235 View
Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School 125237 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 125240 View
Scott Broadwood CofE Infant School 125241 View
St Bartholomews CofE Aided Primary School 125242 View
Bramley CofE Aided Infant School and Nursery 125243 View
Royal Alexandra and Albert (Aided) Junior School 125244 View
Grayswood Church of England (Aided) Primary School 125245 View
Shere CofE Aided Infant School 125246 View
Howard of Effingham School 125247 View
Farnham Heath End School 125248 View
Broadwater School 125249 View
Kings Manor School 125250 View
Woolmer Hill Technology College 125251 View
Therfield School 125252 View
Oxted School 125253 View
Weydon School 125254 View
Warlingham School 125255 View
France Hill School 125256 View
Reigate School 125257 View
The Magna Carta School 125258 View
Glebelands School 125259 View
Rodborough Technology College 125260 View
Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College 125261 View
Rydens School 125262 View
The Matthew Arnold School 125263 View
The Ashcombe School 125264 View
George Abbot School 125265 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Addlestone 125210 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 125211 View
St Cuthberts Catholic Primary School, Englefield Green 125209 View
The Bishop David Brown School 125266 View
Woking High School 125270 View
Ash Manor School 125271 View
Thomas Knyvett College 125272 View
Oakwood School 125273 View
Esher CofE High School 125274 View
St Andrews Catholic School 125275 View
St Peters Catholic School 125276 View
Bishop Reindorp CofE School 125277 View
St Bedes School 125278 View
Royal Alexandra and Albert School 125279 View
The Bishop Wand Church of England School 125280 View
The Priory CofE Voluntary Aided School 125281 View
Stoneleigh First School 125282 View
The Manor School 125283 View
Hawkedale Infant School 125284 View
Send CofE First School 125285 View
Pewley Down Infant School 125286 View
Park Mead Infant School 125287 View
Holy Trinity, Guildford, CofE Aided Junior School 125288 View
Yattendon School 125289 View
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School 125291 View
Burstow Primary School 125292 View
Park Mead Primary 125293 View
Northmead Junior School 125294 View
Binscombe Junior School 125295 View
Tadworth Primary School 125296 View
Whyteleafe Primary School 125297 View
Wallace Fields Junior School 125298 View
Burpham Foundation Primary School 125299 View
Guildford County School 125300 View
Collingwood College 125301 View
St John the Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School, Woking 125302 View
Gordons School 125303 View
Glyn Technology School 125304 View
Epsom and Ewell High School 125305 View
The Beacon School 125306 View
Rosebery School 125307 View
de Stafford School 125308 View
Heathside School 125309 View
Thamesmead School 125310 View
St Pauls Catholic College 125311 View
Salesian School, Chertsey 125312 View
Fullbrook School 125313 View
The Winston Churchill School A Specialist Sports College 125314 View
All Hallows Catholic School 125315 View
Hinchley Wood School 125316 View
Aberdour Preparatory School 125317 View
Priory School 125319 View
Reeds School 125321 View
Lynton Preparatory School 125330 View
Rowan Preparatory School 125333 View
Edgeborough School 125337 View
Sunbury Manor School 125267 View
The Warwick School 125268 View
Abbeylands School 125269 View
Church Lawford CofE First School 125669 View
Fieldside First School 127613 View
Leopold First School 127845 View
Old Farnley First School 127865 View
Miles Hill First School 127866 View
Talbot First School 127872 View
Hamilton First School 127875 View
Bewerley Street First School 127880 View
The Whartons Middle School 127906 View
Hovingham Primary School 127912 View
St Michaels RC College 128033 View
St Dominics RC School 128036 View
Holy Name RC School 128037 View
Park Spring First School 127867 View
Manygates Middle School 128084 View
New College 128086 View
Houghton Infant School 128194 View
St Johns Infant School 128232 View
Manor Infant School 128267 View
Manor Junior School 128269 View
Ranikhet County Junior School 128270 View
Winhills County Junior School 128372 View
Thorpe Junior School 128374 View
Davenham CofE Controlled Primary School 128448 View
Sir John Deanes Sixth Form College 128472 View
Glenhow Preparatory School 128524 View
Wadebridge Junior Girls and Infant School 128546 View
Hesket-Newmarket School 128568 View
Lees Brook School 128657 View
Brunell School 128732 View
Hill View County First School 128771 View
Symondsbury College 128805 View
The Mount School 128859 View
Ramsdell County Primary School 128982 View
Weeke County Junior School 128983 View
Portsdown First School 129020 View
Purbrook CofE First School 129025 View
Little Coates First and Middle School 129201 View
Strand Middle School 129211 View
West Hill Infant School 129346 View
Cecil Road Infant School 129347 View
Dover Road County Infant School 129354 View
Newarke School 129543 View
Myers CofE Primary School 129580 View
Barroway Drove Primary School 129610 View
Stow Bridge County Primary School 129611 View
Hunmanby Hall School 129673 View
Longacre Preparatory School 129734 View
Castle Hill School 129821 View
Francis Ellis Centre 129828 View
St Gildas Convent School 129853 View
The Park First School 129873 View
Gentleshaw First School 129884 View
Culford Primary School 129978 View
Lingfield Middle School 130055 View
Chipstead First School 130011 View
Worthing Sixth Form College 130184 View
Convent of the Holy Family School 130187 View
Rosemead School 130188 View
Enford CofE Primary School 130216 View
Great Bedwyn CofE Primary School 130217 View
Hassall Green Methodist Primary School 130237 View
St John the Baptist CofE Infant and Junior School 130260 View
Heygarth Primary School 130324 View
Lillington Primary School 130869 View
Langford Village Community School 130962 View
Hill Top School 130942 View
Twynholm School 131054 View
The Priors School 131055 View
Victory Christian School 131056 View
The Sweyne Park School 131110 View
Knowle Church of England Primary School 131292 View
Windsor House Independent School 131338 View
Sheila Bruce Community Arts Educational Establishment 131542 View
Lordship Lane Primary School 131595 View
The Croft 131605 View
Chase Grammar School International Study Centre 131695 View
Secret Garden 131704 View
Severnside Pupil Support Centre 131796 View
Telegraph Hill School 131797 View
Griffe Field Primary School 131798 View
Parkview Primary School 131799 View
Kingsley Community School 131800 View
St Joseph the Worker Catholic Primary School 131836 View
Our Lady and St Philomenas Catholic Primary School 131837 View
Harlow Fields School and College 131838 View
Bassett Green Primary School 131839 View
Alexander McLeod Primary School 131841 View
South Hills School 132052 View
Westbridge Primary School 132070 View
New Christ Church Church of England (VA) Primary School 132109 View
Thomas Francis School 132124 View
Stoke Minster CofE Aided Primary School 132200 View
Alderman Leach Primary School 132204 View
Priory CofE Primary School 132240 View
Latchford CofE Primary School 132247 View
Kings International College 132268 View
Futures Community College 132762 View
St Andrews Church of England Primary School 132806 View
Leicester City Primary PRU 132824 View
The Crescent Centre 133357 View
Greenacre School 133394 View
Hampton Court House 133443 View
Noor Ul Islam Primary School 133517 View
Bbi School 133518 View
Gossops Green Community Primary 133970 View
Northgate Primary School 133973 View
Riverside Primary School 134011 View
Acocks Green Primary School 134280 View
Premier Training 134286 View
Rathbone Training - Derby Centre 134421 View
Solent Education Trust 134502 View
Chelsea Independent College 134735 View
Park View School 134813 View
Bacin 134875 View
The Childrens Trust School 134902 View
Lionwood Infant and Nursery School 134956 View
Parkside House School 135001 View
Hillbourne Primary School 134892 View
Small Haven School 135018 View
Bishops College 135028 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 135056 View
Ayesha Siddiqa Girls School 135155 View
Hazelbeck Special School 135231 View
Bellerbys College Oxford 135236 View
Oakfield Community Primary School 135179 View
Sandwell Community School 135254 View
The Round House Primary School 135257 View
Birmingham Rathbone School of LE 135284 View
Ark Walworth Academy 135315 View
Cambian Willoughby School 135440 View
Cambian Lunts Heath 135442 View
Towcester Church of England Primary School 135506 View
Oaklands PRU 135516 View
Greenspring Training 135527 View
Flexible Learning Centre 135561 View
Ebley House School 135570 View
Southwark Inclusive Learning Service Plus (Sils+) 135610 View
Focus School - Reading Primary Campus 135693 View
Kingsway Park High School 135795 View
Ecclesbourne Primary School 135811 View
Newbury Hall School 135819 View
Heartlands High School 135844 View
Francis Combe Academy 135876 View
Holy Trinity 135896 View
Pathway To Success Independent School 135898 View
Tubbenden Primary School 135899 View
King David Primary School 135993 View
Dagenham Park CofE School 136028 View
Wheelbase 136095 View
The Winsford Academy 136184 View
Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy 136185 View
Ormiston Victory Academy 136186 View
Ormiston Venture Academy 136187 View
Advanced Education-Pear Trees 136188 View
Eternal Light Secondary School 136189 View
Clementina School 136196 View
The John Wallis Church of England Academy 136197 View
Queen Elizabeths Grammar Alford - A Selective Academy 136315 View
R A Butler Junior School 136328 View
Norton Hill Academy 136335 View
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls 136391 View
Wigmore School 136405 View
The De La Salle Academy 136409 View
Sandwich Technology School 136317 View
Teignmouth Community School, Exeter Road 136495 View
Hartsdown Academy 136571 View
The Roseland Academy 136572 View
Penrice Academy 136573 View
Bartley Green School 136589 View
Shire Oak Academy 136620 View
Wilsons School 136621 View
Alcester Grammar School 136622 View
Walton Girls High School & Sixth Form 136624 View
Davenant Foundation School 136625 View
The Arnewood School Academy 136652 View
TLG Reading 136706 View
Hans Price Academy 136708 View
Welling School 136720 View
Bishop Creighton Academy 136721 View
Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre 136725 View
The Heath School 136779 View
The Kings of Wessex Academy 136783 View
Avon Tyrrell Youth Achievement Foundation 136816 View
Ascot College 136818 View
Elmlea Junior School 136830 View
Arnold Academy 136829 View
Katharine Lady Berkeleys School 137033 View
Falmouth School 137223 View
Avishayes Community Primary School 137174 View
Burnside Secondary PRU 137328 View
Auckley School 137335 View
The Corbet School 137336 View
St Peters Catholic Comprehensive School 137349 View
Hope Valley College 137350 View
The St Marylebone CofE School 137353 View
Northgate School Arts College 137354 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 137403 View
Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School 137415 View
Brockhill Park Performing Arts College 137458 View
John Whitgift Academy 137464 View
Manchester Alternative Provision Academy 137496 View
University of Chester Academy Northwich 137582 View
Berwick Academy 137598 View
Bourne Westfield Primary Academy 137599 View
Quintin Kynaston 137646 View
The Willows School 137652 View
Bransgore Church of England Primary School 137693 View
Burnt Mill Academy 137694 View
Littletown Primary Academy 137732 View
Woodside High School 137745 View
Borden Grammar School 137800 View
Huntcliff School 137832 View
The Maplesden Noakes School 137833 View
Stanborough School 137847 View
Graveney Primary School 137871 View
Stratton Upper School 137886 View
Weatherfield Academy 137896 View
Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy 137908 View
South Wigston High School 137931 View
Glen Hills Primary School 137932 View
Fairfield Community Primary School 137933 View
Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School 137938 View
Silver Springs Primary Academy 137951 View
York Road Junior Academy 137952 View
Moulsham Junior School 137971 View
Godmanchester Community Academy 138029 View
Tyldesley Primary School 138036 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 138037 View
The Marlborough Science Academy 138042 View
Chetwynd Primary Academy 138070 View
Hamford Primary Academy 138072 View
Easington Academy 138075 View
Willow Academy 138077 View
Highfields Primary Academy 138083 View
Haughton Academy 138089 View
Cedar Mount Academy 138097 View
Moseley Park 138098 View
Robert Mays School 138135 View
Burford School 138289 View
Saint Winefrides Catholic Primary School, Shepshed, Leicestershire 138299 View
Elburton Primary School 138310 View
Armthorpe Academy 138314 View
Pilton Bluecoat Church of England Academy 138315 View
Tring School 138352 View
The Albion Academy 138418 View
Skegness Junior Academy 138442 View
Wembley High Technology College 138457 View
St Marys Catholic High School, A Catholic Voluntary Academy 138470 View
Winstanley Community College 138537 View
King Ina Church of England Academy (Juniors) 138541 View
White Hall Academy 138575 View
The Wey Valley School 138616 View
Mansfield Primary Academy 138570 View
St Oswalds CofE Academy 138704 View
Kelling CE Primary School 138796 View
Hopewell Special School (Willesden) 138798 View
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School 138814 View
New Seaham Academy 138826 View
Edward Heneage Primary Academy 138857 View
Abbeyfield School 138858 View
The Clarendon Academy 138885 View
Admirals Academy 138919 View
Thrussington Church of England Primary School 138926 View
St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary School 138958 View
Thornhill Community Academy Trust 138959 View
St Michaels Catholic College 138961 View
Broadlands Academy 138985 View
Brownhill Primary Academy 138986 View
Heybridge Primary School 138994 View
Woodlands Primary Academy 139015 View
The Woodside Primary Academy 139016 View
Al-Huda Primary School 139017 View
The Beeches Independent School 139018 View
Knottingley St Botolphs C of E Academy 139107 View
St Georges Church of England Academy, Newtown 139126 View
Hedingham School and Sixth Form 139153 View
Hitchin Boys School 139154 View
Launceston College 139155 View
Beamont Collegiate Academy 139196 View
Oasis Academy Hobmoor 139214 View
Coteford Junior School 139295 View
The Catholic High School, Chester A Specialist Science College 139343 View
Shibden Head Primary Academy 139358 View
Cambourne Village College 139408 View
Kings School 139409 View
St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School 139410 View
Pontefract Orchard Head Junior and Infant and Nursery School 139503 View
Chobham Academy 139703 View
Finches School 139558 View
Corngreaves Academy 139742 View
Launde Primary School 139751 View
Kajans Hospitality & Catering Studio College - Khcsc 139783 View
Weavers Academy 139819 View
Skegby Junior Academy 139941 View
New Monument Primary Academy 139890 View
St Newlyn East Learning Academy 139955 View
Catcote Academy 139976 View
Carfax College 139997 View
The Blyth Academy 140002 View
FORO College 140042 View
Devonshire Primary Academy 140128 View
St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary 140146 View
Southminster Church of England Primary School 140180 View
Weeley St Andrews CofE Primary School 140181 View
Friars Academy 140277 View
Oak Bank School 140286 View
Our Ladys Catholic Academy 140287 View
Priory Primary School 140290 View
Castle Wood Academy 140329 View
Kinetic Academy 140330 View
Foxhole Learning Academy 140332 View
Lake Farm Park Academy 140391 View
Thistle Hill Academy 140393 View
Oasis Academy Don Valley 140394 View
Braiswick Primary School 140396 View
Silverdale Primary Academy 140400 View
The Kirkby-la-Thorpe Church of England Primary School 140445 View
Quethiock CofE VA School 140477 View
St Nicholas Catholic Primary School 140529 View
Discovery Academy 140654 View
Riverside Community Primary School Birstall 140746 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 140764 View
Thomas Walling Primary Academy 140788 View
Tredworth Infant School 140789 View
Warren Mead Junior School 140810 View
Gulval School 140837 View
Buckingham Primary Academy 140847 View
St Vincents Voluntary Catholic Academy 140848 View
Kader Academy 140869 View
Redmile Church of England Primary School 140910 View
Harris Primary Academy Mayflower 140938 View
UTC Swindon 140972 View
Essa Primary School 140973 View
The Gatwick School 141038 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 141065 View
Bolton Wanderers Free School 141081 View
Oasis Academy Silvertown 141082 View
Skinners Kent Primary School 141085 View
Perry Court Primary School 141112 View
Unity Primary Academy 141113 View
Mayplace Primary School 141114 View
St Cuthberts Catholic Academy 141115 View
St Marks Church of England Primary Academy 141119 View
Castleford Oyster Park Primary School 141144 View
Severn Beach Primary School 141174 View
Priory School 141175 View
Napier Community Primary and Nursery Academy 141199 View
Kings College Guildford 141200 View
Robsack Wood Primary Academy 141263 View
Gatehouse ACE Academy 141353 View
Mexborough Academy 141354 View
Our Lady & St. Bede Catholic Academy 141370 View
Coupals Primary Academy 141371 View
Castle Hill Infant School 141372 View
Castle Hill Junior School 141373 View
Abbotsweld Primary Academy 141380 View
St Ambrose Catholic Primary 141413 View
Hagley Catholic High School 141414 View
St Clements CofE Primary 141443 View
Torfield School 141476 View
Darwen, St Barnabas CofE Primary Academy 141483 View
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School 141484 View
Coritani Academy 141485 View
St Giles and St Georges Church of England Academy 141486 View
Pye Green Academy 141493 View
Harworth CofE Academy 141536 View
Townlands Church of England Primary School 141630 View

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