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School Name URN Details
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 100173 View
St Alfege with St Peters Church of England Primary School 100174 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 100175 View
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School 100176 View
St Thomas A Becket Roman Catholic Primary School 100177 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 100178 View
Notre Dame Catholic Primary School 100179 View
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School 100180 View
Bishop John Robinson Church of England Primary School 100181 View
Eltham Hill School 100182 View
Plumstead Manor School 100183 View
Eaglesfield School 100184 View
Kidbrooke School 100185 View
Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys 100187 View
The Eltham Foundation School 100188 View
Crown Woods College 100189 View
Thomas Tallis School 100190 View
Waterfield School 100191 View
The John Roan School 100192 View
St Ursulas Convent School 100193 View
St Pauls Catholic School 100194 View
Blackheath Bluecoat Church of England School 100195 View
St Thomas More Roman Catholic Comprehensive School 100196 View
Hawksmoor School 100197 View
The Pointer School 100198 View
Blackheath Preparatory School 100199 View
Riverston School 100200 View
St Olaves Prep School 100201 View
Colfes School 100202 View
Heath House Preparatory School 100203 View
Moatbridge School 100204 View
Charlton Park School 100205 View
Griffin Manor School 100206 View
Maze Hill School 100207 View
Nine Acres School 100208 View
Brantridge School 100209 View
Greenwood School 100210 View
Churchfield School 100211 View
Wentworth Nursery School and Childrens Centre 100212 View
Comet Nursery School and Childrens Centre 100213 View
New River Pupil Referral Unit 100214 View
Daniel House Pupil Referral Unit 100215 View
Amherst Primary School 100216 View
Benthal Primary School Infant Department 100217 View
Berger Primary School 100218 View
Burbage Junior School 100219 View
Burbage Infants School 100220 View
Colvestone Primary School 100221 View
Craven Park School 100222 View
Daubeney Primary School 100223 View
De Beauvoir Primary School 100224 View
Gainsborough Primary School 100225 View
Gayhurst Junior School 100226 View
Gayhurst Infants School 100227 View
Laburnum Primary School 100228 View
Lauriston School 100229 View
London Fields Primary School 100230 View
Millfields Community School 100231 View
Morningside Primary School 100232 View
Northwold Primary School 100233 View
Orchard Primary School 100234 View
Queensbridge Primary School 100235 View
Randal Cremer Primary School 100236 View
Rushmore Junior School 100237 View
Rushmore Infants School 100238 View
Princess May Primary School 100239 View
Sebright School 100240 View
Thomas Fairchild Community School 100243 View
Tyssen Community Primary School 100244 View
Shoreditch Park Primary School 100245 View
Woodberry Down Community Primary School 100249 View
Kingsmead Primary School 100250 View
Jubilee Primary School 100253 View
Nightingale Primary School 100254 View
Harrington Hill Primary School 100256 View
Grazebrook Primary School 100258 View
Parkwood Primary School 100259 View
Rams Episcopal Church of England Primary School 100262 View
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 100263 View
St Monicas Roman Catholic Primary School 100268 View
St Pauls with St Michaels Primary School 100269 View
St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary School 100270 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School, Stoke Newington 100271 View
St Scholasticas Catholic Primary School 100274 View
Homerton College of Technology 100280 View
Kingsland School 100281 View
Our Ladys Convent Roman Catholic High School 100282 View
Talmud Torah School 100288 View
Talmud Torah Yetev Lev 100289 View
Bnois Jerusalem Girls School 100291 View
Beis Rochel dSatmar Girls School 100293 View
Crusoe House School 100310 View
The Garden School 100311 View
Ickburgh School 100312 View
St Matthias Church of England Primary School 100267 View
St John the Baptist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School 100266 View
St Clement and St James CofE Primary School 100495 View
The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial RC School 100506 View
Kensington Prep School 100509 View
Wetherby School 100519 View
Falkner House 100520 View
More House School 100521 View
The Falcons School for Boys 100523 View
Eaton House The Vale School 100524 View
Jamahiriya School 100535 View
Lansdowne College 100536 View
St Nicholas Preparatory School 100543 View
La Petite Ecole Francaise 100545 View
Chelsea Community Hospital School 100549 View
Ethelred Nursery School and Childrens Centre 100552 View
Bonneville Infant School 100558 View
Caldecot Primary School 100559 View
Henry Fawcett Junior School 100568 View
Henry Fawcett Infant School 100569 View
Hitherfield Junior School 100570 View
Hitherfield Infant School 100571 View
Jessop Primary School 100572 View
Johanna Primary School 100573 View
Kingswood Primary School 100574 View
Lark Hall Junior School and Centre for Pupils With Autism 100575 View
Lark Hall Primary School (Including Lark Hall Centre for Pupils with Autism) 100576 View
Paxton Primary School 100577 View
Richard Atkins Primary School 100578 View
Rosendale Junior School 100579 View
Rosendale Infant School 100580 View
Santley Primary School 100581 View
Stockwell Primary School 100582 View
Stockwell Infants School 100583 View
Sudbourne Primary School 100584 View
Sunnyhill Primary School 100585 View
Telferscot Primary School 100586 View
Brockwell Junior School 100587 View
Vauxhall Primary School 100588 View
Walnut Tree Walk Primary School 100589 View
Holmewood Nursery School 100554 View
Wyvil Primary School and Centres for Children With Speech and Language Impairment and Autism 100591 View
Glenbrook Primary School 100592 View
Crown Lane Primary School 100593 View
Fenstanton Junior School 100594 View
Fenstanton Primary School 100595 View
Brockwell Infant School 100596 View
Elm Wood School 100597 View
Woodmansterne School 100590 View
St Mary Abbots CofE Primary School 100497 View
Loughborough Junior School 100600 View
Allen Edwards Primary School 100598 View
Loughborough Infant School 100603 View
Herbert Morrison Primary School 100604 View
Hill Mead Junior School 100605 View
Ashby Mill Primary School 100606 View
Hill Mead Infant School 100607 View
Streatham Wells Primary School 100608 View
Archbishop Sumner Church of England Primary School 100609 View
Christ Church Primary SW9 100610 View
Christ Church , Streatham Church of England Primary School 100611 View
Macaulay Church of England Primary School 100612 View
St Andrews Church of England Primary School 100613 View
St John the Divine Church of England Primary School 100614 View
St Johns Angell Town Church of England Primary School 100615 View
St Judes Church of England Primary School 100616 View
St Leonards Church of England Primary School 100617 View
St Lukes Church of England Primary School 100618 View
St Marks Church of England Primary School 100619 View
St Saviours Church of England Primary School 100620 View
St Stephens Church of England Primary School 100621 View
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 100622 View
St Helens Catholic School 100623 View
Norwood School 100624 View
Lilian Baylis Technology School 100625 View
Stockwell Park School 100626 View
Saint Gabriels College 100627 View
St Bernadette Catholic Junior School 100628 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 100629 View
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 100630 View
St Bedes Catholic Infant School 100631 View
St Andrews Catholic Primary School 100632 View
Immanuel and St Andrew Church of England Primary School 100633 View
Reay Primary School 100634 View
Durand Primary School 100635 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School 100636 View
La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls School 100637 View
Bishop Thomas Grant Catholic Secondary School 100638 View
Kings Acre Primary School 100599 View
Glenbrook Primary School 100601 View
Julians School 100602 View
Greenhead High School 107388 View
Churston Ferrers Grammar School 113525 View
St Dunstans Abbey School 113593 View
The New School 113624 View
St Osmunds Church of England Voluntary Aided Middle School, Dorchester 113892 View
Connaught House School 113951 View
Parkstone Grammar School 113903 View
Corporation Road Infant School 114168 View
Settle Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 121587 View
Central Infant and Nursery School 122524 View
Mapperley Plains Primary and Nursery School 122525 View
Netherfield Primary School 122526 View
Carlton Netherfield Infant and Nursery School 122527 View
Porchester Junior School 122529 View
Standhill Infants School 122530 View
Priory Junior School 122531 View
Phoenix Infant and Nursery School 122532 View
Willow Farm Primary School 122533 View
Westdale Junior School 122534 View
Westdale Infant School 122535 View
Beeston Fields Infant and Nursery School 122538 View
John Clifford Primary School 122539 View
Beeston Rylands Junior School 122540 View
Trent Vale Infant School 122541 View
Sunnyside Primary and Nursery School 122542 View
College House Primary School 122543 View
Meadow Lane Infant School 122544 View
Eskdale Junior School 122545 View
Albany Junior School 122546 View
Albany Infant and Nursery School 122547 View
Alderman Pounder Infant and Nursery School 122548 View
Stevenson Junior School 122549 View
Frederick Harrison Infant and Nursery School 122550 View
William Lilley Infant and Nursery School 122551 View
Fairfield Primary School 122552 View
Chetwynd Road Primary School 122553 View
Toton Bispham Drive Junior School 122554 View
Toton Banks Road Infant and Nursery School 122555 View
Hallcroft Infant and Nursery School 122556 View
Ordsall Village Nursery and Infant School 122557 View
Ordsall Junior School 122558 View
Thrumpton Primary School 122559 View
Bracken Lane Primary and Nursery School 122560 View
Glade Hill Primary & Nursery School 122561 View
Forest Glade Primary School 122562 View
Hillocks Primary and Nursery School 122563 View
Awsworth Junior School 122564 View
Awsworth Infant and Nursery School 122565 View
Brinsley Primary and Nursery School 122566 View
Brookhill Leys Junior School 122567 View
Brookhill Leys Infant and Nursery School 122568 View
Eastwood Junior School 122569 View
Eastwood Infant and Nursery School 122570 View
Lynncroft Primary and Nursery School 122571 View
Greasley Beauvale D H Lawrence Infant School 122572 View
Greasley Beauvale Junior School 122573 View
Gilthill Primary School 122574 View
Larkfields Junior School 122575 View
Horsendale Primary School 122576 View
Larkfields Infant School 122577 View
Bagthorpe Primary School 122578 View
Holly Hill Primary and Nursery School 122579 View
Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School 122580 View
Westwood Infant and Nursery School 122581 View
Carlton Central Junior School 122523 View
Beardall Fields Primary and Nursery School 122584 View
Broomhill Junior School 122585 View
Butlers Hill Infant and Nursery School 122586 View
Edgewood Primary and Nursery School 122587 View
Whyburn Primary School 122588 View
Leen Mills Primary School 122589 View
Bowbridge Junior School 122590 View
Bowbridge Infant and Nursery School 122591 View
Bishop Alexander Primary and Nursery School 122592 View
Hawtonville Junior School 122593 View
Oliver Quibell Infant School 122594 View
Lovers Lane Primary and Nursery School 122595 View
Lady Bay Primary School 122596 View
Jesse Gray Primary School 122597 View
West Bridgford Infant School 122598 View
Abbey Road Primary School 122599 View
West Bridgford Junior School 122600 View
Edwalton Primary School 122601 View
Heymann Primary School 122602 View
Redlands Primary and Nursery School 122603 View
Haggonfields Primary and Nursery School 122604 View
St Augustines Junior School 122606 View
St Augustines Infant and Nursery School 122607 View
Manton Infant and Nursery School 122608 View
Manton Junior School 122609 View
Norbridge Primary School 122610 View
Manners Sutton Primary School 122611 View
Chuter Ede Primary School 122612 View
John Hunt Junior School 122613 View
John Hunt Primary School 122614 View
Beckingham Primary School 122615 View
Besthorpe Primary School 122616 View
Hawthorne Primary and Nursery School 122617 View
Bilsthorpe Junior School 122618 View
Bilsthorpe Infant School 122619 View
Bingham Robert Miles Infant School 122620 View
Annie Holgate Junior School 122582 View
Carnarvon Primary School 122621 View
Manor Park Infant and Nursery School 122625 View
Kingston Junior School 122626 View
Ramsden Primary School 122627 View
Clarborough Primary School 122628 View
Carlton Park Infant and Nursery School 122629 View
Samuel Barlow Primary and Nursery School 122630 View
John Blow Primary School 122631 View
Manvers Junior School 122632 View
Cotgrave Manvers Infant and Nursery School 122633 View
Highfield Primary and Nursery School 122634 View
Cropwell Bishop Primary School 122635 View
Lantern Lane Primary and Nursery School 122636 View
Brookside Primary School 122637 View
East Markham Primary School 122638 View
King Edwin Primary and Nursery School 122639 View
Elkesley Primary and Nursery School 122640 View
Everton Primary School 122641 View
Farnsfield Walter dAyncourt Community School 122642 View
Flintham Primary School 122643 View
Gotham Primary School 122644 View
Queen Eleanor Primary School 122645 View
North Border Junior School 122646 View
North Border Infant and Nursery School 122647 View
Langold Dyscarr Junior School 122648 View
Langold Dyscarr Infant and Nursery School 122649 View
Willow Brook Primary School 122650 View
Kinoulton Primary School 122651 View
Crossdale Drive Primary School 122652 View
Kirklington Primary School 122653 View
Lambley Primary School 122654 View
Mattersey Primary School 122655 View
Misson Primary School 122656 View
Misterton Primary and Nursery School 122657 View
Newstead Primary and Nursery School 122658 View
Abbey Gates Primary School 122659 View
Pilgrim Oak Infant School 122660 View
Normanton-on-Soar Primary School 122661 View
North Clifton Primary School 122662 View
Muskham Primary School 122663 View
Ollerton Junior School 122664 View
Ollerton Community Primary School 122665 View
Forest View Junior School 122666 View
Maun Infant and Nursery School 122667 View
Orston Primary School 122668 View
Radcliffe-on-Trent Infant and Nursery School 122669 View
Radcliffe-on-Trent Junior School 122670 View
Rampton Primary School 122671 View
Python Hill Junior School 122672 View
Python Hill Infant School 122673 View
Lake View Primary and Nursery School 122674 View
James Peacock Infant and Nursery School 122675 View
Lowes Wong Infant School 122676 View
Sutton Bonington Primary School 122677 View
Sutton-on-Trent Primary School 122678 View
Tuxford Primary School and Early Years Centre 122679 View
Walkeringham Primary School 122680 View
Willoughby Primary School 122681 View
Robert Jones Infant and Nursery School 122623 View
Robert Jones Junior School 122622 View
Burton Joyce Primary School 122624 View
Winthorpe Primary School 122682 View
Ranskill Primary School 122686 View
Eastglade Junior School 122687 View
Berry Hill First and Nursery School 122688 View
Broomhill First School 122689 View
Carter Lane First School 122690 View
Greggs Mill First and Asquith Nursery School 122691 View
Ethel Wainwright First School 122692 View
Farmilo First School 122693 View
Heathlands First School 122694 View
Intake Farm First School and Nursery 122695 View
Ladybrook First School and Nursery 122696 View
Sutton Road First and Nursery School 122697 View
Wynndale First School 122700 View
Bull Farm First School and Nursery 122701 View
Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School 122703 View
Tollerton Primary School 122683 View
Trent Bridge Primary and Nursery School 122705 View
Kimberley Primary School 122706 View
Spring Street Primary School 122709 View
Elms Primary and Nursery School 122710 View
Milford Primary School 122711 View
Glapton Primary and Nursery School 122712 View
Highbank Primary and Nursery School 122713 View
Hollywell Primary School 122714 View
Stanhope Primary and Nursery School 122715 View
Kingsway Primary School 122716 View
Morven Park Primary and Nursery School 122717 View
Greencroft Primary School 122718 View
Brinkhill Primary School 122719 View
Arnold Mill Primary and Nursery School 122720 View
Springfield Primary School 122721 View
Orchard Primary School and Nursery 122722 View
Greenwood Primary and Nursery School 122723 View
Jeffries Primary and Nursery School 122724 View
Barnby Road Primary and Nursery School 122725 View
King Edward First School 122726 View
Holly Primary School 122727 View
Prospect Hill Infant and Nursery School 122729 View
Warren Primary School 122704 View
Church Vale Primary School and Foundation Unit 122731 View
Carr Hill Primary and Nursery School 122732 View
Forest Fields Primary and Nursery School 122733 View
Heatherley Primary School 122734 View
Greythorn Primary School 122735 View
Glenbrook Primary and Nursery School 122736 View
Ryton Park Primary School 122737 View
Mornington Primary School 122738 View
Whitegate Primary and Nursery School 122739 View
Bulwell St Marys Primary and Nursery School 122740 View
St Edmunds CofE (C) Primary School 122741 View
St Andrews CofE Primary and Nursery School 122742 View
All Hallows CofE Primary School 122743 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 122744 View
Selston CofE Infant and Nursery School 122745 View
Underwood Church of England Primary School 122746 View
Mount CofE Primary and Nursery School 122747 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 122748 View
Ranby CofE Primary School 122749 View
Bleasby CofE Primary School 122750 View
Bunny CofE Primary School 122751 View
St Wilfrids CofE Primary School 122752 View
Caunton Dean Hole CofE Primary School 122753 View
Coddington CofE Primary and Nursery School 122754 View
Colston Bassett Primary School 122755 View
Costock CofE Primary School 122756 View
Cuckney CofE Primary School 122757 View
Dunham-on-Trent CofE Primary School 122758 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 122759 View
Farndon St Peters CofE Primary School 122760 View
Halam CofE Primary School 122761 View
Kneesall CofE Primary School 122762 View
Langar CofE Primary School 122763 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 122764 View
North Leverton CofE Primary School 122765 View
Norwell CofE Primary School 122766 View
St Peters CofE Junior School 122767 View
Holy Trinity CofE Infant School 122768 View
Lowes Wong Anglican Methodist Junior School 122769 View
Trowell CofE Primary School 122770 View
Walesby CofE Primary School 122771 View
North Wheatley Church of England Primary School 122772 View
Martin Roe CofE Junior School 122773 View
St Peters CofE First School 122774 View
St Mary Magdalene CofE (VA) Primary School 122775 View
Sneinton St Stephens CofE Primary School 122776 View
South Wilford Endowed CofE Primary School 122777 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 122778 View
St Augustines Catholic Primary and Nursery School 122779 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary and Nursery School 122780 View
St Teresas Catholic Primary School 122781 View
Prospect Hill Junior School 122730 View
Robert Miles Junior School 122685 View
Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School 122684 View
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School 122782 View
Seely CofE Primary School 122786 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 122787 View
Bramcote CofE Primary School 122788 View
St Swithuns CofE Primary School 122789 View
Hucknall National CofE Junior School 122790 View
Hucknall National CofE Infant School 122791 View
Christ Church CofE Infant & Nursery School 122792 View
St Lukes CofE (Aided) Primary School 122793 View
St Annes CofE (Aided) Primary School 122794 View
Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary School 122795 View
The Primary School of St Mary and St Martin 122796 View
Cotgrave CofE Primary School 122797 View
Edwinstowe CofE Primary School 122798 View
All Saints AnglicanMethodist Primary School 122799 View
Farnsfield CofE Aided Primary School 122800 View
Gamston CofE (Aided) Primary School 122801 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 122802 View
Gunthorpe CofE Primary School 122803 View
All Saints Harworth CofE (Aided) Primary School 122804 View
Holme Pierrepont CofE Primary School 122805 View
Lowdham CofE Primary School 122806 View
Linby-cum-Papplewick CofE (VA) Primary School 122807 View
Sturton CofE Primary School 122808 View
Sutton-Cum-Lound CofE School 122809 View
Woods Foundation CofE Primary School 122810 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Carlton 122811 View
The Good Shepherd Catholic Primary, Arnold 122812 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 122813 View
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 122814 View
Priory Catholic Primary School, Eastwood 122815 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 122816 View
St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School 122817 View
Holy Trinity Catholic School 122818 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary and Nursery School 122819 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 122820 View
St Philip Neri with St Bede Catholic Primary School 122821 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary and Nursery School 122822 View
Worksop Priory CofE Primary School 122823 View
Huthwaite All Saints CofE (Aided) Infant School 122824 View
Manning Comprehensive School 122825 View
Kirkby College 122826 View
Ashfield Comprehensive School 122827 View
Ellis Guilford School 122828 View
Garibaldi College 122830 View
William Crane School 122831 View
Glaisdale School 122832 View
William Sharp School 122833 View
Margaret Glen-Bott School 122834 View
Farnborough School Technology College 122835 View
Fairham Community College 122837 View
Fernwood School 122838 View
Top Valley School & Engineering College 122839 View
Quarrydale School 122840 View
Sutton Centre Community College 122841 View
Elliott Durham School 122843 View
Big Wood School 122844 View
The Meden School and Technology College 122845 View
Redhill School 122846 View
Arnold Hill School and Technology College 122847 View
The Gedling School 122848 View
Wheldon School and Sports College 122849 View
Carlton le Willows School and Technology College 122850 View
Alderman White School and Language College 122851 View
Bramcote Hills Sport and Community College 122852 View
The Bramcote Park Sport,Business and Enterprise School 122853 View
Chilwell School 122854 View
Eastwood Comprehensive School 122855 View
The Kimberley School 122856 View
Selston High School 122857 View
Sconce Hills High School 122858 View
The West Bridgford School 122859 View
Rushcliffe School 122860 View
Valley Comprehensive School 122861 View
Hartland School 122862 View
Portland School 122863 View
The Grove School 122864 View
Toot Hill School 122865 View
Joseph Whitaker School 122866 View
Colonel Frank Seely Comprehensive School 122867 View
Harry Carlton Comprehensive School 122868 View
Serlby Park A 3-18 Business and Enterprise Learning Community 122869 View
Berry Hill Middle School 122870 View
Bull Farm Middle School 122871 View
Cumberlands Middle School 122872 View
Ethel Wainwright Middle School 122873 View
High Oakham Middle School 122874 View
Windmill Ridge Middle School 122875 View
Sherwood Hall Upper School 122876 View
The Holgate Comprehensive School 122877 View
Henry Mellish Comprehensive School 122878 View
The Dukeries College 122879 View
The Rufford School 122880 View
Dayncourt School Specialist Sports College 122881 View
Tuxford School 122882 View
South Wolds Community School 122883 View
Ordsall Hall School 122884 View
The Elizabethan High School 122885 View
Wilford Meadows Comprehensive School 122886 View
Forest Comprehensive School 122887 View
The Brunts School 122888 View
Thomas Magnus Upper School 122889 View
Newark Magdalene High School 122890 View
Lilley and Stone School 122891 View
The King Edward VI School 122892 View
St Johns CofE Middle School 122893 View
The Nottingham Bluecoat School and Technology College 122894 View
The Trinity Catholic School 122895 View
The Becket School 122896 View
The National School, A CofE Technology College 122897 View
Minster School 122898 View
Christ The King School 122899 View
All Saints RC Comprehensive School 122900 View
The Queen Elizabeths School 122901 View
Ravensdale Middle School 122902 View
George Spencer Foundation School and Technology College 122903 View
Greenwood Dale School 122904 View
Padstow School 122905 View
Foxwood Foundation School and Technology College 122906 View
Highfields School 122907 View
Worksop College 122908 View
Attenborough Preparatory School 122909 View
Greenholme School 122910 View
Dagfa School Nottingham 122911 View
Hollygirt School 122912 View
Waverley House PNEU School 122913 View
St Josephs School 122914 View
Nottingham High School 122915 View
Mountford House School 122916 View
Broadgate School 122917 View
Hazel Hurst School Mapperley Ltd 122918 View
Lorne House School 122920 View
Grosvenor School 122921 View
West Bridgford High School 122922 View
Locksley Preparatory School 122923 View
Coteswood House School 122924 View
Arley House PNEU School 122925 View
Saville House School 122926 View
Rodney School 122927 View
Worksop College Preparatory School, Ranby House 122928 View
Bramcote Lorne School 122929 View
Edgehill School 122930 View
Wellow House School 122931 View
Plumtree School 122932 View
Orchard School 122933 View
The Mount Preparatory School 122934 View
Rutland House School 122935 View
Nottingham Girls High School GDST 122936 View
Lammas School 122937 View
Salterford House School 122938 View
Woodlands School 122939 View
Trent Fields Preparatory School 122940 View
Iona School 122941 View
The Kings Meadows School 122942 View
The Mansfield Preparatory School 122943 View
Our Lady and St Edwards Catholic Primary School 122784 View
St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School 122785 View
Jamia Arabia Manchester 122944 View
Djanogly City Technology College 122946 View
Beech Hill School 122948 View
Derrymount School 122949 View
Redgate School 122950 View
Newark Linden School 122951 View
Carlton Digby School 122953 View
Newark Appletongate School 122954 View
St Giles School 122955 View
Dawn House School 122956 View
Ash Lea School 122957 View
Nethergate School 122958 View
Ewing School 122959 View
Shepherd School 122960 View
Bracken Hill School 122961 View
Woodlands School 122962 View
Aspley Wood School 122963 View
Rosehill School 122964 View
The Martlet School 122965 View
Westbury School 122966 View
Comper Foundation Stage School 122967 View
Headington Quarry Foundation Stage School 122968 View
Grandpont Nursery School 122969 View
Slade Nursery School 122970 View
Elms Road Nursery School and Daycare 122971 View
Lydalls Nursery School 122972 View
Harwell Nursery School 122973 View
The Ace Centre Nursery School 122974 View
Wantage Nursery School 122975 View
Edith Moorhouse Nursery School 122976 View
Edward Feild Nursery School 122977 View
Henley Valley Road Nursery School 122978 View
West Kidlington Nursery School 122979 View
Five Acres Foundation Stage School 122980 View
Longfields Nursery School 122981 View
William Morris Nursery School 122982 View
Wheatley Nursery School 122983 View
John Hampden Nursery School 122984 View
Ivanhoe Tutorial Unit 122985 View
Banbury Pupil Referral Unit 122986 View
West Oxfordshire Pupil Referral Unit 122987 View
St James Unit 122988 View
Bicester & Kidlington PRU 122989 View
Orchard Pupil Referral Unit 122990 View
Hornton Primary School 122991 View
Harriers Ground Community Primary School 122992 View
Neithrop County Junior School 122993 View
Orchard Fields Community School 122994 View
Hill View Primary School 122995 View
Queensway School 122996 View
The Grange Community Primary School 122997 View
William Morris School 122998 View
Hardwick Primary School 122999 View
Charlbury Primary School 123000 View
Enstone Primary School 123001 View
Great Tew County Primary School 123002 View
Kingham Primary School 123003 View
West Kidlington Primary and Nursery School 123004 View
Middle Barton School 123005 View
Five Acres Primary School 123006 View
Brookside Primary School 123007 View
Longfields Primary and Nursery School 123008 View
Whitchurch Primary School 123009 View
Eynsham Community Primary School 123010 View
Kings Meadow Primary School 123011 View
Glory Farm Primary School 123012 View
Brize Norton Primary School 123013 View
Al Karam Secondary School 122945 View
Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Primary and Nursery School 122783 View
Fountaindale School 122947 View
Burford Primary School 123014 View
Witney Community Primary School 123018 View
Queen Emmas Primary School 123020 View
St Nicholas Primary School 123021 View
Stonesfield School 123022 View
William Fletcher Primary School 123023 View
RAF Benson Community Primary School 123028 View
Chalgrove Community Primary School 123029 View
Stadhampton Primary School 123030 View
Tetsworth Primary School 123031 View
Watlington Primary School 123032 View
Berinsfield Community Primary School 123033 View
Barley Hill Primary School 123034 View
Benson Community Infants School 123035 View
Mill Lane Community Primary School 123036 View
Nettlebed Community School 123037 View
Sonning Common Primary School 123038 View
South Stoke Primary School 123039 View
Woodcote Primary School 123040 View
Valley Road School 123041 View
Badgemore Primary School 123042 View
Bernwood First School 123043 View
Bayards Hill Primary School 123044 View
Cutteslowe Primary School 123045 View
East Oxford Primary School 123046 View
Windmill Primary School 123047 View
New Marston Primary School 123048 View
Rose Hill Primary School 123049 View
West Oxford Community Primary School 123050 View
Wolvercote Primary School 123051 View
Orchard Meadow Primary School 123052 View
Larkrise Primary School 123053 View
Dunmore Junior School 123054 View
Dunmore Infants School 123055 View
Childrey School 123056 View
Chilton County Primary School 123057 View
Greenmere Primary School 123058 View
Drayton Community Primary School 123059 View
Faringdon Infant School 123060 View
Faringdon Junior School 123061 View
Dry Sandford Primary School 123063 View
South Moreton School 123064 View
St Johns Primary School 123065 View
Wantage County Primary School 123066 View
Botley School 123067 View
Watchfield Primary School 123068 View
Charlton Primary School 123069 View
Rush Common School 123070 View
Fir Tree Junior School 123071 View
Stockham Primary School 123072 View
Thomas Reade Primary School 123073 View
Wood Farm Primary School 123074 View
Edward Feild Primary School 123075 View
John Hampden Primary School 123076 View
Dashwood School 123077 View
Pegasus School 123078 View
Stephen Freeman Community Primary School 123079 View
Carswell Community Primary School 123080 View
Cholsey Primary School 123081 View
Manor School 123082 View
Thameside Primary School 123083 View
West Witney Primary School 123084 View
Millbrook School 123086 View
Caldecott Primary School 123087 View
Windale Community Primary School 123088 View
Southwold County Primary School 123089 View
Cropredy Church of England Primary School 123090 View
Wroxton Church of England Primary School 123091 View
Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School 123092 View
Mollington CofE School 123093 View
St Marys Church of England (VC) Primary School, Banbury 123094 View
Carterton Primary School 123015 View
Gateway Primary School 123016 View
William Reynolds Primary School 123433 View
Newport Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior School 123489 View
St Leonards Primary School 124199 View
Chadsmoor CofE (VC) Junior School 124240 View
Wolgarston High School 124415 View
Walton High School 124416 View
Ounsdale High School 124419 View
Wilnecote High School 124420 View
Woodhouse High School 124421 View
The Friary School 124422 View
Penkridge Middle School 124423 View
James Bateman Junior High School 124428 View
Oldfields Hall Middle School 124429 View
Hadleigh Community Primary School 124559 View
Great Heath Primary School 124562 View
Kedington Primary School 124564 View
Paddocks Primary School 124565 View
Aldeburgh Primary School 124566 View
Barnby and North Cove Community Primary School 124568 View
Ravensmere Infant School 124571 View
Bucklesham Primary School 124572 View
Bungay Primary School 124573 View
Easton Community Primary School 124579 View
Wells Hall Community Primary School 124558 View
Grange Community Primary School 124630 View
Abbots Hall Community Primary School 124631 View
Milefield Middle School 127597 View
The Sixth Form College 127598 View
Spring Wood School 127599 View
Whinmoor School 127600 View
Curlew Middle School 127601 View
Carcroft Middle School 127602 View
Carcroft First School 127603 View
Barnby Dun Middle School 127604 View
New Village Middle School 127605 View
Victoria First School 127609 View
Westgate First School 127610 View
Eastgate First School 127611 View
Sykehouse First School 127612 View
Warmsworth Middle School 127614 View
Castle Hills First School 127616 View
Tickhill First School 127618 View
Tranmoor Lane Infant School 127619 View
King Edward First School 127620 View
Bentley High Street Middle School 127622 View
Barnby Dun First School 127623 View
Warmsworth First School 127624 View
Fishlake Endowed First School 127625 View
Armthorpe CofE Infant School 127627 View
Brodsworth CofE First and Middle School 127628 View
Fishlake Endowed First School 127629 View
Warmsworth St Peter CofE First School 127630 View
Tickhill CofE Middle School 127631 View
Anston Hillcrest Junior School 127632 View
The Chrysalis School for Autism 127633 View
Spurley Hey School 127634 View
Norfolk Junior School 127638 View
Norfolk Nursery Infant School 127639 View
Bole Hill Primary School 127640 View
Carfield Junior School 127641 View
Ellesmere First and Nursery School 127644 View
Greystones First School 127645 View
Hillsborough Nursery and First School 127649 View
Hucklow Middle School 127650 View
Hucklow First School 127651 View
Lindsay Nursery and Infant School 127652 View
Malin Bridge Infant School 127654 View
Manor Lodge First School 127656 View
Rivelin Middle School 127657 View
Park Hill Middle School 127659 View
Prince Edward Middle School 127660 View
Prince Edward Nursery and First School 127661 View
Dearnside School 127595 View
Standhouse Nursery First School 127664 View
Upper Thorpe Middle School 127665 View
Walkley Junior School 127667 View
Walkley Nursery and Infant School 127668 View
Westways Middle School 127669 View
Westways Nursery and First School 127670 View
Acres Hill Nursery and First School 127672 View
Greenhill Junior School 127673 View
Greenhill County Infant School 127674 View
Anns Grove Junior School 127637 View
Shergreen Nursery and First School 127663 View
Anns Grove Nursery and Infant School 127680 View
Bluestone Middle School 127682 View
Hallam Middle School 127684 View
Park Hill First School 127687 View
Roscoe Bank Junior and Infant School 127688 View
Birley First School 127689 View
Charnock Hall Middle School 127690 View
Rainbow Forge Junior School 127697 View
Rainbow Forge Infant and Nursery School 127698 View
Shortbrook First School 127699 View
Hallam First School 127702 View
Shortbrook Middle School 127703 View
Roe Wood Middle School 127704 View
Ecclesfield Town Infant School 127705 View
Warren Junior and Infant School 127706 View
Ecclesfield Town Junior School 127708 View
Angram Bank Junior School 127709 View
Angram Bank Nursery and Infant School 127710 View
Burncross Primary School 127711 View
Windmill Hill Infant School 127712 View
The Observatory School 127715 View
Bolsterstone CofE Junior and Infant School 127716 View
Norfolk School 127718 View
Brook School 127720 View
Rowlinson School 127721 View
Colley School 127723 View
Ashleigh School 127724 View
Jordanthorpe School 127725 View
Merlin Kindergarten 127727 View
Beeley Wood First and Middle School 127728 View
Beeley Wood Senior School 127729 View
Lowedges Junior School 127679 View
Stradbrooke Nursery and First School 127678 View
Farsley Farfield Junior School 127891 View
St Nicholas RC First School 127943 View
St Gregorys RC First School 127946 View
Victoria Middle School 127965 View
St Brigids RC School 128019 View
St Matthews CofE Middle School 128028 View
Bridge House School 128047 View
Dudley First School 128154 View
Stephenson Memorial Middle School 128164 View
Bedewell County Infant School 128183 View
Quay County Infants School 128184 View
Tonstall School 128207 View
Copt Hill School 128213 View
Stannington School 128214 View
Baptist Mills Junior School 128222 View
Merrywood Boys School 128235 View
The Collegiate School 128242 View
Rotheram High School 128257 View
Wexham Court Middle School 128283 View
Neston CofE Infant School 128446 View
Hale CofE Aided Primary School 128457 View
Tilery Junior School 128492 View
Little Clifton Primary School 128573 View
The Hatton School 128648 View
Middleton Hall 128758 View
Dunholme School 128830 View
South View School 128832 View
Hill House School 128880 View
Graham James County Junior School 128896 View
Finlay Infant School 128939 View
Weeke County Infant School 128984 View
Emsworth Middle School 128992 View
Lords Hill Middle School 129002 View
Broomfield School 129033 View
The Deanery School 129041 View
Stanley House School 129055 View
Southdown School 129070 View
Westmill First School 129148 View
The Mountbatten School 129163 View
Marles Hill Centre (KS3) C O Personalised Curriculum Support and Service 129175 View
Welholme Middle School 129214 View
Welholme First School 129215 View
Yarborough Middle School 129216 View
Yarborough First School 129217 View
Marshlands Middle School 129316 View
St John Fisher RC Junior High School 129326 View
Westcourt County Junior School 129348 View
Burnham County Infant School 129364 View
Castlemount Secondary School 129425 View
Beach County Junior School 129465 View
Primrose Hill Primary School and Childrens Centre 129466 View
Lostock Hall County Infant School 129467 View
Fosse Infant School 129523 View
Paston Sixth Form College 129629 View
Friarage Hospital School 129682 View
Mrs Mountains School 129707 View
Stanley Junior School 129712 View
Bilborough Sixth Form College 129727 View
Caldecott County Infant School 129753 View
Bawdrip Infant School 129838 View
Kettlebrook Infant School 129895 View
Longford Junior School 129902 View
Parkside First School 129905 View
Kinnersley Memorial CofE Junior School 129915 View
Christ Church CofE First School 129916 View
Anson CofE First School 129927 View
Ridgeway Middle School 129946 View
Marden Lodge County First School 130017 View
Shepperton Green County First School 130049 View
Ewell High School 130096 View
Godalming College 130097 View
Woking College 130105 View
Rowley Bristow School 130135 View
The Manor School 130206 View
Thornchace School 130374 View
The Bicknell School 130390 View
Acorn Cottage 130854 View
Sydenham Primary School 130868 View
The Revel CofE (Aided) Primary School 130878 View
Heathlands Primary School 130945 View
Havercroft Junior Infant and Nursery School 130950 View
Badsworth Church of England Voluntary Controlled Junior and Infant School 130964 View
Ambler Junior School 130973 View
Oakfield Pupil Referral Unit 130983 View
Fern Hill Primary School 131097 View
Bankfield 131098 View
Halifax Holy Trinity CofE (VA) Primary School 131176 View
Beech Grove School 131181 View
Amesbury Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 131215 View
Westcliffe Primary School 131216 View
Pen Green Centre for Children and Their Families 131232 View
Bartletts Elm Special School 131235 View
Bonneville Primary School 131247 View
Abbeywood First School 131275 View
Hill Mead Primary School 131340 View
Kirkby Avenue Primary School 131341 View
Beis Trana Girls School 131342 View
Middleton Lodge 131476 View
The Kings Church of England School 131547 View
West Heath School 131611 View
March House 131701 View
Rodford Primary School 131702 View
Kingsdown Secondary School 131721 View
Firs Primary School 131725 View
247 College 131816 View
Muswell Hill Primary School 131871 View
Risley Avenue Primary School 131879 View
Egerton High School 131885 View
Maria Montessori School 131978 View
The Vale Primary School 131991 View
Hill View School 132111 View
Pegasus School 132120 View
Abbotswood Primary School 132199 View
Wattville Primary School 132201 View
Welcombe Hills School 132202 View
Tinshill Learning Centre 132258 View
Forsbrook CofE Controlled Primary School 132260 View
Lewes New School 132729 View
The Craylands School 132764 View
Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre 132819 View
Distington Community School 133264 View
Madrasatul Imam Muhammad Zakariya 133285 View
Crompton Primary School 133286 View
Gaywood Community Primary School 133402 View
Sowerby Village CofE VC Primary School 133671 View
Ethos College 133673 View
Sankey Valley St James Church of England Primary School 133676 View
Alderman Bolton Community Primary School 133677 View
Newcastle Bridges School 133714 View
First Base, Ipswich 133715 View
Torbay PRU 133716 View
St Catherines Hoddesdon CofE Primary School 133773 View
The Coleman Centre 134007 View
Will Adams Centre 133767 View
King Street (KS4) PRU 134059 View
Pathways (the Glebe Centre) 134060 View
Whinney Banks Primary School 134076 View
The Potters House School 134097 View
Wheelers Lane Primary School 134099 View
James Watt Primary School 134102 View
Cambridge Primary School 134117 View
Upland Primary School 134118 View
Forge House Preparatory School 134119 View
Oakwood Centre 134156 View
Malmesbury Primary School 134160 View
Haringey Sixth Form Centre 134163 View
Orchard School 134111 View
Emmaus Catholic and CofE Primary School 134231 View
The Gateway Community College 134112 View
Springmead Preparatory School 134116 View
Midpoint Centre (Key Stage 4 PRU) 134256 View
The St Aubyn Centre Education Department 134260 View
Western House Primary School 134251 View
Voyager Pupil Referral Unit 134352 View
Ark House 134365 View
East London Christian Choir School 134370 View
Second Chances 134414 View
Kensington Avenue Primary School 134475 View
Hill West Primary School 134477 View
Focus School - Pulborough Campus 134498 View
Jamia Islamia Birmingham 134571 View
Yeovil District Hospital Education 134698 View
Lincolnshire Montessori 134713 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 134928 View
Thomas Whitham Sixth Form 135000 View
Woodland Community Primary School 135017 View
Iqra Slough Islamic Primary School 135099 View
Tickford Park Primary School 135107 View
Queens Hill Primary School 135148 View
Madeley Academy 135149 View
Gloucester House, The Tavistock Childrens Day Unit 135167 View
Arnfield Independent School 135187 View
Valley House 135259 View
The Rosary Catholic Primary School 135261 View
Kings Stanley CofE Primary School 135266 View
Arnot St Mary CofE Primary School 135267 View
Newton Leys Primary School 135270 View
Cambian Fletcher Street 135322 View
Cambian Booth Road 135333 View
Dove School 135376 View
Ark Globe Academy 135584 View
The Bishops Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 135627 View
Encompass Education 135637 View
The Childrens Garden Early Years Steiner Education and Family Centre 135686 View
Jeavons Wood Primary School 135817 View
The Ridings Federation Yate International Academy 135943 View
The Crest Academy 135973 View
Continuum School - Canvey Island 135977 View
Meadholme 136171 View
Staples Road Primary School 136173 View
Goat Lees Primary School 136251 View
Keelmans Way School 136252 View
Red Balloon Learner Centre-Preston 136253 View
Trenance Learning Academy 136312 View
Chelmsford County High School for Girls 136412 View
Buckfastleigh Primary School 136562 View
Invicta Grammar School 136582 View
Maiden Erlegh School 136637 View
Rossington All Saints Academy 136675 View
St Hilary School 136879 View
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Harlow 136967 View
Sawtry Community College Academy 136974 View
King Edward VI Handsworth School 137047 View
Marling School 137123 View
Ormiston Maritime Academy 137196 View
Hall Mead School 137197 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary School 137283 View
Cambridge Park Academy 137363 View
Ashingdon Primary Academy 137378 View
Mill Hill County High School 137386 View
Dene Magna School 137387 View
Accrington St Christophers Church of England High School 137421 View
Batley Girls High School 137424 View
Enmore Church of England Primary School 137437 View
St Bartholomews School 137465 View
Peareswood Primary School 137417 View
Ellar Carr 137497 View
Moor End Academy 137500 View
Beis Ruchel DSatmar London 137505 View
Great Chesterford Church of England Primary Academy 137516 View
Rydon Primary School 137528 View
Broadoak Primary School 137556 View
Belleville Primary School 137563 View
Don Valley Academy and Performing Arts College 137472 View
Sheffield Inclusion Centre 137596 View
Stamford Welland Academy 137600 View
Salcombe Church of England Primary School 137662 View
Hawkswood 137677 View
Sir William Burrough Primary School 137682 View
Furze Platt Senior School 137740 View
Morpeth Chantry Middle School 137747 View
The Rubicon Centre 137751 View
Benedict Biscop Church of England Academy 137831 View
Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College 137840 View
Hall Cross Academy 137842 View
Cheadle Hulme High School 137843 View
Music Stuff 137887 View
The Stanway School 137927 View
The Gilberd School 137926 View
Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre 137975 View
Leverton Church of England Academy 137986 View
Woolgrove School, Special Needs Academy 137997 View
Tregonwell Academy 137998 View
De Lacy Academy 138006 View
Huxlow Science College 138030 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Voluntary Academy 138081 View
Wellington Community Primary School 138139 View
Gartree High School 138155 View
Harewood College 138171 View
The South Wolds Academy & Sixth Form 138191 View
Bedminster Down School 138204 View
De Lisle Catholic School Loughborough Leicestershire 138298 View
Waterloo Primary Academy 138300 View
Chattenden Primary School 138328 View
St Bernards Catholic High School 138329 View
Ridgeway Primary Academy 138347 View
Abacus College 138363 View
Parkside Studio College 138368 View
Pier View Academy 138408 View
Mablethorpe Primary Academy 138445 View
Phoenix College 138515 View
The Featherstone Academy 138593 View
Middlefield Primary Academy 138595 View
The Oaks Primary School 138618 View
Saint Benedict, A Catholic Voluntary Academy 138622 View
Beanfield Primary School 138672 View
Ryecroft Primary Academy 138675 View
Millbank Academy 138683 View
Godolphin Infant School 138731 View
Flegg High School 138759 View
Gaddesby Primary School 138807 View
Amberleigh Therapeutic School 138875 View
Prospect School 138876 View
Lings Primary School 138955 View
Ipsley CE RSA Academy 139020 View
Drapers Mills Primary Academy 139021 View
St Petrocs Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 139091 View
Magdalen College School 139158 View
Welton St Marys Church of England Primary Academy 139187 View
Springwell Dene School 139285 View
Spalding Grammar School 139304 View
James Elliman Academy 139333 View
The Boulevard Academy 139395 View
Conyers School 139318 View
Acocks Green Primary School 139443 View
Brill Church of England School 139446 View
Pokesdown Community Primary School 139453 View
Old Clee Primary Academy 139472 View
Bude Park Primary School 139511 View
Highlands Primary School 139512 View
Heron Hall Academy 139599 View
Continu Plus Academy 139648 View
Reach School 139671 View
Ark Ayrton Primary Academy 139713 View
Carrick Alternative Provision Academy 139745 View
Hamstead Hall Academy 139746 View
Rutherford House School 139775 View
Waverley Studio College 139788 View
Kimberley 16 - 19 Stem College 139798 View
The Olive School Blackburn 139813 View
The Olive School Hackney 139814 View
University Church Free School 139832 View
Collingwood Primary School 139848 View
Diamond Hall Infant Academy 139849 View
Kings Sutton Primary School 139857 View
Lubenham All Saints Church of England Primary School 139864 View
Southend YMCA Community School 139903 View
Parish Church of England Primary School 139984 View
Abbey House Independent Education and Care Limited 140006 View
Culworth Church of England School 140065 View
Harden Primary School 140076 View
Dunswell Primary School 140119 View
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy 140129 View
Countess Anne Church of England School 140238 View
The Glapton Academy 140239 View
Alsager School 140108 View
Springfield Primary School 140350 View
Whitesheet Church of England Primary Academy 140351 View
Southbroom St James Church Academy 140352 View
Avon Park School 140354 View
Carr Lodge Academy 140353 View
Veryan CofE School 140469 View
St Stephens Community Academy 140513 View
Esher Church of England High School 140650 View
Dorothy Barley Junior Academy 140687 View
GEMS Didcot Primary Academy 140688 View
Milton Park Primary School 140689 View
The Island Free School 140691 View
Cringle Brook Primary School 140692 View
St Bonifaces RC College 140693 View
St James CofE Academy 140694 View
Our Lady and St Patricks Roman Catholic Primary School 140695 View
Ab Kettleby Community Primary School 140696 View
Admiral Lord Nelson School 140697 View
All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy 140698 View
Keston Church of England Primary School 140729 View
All Saints CofE Primary School 140699 View
The Norman Church of England Primary School, Northwold 140914 View
St Peters Church of England Primary School, Cassington 140915 View
Freeland Church of England Primary School 140916 View
William Law CofE Primary School 140917 View
Standlake Church of England Primary School 140983 View
Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology 140984 View
Arc School Ansley 141008 View
Hillsview Academy 141013 View
Sitwell Junior School 141060 View
Spetisbury CofE VA Primary School 141061 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 141062 View
Dawes Lane Academy 141136 View
St Bartholomews Primary Academy 141142 View
Dilton Marsh CofE Primary School 141148 View
Phoenix Academy 141190 View
Shipston-on-Stour Primary School 141281 View
Walton Primary Academy 141282 View
Blackawton Primary School 141284 View
Newall Green High School 141392 View
Rosslyn Park Primary and Nursery School 141396 View
Wensum Junior School 141356 View
Marshwood CofE Primary Academy 141524 View
St Silas Church of England Primary School 141582 View
Meadowbrook Primary School 141618 View
The Avenue Primary School and Childrens Centre 141619 View

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