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School Name URN Details
St Andrews CofE Primary School 105934 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 105935 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 105936 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 105937 View
St Andrews Methodist Primary School 105938 View
Irlam Endowed Primary School 105939 View
Wardley CofE Primary School 105940 View
St Pauls Peel CofE Primary School 105941 View
Boothstown Methodist Primary School 105942 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 105943 View
St Philips CofE Primary School 105944 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 105945 View
St Augustines CofE Primary School 105947 View
St Teresas RC Primary School 105951 View
Holy Cross and All Saints RC Primary School 105952 View
St Marys RC Primary School 105953 View
St Gilberts RC Primary School 105954 View
St Charles RC Primary School 105955 View
St Marks RC Primary School 105956 View
St Marys RC Primary School 105957 View
St Edmunds RC Primary School 105958 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 105959 View
Our Lady and Lancashire Martyrs RC Primary School 105960 View
St Joseph the Worker RC Primary School 105961 View
St Boniface RC Primary School 105962 View
St Sebastians RC Primary School 105963 View
The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John RC Primary 105964 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 105965 View
St Lukes RC Primary School 105966 View
All Souls RC Primary School 105967 View
St Philips RC Primary School 105968 View
St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School 105970 View
Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School 105971 View
Hope High School 105972 View
Kersal High School 105973 View
Buile Hill Visual Arts College 105974 View
Walkden High School 105975 View
Irlam and Cadishead College 105976 View
Moorside High School 105977 View
Little Hulton Community School 105978 View
Joseph Eastham High School 105979 View
Lowry High School 105980 View
Windsor Community High School 105981 View
Ellesmere Park High School 105982 View
The Swinton High School 105983 View
Canon Williamson CofE High School 105984 View
St Georges RC High School 105985 View
Pope John Paul II RC High School 105987 View
Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC High School 105988 View
St Ambrose Barlow RC High School 105989 View
Ash Lea School 105990 View
Branwood Preparatory School 105991 View
Bridgewater School 105992 View
Talmud Torah Chinuch Norim School 105993 View
Hubert Jewish High School for Girls 105994 View
Jewish Senior Boys School 105995 View
Bnos Yisroel School Manchester 105996 View
Prestwich Preparatory School 105997 View
Ohelei Yossef Yitzchok School 105998 View
Mechinoh School 105999 View
Monton Village School 106000 View
Manchester Junior Girls School 106003 View
Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch Schools 106004 View
Etz Chaim School 106005 View
Royal Manchester Children Hospital School 106006 View
Parkes Field School 106007 View
Greenwood School 106008 View
Oakwood High School 106009 View
Chatsworth High School and Community College 106010 View
New Park School 106011 View
Ash Field School 106012 View
Adswood Nursery School 106013 View
Belmont Nursery School 106014 View
Hollywood Park Nursery School 106015 View
Brinnington Early Years Centre 106017 View
Reddish Vale Nursery School 106018 View
Offerton Hall Nursery School 106019 View
Fir Tree Nursery School 106020 View
Freshfield Nursery School 106021 View
The Pendlebury Centre 106022 View
Moat House 106023 View
Adswood Primary School 106024 View
Alexandra Park Infant School 106025 View
Alexandra Park Junior School 106026 View
Banks Lane Infant School 106027 View
Banks Lane Junior School 106028 View
Bolshaw Primary School 106029 View
Bradshaw Hall Junior School 106030 View
St James RC Primary School 105969 View
Barrack Hill Primary School 106031 View
Brookhead Junior School 106035 View
Brookside Primary School 106036 View
Bruntwood Primary School 106037 View
Cheadle Primary School 106038 View
Cheadle Heath Infant School 106039 View
Brindale Primary School 106033 View
Broadstone Hall Primary School 106034 View
Dial Park Primary School 106043 View
Doodfield Primary School 106044 View
Etchells Primary School 106045 View
Fairway Primary School 106046 View
Gatley Primary School 106047 View
Great Moor Infant School 106048 View
Great Moor Junior School 106049 View
Greave Primary School 106050 View
High Lane Primary School 106051 View
Hursthead Infant School 106052 View
Ladybridge Primary School 106054 View
Ladybrook Primary School 106055 View
Lark Hill Primary School 106056 View
Ludworth Primary School 106057 View
Mellor Primary School 106058 View
Mersey Vale Primary School 106059 View
Moorfield Infant School 106060 View
Moorfield Junior School 106061 View
Nevill Road Infant School 106062 View
Nevill Road Junior School 106063 View
Norbury Hall Primary School 106064 View
Norris Bank Primary School 106065 View
North Heaton Primary School 106066 View
North Reddish Infant School 106067 View
North Reddish Junior School 106068 View
Orrishmere Primary School 106069 View
Peacefield Primary School 106070 View
Prospect Vale Primary School 106071 View
Queensgate Primary School 106072 View
Oak Tree Primary School 106073 View
Abingdon Primary School 106074 View
Romiley Primary School 106075 View
Rose Hill Primary School 106076 View
Tame Valley Primary School 106077 View
The Dale Primary School 106078 View
Thorn Grove Primary School 106079 View
Tithe Barn Primary School 106080 View
Torkington Primary School 106081 View
Vernon Park Primary School 106082 View
Warren Wood Primary School 106083 View
Whitehill Primary School 106084 View
Woodley Infant School 106085 View
Woodley Junior School 106086 View
Cherry Tree Infants School 106087 View
Bradshaw Hall Infant School 106088 View
Cheadle Heath Junior School 106040 View
Moss Hey Primary School 106090 View
Cale Green Primary School 106091 View
Fir Tree Primary School 106092 View
Lum Head Primary School 106093 View
Pownall Green Primary School 106089 View
Outwood Primary School 106094 View
Hursthead Junior School 106053 View
Lane End Primary School 106097 View
Didsbury Road Primary School 106098 View
Hazel Grove Primary School 106099 View
Arden Primary School 106100 View
Cherry Tree Junior School 106041 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School Marple 106102 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School Stockport 106103 View
St Marks Church of England Primary School 106104 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School 106105 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 106106 View
St Matthews Church of England Primary School 106107 View
St Pauls Church of England Primary School Brinnington 106108 View
St Thomas Church of England Primary School Stockport 106109 View
St Elisabeths Church of England Primary School 106110 View
Cheadle Catholic Infant School 106111 View
Cheadle Catholic Junior School 106112 View
North Cheshire Jewish Primary School 106113 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School 106114 View
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School 106115 View
St Bernadettes Catholic Primary School 106116 View
St Christophers Catholic Primary School 106117 View
St Georges CofE Infant School 106118 View
St Georges CofE Junior School 106119 View
St Josephs RC Infant and Nursery School 106120 View
St Josephs Roman Catholic Junior School, Reddish, Stockport 106121 View
St Josephs Stockport Catholic Primary School 106122 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School Marple Bridge 106123 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School Stockport 106124 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 106125 View
St Philips Catholic Primary School 106126 View
St Simons Catholic Primary School 106127 View
St Thomas Church of England Primary School Heaton Chapel 106128 View
St Winifreds Roman Catholic Primary School, Stockport 106129 View
St Stephens Church of England Primary School 106130 View
Bredbury Green Primary School 106095 View
Offerton Hall Primary School 106096 View
Avondale High School 106131 View
Offerton School 106132 View
Priestnall School 106133 View
Reddish Vale Technology College 106134 View
Stockport School 106135 View
Werneth School 106136 View
Hazel Grove High School 106137 View
Marple Hall School - A Specialist Language College 106138 View
Bramhall High School 106139 View
Cheadle Hulme High School 106140 View
The Kingsway School 106141 View
St James Catholic High School 106142 View
Harrytown Catholic High School 106143 View
St Annes Roman Catholic High School, Stockport 106144 View
Hillcrest Grammar School 106145 View
Syddal Park School 106146 View
Brabyns Preparatory School 106147 View
Greenbank Preparatory School 106148 View
Lady Barn House School 106149 View
Ramillies Hall School 106150 View
Hulme Hall Grammar School 106151 View
Cheadle Hulme Junior School 106152 View
Oriel Bank 106153 View
Stella Maris School 106154 View
St Catherines Preparatory School 106155 View
Stockport Grammar School 106156 View
Cheadle Hulme School 106157 View
Covenant Christian School 106158 View
Cheadle Preparatory School 106159 View
Woodford Preparatory and Nursery School 106160 View
Star of the Sea School 106161 View
Ashcroft School 106162 View
Care Today (Childrens Service) 106163 View
Taxal Lodge School 106164 View
Bethesda School 106165 View
Royal School, Manchester 106166 View
St John Vianney School 106167 View
Valley School 106168 View
Thornfield School 106169 View
Lisburne School 106170 View
Overdale School 106171 View
Castle Hill High School 106172 View
Heaton School 106173 View
Whiteacre Nursery School 106174 View
Wilshaw Nursery School 106175 View
Trafalgar Nursery School 106176 View
Hyde Pupil Referral Unit 106177 View
Hollingworth Primary School 106179 View
Oakfield Primary and Moderate Learning Difficulties Resource Base 106180 View
Pinfold Primary School 106181 View
Hare Hill Primary School 106182 View
Flowery Field Primary School 106183 View
Arundale Primary School 106184 View
Hurstclough Primary School 106185 View
Globe Lane Primary School 106186 View
Ridge Hill Primary School and Nursery 106187 View
Gorse Hall Primary and Nursery School 106188 View
Stalyhill Junior School 106189 View
Arlies Primary School 106190 View
Buckton Vale Primary School 106191 View
Bridge Hall Primary School 106032 View
Demmings Infant School 106042 View
Maycroft Primary School 106101 View
Lyndhurst Community Primary School 106192 View
Clarendon Fields Primary School 106196 View
Bradley Green Community Primary School 106197 View
Dowson Primary School 106198 View
Godley Community Primary School 106199 View
Hurst Infant School 106200 View
The Heys Primary School 106201 View
Ashton West End Primary School 106202 View
Audenshaw Primary School 106203 View
Poplar Street Primary School 106204 View
Denton Central Primary School and ASD Resource Base 106205 View
Russell Scott Primary School 106206 View
Broadbent Fold Primary School and Nursery 106193 View
Moorside Primary School 106209 View
Livingstone Primary School 106210 View
Waterloo Primary School 106211 View
Aldwyn Primary School 106212 View
St Annes Primary School 106213 View
Corrie Primary School 106214 View
Denton West End Primary School 106215 View
Holden Clough Community Primary School 106216 View
Dane Bank Primary School 106217 View
Greenside Primary School 106218 View
Greswell Primary School and Nursery 106219 View
Manor Green Primary and Nursery School 106220 View
Linden Road Primary School and Hearing Impaired Resource Base 106221 View
Stalyhill Infant School 106222 View
Yew Tree Primary School 106223 View
Gee Cross Holy Trinity CofE (VC) Primary School 106226 View
Broadbottom Church of England Primary School 106227 View
St Johns CofE Primary School, Dukinfield 106228 View
Hurst Knoll St James Church of England Primary School 106229 View
Parochial CofE Primary and Nursery School, Ashton-under-Lyne 106230 View
St James CofE Primary School, Ashton-under-Lyne 106231 View
Hurst Methodist Junior School 106232 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School, Stalybridge 106233 View
Milton St Johns CofE Primary School 106234 View
Micklehurst All Saints CofE Primary School 106235 View
St Georges CofE Primary School 106236 View
Mottram CofE Primary School 106237 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School 106238 View
St James Catholic Primary School 106239 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 106240 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 106241 View
St Raphaels Catholic Primary School 106242 View
Canon Johnson CofE Primary School 106243 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 106244 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 106245 View
St Stephens CofE Primary School 106246 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 106247 View
St Georges CofE Primary School 106248 View
Canon Burrows CofE Primary School 106249 View
St Anns RC Primary School 106250 View
St Marys RC Primary School 106251 View
St Marys RC Primary School 106252 View
St Stephens RC Primary School 106253 View
St Josephs RC Primary School 106254 View
St John Fisher RC Primary School, Denton 106255 View
St Christophers RC Primary School 106256 View
St Annes RC Primary School 106257 View
Alder Community High School 106258 View
Manchester Road Primary School 106208 View
Stamford High School 106260 View
Droylsden School Mathematics and Computing College for Girls 106261 View
Littlemoss High School for Boys 106262 View
Egerton Park Arts College 106263 View
Two Trees Sports College 106265 View
Mossley Hollins High School 106266 View
Longdendale High School 106267 View
Hyde Community College 106268 View
Astley Sports College and Community High School 106269 View
St Damians RC Science College 106270 View
St Thomas More RC College Specialising in Mathematics and Computing 106271 View
All Saints Catholic College 106272 View
Audenshaw School 106273 View
West Hill School 106274 View
Fairfield High School for Girls 106275 View
Trinity School 106276 View
Hawthorns Community School 106277 View
Thomas Ashton School 106278 View
Cromwell High School 106279 View
Samuel Laycock School 106280 View
Oakdale School 106281 View
Bankside Special School 106282 View
Navigation Primary School 106283 View
Oldfield Brow Primary School 106284 View
Stamford Park Junior School 106285 View
Stamford Park Infant School 106286 View
Park Road Primary School 106287 View
Heyes Lane Primary School 106288 View
Broadheath Primary School 106289 View
Broomwood Primary School 106290 View
Elmridge Primary School 106291 View
Fairfield Road Primary School 106207 View
Millbrook Primary School 106195 View
Copley High School 106259 View
Wild Bank Community School 106194 View
Cloverlea Primary School 106295 View
Bollin Primary School 106296 View
Willows Primary School 106294 View
Springfield Primary School 106298 View
Well Green Primary School 106293 View
Worthington Primary School 106300 View
Brooklands Primary School 106301 View
Lime Tree Primary School 106302 View
Firs Primary School 106303 View
Wellfield Junior School 106304 View
Partington Primary School 106305 View
Millbank Junior School 106306 View
Woodlands Infants School 106307 View
Moorlands Junior School 106308 View
Cherry Manor Primary School 106309 View
Moss View Community School 106310 View
Ortonbrook Primary School 106311 View
Templemoor Infant and Nursery School 106312 View
Wellfield Infant and Nursery School 106313 View
Urmston Junior School 106314 View
Urmston Primary School 106315 View
Davyhulme Primary School 106316 View
Davyhulme Infant School 106317 View
Flixton Junior School 106318 View
Flixton Infant School 106319 View
Barton Clough Primary School 106320 View
Gorse Hill Primary School 106321 View
Kings Road Primary School 106322 View
Moss Park Junior School 106323 View
Moss Park Infant School 106324 View
Seymour Park Community Primary School 106325 View
Old Trafford Junior School 106326 View
Victoria Park Junior School 106327 View
Victoria Park Infant School 106328 View
Highfield Primary School 106329 View
Woodsend Primary School 106330 View
Wellacre Infant School 106331 View
Woodhouse Primary School 106332 View
Old Trafford Infants School 106333 View
Kingsway Primary School 106334 View
Tyntesfield Primary School 106335 View
Wellacre Junior School 106336 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 106337 View
Bowdon CofE Primary School 106338 View
St Vincents Catholic Junior School 106339 View
St Hughs Catholic Primary School 106340 View
Altrincham CofE (Aided) Primary School 106341 View
St Vincents Catholic Infant School 106342 View
St Annes CofE Primary School 106343 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 106344 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 106345 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School 106346 View
All Saints Catholic Primary School 106347 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 106348 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 106349 View
Heyes Lane Infant School 106292 View
Woodheys Primary School 106299 View
Park Road Primary School 106297 View
St Michaels CofE (Aided) Primary School 106350 View
St Anns RC Infant School 106354 View
St Teresas RC Primary School 106355 View
St Monicas RC Primary School 106356 View
St Anns RC Junior School 106357 View
Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary School 106358 View
St Margaret Ward Catholic Primary School 106359 View
St Alphonsus RC Primary School 106360 View
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys 106361 View
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls 106362 View
Broadoak School 106363 View
Flixton Girls High School 106364 View
Lostock College 106365 View
Wellacre Technology College 106366 View
Altrincham College of Arts 106367 View
Stretford Grammar School 106368 View
Urmston Grammar School 106369 View
English Martyrs RC Primary School 106352 View
Sale Grammar School 106371 View
St Hugh of Lincoln RC Primary School 106353 View
Wellington School 106373 View
Ashton-on-Mersey School 106374 View
Sale High School 106375 View
Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College 106376 View
Bowdon Preparatory School for Girls 106377 View
Loreto Grammar School 106378 View
Altrincham Preparatory School 106379 View
North Cestrian Grammar School 106380 View
St Ambrose Preparatory School 106381 View
Forest Park Preparatory School 106382 View
Hale Preparatory School 106383 View
Southfields School 106384 View
Forest School 106385 View
Abbotsford Preparatory School 106386 View
Loreto Preparatory School 106387 View
Bowdon Preparatory School for Girls 106388 View
Christ The King School 106389 View
Pictor School 106390 View
Brentwood School 106391 View
Longford Park School 106392 View
Urmston Parklands School 106393 View
Delamere School 106394 View
Grove School 106395 View
Priory School 106396 View
Hindley Nursery School 106397 View
Douglas Valley Nursery School 106398 View
Beech Hill Community Primary School 106399 View
Pemberton Primary and Nursery School 106400 View
Scot Lane Community Primary School 106401 View
Woodfield Primary School 106402 View
Marsh Green Primary School 106403 View
Wigan Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School 106404 View
Mabs Cross Primary School 106405 View
Marus Bridge Primary School 106406 View
Winstanley Community Primary School 106407 View
Aspull New Springs Infant School 106408 View
Orrell Holgate Primary School 106409 View
Lamberhead Green Junior School 106410 View
Lamberhead Green Infant School 106411 View
Orrell Newfold Community Primary School 106412 View
Shevington Community Primary School 106413 View
Abram Bryn Gates Primary School 106414 View
Hindley Junior and Infant School 106415 View
Hindley Green Primary School 106416 View
Britannia Bridge Primary School 106417 View
Leigh Central Primary School 106418 View
Tyldesley Primary School 106419 View
Golborne Community Primary School 106420 View
Lowton Junior and Infant School 106421 View
Newton Westpark Primary School 106422 View
Higher Folds Primary School 106423 View
R L Hughes Primary School 106424 View
Meadowbank Primary School & Childrens Centre 106425 View
Parklee Community School 106426 View
Wood Fold Primary School 106427 View
Lowton West Primary School 106428 View
Shevington Vale Primary School 106429 View
Nicol Mere School 106430 View
Gilded Hollins Community School 106431 View
Perry Brook Community Primary School 106432 View
Garrett Hall Primary School 106433 View
Low Hall Community Primary School 106434 View
Hollins Community Primary School 106435 View
Millbrook Primary School 106436 View
St James CofE Primary School 106437 View
Bryn St Peters CofE Primary School 106438 View
Stubshaw Cross CofE Junior and Infant School 106439 View
Tyldesley Central CofE Junior and Infant School 106440 View
Hindsford CofE Primary School 106441 View
Leigh Westleigh Methodist Primary School 106442 View
Chowbent Primary School 106443 View
Shakerley CofE Primary School 106444 View
Leigh CofE Primary School 106445 View
Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School 106446 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 106447 View
St Thomas CofE Primary School, Leigh 106448 View
Wigan St Andrews CofE Junior and Infant School 106449 View
Stretford High School 106370 View
St Hildas CofE Primary School 106351 View
St Antonys Catholic College 106372 View
Highfield St Matthews CofE Primary School 106450 View
St Stephens CofE Primary School 106454 View
St Cuthberts RC Junior School 106455 View
St Cuthberts Infant School 106456 View
St Judes RC Junior School 106457 View
St Judes RC Infant School 106458 View
St Mary and St John Catholic Primary School 106459 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 106460 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 106461 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary School 106462 View
St Aidans Catholic Primary School, Wigan 106463 View
St Catharines CofE Primary School 106464 View
St Thomas CofE Primary School 106465 View
St John the Baptist Junior School 106466 View
St Marks CofE Primary School 106452 View
Standish Lower Ground St Annes CofE Primary School 106468 View
Abram CofE Primary School 106469 View
Bickershaw CofE Primary School 106470 View
Hindley All Saints CofE Primary School 106471 View
Castle Hill St Philips CofE Primary School 106472 View
Hindley Green St Johns Junior and Infant School 106473 View
St Nathaniels CofE Primary School 106474 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 106475 View
Ince CofE Primary School 106476 View
Belle Green CofE Junior and Infant School 106477 View
St Michaels CofE Primary School, Howe Bridge 106478 View
Leigh St Peters CofE Junior School 106479 View
St Peters CofE Infant School 106480 View
Westleigh St Pauls CofE Primary School 106481 View
St Stephens CofE Primary School 106482 View
St Georges CofE Junior and Infant School 106483 View
St Johns CofE Primary School Mosley Common 106484 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 106485 View
Lowton St Marys CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School 106486 View
St Thomas CofE Junior and Infant School 106487 View
St Oswalds Catholic Primary School 106488 View
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School 106489 View
Our Ladys RC Primary School Wigan 106490 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School, New Springs, Wigan 106491 View
St James Catholic Primary School Orrell 106492 View
St Maries Catholic Primary School Standish 106493 View
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School Hindley 106494 View
Sacred Heart RC Junior and Infant School 106495 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School Platt Bridge 106496 View
St Williams Catholic Primary School 106497 View
St Richards Roman Catholic Primary School Atherton 106498 View
Standish St Wilfrids CofE Primary School 106467 View
Saint Pauls CofE Primary School 106453 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 106451 View
Chandlers Ridge Primary School 111619 View
Pennyman Primary School 111628 View
Roseworth Primary School 111645 View
Whitecliffe Primary School 111654 View
Langbaurgh School 111738 View
Christ The King Catholic High School 119781 View
St Michaels Church of England High School 119795 View
All Saints Roman Catholic High School, Rossendale 119797 View
Highfield Priory School 119828 View
Langdale Preparatory School 119830 View
ArnoldKEQMS (AKS) 119836 View
Queen Mary School 119837 View
St Wilfrids CofE High School and Technology College 119815 View
Bride Community Church Christian School 119847 View
Newbold Verdon Primary School 119942 View
Battling Brook Community Primary School 119971 View
Ravenstone Primary School 119947 View
Market Harborough Ridgeway Primary School 119983 View
Hob Lane CofE Infant School 125691 View
Kineton CofE (VA) Primary School 125692 View
Moreton Morrell CofE Primary School 125693 View
Studley St Marys CofE Junior School 125694 View
Tanworth-in-Arden CofE Primary School 125695 View
Wilmcote CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School 125696 View
Knightlow CofE (Aided) First School 125699 View
Dunchurch Boughton CofE (Voluntary Aided) Junior School 125703 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School, Alcester 125704 View
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School 125705 View
St Francis Catholic Primary School 125706 View
St Edwards Catholic Primary School 125707 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School, Southam 125708 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 125709 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 125716 View
St Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School 125717 View
Our Lady and St Teresas Catholic Primary School 125718 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 125719 View
St Josephs RC First School 125720 View
Our Ladys Catholic Primary School, Princethorpe 125721 View
St Maries Catholic Junior School 125722 View
St Maries Nursery and Catholic Infant School 125723 View
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School 125724 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 125725 View
St Josephs Catholic Junior School 125726 View
Southam St James (Voluntary Aided) CofE Primary School 125727 View
Coleshill CofE Primary School 125728 View
Barford St Peters CofE Primary School 125729 View
Brockhurst CofE Middle School 125702 View
Etone College 125731 View
Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College 125732 View
Henley in Arden High School 125733 View
Kineton High School 125734 View
Kingsbury School, A Specialist Science College with Mathematics 125735 View
North Leamington School 125748 View
Bilton School - A Maths and Computing College 125749 View
Alcester High School Technology College 125750 View
Lawrence Sheriff School 125753 View
Bishop Wulstan Catholic School 125754 View
Trinity Catholic School 125756 View
Harris School 125757 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School, Leamington Spa 125701 View
Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls A Specialist College for Language and Science 125730 View
St Andrews Benn CofE (Aided) First School 125700 View
St Thomas More Catholic School and Sixth Form College 125758 View
Dunnington CofE Primary School 125762 View
Dunchurch Infant School 125763 View
Ash Green School and Arts College 125765 View
Hartshill School 125766 View
Rugby High School 125769 View
Alcester Grammar School 125770 View
Studley High School - A Humanities and Music College 125771 View
Crackley Hall School 125772 View
Bilton Grange School 125773 View
Arnold Lodge School 125774 View
The Kingsley School 125775 View
New College 125776 View
Rugby School 125777 View
The Croft Preparatory School 125778 View
Emscote Lawn School 125779 View
Warwick Preparatory School 125780 View
Warwick School 125781 View
Wroxall Abbey School 125782 View
Abbotsford School 125783 View
Crescent School 125784 View
The Elfin Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School 125785 View
Kings High School 125788 View
Milverton House School 125789 View
Arc School Old Arley 125790 View
Stratford Preparatory School 125791 View
Emscote House School 125792 View
Lucy Locket Kindergarten 125793 View
Exhall Grange School and Science College 125794 View
River House School 125795 View
Tyntesfield School 125796 View
Red Deeps School 125797 View
Sparrowdale School 125798 View
Marie Corelli School 125799 View
St Margarets Special School 125800 View
Brooke School 125801 View
Lambert School 125804 View
Horsham Nursery School 125809 View
Boundstone Nursery School, Children and Family Centre 125810 View
The Links College North 125812 View
Wolverton Primary School 125760 View
Cross Green High School 127968 View
Nowell School 128055 View
Castle Dene School 128147 View
St Aidans School 128148 View
Woodlands First School 128160 View
Cambian Meadow Road 128189 View
Houghton-Le-Spring Junior School 128193 View
Filwood Park Junior School 128216 View
Doncaster Road Junior School 128217 View
Provision for Pregnant Schoolgirls and Young Mothers 128309 View
Woodland First School and Primary Centre 128312 View
Shenley Church End County First School 128322 View
South Newbarns Junior School 128575 View
Idridgehay Parochial Primary School 128626 View
Woodlands School 128655 View
St Francis Preparatory School 128866 View
St Gregorys House School 128876 View
Finlay Junior School 128938 View
Foundry Lane First School 128998 View
Marsh Court School 129052 View
Holy Cross Junior School 129053 View
West Downs School 129054 View
The Choir School of Our Lady and St John 129063 View
Ballard Lake Preparatory School 129051 View
Bursar Infants School 129191 View
Humberston Infants School 129195 View
Istead Rise County Infant School 129387 View
Legbourne CofE Primary School 129588 View
St Edmunds RC School 129630 View
All Hallows School 129631 View
Silton and Kepwick CofE Primary School 129663 View
York Sixth Form College 129670 View
Princess Marina Hospital School 129703 View
Highlands School 129773 View
Audley House Preparatory School 129774 View
Abbey CofE Junior School 129723 View
Blurton Nursery School 129863 View
Western Springs Infant School 129888 View
Westfield First School 129899 View
Riverway CofE Middle School 129951 View
Brearley County Junior and Infant School 130146 View
Hatton Junior and Infant School 130149 View
Blackwell County Junior School 130183 View
Leeside Community Primary School 130350 View
Bessemer Grange Primary School 130918 View
Oakwood Community Primary School 130937 View
Henry Whipple Primary School 131017 View
Blackheath High School 131166 View
St Aloysius Catholic Primary School 131332 View
South Parade Primary School 131604 View
Arden Lawn School 131729 View
Ladygrove Park Primary School 131904 View
Isfield Independent School 131941 View
Kings College 131966 View
Abbeyfield School 131969 View
The Orion Primary School 131970 View
Hertswood School 131971 View
Abbey Meadows Primary School 132127 View
Portman Early Childhood Centre 132151 View
The Willows 132187 View
Maltby Manor Primary School 132765 View
Highbank Junior School 133097 View
Hospital and Home Education PRU 133164 View
Isp Teynham 133310 View
Oakefield Primary and Nursery School 133314 View
The Boundary Pupil Referral Unit 133412 View
Hope School 133421 View
Cornfield School 133477 View
Norset House 133612 View
St Christophers Catholic Primary School 133615 View
Martham Foundation Primary School and Nursery 134044 View
Meadowbank Secondary Special School 134655 View
Beacon Hill School 134767 View
Moorfield Primary School 134883 View
Sir William Stanier Community School 135137 View
Southern Area Pupil Referral Unit, Elm Road Centre 135147 View
Lightmoor Village Primary School 135244 View
Stockport Academy 135262 View
Thomas Deacon Academy 135263 View
St Aidans Church of England Academy 135314 View
Ashcroft Technology Academy 135316 View
Wadsworth Fields Primary School 135458 View
The Lilford Centre 135490 View
Stone Hill School 135547 View
The Priory Academy LSST 135565 View
Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary School 135669 View
The Tutorial Foundation 135670 View
Oasis Academy Brightstowe 135671 View
Billingshurst Primary School 135813 View
Alexanders College 135765 View
Eton Community School 136004 View
Cowes Enterprise College 136009 View
The Bay Church of England Primary 136013 View
Bracken School 136050 View
Cambridge Student Support Centre (PRU) 136059 View
Riverside 136060 View
Kearsley Academy 136135 View
Ninestiles, an Academy 136406 View
Springwood High School 136515 View
John Port School 136591 View
Exmouth Community College 136612 View
Lipson Co-operative Academy 136668 View
Westbourne Primary School 136796 View
Ribston Hall High School 136767 View
Prospect School 136876 View
Queens School 136877 View
Heart of England School 136909 View
Hadleigh Infant and Nursery School 137027 View
Rydens Enterprise School and Sixth Form College 137137 View
Hatch End High School 137204 View
Chiltern Hills Academy 137280 View
St Marys Church of England Junior School 137311 View
Felixstowe Academy 137321 View
The Linden Academy 137324 View
Summercroft Primary School 137351 View
Alif Academy 137506 View
The Weston Road Academy 137553 View
Freshways College 137953 View
Seal Primary Academy 138071 View
Hatfield Academy 138127 View
St Bedes Catholic Comprehensive School and Sixth Form College, Lanchester 138172 View
Woodcote High School 138187 View
Oasis Academy Connaught 138278 View
Mole End Equine and Animal Education 138407 View
Earlscliffe (Sussex Summer Schools Ltd) 138405 View
Portland Academy 138526 View
Barbara Priestman Academy 138530 View
Long Field Academy 138628 View
White Waltham CofE Academy 138635 View
Castleview Primary School 138659 View
Bower Park Academy 139307 View
Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School 139423 View
St Johns Primary School 139762 View
Heyford Park Free School 139998 View
Oasis Academy Aspinal 140052 View
Kenyngton Manor Primary School 140348 View
Cordwalles Junior School 140349 View
John Locke Academy 140387 View
Totley Primary School 140596 View
Werneth Primary School 140597 View
Whirley Primary School 140598 View
Yarm Primary School 140599 View
Energy Coast UTC 140600 View
Millbrook Park Primary School 140601 View
Darton Primary School 140602 View
Westminster Tutors 140603 View
Lws Academy 140732 View
Marston Green Infant Academy 140733 View
Wednesbury Oak Academy 140793 View
St Andrews Church of England Primary School 140820 View
Newfield Secondary School 140821 View
Montagu Academy 140825 View
Cuxton Community Infant School 141276 View
Lawrence Sheriff School 141277 View
Featherstone Academy 141278 View
Bringhurst Primary School 141279 View
Acorns Primary School 141280 View
Lanesend Primary School 141305 View
Nether Alderley Primary School 141306 View
Ryburn Valley High School 141307 View
Adisham Church of England Primary School 141308 View
Stationers Crown Woods Academy 141309 View
The Howard School 141466 View
Tintagel Primary School 141528 View
Lansdowne Primary School 141548 View

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