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School Name URN Details
Trinity CofE School 112278 View
Annie Holgate Infant and Nursery School 122583 View
Tower Hill Community Primary School 123019 View
Harwell Primary School 123062 View
Springfield Infant School 123419 View
Woodside Junior School 123420 View
Woodside Infant School 123421 View
The Wilfred Owen School 123422 View
Longlands Primary School 123423 View
Shifnal Primary School 123424 View
Mount Pleasant Infant School 123425 View
William Reynolds Infant School 123427 View
Brindleyford Primary School 123428 View
Holmer Lake Primary School 123429 View
Oakland Primary School 123430 View
Three Oaks Primary School 123431 View
Castlefields Primary School 123432 View
John Wilkinson Primary School and Nursery 123434 View
Ladygrove Primary School 123438 View
Leegomery Junior School 123439 View
Leegomery Infant School 123440 View
Randlay Primary School 123441 View
Malinslee Primary School 123442 View
Captain Webb Primary School 123443 View
John Randall Primary School 123445 View
Greenfields Primary School 123446 View
The Martin Wilson School 123447 View
Radbrook Primary School 123448 View
Priorslee Primary School 123449 View
Apley Wood Primary School 123450 View
Teagues Bridge Primary School 123451 View
The Meadows Primary School 123452 View
Muxton Primary School 123453 View
Stirchley Primary School 123454 View
Brookside Primary School and Early Years Centre 123455 View
Hollinswood Primary School 123456 View
Adderley CofE Primary School 123457 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 123458 View
Ashford Carbonell CofE Primary School 123459 View
Beckbury CofE Primary School 123460 View
Bicton CofE Primary School and Nursery 123461 View
St Leonards CofE Junior School 123462 View
Brockton CofE Primary School 123463 View
Burford CofE Primary School 123464 View
Chelmarsh CofE Primary School 123465 View
Childs Ercall CofE Primary School 123466 View
Chirbury CofE VC Primary School 123467 View
St Lawrence CofE Primary School 123468 View
Clive CofE Primary School 123469 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 123471 View
Criftins CofE Primary School 123472 View
Donnington Wood CofE Voluntary Controlled Junior School 123473 View
St Peters Church of England Controlled Primary School 123474 View
Farlow CofE Primary School 123475 View
Ford CofE Primary School 123476 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 123477 View
Hadnall CofE Primary School 123478 View
Hope CofE Primary School 123479 View
Kinnerley Church of England Controlled Primary School 123481 View
Longnor CofE Primary School 123482 View
Lower Heath CofE Primary School 123483 View
Morda CofE Primary School 123484 View
Moreton Say CofE Primary School 123485 View
Morville CofE (Controlled) Primary School 123486 View
Newcastle CofE Primary School 123488 View
Norton-in-Hales CofE Primary School 123491 View
Beech Grove CofE Junior School 123492 View
Pontesbury CofE Primary School & Nursery 123493 View
Prees CofE Primary School 123494 View
Hollinswood Infant and Nursery School 123436 View
Moorfield Primary School 123435 View
Belvidere Primary School 123437 View
Bomere Heath CofE Primary School 123495 View
Selattyn CofE Primary School 123499 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 123500 View
Meole Brace CofE Infant School 123501 View
Oxon CofE Primary School 123502 View
St Giles CofE Primary School 123503 View
Stottesdon CofE Primary School 123504 View
Tibberton Church of England Primary School 123505 View
Tilstock CofE Primary School and Nursery 123506 View
St Lawrence Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 123496 View
St Lucias CofE Primary School 123508 View
Wattlesborough CofE Primary School 123509 View
Welshampton CofE Primary School 123510 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 123511 View
West Felton CofE Primary School 123512 View
Weston Lullingfields CofE School 123513 View
Whitchurch CofE Junior School 123514 View
Whitchurch CofE Infant and Nursery School 123515 View
Whixall CofE (Controlled) Primary School 123516 View
Wistanstow CofE Primary School 123517 View
Worthen CofE Primary School 123518 View
Stiperstones CofE Primary School 123519 View
Wrockwardine Wood Church of England Junior School 123520 View
Yockleton CofE Primary School 123521 View
St Thomas and St Anne CofE Primary School 123525 View
John Fletcher of Madeley Primary School 123526 View
St Georges Church of England Primary School 123527 View
Bryn Offa CofE Primary School 123528 View
St Laurence CofE Primary School 123529 View
St Peters Church of England Controlled Primary School, Bratton 123530 View
Long Meadow CofE Primary and Nursery School 123531 View
Brown Clee CofE Primary School 123532 View
Barrow CofE Primary School 123533 View
Baschurch CofE Primary School 123534 View
Bitterley CofE Primary School (Aided) 123535 View
St Marys Bluecoat CofE (VA) Primary School 123536 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 123537 View
Caynham CofE Primary School 123538 View
Claverley CofE Primary School 123539 View
St Georges CofE Primary School 123540 View
Clunbury CofE Primary School 123541 View
Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge CofE Primary School 123542 View
Condover CofE Primary School 123543 View
Dawley Church of England Primary School with Nursery 123544 View
St John the Baptist CofE (Controlled) Primary School 123498 View
Longden CofE Primary School 123546 View
Lydbury North CofE (A) Primary School 123547 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 123548 View
Whittington CofE (Aided) Primary School 123549 View
Worfield Endowed CofE Primary School 123550 View
St Johns Catholic Primary School 123551 View
St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School 123552 View
Our Lady and St Oswalds Catholic Primary School 123553 View
Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School and Nursery 123554 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 123555 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 123556 View
St Matthews Church of England Aided Primary School and Nursery Centre 123557 View
St Lukes Catholic Primary School 123558 View
Corvedale CofE Primary School 123559 View
Onny CofE (A) Primary School 123560 View
Newport Girls High School 123561 View
The Priory School, A Business and Enterprise College 123562 View
The Wakeman School and Arts College 123563 View
The Community College, Bishops Castle 123564 View
Church Stretton School 123565 View
The Lakelands School, Sports and Language College 123566 View
William Brookes School 123567 View
Idsall School 123568 View
Sundorne School and Sports College 123569 View
Belvidere School 123570 View
The Orleton Park School 123571 View
Wrockwardine Wood Arts College 123572 View
Meole Brace School 123573 View
The Burton Borough School 123574 View
St Martins School (3-16 Learning Community) 123575 View
The Phoenix School 123576 View
Mary Webb School and Science College 123577 View
The Lacon Childe School 123578 View
The Grange School 123579 View
The Grove School 123580 View
Madeley Academy 123581 View
The Lord Silkin School 123582 View
Oldbury Wells School 123583 View
The Marches School and Technology College 123584 View
Sutherland Business and Enterprise College 123585 View
Bridgnorth Endowed School 123586 View
Ludlow Church of England School 123587 View
Sir John Talbots Technology College 123588 View
The Thomas Adams School, Wem 123589 View
Holy Cross CofE Junior School 123590 View
The Grange Junior School 123591 View
Greenacres Primary School 123592 View
Adams Grammar School 123593 View
The Corbet School Technology College 123594 View
Trefonen CofE Primary School 123507 View
Rushbury CofE Primary School 123497 View
Dorrington CofE (Aided) Primary School 123545 View
Ercall Wood Technology College 123595 View
Bedstone College 123599 View
Ellesmere College 123600 View
Adcote School for Girls 123602 View
Moreton Hall School 123604 View
Packwood Haugh School 123605 View
Kingsland Grange School 123606 View
Prestfelde School 123607 View
Shrewsbury School 123608 View
The Old Hall School 123609 View
Wrekin College 123610 View
Castle House School 123611 View
Queens Park School 123612 View
Oswestry School 123613 View
St Winefrides Convent School 123614 View
The White House School 123615 View
Birchfield School 123616 View
Moor Park School 123617 View
Cotsbrook Community School 123618 View
Cruckton Hall School 123619 View
Shrewsbury High School 123620 View
Overley Hall School 123621 View
The Dower House School 123622 View
Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College 123598 View
Hilltop Community and School 123624 View
Rowden Hill School 123625 View
Prince-Phillimore School 123626 View
Thomas Telford School 123627 View
Rnib Condover Hall School 123628 View
Woodlands School 123630 View
Southall School 123631 View
The Charles Darwin School 123632 View
Hinkshay School 123633 View
Severndale 123634 View
The Bridge at HLC 123635 View
Sedgemoor Centre 123636 View
Mendip Centre 123637 View
Yeovil Centre 123638 View
Ashill Community Primary School 123639 View
Castle Cary Community Primary School 123640 View
Coxley Primary School 123641 View
Ditcheat Primary School 123642 View
Dunster First School 123643 View
Vallis First School 123644 View
Hambridge Community Primary School 123645 View
Hemington Primary School 123646 View
Horrington Primary School 123647 View
Huish Episcopi Primary School 123648 View
Ilton First School 123649 View
Keinton Mandeville Primary School 123650 View
Kingsbury Episcopi Primary School 123651 View
Leigh-Upon-Mendip First School 123652 View
Charlton School 123597 View
Abraham Darby Specialist School for Performing Arts 123596 View
Meare Village Primary School 123653 View
Nunney First School 123657 View
Priddy Primary School 123658 View
Countess Gytha Primary School 123659 View
Shepton Mallet Community Infants School & Nursery 123660 View
Somerton Infant School 123661 View
Stoke St Michael Primary School 123662 View
Elmhurst Junior School 123663 View
Hindhayes Infant School 123664 View
Tatworth Primary School 123665 View
Stoberry Park Infant School 123666 View
Wincanton Primary School 123667 View
Winsham Primary School 123668 View
Wookey Primary School 123669 View
Manor Court Community Primary School 123670 View
Avishayes Community Primary School 123671 View
Bowlish Infant School 123672 View
Neroche Primary School 123673 View
Stoberry Park Junior School 123674 View
Brookside Community Primary School 123675 View
Hayesdown First School 123676 View
Wellesley Park Primary School 123677 View
Ashcott Primary School 123678 View
Eastover Community Primary School 123679 View
Hamp Community Junior School 123680 View
Burnham-on-Sea Infant School 123682 View
Catcott Primary School 123683 View
Cossington Primary School 123684 View
East Huntspill School 123685 View
Beechfield Infant School 123686 View
Middlezoy Primary School 123687 View
Northmoor Green Primary School 123688 View
North Newton Community Primary School 123689 View
North Petherton Community Junior School 123690 View
Othery Village School 123691 View
Otterhampton Primary School 123692 View
Pawlett Primary School 123693 View
Puriton Primary School 123694 View
Somerset Bridge Primary School 123695 View
West Huntspill Community Primary School 123696 View
Westonzoyland Community Primary School 123697 View
Woolavington Village Primary School 123698 View
North Petherton Infants School 123699 View
Bishops Hull Primary School 123700 View
Churchstanton Primary School 123701 View
Lydeard St Lawrence Community Primary School 123702 View
Milverton Community Primary School 123703 View
Blagdon Hill Primary School 123704 View
Sampford Arundel Community Primary School 123705 View
Stawley Primary School 123706 View
Halcon Community Primary School 123707 View
North Town Community Primary School 123708 View
Priorswood Primary School 123709 View
Wellsprings Primary School 123710 View
Beech Grove Primary School 123711 View
Minehead First School 123656 View
Wiveliscombe Primary School 123713 View
Parkfield Primary School 123714 View
Lyngford Park Primary School 123715 View
Wedmore First School 123716 View
Cheddar First School 123717 View
Barwick and Stoford Community Primary School 123718 View
East Coker Community Primary School 123719 View
South Petherton Junior School 123720 View
Castle Primary School 123721 View
Huish Primary School 123722 View
Milford Junior School 123723 View
Milford Infants School 123724 View
Pen Mill Infants School 123725 View
Reckleford Community School and Childrens Centre 123726 View
Parcroft Community Junior School 123727 View
Westfield Infants Community School 123728 View
Grass Royal Junior School 123729 View
Birchfield Community Primary School 123730 View
Sedgemoor Manor Infants School 123731 View
Sedgemoor Manor Community Junior School 123732 View
Westover Green Community School 123733 View
Oake and Bradford Community Primary School 123734 View
Ilchester Community School 123735 View
The Redstart Primary School 123736 View
Blackbrook Primary School 123737 View
Kingsmoor Primary School 123738 View
Holway Park Community Primary School 123739 View
Baltonsborough Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 123740 View
St Mary and St Peters Church of England Primary School 123741 View
Beckington Church of England First School 123742 View
Berkley Church of England First School 123743 View
Binegar Church of England VC Primary School 123744 View
Butleigh Church of England Primary School 123745 View
Charlton Mackrell CofE Primary School 123746 View
Bishop Henderson Church of England Primary School 123747 View
Compton Dundon CofE Primary School 123748 View
Ashlands Church of England First School 123749 View
St Bartholomews Church of England First School 123750 View
Curry Mallet Church of England Primary School 123751 View
Curry Rivel Church of England VC Primary School 123752 View
Milborne Port Primary School 123655 View
West Buckland Community Primary School 123712 View
Merriott First School 123654 View
Exford Church of England First School 123756 View
Christ Church CofE First School 123757 View
Trinity Church of England First School 123758 View
St Aldhelms Church of England Primary School 123753 View
St Nicholas CofE Primary School, Henstridge 123760 View
High Ham Church of England Primary School 123761 View
Horsington Church of England Primary School 123763 View
Greenfylde Church of England First School 123764 View
Kingsdon Church of England Primary School 123765 View
Lovington Church of England Primary School 123766 View
Mells Church of England First School 123767 View
St Michaels Church of England First School 123768 View
Misterton Church of England First School 123769 View
North Cadbury Church of England Primary School 123770 View
Oakhill Church of England Primary School 123771 View
Old Cleeve CofE School, Washford 123772 View
Shepton Beauchamp Church of England Primary School 123773 View
Stogumber CofE Primary School 123774 View
Abbas and Templecombe Church of England Primary School 123775 View
Walton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 123776 View
St Cuthberts CofE Junior School 123777 View
St Cuthberts Church of England Infants School 123778 View
St Lawrences CofE Primary School 123779 View
West Pennard Church of England Primary School 123780 View
St Peters Church of England First School 123781 View
Evercreech Church of England Primary School 123755 View
All Saints CofE VC Infants School 123754 View
St Johns Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infants School 123759 View
St Leonards CofE (C) First School 124248 View
The Trafalgar School at Downton 126447 View
Duchy Manor Middle School 126456 View
Greystones Middle School 127701 View
Holmfield High School 127768 View
The Castle School 127771 View
The Heywood School 127772 View
Dewsbury Moor Nursery School 127774 View
Scholes Nursery School 127775 View
Knowl First School 127779 View
Birkenshaw County First School 127780 View
Battyeford First School 127781 View
Moorcross CofE (Controlled) Infant School 127786 View
St Paulinus RC (Aided) Junior School 127787 View
St Paulinus RC Infant and Nursery School 127788 View
St Marys RC Infant and Nursery School 127791 View
Deighton High School 127793 View
Huddersfield New College 127794 View
West Slaithwaite Junior and Infant School 127783 View
Wellhouse Middle School 127797 View
Birkenshaw CofE (Controlled) First School 127785 View
Saltwell Senior High School 128113 View
Avonhurst School 128240 View
Poplars School 128249 View
Wildridings County Junior School 128279 View
St Dominics RC Infant School 128292 View
Falklands Gabriel School 128299 View
Hustler School 128511 View
Charlesworth Primary School 128615 View
Ashford CofE Primary School 128629 View
Kingsteignton Junior School 128697 View
Rackenford CofE First School 128713 View
Bickleigh Down CofE Primary School 128714 View
Somerleaze Preparatory School 129094 View
Broad Oaks Junior Mixed School 129120 View
South Reston CofE Primary School 129585 View
St James Junior Boys School 129607 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 129850 View
Norseland School 129993 View
Nowton Court School 129994 View
St Annes School 129995 View
Melton Parish Room School 129996 View
Creeting Preparatory School 129997 View
Shawe Manor School 129998 View
Reeves Hall School 129999 View
The Grove First School 130043 View
Beaufort County First School 130063 View
Drayton Park School 130254 View
Mill Hill Primary School 130325 View
Exhall Cedars Infant School 130898 View
St James Independent Junior School (North West) 130904 View
Starting Point 131133 View
Elms Independent School 131147 View
South Rise Primary School 131183 View
Spon Gate Primary School 131241 View
Locarno Primary School 131283 View
Greenfields School 131307 View
Ghausia Girls High School 131337 View
Argyle - Green Corns 131429 View
Mustard School 131438 View
Cambian Gloucester 131436 View
Swinton Brookfield Primary School 131437 View
The Amicus School 131504 View
The Grosvenor Centre 131621 View
Edgerton College 131714 View
Guru Nanak Sikh Primary School 131927 View
Crawford Upper School 132017 View
Islamic Girls School Leicester 132055 View
St Marys Island Church of England (Aided) Primary School 132056 View
Cromwell Park Primary School 132071 View
Cedar Mount High School 132085 View
Fynamore Primary School 132093 View
Thornhill Primary School 132117 View
Sunny Bank Primary School 132118 View
Mount Gilbert School 132122 View
High Peak & Dales Support Centre 132123 View
Maple Tree Lower School 132236 View
Temple Mill Primary School 132267 View
All Saints CofE School 132809 View
Newby Wiske County Primary School 132912 View
Farnsfield St Michaels Church of England Primary (Voluntary Aided) School 134202 View
Co-Operative Independent College 134204 View
BR102 Bristol Year 11 C.O. Include, Unit 6, the Old Malt House 134456 View
The Fountain 134587 View
Mersey View Secondary Special School 134656 View
Pensans Primary School 134726 View
Woodley Primary School 134779 View
Alderwood 134832 View
Education and Youth Services (Herts) 135402 View
Abu Bakr Boys School 135483 View
Bellefield Primary and Nursery School 135484 View
New Charter Academy 135508 View
Rickley Park Primary School 135870 View
The Basildon Upper Academy 135897 View
Fulwood Academy 135936 View
The Crest Boys Academy 135974 View
An-Noor Primary School 136099 View
KWS Educational Services 136101 View
Knole Academy 136128 View
Ebrahim Academy 136129 View
Twydall Primary School 136131 View
Mount Hawke Academy 136597 View
Hayesfield Girls School 136966 View
Staunton and Corse Church of England Primary School 137149 View
The Deanery Church of England Primary School 137155 View
Shelley College 137352 View
Cromer Academy 137431 View
Lindley Junior School 137519 View
Ocean Lodge Independent School 137562 View
Ark Kings Academy 137578 View
The Farnley Academy 137577 View
Ormiston Forge Academy 137673 View
The Blue Coat School 137916 View
Hamilton Academy 137964 View
Perry Beeches the Academy 138141 View
Perry Beeches II The Free School 138200 View
The Henry Box School 138210 View
Rauceby Church of England Primary School 138284 View
Ark Isaac Newton Academy 138518 View
Chandlers Ridge Academy 138656 View
The Manor CofE VC Primary School 138730 View
Lymm High School 138732 View
Huttoft Primary School 138808 View
Fulwell Infant School Academy 139026 View
Firth Park Academy 139334 View
St Patricks Catholic Voluntary Academy 139347 View
St Josephs RC Lower School 139516 View
Pinderfields Hospital PRU 139560 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School 139721 View
Carew Academy 139722 View
North Cornwall Alternative Provision Academy 139759 View
Ark John Keats Academy 139815 View
Days Lane Primary School 140710 View
Delce Academy 140711 View
Great Missenden CofE Combined School 140721 View
St Cedds Church of England Primary School 140844 View
Cleadon Church of England Academy 140924 View
Kilsby Church of England Primary School 141079 View
White House Academy 141122 View
Leesons Primary School 141291 View
Devonshire Junior Academy 141292 View
All Saints National Academy 141410 View
The Grove Primary School 141469 View
Immaculate Conception Catholic Primary 141569 View

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