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School Name URN Details
Rectory CofE Primary School 104797 View
St Aidans CofE Primary School Billinge 104798 View
St Aidans CofE Aided Primary School 104799 View
St Anns Church of England Primary School 104800 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 104801 View
Blackbrook RC Infant School 104803 View
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 104804 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 104805 View
St Austins Catholic Primary School 104806 View
St Teresas Catholic Primary School, Devon Street 104807 View
St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary School 104808 View
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School 104809 View
St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary School 104810 View
Our Lady Mother of God Catholic Primary School 104811 View
St John Vianney Catholic Primary School 104812 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 104813 View
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 104814 View
St Bartholomews Catholic Primary School 104815 View
St Marys Catholic Junior School 104816 View
St Marys Catholic Infant School 104817 View
Haydock English Martyrs Catholic Primary School 104818 View
St Julies Catholic Primary School 104819 View
St James Church of England Primary School 104820 View
Nutgrove Methodist Aided Primary School 104821 View
Gerard RC Infant School 104822 View
St Theresas Catholic Primary School 104823 View
Parr Community High School 104824 View
Sutton High Sports College 104825 View
Rainford High Technology College 104826 View
Haydock High School 104827 View
Newton-le-Willows Community High School 104828 View
Cowley International College 104829 View
Rainhill High School 104830 View
Broadway Community High School 104831 View
St Aelreds Catholic Technology College 104832 View
St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High School 104833 View
De La Salle School 104834 View
St Cuthberts Catholic High School 104835 View
Newton Bank Preparatory School 104836 View
Tower College 104837 View
Nugent House School 104839 View
Hurst School 104840 View
Hamblett School 104841 View
Ashtons Green School 104842 View
Penkford School 104843 View
St. Marys Catholic Primary Blackbrook 104802 View
Cambridge Nursery School 104847 View
Greenacre Community Nursery School 104848 View
IMPACT 104849 View
Jigsaw Primary Pupil Referral Unit 104850 View
Thomas Gray Nursery and Infant School 104851 View
Orrell Primary School 104852 View
Linacre Primary School 104853 View
Thomas Gray Junior School 104854 View
Roberts Primary School 104855 View
Netherton Moss Primary School 104856 View
Daleacre Community Primary School 104857 View
Netherton Park Primary School and Early Years Unit 104858 View
The Grange Primary School 104859 View
Crossens Nursery School 104845 View
Churchtown Primary School 104861 View
Farnborough Road Junior School 104862 View
Farnborough Road Infant School 104863 View
Linaker Primary School 104864 View
Norwood Primary School 104865 View
Marshside Primary School 104866 View
Kew Woods Primary School 104867 View
Aintree Davenhill Primary School 104868 View
Hudson Primary School 104869 View
Waterloo Primary School 104870 View
Forefield Junior School 104871 View
Forefield Community Infant and Nursery School 104872 View
Beach Road Primary School 104873 View
Lander Road Primary School 104874 View
Litherland Moss Primary School 104875 View
Thornton Primary School 104876 View
Rawson Road Primary School 104877 View
Hatton Hill Primary School 104878 View
Northway Primary School 104879 View
Maghull Community Primary School 104880 View
Woodlands Primary School 104881 View
Summerhill Primary School 104882 View
Freshfield Primary School 104883 View
Green Park Primary School 104884 View
Redgate Community Primary School 104885 View
Kings Meadow Primary School and Early Years Education Centre 104886 View
Larkfield Primary School 104887 View
Shoreside Primary School 104888 View
Melling Primary School 104889 View
Valewood Primary School 104890 View
Lydiate Primary School 104891 View
Bedford Primary School 104892 View
Christ Church Church of England Controlled Primary School 104893 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School 104894 View
St Andrews Maghull Church of England Primary School 104895 View
William Gladstone Church of England Primary School 104896 View
St Lukes Church of England Primary School 104897 View
St Philips Church of England Controlled Primary School 104898 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School 104899 View
St Oswalds Church of England Primary School 104900 View
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 104901 View
Mill House School 104844 View
Birkdale Primary School 104860 View
Sand Dunes Nursery School 104846 View
St Philips Church of England Primary School 104902 View
St Robert Bellarmine Catholic Primary School 104906 View
St Joan of Arc Catholic Primary School 104907 View
St Winefrides and St Richards Catholic Primary School 104908 View
St Winefrides RC Infant School 104909 View
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School 104910 View
Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Junior School 104911 View
St Benets Catholic Primary School 104912 View
Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Infant School 104913 View
St Raymonds Catholic Primary School 104914 View
Holy Family Catholic Primary School 104915 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School 104916 View
St Teresas Catholic Infant and Nursery School 104917 View
St Patricks Catholic Primary School 104918 View
St Thomas Church of England Primary School 104919 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School 104920 View
St Lukes Halsall Church of England Primary School 104921 View
St Nicholas Church of England Primary School 104922 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 104923 View
St Peters Church of England Primary School 104924 View
St Georges Catholic Primary School 104925 View
Great Crosby Catholic Primary School 104926 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School 104927 View
St Edmunds and St Thomas Catholic Primary School 104928 View
Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School 104929 View
Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School 104930 View
English Martyrs Catholic Primary School 104931 View
St Elizabeths Catholic Primary School 104932 View
St Elizabeths Catholic Infant School 104933 View
St William of York Catholic Primary School 104934 View
Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary School 104935 View
St Gregorys Catholic Primary School 104936 View
Ursuline Catholic Primary School 104937 View
St Jeromes Catholic Primary School 104938 View
Short Wood Primary School 104939 View
Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School 104940 View
Ainsdale St Johns Church of England Primary School 104903 View
Bishop David Sheppard Church of England Primary School 104942 View
St John Stone Catholic Primary School 104943 View
Stanley High School 104944 View
Ainsdale High School 104945 View
Hillside High School 104946 View
St George of England Specialist Engineering College 104947 View
Deyes High School 104948 View
Formby High School 104949 View
Manor High School 104950 View
Litherland High School 104951 View
Chesterfield High School 104952 View
St John Bosco Catholic Primary School 104941 View
Birkdale High School 104954 View
Greenbank High School 104955 View
Meols Cop High School 104956 View
Bootle High School 104957 View
Maghull High School 104958 View
Savio Salesian College 104959 View
Maricourt Catholic High School 104960 View
Range High School 104953 View
Holy Family Catholic High School 104962 View
St Ambrose Barlow Catholic College 104963 View
Christ The King Catholic High School and Sixth Form Centre 104964 View
St Wilfrids Catholic High School 104965 View
Streatham Schools 104966 View
Tower Dene Preparatory School 104967 View
Sunnymede School 104968 View
Kingswood School 104969 View
Atherton House School 104971 View
St Marys College 104972 View
Merchant Taylors Boys School 104973 View
Merchant Taylors Girls School 104974 View
Clarence High School 104975 View
Birkdale School for H I Children 104976 View
Presfield High School and Specialist College 104977 View
Rnib Sunshine House School 104978 View
Merefield School 104979 View
Crosby High School 104980 View
School of the Good Shepherd 104981 View
Newfield School 104982 View
Rowan Park School 104983 View
Somerville Nursery School 104984 View
Leasowe Nursery School and Family Centre 104985 View
Ganneys Meadow Nursery School and Family Centre 104986 View
The Link Centre At Solar Campus 104987 View
Bedford Drive Primary School 104988 View
Vyner Primary School 104989 View
Woodlands Primary School 104990 View
Devonshire Park Primary School 104991 View
New Brighton Primary School 104992 View
Mount Primary School 104993 View
Liscard Primary School 104994 View
St Georges Primary School 104995 View
Riverside Primary School 104996 View
Kingsway Primary School 104997 View
Poulton Primary School 104998 View
Park Primary School 104999 View
Somerville Primary School 105000 View
Eastway Primary School 105001 View
Castleway Primary School 105002 View
St James Catholic Primary School 104904 View
St Monicas Catholic Primary School 104905 View
Sacred Heart Catholic College 104961 View
Sandbrook Primary School 105003 View
Woodslee Primary School 105007 View
Heygarth Junior School 105008 View
Higher Bebington Junior School 105009 View
Town Lane Infant School 105010 View
Grove Street Primary School 105011 View
Bromborough Pool Primary School 105012 View
Brackenwood Junior School 105013 View
Glenburn Infant School 105014 View
Stanton Road Primary School 105006 View
Mill Park Junior School 105016 View
Mendell Primary School 105017 View
Brookhurst Primary School 105018 View
Mill Park Infant School 105019 View
Raeburn Primary School 105020 View
Brackenwood Infant School 105021 View
Greasby Infant School 105022 View
West Kirby Primary School 105023 View
Pensby Junior School 105024 View
Irby Primary School 105025 View
Greasby Junior School 105026 View
Black Horse Hill Infant School 105027 View
Brookdale Primary School 105028 View
Pensby Infant School 105029 View
Barnston Primary School 105030 View
Poulton Lancelyn Primary School 105031 View
Black Horse Hill Junior School 105032 View
Great Meols Primary School 105033 View
Gayton Primary School 105034 View
Egremont Primary School 105035 View
The Dell Primary School 105036 View
Portland Primary School 105037 View
Heswall Primary School 105038 View
Fender Primary School 105039 View
Hillside Junior School 105040 View
Manor Primary School 105041 View
Mersey Park Primary School 105042 View
Overchurch Infant School 105043 View
Prenton Infant School 105044 View
Rock Ferry Primary School 105045 View
Townfield Infant School 105046 View
Woodchurch Road Primary School 105047 View
Cathcart Street Primary School 105048 View
Cole Street Primary School 105049 View
Well Lane Primary School 105050 View
Thingwall Primary School 105051 View
Arrowe Hill Primary School 105052 View
Church Drive Primary School 105053 View
Pensby Park Primary School 105054 View
Leasowe Primary School 105055 View
Overchurch Junior School 105056 View
Prenton Junior School 105057 View
Townfield Junior School 105058 View
Hillside Infant School 105059 View
Bidston Avenue Primary School 105060 View
Thornton Hough Primary School 105015 View
West Kirby St Bridgets CofE Primary School 105062 View
Hoylake Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 105063 View
Birkenhead Christ Church CofE Primary School 105064 View
Greenleas Primary School 105004 View
St Marys CofE Primary School 105061 View
Lingham Primary School 105005 View
St Oswalds Bidston CofE Primary School 105065 View
Oxton St Saviours CofE Aided Primary School 105066 View
St Pauls Catholic Primary School 105070 View
Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School 105071 View
St Albans Catholic Primary School 105072 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Wallasey 105073 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School 105075 View
Moreton Christ Church CofE Primary School 105076 View
St Andrews CofE Aided Primary School 105077 View
Thurstaston Dawpool CofE Primary School 105078 View
Heswall St Peters CofE Primary School 105079 View
St Johns Catholic Junior School 105080 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary School 105081 View
St Johns Catholic Infant School 105082 View
Our Lady of Pity Catholic Primary School 105083 View
Ladymount Catholic Primary School 105084 View
The Priory Parish CofE Primary School 105085 View
Our Lady and St Edwards Catholic Primary School 105086 View
Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 105087 View
St Annes Catholic Primary School 105088 View
St Laurences Catholic Primary School 105089 View
St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School 105090 View
St Werburghs Catholic Primary School 105091 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Birkenhead 105092 View
Prenton High School for Girls 105093 View
Rock Ferry High School 105094 View
Woodchurch High School Engineering College 105095 View
Park High School 105096 View
Ridgeway High School 105097 View
Wirral Grammar School for Girls 105098 View
West Kirby Grammar School 105099 View
Pensby High School for Boys: A Specialist Sports College 105100 View
Pensby High School 105101 View
Hilbre High School 105102 View
The Mosslands School 105103 View
The Oldershaw School 105104 View
Weatherhead High School Media Arts College 105105 View
Bebington High Sports College 105106 View
South Wirral High School 105107 View
Wallasey School 105108 View
St John Plessington Catholic College 105109 View
St Marys Catholic College 105110 View
St Benedicts Catholic High School 105111 View
Calday Grange Grammar School 105112 View
Wirral Grammar School for Boys 105113 View
St Anselms College 105114 View
Upton Hall School FCJ 105115 View
Highfield School 105116 View
Pershore House School 105117 View
Prenton Preparatory School 105118 View
Westbourne School 105119 View
Marymount School 105120 View
Kingsmead School 105121 View
Avalon School 105122 View
Birkenhead School 105123 View
Birkenhead High School 105124 View
Redcourt - St Anselms 105125 View
Heswall Preparatory School 105126 View
Benty Heath School and Kindergarten 105127 View
Hayfield School 105128 View
Clare Mount Specialist Sports College 105129 View
Kilgarth School 105130 View
Foxfield School 105131 View
Elleray Park School 105132 View
Meadowside School 105133 View
Gilbrook School 105134 View
St Pauls Academy 105135 View
The Lyndale School 105136 View
West Kirby Residential School 105137 View
Stanley School 105138 View
Wirral Hospitals School and Home Education Service Community Base 105139 View
Orrets Meadow School 105140 View
Susan Isaacs Nursery School 105141 View
Alexandra Nursery School 105142 View
Bridgewater Nursery School 105143 View
Grosvenor Nursery School 105144 View
The Orchards Nursery School 105145 View
Park School Teaching Service 105146 View
The Young Mums Unit 105147 View
Brandwood Primary School 105148 View
Brownlow Fold Primary School 105149 View
Castle Hill Primary School 105150 View
Chalfont Primary Community School 105151 View
Church Road Primary School 105152 View
Clarendon Primary School 105153 View
Devonshire Road Primary School 105154 View
Gaskell Community Primary School 105155 View
High Lawn Primary School 105156 View
Johnson Fold Community Primary School 105157 View
Lever Edge Primary School 105158 View
Markland Hill Primary School 105159 View
Oxford Grove Primary School 105160 View
Pikes Lane Primary School 105161 View
Sharples Primary School 105162 View
Sunning Hill Primary School 105163 View
Tonge Moor Primary School 105164 View
Top othBrow Primary School 105165 View
Woodchurch CofE Primary School 105067 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School Upton 105068 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 105069 View
Wolfenden Primary School 105166 View
The Moss Primary School 105170 View
Moorgate Primary School 105171 View
Heathfield Primary School 105172 View
Lostock Primary School 105174 View
Blackshaw Primary School 105175 View
The Oaks Primary School 105176 View
Eagley Infant School 105177 View
Chorley New Road Primary School 105178 View
Lord Street Primary School 105179 View
Westhoughton Primary School 105180 View
Fourgates Primary School 105181 View
Highfield Primary School 105182 View
Plodder Lane Primary School 105183 View
Queen Street Primary School 105184 View
Prestolee Primary School 105185 View
Kearsley West Primary School 105186 View
Cherry Tree Primary School 105187 View
Eagley Junior School 105188 View
Hardy Mill Primary School 105189 View
Mytham Primary School 105190 View
Blackrod Primary School 105191 View
Egerton Primary School 105192 View
Masefield Primary School 105193 View
Harwood Meadows Primary School 105194 View
Claypool Primary School 105195 View
Spindle Point Primary School 105196 View
Bowness Primary School 105197 View
Gilnow Primary School 105198 View
Washacre Primary School 105199 View
Red Lane Primary School 105200 View
Longsight Community Primary School 105201 View
Eatock Primary School 105202 View
St Marys CofE Primary School, Deane 105203 View
Roscow Fold Primary School 105204 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School, Bolton 105205 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School, Astley Bridge 105206 View
St Catherines CofE Primary School, Horwich 105207 View
St James CofE Primary School, Farnworth 105208 View
St James CofE Primary School, Daisy Hill 105209 View
St Johns CofE Primary School, Wingates 105210 View
Blackrod AnglicanMethodist Primary School 105211 View
Scot Lane End CofE Primary School, Blackrod 105212 View
St Simon and Jude CofE Primary School, Bolton 105213 View
St Michaels CofE Primary School, Great Lever 105214 View
Christs Church CofE Primary School, Harwood 105215 View
Bishop Bridgeman CofE Primary School 105216 View
St Stephen and All Martyrs CofE School, Lever Bridge 105217 View
St Thomas CofE Primary School, Halliwell 105218 View
Holy Infant and St Anthony RC Primary School 105219 View
St Columbas RC Primary School 105220 View
St Thomas of Canterbury RC School 105221 View
St Ethelberts RC Primary School 105222 View
St Josephs RC Primary School, Halliwell, Bolton 105223 View
St Osmunds RC Primary School, Breightmet, Bolton 105224 View
St Peter and St Paul RC Primary School 105225 View
St William of York Catholic Primary School 105226 View
St Andrews RC Primary School, Breightmet, Bolton 105227 View
Oldhams Primary School 105167 View
Haslam Park Primary School 105168 View
St Peters Smithills Dean CofE Primary School 105228 View
Walmsley CofE Primary School 105232 View
Horwich Parish CofE Primary School 105233 View
St Thomas CofE Primary School 105234 View
Hart Common CofE Primary School 105235 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School, Over Hulton 105236 View
St Bartholomews CofE Primary School 105237 View
All Saints CofE Primary School 105238 View
St Peters CofE Primary School 105239 View
St Stephens CofE Primary School 105240 View
St John CofE Primary School, Kearsley 105241 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School, Little Lever 105242 View
Sacred Heart R.C. Primary School 105243 View
St Gregorys RC Primary School, Farnworth, Bolton 105244 View
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School 105245 View
St Brendans RC Primary School, Harwood, Bolton 105246 View
St Teresas RC Primary School 105247 View
St Saviour CofE Primary School, Ringley 105248 View
St John the Evangelist RC Primary School, Bromley Cross, Bolton 105249 View
St Marys RC Primary School 105250 View
St Bede CofE Primary School, Morris Green 105251 View
Westhoughton High School 105252 View
Turton School 105253 View
Withins School 105254 View
The Deane School 105255 View
Little Lever School 105256 View
Harper Green School 105257 View
Hayward School 105258 View
Sharples School Science Specialist College 105259 View
Smithills School 105260 View
Rivington and Blackrod High School 105261 View
St Josephs RC High School and Sports College 105262 View
Mount St Joseph 105263 View
Thornleigh Salesian College 105264 View
Crompton Fold Primary School 105265 View
St Jamess Church of England High School 105266 View
Canon Slade CofE School 105267 View
George Tomlinson School 105268 View
Lords Independent School 105269 View
Clevelands Preparatory School 105270 View
Bolton School Boys Division 105271 View
Bolton School Girls Division 105272 View
Bolton Muslim Girls School 105273 View
Ladywood School 105274 View
Lostock Park School 105275 View
Thomasson Memorial School 105276 View
Rumworth School 105277 View
Firwood High School 105278 View
Stocks Park School 105279 View
Birtenshaw 105280 View
Green Fold School 105281 View
Elton County Nursery School 105282 View
Hoyle Nursery School 105283 View
Alderman Smith Infants School 105284 View
Elton Community Primary School 105285 View
Fishpool Infant School 105286 View
Fairfield Community Primary School 105287 View
Brandlesholme Primary School 105288 View
Sunny Bank Primary School 105289 View
Greenhill Primary School 105290 View
Chantlers Primary School 105291 View
Woodbank Primary School 105292 View
Chesham Primary School 105293 View
Old Hall Primary School 105294 View
Lowercroft Primary School 105295 View
Hazlehurst Community Primary School 105296 View
Butterstile Primary School 105297 View
Radcliffe Junior School 105298 View
Mersey Drive Community Primary School 105299 View
Ribble Drive Community Primary School 105300 View
Greenmount Primary School 105301 View
Higher Lane Primary School 105302 View
Radcliffe Infant School 105303 View
Tottington Primary School 105304 View
Cams Lane Primary School 105305 View
Heaton Park Primary School 105306 View
Park View Primary School 105307 View
Sedgley Park Community Primary School 105308 View
Higher Lane Junior School 105309 View
Whitefield Community Primary School 105310 View
Holcombe Brook Primary School 105311 View
Gorsefield Primary School 105312 View
Chapelfield Primary School 105313 View
Hollins Grundy Primary School 105314 View
East Ward Community Primary School 105315 View
Springside Primary School 105316 View
Unsworth Primary School 105317 View
St Chads Church of England Junior School 105318 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School, Bury 105319 View
St Marks Church of England Primary School 105320 View
St Peters Church of England Primary School 105321 View
St Thomas Church of England Primary School 105322 View
St Margarets Church of England Primary School 105323 View
Christ Church Ainsworth Church of England Primary School 105324 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School, Stand 105325 View
St Andrews Church of England Primary School, Ramsbottom 105326 View
Summerseat Methodist Primary School 105327 View
Bolton Parish Church CofE Primary School 105229 View
St Bernards RC Primary School, Bolton 105230 View
St Maxentius CofE Primary School 105231 View
Affetside Primary School 105328 View
St Pauls Church of England Primary School, Bury 105332 View
St Stephens CofE Junior School 105333 View
Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Primary School, Bury 105334 View
St Maries Roman Catholic Primary School, Bury 105335 View
St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School 105336 View
Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Primary School, Bury 105337 View
Emmanuel Holcombe Church of England Primary School 105338 View
St Pauls Church of England Primary School, Ramsbottom 105339 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School, Hawkshaw 105340 View
Christ Church CofE (Aided) Primary School 105341 View
St Marys Church of England Aided Primary School, Prestwich 105342 View
St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School, Ramsbottom 105343 View
Holly Mount Roman Catholic Primary School, Bury 105344 View
Our Lady of Grace RC Primary School 105345 View
Yesoiday Hatorah School 105346 View
St Bernadettes Roman Catholic Primary School, Whitefield 105347 View
St Michaels Roman Catholic Primary School, Whitefield 105348 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School, Radcliffe 105349 View
St Andrews Church of England Primary School, Radcliffe 105350 View
St Hildas Church of England Primary School 105351 View
Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School 105352 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School, Radcliffe 105353 View
The Elton High School 105354 View
The Derby High School 105355 View
Radcliffe Riverside School 105356 View
Tottington High School 105357 View
Parrenthorn High School 105358 View
Coney Green Technology School 105359 View
Philips High School 105360 View
Woodhey High School 105361 View
Prestwich Arts College 105362 View
Castlebrook High School 105363 View
Broad Oak Sports College 105364 View
Bury Church of England High School 105365 View
St Monicas RC High School and Sixth Form Centre 105366 View
St Gabriels RC High School 105367 View
Peel Brow School 105368 View
Bury Catholic Preparatory School 105369 View
Manchester Jewish Grammar School 105370 View
Whitefield Preparatory School 105371 View
Radcliffe Hall Church of EnglandMethodist Controlled Primary School 105330 View
Bury Grammar School Boys 105373 View
Bury Grammar School Girls 105374 View
New Summerseat House School 105375 View
Cloughside College 105376 View
Millwood Primary Special School 105377 View
Elms Bank Specialist Arts College 105378 View
Ancoats Nursery School 105379 View
Shakespeare Nursery School 105380 View
Barnes Green Nursery School 105381 View
Mayfair Nursery School 105382 View
Gresty Nursery School 105383 View
Martenscroft Nursery School & Childrens Centre 105384 View
Collyhurst Nursery School 105385 View
Abbey Hey Primary School 105386 View
Abbott Community Primary School 105387 View
Harpur Mount Primary School 105388 View
Darul Uloom Al Arabiya Al Islamiya 105372 View
Wesley Methodist Primary School 105329 View
Holy Trinity Primary School 105331 View
Alma Park Primary School 105389 View
Beaver Road Infant School 105393 View
Benchill Junior School 105394 View
Benchill Infants School 105395 View
Birchfields Junior School 105396 View
Bowker Vale Primary School 105397 View
Briscoe Lane Primary School 105398 View
Briscoe Lane Infants School 105399 View
Burgess Primary School 105400 View
Acacias Community Primary School 105401 View
Button Lane Infants School 105402 View
Cavendish Primary School 105403 View
Chapel Street Primary School 105404 View
Charlestown Community Primary School 105405 View
Chorlton Park Junior School 105406 View
Chorlton Park Infants School 105407 View
Claremont Primary School 105408 View
Cravenwood Community Primary School 105409 View
Crossacres Primary School 105410 View
Crossacres Infant School 105411 View
Crosslee Community Primary School 105412 View
Crowcroft Park Primary School 105413 View
Brookburn Community School 105414 View
Gorton Mount Junior School 105415 View
Gorton Mount Primary School 105416 View
Greenbrow Infant School 105417 View
Green End Primary School 105418 View
Green End Infant School 105419 View
Haveley Hey Community School 105420 View
Haveley Hey Infant School 105421 View
Heald Place Primary School 105422 View
Ladybarn Primary School 105423 View
Lily Lane Primary School 105424 View
Lily Lane Infants School 105425 View
Mauldeth Road Primary School 105426 View
Moston Fields Primary School 105427 View
Moston Lane Community Primary School 105428 View
Royce Primary School 105429 View
Newall Green Primary School 105430 View
Newall Green Infant School 105431 View
New Moston Primary School 105432 View
New Moston Infant School 105433 View
Northenden Community School 105434 View
Old Hall Drive Junior School 105435 View
Old Hall Drive Infant School 105436 View
Old Moat Junior School 105437 View
Old Moat Infant School 105438 View
Oldwood Junior School 105439 View
Oldwood Infant School 105440 View
Oswald Road Junior School 105441 View
Oswald Road Infant School 105442 View
Plymouth Grove Primary School 105443 View
Poundswick Junior School 105444 View
Poundswick Infant School 105445 View
Princess Junior School 105446 View
Princess Infant School 105447 View
Rack House Primary School 105448 View
Ravensbury Community School 105449 View
Royal Oak Primary School 105450 View
Broadhurst Primary School 105451 View
Irk Valley Community School 105452 View
Seymour Road Junior School 105453 View
Seymour Road Infant School 105454 View
Stanley Grove Junior School 105455 View
Stanley Grove Infant School 105456 View
Temple Junior School 105457 View
Temple Infant School 105458 View
Varna Community Primary School 105459 View
Victoria Avenue Community Primary School 105460 View
Cheetwood Primary School 105461 View
Wilbraham Junior School 105462 View
Wilbraham Infant School 105463 View
Woodhouse Park Primary School 105464 View
Crab Lane Primary School 105465 View
Button Lane Junior School 105466 View
Broad Oak Primary School 105467 View
Peel Hall Primary School 105468 View
Sandilands Primary School 105469 View
Pike Fold Primary School 105470 View
Higher Openshaw Community School 105471 View
Manley Park Primary School 105472 View
Abbey Hey Infant School 105473 View
Sandilands Infant School 105474 View
Birchfields Infants School 105475 View
Manley Park Infant School 105476 View
Claremont Infant School 105477 View
Miles Platting Primary School 105478 View
Ashbury Community Primary School 105479 View
All Saints Primary School 105480 View
Chevassut County Primary School 105481 View
Webster Primary School 105482 View
Medlock Primary School 105483 View
Barlow Hall Primary School 105484 View
Baguley Hall Primary School 105485 View
Crumpsall Lane Primary School 105486 View
Chorlton CofE Primary School 105487 View
Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 105488 View
Bank Meadow Primary School 105391 View
Aspinal Primary School 105390 View
Beaver Road Junior School 105392 View
St Barnabas CofE Primary School 105489 View
St Margarets CofE Primary School 105493 View
St Marks CofE Primary School Miles Platting 105494 View
St Marys CofE Junior and Infant School 105495 View
St Wilfrids CofE Junior and Infant School 105496 View
St James CofE Primary School Gorton 105497 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 105498 View
Cheetham CofE Community School 105499 View
St Agnes Cof E Primary School 105500 View
St Clements CofE Primary School 105501 View
Armitage CofE Primary School 105502 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 105503 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 105504 View
All Saints CofE Primary School 105505 View
Didsbury CofE Primary School 105506 View
St Andrews CofE Primary School 105507 View
St James CofE Primary School, Birch-in-Rusholme 105508 View
St Philips Church of England Primary School 105509 View
King David Junior School 105510 View
King David Infant School 105511 View
Bishop Bilsborrow Memorial Roman Catholic Primary School Manchester 105512 View
English Martyrs RC Primary School 105513 View
Christ The King RC Primary School Manchester 105514 View
Corpus Christi RC Primary School 105515 View
Holy Name Roman Catholic Primary School Manchester 105516 View
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Junior School Manchester 105517 View
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Infant School Manchester 105518 View
St Aidans Catholic Primary School 105519 View
St Ambrose RC Primary School 105520 View
St Annes RC Primary School Crumpsall Manchester 105521 View
St Anthonys Catholic Primary School 105522 View
St Brigids RC Primary School 105523 View
St Catherines RC Primary School 105524 View
St Chads RC Primary School 105525 View
St Dunstans RC Primary School 105526 View
St Edmunds RC Primary School 105527 View
St Edwards RC Primary School 105528 View
St Francis RC Primary School 105529 View
St John Bosco RC Primary School 105530 View
St John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Primary School 105531 View
St Malachys RC Primary School 105532 View
St Margaret Marys RC Primary School Manchester 105533 View
St Marys RC Primary School Manchester 105534 View
St Patricks RC Primary School 105535 View
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 105536 View
St Peters Catholic Primary School 105537 View
St Roberts RC Primary School Manchester 105538 View
St Wilfrids RC Primary School 105539 View
St Willibrords RC Primary School 105540 View
St Bernards RC Primary School Manchester 105541 View
St Elizabeths Catholic Primary School 105542 View
Our Ladys RC Primary School Manchester 105543 View
St Richards RC Primary School 105544 View
St Marys CofE Primary School Moston 105545 View
St Johns RC Primary School 105546 View
CofE School of the Resurrection 105547 View
Saviour CofE Primary School 105548 View
St Augustines CofE Primary School 105490 View
St Chrysostoms CofE Primary School 105491 View
St Judes CofE Primary School 105492 View
St Wilfrids CofE Aided Primary School Northenden 105549 View
St Cuthberts RC Primary School 105553 View
St Clares RC Primary School 105554 View
Mount Carmel RC Primary School 105555 View
Parrs Wood High School 105556 View
Burnage Media Arts College 105557 View
Whalley Range 11-18 High School 105558 View
Plant Hill Arts College 105559 View
Abraham Moss Community School 105560 View
North Manchester High School for Boys 105561 View
North Manchester High School for Girls 105562 View
Moston Brook High School 105563 View
Wright Robinson College 105564 View
Spurley Hey High School 105565 View
Ellen Wilkinson High School 105566 View
Ducie High School 105567 View
Levenshulme High School 105568 View
Chorlton High School 105569 View
Brookway High School and Sports College 105570 View
Newall Green High School 105571 View
Poundswick High School 105572 View
South Manchester High School 105573 View
Loreto High School Chorlton 105574 View
St Albans RC High School 105575 View
Our Ladys RC High School 105576 View
St Matthews RC High School 105577 View
Trinity CofE High School 105578 View
St Pauls Catholic High School 105579 View
St Vincent De Paul RC High School 105580 View
The Barlow RC High School and Specialist Science College 105581 View
St Gregorys RC High School 105582 View
The King David High School 105583 View
St Kentigerns RC Primary 105584 View
Moor Allerton Preparatory School 105585 View
Amberleigh Preparatory School 105586 View
Firwood Manor Preparatory School 105587 View
Chethams School of Music 105588 View
Oaklands Preparatory School 105589 View
Rosecroft School Didsbury 105590 View
The Manchester Grammar School 105591 View
Manchester High School for Girls 105592 View
William Hulmes Grammar School 105593 View
St Bedes College 105594 View
Withington Girls School 105595 View
King of Kings School 105596 View
Manchester Preparatory School 105597 View
Manchester Muslim Preparatory School 105598 View
Care Today (Childrens Service) 105599 View
Iranian School of Manchester 105600 View
Abbey College Manchester 105601 View
Manchester Hospital Schools and Home Teaching Service 105602 View
St Annes RC Primary School 105552 View
Buglawton Hall School 105604 View
Mill House School 105605 View
Camberwell Park Specialist Support School 105606 View
Ewing School 105607 View
Lancasterian School 105608 View
Shawgrove School 105609 View
Crosby Meadow School 105610 View
Piper Hill High School 105611 View
Leacroft School 105612 View
The Birches School 105613 View
Meade Hill School 105614 View
Melland High School 105615 View
Rodney House School 105616 View
Roundwood School 105617 View
Gorton Brook School 105618 View
Longsight Park School 105619 View
Whitworth Park School 105620 View
Woodside School 105621 View
Grange School 105622 View
Southern Cross School 105623 View
Castlefield School 105624 View
Newbrook School 105625 View
Alexandra Park Junior School 105626 View
Beever Primary School 105627 View
Clarksfield Junior School 105628 View
Clarksfield Infant and Nursery School 105629 View
Freehold Community Junior Infant and Nursery School 105630 View
Greenacres Primary School 105631 View
Lyndhurst Primary and Nursery School 105632 View
St Josephs RC Primary School Manchester 105550 View
Roundthorn Community Primary School 105634 View
Watersheddings Primary School 105635 View
Werneth Junior School 105636 View
Werneth Infant School 105637 View
Limehurst Community Primary School 105638 View
Mayfield Primary School 105639 View
Fitton Hill Junior School 105640 View
Fitton Hill Infant and Nursery School 105641 View
Littlemoor Primary School 105642 View
Richmond Infant and Nursery School 105643 View
Richmond Junior School 105644 View
Glodwick Infant and Nursery School 105645 View
Hodge Clough Junior School 105646 View
Hodge Clough Infant and Nursery School 105647 View
Mills Hill Primary School 105648 View
Limeside Primary School 105633 View
St Ignatius RC Junior and Infant and Nursery School 105551 View
Bollin Cross School 105603 View
Mather Street Primary School 105649 View
Byron Street Infant and Nursery School 105653 View
Yew Tree Junior School 105654 View
Chadderton Hall Junior School 105655 View
South Failsworth Community Primary School 105656 View
Yew Tree Infant School 105657 View
Whitegate End Primary and Nursery School 105658 View
Rushcroft Primary School 105659 View
High Barn Community Junior School 105660 View
New Barn Junior School 105661 View
Fir Bank Primary School 105662 View
Propps Hall Junior Infant and Nursery School 105663 View
Bare Trees Junior School 105664 View
Diggle School 105665 View
Friezland Primary School 105666 View
Greenfield Primary School 105667 View
Springhead Infant and Nursery School 105668 View
Delph Primary School 105669 View
Knowsley Junior School 105670 View
Buckstones Primary School 105671 View
Beal Vale Primary School 105672 View
New Barn Infant School 105673 View
Thorp Primary School 105674 View
Stoneleigh Primary School 105675 View
Broadfield Primary School 105676 View
Summervale Primary School 105677 View
Greenhill Primary School 105678 View
Horton Mill Community Primary School 105679 View
Burnley Brow Community School 105680 View
Bare Trees Infant and Nursery School 105681 View
Alt Primary School 105682 View
Coppice Infant and Nursery School 105683 View
Coppice Junior School 105684 View
Westwood Primary School 105685 View
Stanley Road Primary School 105686 View
St Pauls CofE Junior School 105687 View
Woodhouses Voluntary Primary School 105688 View
St Annes CofE Lydgate Primary School 105689 View
St Chads CofE Primary School 105690 View
Holy Trinity CofE Dobcross Primary School 105691 View
Thornham St James CofE Primary School 105692 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 105693 View
Hey-with-Zion Primary School 105694 View
St Thomas Moorside CofE (VA) Primary School 105695 View
The Parish Church CofE VA Junior School 105696 View
St Stephen and All Martyrs CofE School 105697 View
St Thomas CofE Primary School 105698 View
St Hughs CofE Primary School 105699 View
St Agnes CofE Primary School 105700 View
Holy Rosary RC Junior Infant and Nursery School 105701 View
St Hildas CofE Primary School 105702 View
St Martins CofE Junior Infant and Nursery School 105703 View
Sacred Heart RC Junior Infant and Nursery School 105704 View
St Margarets CofE Junior Infant and Nursery School 105705 View
Our Ladys RC Primary School 105706 View
Christ Church CofE Primary School 105707 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 105708 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 105709 View
East Crompton St James CofE Primary School 105710 View
Blackshaw Lane Primary & Nursery School 105652 View
Stansfield Road Infant and Nursery School 105651 View
Stansfield Road Junior School 105650 View
St Marys CofE Primary School High Crompton 105711 View
St Annes CofE (Aided) Primary School 105715 View
St Pauls CofE Infant School 105716 View
East Crompton St Georges CofE School 105717 View
Corpus Christi RC Primary School 105718 View
St Josephs RC Junior Infant and Nursery School 105719 View
St Edwards RC School 105720 View
St Thomas Leesfield CofE Primary School 105714 View
St Herberts RC School 105722 View
Greenfield St Marys CofE School 105723 View
Holy Family RC Primary School 105724 View
St Annes RC Primary School 105725 View
St Patricks RC Primary and Nursery School 105726 View
St Marys RC Primary School 105727 View
Counthill School 105728 View
Grange School 105729 View
The Hathershaw College of Technology & Sport 105730 View
Breeze Hill School 105731 View
Kaskenmoor School 105732 View
South Chadderton School 105733 View
Royton and Crompton School 105734 View
Failsworth School 105735 View
Saddleworth School 105736 View
North Chadderton School 105737 View
The Radclyffe School 105738 View
The Blue Coat CofE School 105739 View
Crompton House CofE School 105740 View
St Augustine of Canterbury RC High Specialist Humanities School 105741 View
Our Ladys RC High School 105742 View
Oldham Hulme Kindergarten 105743 View
Grasscroft Independent School 105744 View
Oldham Hulme Grammar School 105745 View
Hulme Grammar School for Girls 105746 View
Farrowdale House School 105747 View
Bright Futures School 105748 View
Gorse Bank Community Special School 105749 View
Ferney Field Community Special School 105750 View
Marland Fold Community Special School 105751 View
Park Dean Community Special School 105752 View
Hill Top Community Special School 105753 View
Foxdenton Community Special School 105754 View
Hardman Fold Community Special School 105755 View
Brimrod Nursery School 105756 View
Howard Street Nursery School 105757 View
South Street Nursery School 105758 View
Thames Street Nursery School 105759 View
Sunny Brow Nursery School 105760 View
Derby Street Nursery Unit 105761 View
Acresfield Nursery School 105762 View
Moorclose Nursery School 105763 View
Brimrod Community Primary School 105764 View
Castleton Primary School 105765 View
Shawclough Community Primary School 105766 View
Deeplish Community Primary School 105767 View
Greenbank Primary School 105768 View
Smallbridge Primary School 105769 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School 105712 View
Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary School 105773 View
Norden Community Primary School 105774 View
Oakenrod Primary School 105775 View
St Johns CofE Infant and Nursery School 105713 View
Ss Aidan and Oswalds Roman Catholic Primary School 105721 View
Lowerplace Primary School 105777 View
Belfield Community School 105780 View
Whittaker Moss Primary School 105781 View
Sparrow Hill Primary and Community School 105782 View
Ashfield Valley Primary School 105783 View
Bullough Moor Primary School 105784 View
Littleborough Community Primary School 105785 View
Alkrington Primary School 105786 View
Boarshaw Community Primary School 105787 View
Moorhouse Primary School 105788 View
Newhey Community Primary School 105789 View
Langley Primary School 105790 View
Elm Wood Primary School 105791 View
Hollin Primary School 105792 View
Darnhill Community School 105793 View
Alkrington Moss Primary School 105794 View
Moss Field Community School 105795 View
Harwood Park Primary School 105796 View
Heap Bridge Village Primary School 105797 View
Hopwood Community Primary School 105798 View
Parkfield Primary School 105799 View
Hamer Community Primary School 105800 View
Furrow Community School 105801 View
St Edwards Church of England Primary School 105802 View
St Peters Church of England Primary School 105803 View
St Marys Church of England Primary School, Balderstone 105804 View
St Lukes Church of England Primary School 105805 View
St Johns VA Church of England Primary School, Thornham 105806 View
St Andrews Church of England Primary School, Dearnley 105807 View
St Gabriels Church of England Primary School 105808 View
St Johns Church of England Primary School, Smallbridge 105809 View
Stansfield Hall Church of EnglandFree Church Primary School 105810 View
Heybrook Primary School 105770 View
Spotland Primary School 105776 View
Caldershaw Primary School 105779 View
Hill Top Community Primary School 105771 View
St Michaels Church of England Primary School, Bamford 105813 View
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 105814 View
St Margarets Church of England Primary School 105815 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School, Littleborough 105816 View
St Peters Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105817 View
St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School, Middleton 105818 View
Our Lady and St Pauls Roman Catholic Primary School, Heywood 105819 View
All Souls Church of England Primary School 105811 View
Middleton Parish Church School 105821 View
St Michaels Church of England Primary School, Alkrington 105822 View
Milnrow Parish Church of England Primary School 105823 View
St Thomas Church of England Primary School 105824 View
St Gabriels Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105825 View
St Johns Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105826 View
St Patricks Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105827 View
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105828 View
All Saints Church of England Primary School 105829 View
Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105830 View
St Vincents Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105831 View
Alice Ingham Roman Catholic Primary School 105832 View
St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105833 View
Siddal Moor Sports College 105834 View
Heywood Community High School 105835 View
Balderstone Technology College 105836 View
Falinge Park High School 105837 View
Springhill High School 105838 View
Matthew Moss High School 105839 View
Oulder Hill Community School and Language College 105840 View
The Queen Elizabeth School 105841 View
Middleton Technology School 105842 View
St Josephs Roman Catholic High School, Heywood 105843 View
Cardinal Langley Roman Catholic High School 105844 View
St Cuthberts RC High School 105845 View
Crossgates Primary School 105846 View
Smithy Bridge Foundation Primary School 105847 View
St James Church of England Primary School 105848 View
St John Fisher Roman Catholic Primary School, Rochdale 105849 View
Healey Foundation Primary School 105850 View
Bamford Primary School 105851 View
Wardle High School 105852 View
Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College 105853 View
Convent Primary School 105854 View
Beech House School 105855 View
Glebe House School 105856 View
Emmanuel Christian School 105857 View
High Birch School 105858 View
Knowl View Residential School 105859 View
Innes School 105860 View
Brownhill School 105861 View
Alderman Kay School 105862 View
Birtle View School 105863 View
Rydings Special School 105864 View
Alf Kaufman School 105865 View
Hulme Street Nursery School 105866 View
Kara Street Nursery School 105867 View
London Street Nursery School 105868 View
Little Heaton Church of England Primary School 105812 View
Marland Hill Community Primary School 105778 View
St Thomas More Roman Catholic Primary School, Middleton, Rochdale 105820 View
Markendale Nursery School 105869 View
Westwood Park Nursery School 105873 View
Alder Park Nursery School 105874 View
High Bank Nursery School 105875 View
The Lakes Nursery School 105876 View
Bradshaw Community Nursery Centre 105877 View
Ladywell Community Nursery Centre 105878 View
Grosvenor Community Nursery Centre 105879 View
Belvedere Community Nursery Centre 105880 View
Cadishead Nursery School 105881 View
Irlam Community Nursery Centre 105882 View
Winton Community Nursery Centre 105883 View
Light Oaks Junior School 105884 View
Langworthy Road Primary School 105885 View
Lower Kersal Community Primary School 105886 View
North Grecian Street Primary School 105887 View
Seedley Primary School 105888 View
Summerville Primary School 105889 View
Tootal Drive Primary School 105890 View
Charlestown Community Primary School 105891 View
West Liverpool Street Community Primary School 105892 View
Brentnall Primary School 105893 View
Light Oaks Infant School 105894 View
Broadwalk Primary School 105895 View
The Friars Primary School 105896 View
Wharton Primary School 105897 View
Cadishead Primary School 105899 View
Dorning Street Nursery School 105872 View
Alder Park Primary School 105901 View
Clarendon Road Community Primary School 105902 View
Lewis Street Primary School 105903 View
Monton Green Primary School 105904 View
Westwood Park Community Primary School 105905 View
Beech Street Community Primary School 105906 View
Clifton Primary School 105907 View
Grosvenor Road Junior School 105908 View
Grosvenor Road County Infant School 105909 View
Moorside Primary School 105910 View
Mesne Lea Primary School 105911 View
Bridgewater Primary School 105912 View
Peel Hall Primary School 105913 View
Hilton Lane Primary School 105914 View
Moorfield Community Primary School 105915 View
Silverdale Community Primary School 105916 View
Fiddlers Lane Community Primary School 105917 View
James Brindley Community Primary School 105918 View
Barton Moss Community Primary School 105919 View
Dukesgate Primary School 105920 View
Radclyffe Community Primary School 105921 View
North Walkden Primary School 105922 View
Broadoak Primary School 105923 View
The Deans Primary School 105924 View
Mossfield Primary School 105925 View
Marlborough Road Primary School 105926 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School 105928 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 105929 View
St Lukes CofE Primary School 105930 View
St Clements Egerton CofE Primary School 105931 View
St Georges CofE Primary School 105932 View
Cadishead Infant School 105900 View
Stott Lane Nursery School 105870 View
Ordsall Community Nursery Centre 105871 View
Helen Allison School 118993 View
St Christophers School 118997 View
St Edmunds School Canterbury 118998 View
Walthamstow Hall 119002 View
Duke of Yorks Royal Military School 119004 View
Rainbow Retreat 119023 View
The West Kent Hospital School Service 119034 View
Milestone School 119061 View
Oswaldtwistle Moor End Primary School 119187 View
Bacup St Saviours Community Primary School 119191 View
Earnshaw Bridge Infant School 119207 View
Burnley Myrtle Bank Infant School 119214 View
Bacup Thorn Primary School 119193 View
Broadfield County Junior School 119274 View
Withnell Fold Primary School 119306 View
Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School 119309 View
Warton Archbishop Huttons Primary School 119404 View
Lakeside Primary School 124172 View
Frensham Heights School 125338 View
Elmhurst School for Dance 125339 View
Charterhouse 125340 View
St Hilarys School 125341 View
Guildford High School 125342 View
Rydes Hill Preparatory School 125344 View
Tormead School 125345 View
Amesbury School 125346 View
St Edmunds School 125347 View
The Royal School 125348 View
City of London Freemens School 125349 View
Parsons Mead School 125350 View
Downsend School 125351 View
Manor House School 125352 View
St Johns School, Leatherhead 125353 View
St Michaels School 125354 View
The Hawthorns School 125355 View
Dunottar School 125356 View
Micklefield School 125357 View
The Danesfield Manor School 125360 View
St Georges College Weybridge 125361 View
St Maurs School 125362 View
Wallop School 125363 View
Woodcote House School 125364 View
King Edwards School Witley 125365 View
Barrow Hills School 125366 View
St Catherines School 125371 View
Oakhyrst Grange School 125372 View
Flexlands School 125373 View
Notre Dame Senior School 125375 View
Belmont School 125376 View
Glenesk School 125377 View
Downsend Pre-Prep Epsom 125378 View
Emberhurst School 125379 View
Drayton House School 125381 View
St Ives School 125382 View
Grantchester House School 125383 View
Downsend School, Leatherhead Lodge 125384 View
Moon Hall CollegeBurys Court 125385 View
Lingfield College 125387 View
Box Hill School 125388 View
Laverock School 125390 View
Barfield School 125392 View
Longacre School 125393 View
Chinthurst School 125394 View
Bramley School 125395 View
Westward School 125396 View
Hoe Bridge School 125397 View
Halstead Preparatory School 125400 View
Oakfield School 125401 View
St Teresas School 125402 View
More House School 125403 View
St Johns Beaumont School 125404 View
Downsend Pre-Prep Leatherhead 125405 View
Copthorne Preparatory School 125406 View
Hall Grove School 125407 View
Haslemere Preparatory School 125408 View
Coniston School 125409 View
Cheswycks School 125410 View
Halliford School 125411 View
St Davids School 125412 View
The Laurels Preparatory School 125413 View
Staines Preparatory School 125414 View
Doods Brow School 125415 View
Cranmore School 125416 View
Wispers School 125417 View
Clewborough House Preparatory School 125418 View
Trees School 125419 View
Essendene Lodge School 125420 View
ACS Cobham International School 125421 View
Reigate Grammar School 125422 View
T A S I S 125423 View
Royal Grammar School 125424 View
Sir William Perkinss School 125425 View
Redehall Preparatory School 125426 View
Caterham School 125427 View
Yehudi Menuhin School 125428 View
Coworth-Flexlands School 125429 View
Abinger Hammer Village School 125430 View
Nanhurst School 125431 View
Downsend School Pre-Prep Ashtead 125432 View
Moon Hall School for Dyslexic Children 125434 View
Warlingham Park School 125435 View
Knowl Hill School 125436 View
St Andrews Woking School Trust 125367 View
Woldingham School 125369 View
Weston Green Preparatory School 125437 View
Tudor Lodge School 125441 View
Hurtwood House School 125442 View
St Georges Junior School Weybridge 125443 View
Caterham Preparatory School 125444 View
Henry Tudor School 125445 View
The Grange School 125446 View
Notre Dame Preparatory School 125447 View
St Teresas Preparatory School 125448 View
Peaslake School 125449 View
Charlwood House 125450 View
Gosden House School 125452 View
St Piers School (Young Epilepsy) 125453 View
Moor House School & College 125454 View
St Dominics School 125455 View
St Josephs Specialist School and College 125456 View
Chart Wood School 125457 View
Sunnydown School 125458 View
Limpsfield Grange School 125459 View
Burwood Park School and College 125460 View
The Park School 125461 View
Wishmore Cross School 125462 View
West Hill School 125463 View
Chart Wood School 125464 View
Carwarden House Community School 125465 View
Wey House School 125466 View
Pond Meadow School 125467 View
Walton Leigh School 125468 View
Woodlands School 125469 View
Clifton Hill School 125470 View
The Ridgeway Community School 125471 View
Brooklands School 125472 View
Manor Mead School 125473 View
Portesbery School 125474 View
Linden Bridge School 125475 View
The Abbey School 125476 View
Freemantles School 125477 View
Meath School 125478 View
John Nightingale School 125479 View
Philip Southcote School 125480 View
Woodfield School 125481 View
Grafham Grange School 125482 View
The Larch Centre 125483 View
Atherstone Nursery School 125484 View
Bedworth Heath Nursery School 125486 View
Whitnash Nursery School 125487 View
Kenilworth Nursery School 125488 View
Lillington Nursery School 125489 View
Warwick Nursery School 125490 View
Stockingford Early Years Centre & Library 125491 View
Camp Hill Nursery School 125492 View
Holly House 125493 View
Eastern Area Pupil Referral Unit 125494 View
Shelfield 125495 View
Central Area Pupil Referral Unit 125496 View
Warwickshire Pupil Re-Integration Unit 125497 View
Southern Area Pupil Referral Unit 125498 View
Southern Area Pupil Referral Unit 125499 View
Nursery Hill Primary School 125500 View
Gun Hill Infant School 125501 View
Arden Hill Infant School 125502 View
Baddesley Ensor Junior School 125503 View
Goodyers End First School 125504 View
Bishops Itchington Primary School 125505 View
Bulkington First School 125506 View
Claverdon Primary School 125507 View
Dordon Community Primary School 125508 View
Michael Drayton Junior School 125512 View
Nathaniel Newton Infant School 125513 View
Henley-in-Arden Community Primary School 125514 View
Hurley Primary School 125515 View
Little Compton Junior and Infant School 125516 View
Long Compton Junior and Infant School 125517 View
Northend Junior and Infant School 125518 View
Quinton Primary School 125519 View
Shipston-on-Stour Primary School 125520 View
Snitterfield Primary School 125521 View
Southam Middle School 125522 View
Stockton Primary School 125523 View
Stratford-upon-Avon Primary School 125524 View
Thomas Jolyffe Primary School 125525 View
Bridgetown Primary School 125526 View
Studley Community Infants School 125527 View
Welford-on-Avon Primary School 125528 View
Wood End Primary School 125529 View
Lighthorne Heath Primary School 125530 View
Goodyers End Middle School 125531 View
Alcester Infant School 125532 View
Newdigate Middle School 125533 View
Southam First School 125534 View
Weston-In-Arden First School 125535 View
Attleborough First School 125536 View
The Cornerstone School 125438 View
International School of London (Surrey) Limited 125439 View
Surrey College 125440 View
Chilvers Coton Community Infant School 125537 View
Milby First School 125541 View
Stockingford Junior School 125542 View
Stockingford Primary School 125543 View
The Hollies Infant School 125544 View
Whitestone Infant School 125545 View
Grove Farm First School 125546 View
Weddington First School 125547 View
St Johns Middle School 125548 View
St Johns First School 125549 View
Thorns Community Infant School 125550 View
Clinton Primary School 125551 View
Park Hill Junior School 125552 View
Cashmore Middle School 125553 View
Clapham Terrace Community Primary School and Nursery 125554 View
Shrubland Street Community School 125555 View
Telford Junior School 125556 View
Lillington Middle School 125557 View
Coten End Middle School 125558 View
Westgate Primary School 125559 View
Whitnash Primary School 125560 View
Newburgh Primary School 125561 View
Telford Infant School 125562 View
Briar Hill Infant School 125563 View
Budbrooke Primary School 125564 View
Brookhurst Primary School 125565 View
Emscote Infant School 125566 View
Binley Woods First School 125567 View
Hillmorton First School 125568 View
Paddox First School 125569 View
Long Lawford Primary School 125570 View
Newbold Glebe First School 125571 View
Galley Common Infant School 125539 View
Abbots Farm Infant School 125573 View
Bloxam Middle School 125574 View
Eastlands Primary School 125575 View
Northlands Primary School 125576 View
Rokeby Infant School 125577 View
Oakfield Primary School 125578 View
Bilton Infant School 125579 View
Abbots Farm Junior School 125580 View
Bawnmore Community Infant School 125581 View
Henry Hinde Infant School 125582 View
Curdworth Primary School 125583 View
High Meadow Infant School 125584 View
St Giles Junior School 125585 View
Weddington Middle School 125586 View
Oakfield Junior School 125587 View
Coten End First School 125588 View
Rokeby Junior School 125589 View
Cedars First School 125590 View
Chetwynd Junior School 125591 View
Kingsbury Infant School 125592 View
Kingsbury Junior School 125593 View
Robinsons End Middle School 125594 View
Glendale Infant School 125595 View
Henry Hinde Junior School 125596 View
Hillmorton Middle School 125597 View
Boughton Leigh Junior School 125598 View
Binley Woods Middle School 125599 View
Newbold Avon Middle School 125572 View
Camp Hill Junior School 125538 View
Milby Middle School 125540 View
Swinnerton Middle School 125601 View
Woodloes Junior School 125606 View
Bishopton Primary School 125607 View
Sydenham County Middle School 125608 View
Priors Field Primary School 125609 View
Milverton Primary School 125610 View
Woodloes Infant School 125611 View
Feldon County Middle School 125612 View
Temple Herdewyke Primary School 125613 View
Paddox Middle School 125614 View
Keresley Newland Primary School 125615 View
Race Leys Infant School 125616 View
Race Leys Junior School 125617 View
Brownsover Community Infant School 125618 View
Racemeadow Primary School 125619 View
Water Orton Primary School 125620 View
Birchwood Primary School 125621 View
St Faiths CofE Junior School 125622 View
Alveston CofE Primary School 125623 View
Austrey CofE Primary School 125624 View
Bidford-on-Avon CofE Primary School 125625 View
Brailes CofE Primary School 125626 View
St James CofE Junior School 125627 View
Butlers Marston CofE Junior and Infant School 125628 View
Corley CofE First School 125629 View
Coughton CofE Primary School 125630 View
Ettington CofE Primary School 125631 View
Fenny Compton CofE Junior and Infant School 125633 View
Fillongley CofE First School 125634 View
Hampton Lucy CofE Primary School 125635 View
Ilmington CofE Primary School 125637 View
Long Itchington CofE First School 125638 View
Loxley CofE Community Primary School 125639 View
Napton-On-the-Hill CofE First School 125641 View
Newbold-On-Stour Junior and Infant School 125642 View
Newton Regis CofE Primary School 125643 View
Priors Marston CofE First School 125644 View
Shottery St Andrews CofE Primary School 125646 View
Temple Grafton CofE Primary School 125647 View
Tredington Junior and Infant School 125648 View
Warton Nethersoles CofE Primary School 125650 View
Wellesbourne CofE Primary School 125651 View
Wootton Wawen CofE Primary School 125652 View
All Saints CofE Primary School and Nursery, Nuneaton 125653 View
Abbey CofE Infant School 125654 View
St Nicolas CofE First School 125655 View
St Pauls CofE Primary School, Nuneaton 125656 View
Bishops Tachbrook CofE Primary School 125657 View
Bubbenhall CofE First School 125658 View
Burton Green CofE Primary School 125659 View
Cubbington CofE Primary School 125660 View
St Nicholas CofE Primary School 125661 View
Lapworth CofE Primary School 125662 View
Leek Wootton CofE First School 125663 View
Lillington First School 125664 View
All Saints CofE Junior School 125666 View
St. Margarets CofE Junior School 125667 View
Brinklow CofE First School 125668 View
Harborough Magna CofE First School 125671 View
Ryton-On-Dunsmore CofE First School 125674 View
Wolvey CofE Primary School 125677 View
St Andrews CofE Middle School 125678 View
Queens CofE Junior School 125679 View
The Willows CofE Primary School 125681 View
Bilton CofE Junior School 125682 View
Baddesley Ensor CofE Infant School 125685 View
Henry Bellairs CofE Junior School 125690 View
Newdigate First School 125602 View
Boughton Leigh Infant School 125603 View
Sydenham First School 125604 View
Herbert Fowler Junior School 125600 View
Arncliffe School 127250 View
Ingram Road First School 127833 View
Colton First School 127850 View
Moor Allerton Hall First School 127873 View
East Garforth Junior School 127903 View
Ashfield School 127904 View
Ninelands Infant School 127905 View
Garforth Parochial CofE Junior School 127919 View
All Saints CofE School 127920 View
St Pauls RC First School 127944 View
Fir Tree Middle School 127973 View
Greenhill Middle School 127974 View
Seacroft Park Middle School 127975 View
Swinnow Middle School 127976 View
Clapgate Middle School 127978 View
Parklands High School 127979 View
Bedford Field Middle School 127980 View
Royal Park Middle School 127981 View
West Leeds Boys High School 127982 View
Agnes Stewart CofE School 128016 View
St Peters CofE Middle School 128022 View
Notre Dame Sixth Form College 128038 View
Cardinal Square School 128049 View
Springfield School 128054 View
Two Dales School 128063 View
Riverside Primary School 128077 View
Oakwood School 128078 View
Woolley CofE First School 128079 View
St Austins RC Infant School 128080 View
Westminster Church of England Primary Academy 128081 View
Holy Trinity CofE Infant School 128082 View
Thornes House School 128083 View
Braunstone Community Primary School 128085 View
Crigglestone Middle School 128087 View
Herdley Bank Church of England Aided Primary School 128090 View
Whitehall Road Junior School 128093 View
Alexandra Road Infant School 128094 View
Mountfield Junior School 128124 View
Willington First School 128159 View
Redhouse Primary School 128221 View
Cliff House School 128052 View
Grosvenor High School 128241 View
Redland High Junior School 128246 View
Winford Hospital School 128250 View
Brickhill Middle School 128260 View
Norcot County Primary School 128268 View
Wexham Court County First School 128282 View
St Marks Primary School 128286 View
Chearsley County First School 128315 View
Mount Pleasant County Infant School 128429 View
St Basils RC Junior School 128463 View
Holly Bank School 128477 View
South Newbarns Infant School 128576 View
Blencogo CofE Aided School 128597 View
Tapton House School 128637 View
Springhill School 128681 View
Lupton House Lower School 128747 View
Yohden Hall School 128823 View
Patcham Fawcett School 128843 View
Linden Secondary School 128956 View
Harestock County Junior School 128985 View
Sherfield English CofE Primary School 129028 View
Northcliffe School 129059 View
Bransford Primary School 129074 View
Somers Park Infant School 129077 View
Sir John Southworth RC Junior Mixed and Infant School 129149 View
Willows Middle School 129228 View
Laceby Acres First and Middle School 129230 View
Crosby Middle School 129231 View
Crosby First School 129232 View
Great Coates Middle School 129233 View
Franklin Sixth Form College 129264 View
Hull Grammar School 129265 View
Havelock School 129266 View
Chelmsford School 129267 View
Western School 129268 View
Hereford School 129269 View
Springfield First School 129225 View
Fairfield Middle School 129226 View
Longhill Junior High School 129305 View
Wold Junior High School 129306 View
Ings Junior High School 129307 View
Bethune Junior High School 129324 View
St Andrews CofE Junior High School 129329 View
Coxheath County Junior School 129382 View
St Peters and St Margarets Junior School 129401 View
St Bernards RC Infant School 129482 View
Great Harwood Parish CofE Infant School 129484 View
Parklands High School 129489 View
St Richards RC High School 129499 View
Hendon Brook School 129512 View
St Josephs RC Infant School 129480 View
Herrick County Infant School 129528 View
Talbot RC Primary School 129481 View
Halvergate County Primary School 129604 View
Whissonsett Primary School 129605 View
Bowthorpe School 129626 View
Hazel Leys Infant School 129688 View
Barton Seagrave County Infant School 129689 View
Church Warsop Infant School 129719 View
East Retford CofE Infant School 129722 View
Kettering School for Boys 129698 View
Bishop Kirk CofE Middle School 129771 View
Fitzalan School 129813 View
Nash Court School 129819 View
St Peters School 129827 View
Mountlands School 129854 View
King Alfred School 129856 View
Fegg Hayes County Primary School 129870 View
Silkmore First School 129892 View
Doxey First School 129893 View
Sacred Heart RC Primary School 129925 View
St Josephs RC (Aided) Primary School 129926 View
Willfield High School 129931 View
Beadles Lane First School 130053 View
Highfield School 130118 View
Victoria School 130130 View
Ashton Gifford School 130230 View
School of the Lion 130279 View
Warrington Tutorial Centre 130281 View
Fleetwood Flakefleet Primary School 130336 View
Ravenstone House School 130365 View
The Pardes House and Beis Yaakov Primary School 130366 View
Appletree School 130367 View
Kingfisher School 130368 View
The Park Education Support Centre 130348 View
Orrell Lamberhead Green Community Primary School 130385 View
The Voyager School 130389 View
Godwin Primary School 130919 View
Thrybergh Primary School 130920 View
Timbercroft Primary School 130922 View
Stoke Newington Mission Paradigm Primary School 130387 View
Promised Land Academy 131031 View
Barn Croft Primary School 131057 View
The Moriah Jewish Day School 131229 View
Waltham Leas Primary School 131230 View
West Lancashire Community High School 131258 View
St Georges Church of England Primary School 131306 View
Adina School 131352 View
Menorah Foundation School 131359 View
Priory Woods School 131425 View
Farmhouse Preparatory School 131488 View
Regency High School 131532 View
Jesse Boot Primary School 131538 View
Belmont School 131549 View
Al Farooq Private School 131550 View
Acorns School 131551 View
Marland School 131552 View
Bickley Primary School 131553 View
The Milestone School 131557 View
Hamd House School 131687 View
Canklow Woods Primary School 131696 View
Knightwood Primary School 131717 View
South Shields School 131756 View
Greenfields School 131780 View
Hunters Hall Primary School 131844 View
Medlock Valley High School 132044 View
Ravenstone House 132061 View
Priors Court School 132003 View
The Meadow 132174 View
Richmond Park School 132175 View
Montreal CofE Primary School 132170 View
Freebrough Specialist Engineering College 132171 View
Benchill Primary School 132241 View
Green Dragon Primary School 132266 View
Belgrave CofE (C) Primary School 132730 View
Northfield Primary and Nursery School 132770 View
Cherrywood Community Primary School 132802 View
Plaistow Primary School 132812 View
Kaizen Primary School 132813 View
Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families 132815 View
Newlyn Infant School 132875 View
Duke Street Junior School 132900 View
Nelson Junior School 132969 View
Pelham Infant School 133245 View
Monkston Primary School 133259 View
Oak Tree Primary School 133276 View
St Anns RC Primary School 133284 View
Ridgway Park 133339 View
Python Hill Primary School 133389 View
Pencoys Primary School 133407 View
Bishops Park College 133483 View
Halton School 133485 View
Kings Kids Christian School 133447 View
Millbrook Primary School 133582 View
St Georges School A Church of England Business & Enterprise College 133638 View
Al-Mizan School 133646 View
The Oakham Centre 133694 View
Lansdown Tuition Centre 133755 View
Advantage Hawkwood 133765 View
Bridgeway PRU 133918 View
Hilltop Primary School 133972 View
Friskney Private School 134035 View
The Pioneer School 134100 View
St Francis CofE Primary School 134151 View
Rolleston Primary School 134305 View
All Saints Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School 134250 View
Foxwood Pupil Referral Service 134350 View
Radcliffe Riverside School 134361 View
Hopewell School (Harmony House) 134388 View
Rathbone Choices 134419 View
Catch22 Include Bristol 134441 View
The Orchard School 134507 View
The Ark School 134672 View
Whinfield Primary School 134719 View
Hawthorn Church of England Controlled First School 134729 View
Beckstone Primary School 134739 View
Devonshire Primary School 134743 View
North Cornwall Short Stay School 134754 View
Kingsland School 134759 View
Weston Community School 134793 View
Carlton Education 134804 View
The Walmer Road School 134811 View
Ecole Du Parc 134812 View
Jamiatul Uloom Al - Islamia 134805 View
Lanterns Nursery School & Childrens Centre 134844 View
Meredale Independent Primary School 134858 View
Hyde Park School 134864 View
Companions 134907 View
Alderwood 134918 View
Dolphins 134920 View
Kingsbury Primary School 134924 View
Bluebell Primary School 134942 View
Valley Primary School 134944 View
Wylye Valley Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School 134977 View
Leatherhead Trinity School and Childrens Centre 135009 View
Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service 135010 View
Haberdashers Askes Knights Academy 135070 View
The Westside Independent School 135082 View
Compass Centre North 135128 View
Hornbeam Primary School 135133 View
Essex Fresh Start 135150 View
Corporation Farmhouse 135191 View
Emmaus Christian Family School 135220 View
Little Stanion Primary School 135283 View
Manor Community Primary School 135178 View
Alternative Provision Centre 135384 View
Kirby Moor School 135410 View
Newfields School 135439 View
Chelsea Academy 135531 View
Progress Schools Ltd 135555 View
Aurora Keyes Barn School 135543 View
Finlay Community School 135727 View
Southway Primary School 135774 View
Tyndale Primary School 135783 View
St Andrews College 135785 View
Castle View Enterprise Academy 135818 View
Suffolk One 135863 View
Nottingham Academy 135881 View
Cranford Park Primary 135885 View
Ingfield Manor School 135814 View
The Croft Independent School 135925 View
Edgware Jewish Girls - Beis Chinuch 136014 View
Pontefract De Lacy Primary School 136049 View
Watermore Primary School 136066 View
Coopers Edge School 136074 View
The Sutton Academy 136141 View
Havant Academy 136156 View
The Nuneaton Academy 136158 View
Derbyshire Support Centre (Alternative Provision) 136190 View
Heston Primary School 136191 View
Somervale School Specialist Media Arts College 136311 View
Gosforth Academy 136352 View
Wellington School 136377 View
The St Leonards Academy 136400 View
George Carey Church of England Primary School 136431 View
The Meadows School 136437 View
Pakefield School 136438 View
Priorslee Primary School 136439 View
The Flitch Green Academy 136441 View
Linton Village College 136442 View
Southend High School for Boys 136443 View
The Academy at Shotton Hall 136451 View
Ipswich Academy 136453 View
Balcarras School 136474 View
Toras Emes 136503 View
Sunbury Manor School 136529 View
Weydon School 136531 View
Glyn School 136534 View
Whitehorse Manor Infant School 136564 View
Rugby High School 136595 View
Callington Community College 136596 View
High School for Girls 136666 View
The Hermitage Academy 136683 View
Fernwood School 136724 View
Ryde Academy 136753 View
The Violet Way Academy 136762 View
Highcliffe School 136763 View
Sutton Primary Academy 136765 View
Beis Yaakov Girls School 136817 View
Howard of Effingham School 136833 View
Farlingaye High School 136834 View
Reid Street Primary School 136836 View
Hummersknott Academy 136838 View
Ansford Academy Trust 136839 View
Whitley Academy 136840 View
Wedmore First School Academy 136841 View
Walton High 136842 View
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School 136845 View
Haygrove School 136917 View
The Hazeley Academy 136844 View
Finham Park School 136963 View
The Swinton High School 136987 View
Abbey Infants School 136988 View
Abbey Junior School 136989 View
Bury St Edmunds County Upper School 136990 View
Henley In Arden School 136991 View
Longsands Academy 136992 View
St Laurence School 137057 View
Two Mile Ash School 137061 View
Perins School A Community Sports College 137128 View
Trinity High School and Sixth Form Centre 137167 View
Bentley Wood High School 137178 View
Holbrook Academy 137208 View
St Peters School 137248 View
Cannock Chase High School 137384 View
Lincoln Christs Hospital School 137447 View
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School 137449 View
Lacey Green Primary Academy 137450 View
Stockland Church of England Primary Academy 137454 View
Lynsted and Norton Primary School 137467 View
Hinchingbrooke School 137475 View
Trinity School 137494 View
The Kibworth School 137540 View
Writhlington School 137548 View
Highams Park School 137558 View
Derby Montessori School 137580 View
LPW Independent School 137583 View
The Centre School 137594 View
South Brent Primary School 137647 View
The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre 137678 View
Sacred Heart Catholic High School 137708 View
City United Academy (CUA) 137819 View
La Chouette School 137802 View
Lickhill Primary School 137825 View
Northwood School 137829 View
Cardinal Hume Catholic School 137852 View
Clevedon School 137884 View
Phoenix U16 137892 View
Blenheim High School 137906 View
Manningtree High School 137945 View
Greenacre School 138046 View
Sir Harry Smith Community College 138053 View
St Johns Church of England Academy 138128 View
Hartford Church of England High School 138148 View
The Grey Coat Hospital 138313 View
King William Street Church of England Primary School 138479 View
Hawes Side Academy 138538 View
Jubilee Academy Mossley 138540 View
Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School 138543 View
Upperwood Academy 138615 View
St Catherines Catholic Primary School, Swindon 138619 View
Thomas Bennett Community College 138620 View
Queensbury Academy 138571 View
Whitemoor Academy (Primary and Nursery) 138663 View
Hertswood Academy 138747 View
The Thomas Cowley High School 138755 View
Curledge Street Academy 138772 View
La Petite Ecole Bilingue 138777 View
Ashby School 138833 View
St Maries School, A Catholic Voluntary Academy 138848 View
The James Hornsby School 138865 View
Little Mead Primary Academy 138900 View
Tanworth-in-Arden CofE Primary School 138909 View
Shirley Junior School 138910 View
Upminster Infant School 138943 View
Upminster Junior School 138944 View
The Corsham Regis Primary Academy 139023 View
Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue 139024 View
Southfield Primary School 139030 View
Mountfields Lodge School 139034 View
Kilton Thorpe Specialist Academy 139110 View
Shiers House 139111 View
East Dene Primary 139225 View
Maple Court Academy 139228 View
St Matthews CofE Primary School 139302 View
Greys Education Centre 139320 View
Monkton Infants School 139314 View
Firbeck Academy 139326 View
St Josephs Primary School 139346 View
Purfleet Primary Academy 139380 View
Milton Court Primary Academy 139397 View
Tiverton Academy 139439 View
Recheres Academy 139440 View
St Marys CofE Primary Academy, Burton Latimer 139463 View
Farnham Heath End School 139486 View
Quarry Hill Academy 139576 View
Barrs Court School 139607 View
Burghill Community Academy 139608 View
Huntingtower Community Primary Academy 139618 View
Manor School 139755 View
Restormel Alternative Provision Academy 139761 View
Riverside School 139791 View
Birchwood Community High School 139840 View
Eldon Grove Academy 139851 View
Gilmorton Chandler Church of England Primary School 139854 View
Langham CofE (Controlled) Primary School 139858 View
Loughton School 139861 View
St Marys Catholic Primary School (Maltby) 139881 View
Standish St Wilfrids Church of England Primary Academy 139883 View
Harris Primary Academy Benson 139905 View
The Heights Primary School 139972 View
Dauntsey Academy Primary School 139980 View
Grange Technology College 139982 View
Stone with Woodford Church of England Primary School 139987 View
Ark Boulton Academy 140014 View
Ormiston Herman Academy 140016 View
Bedford Hall Methodist Primary School 140053 View
Loatlands Primary School 140059 View
Ocker Hill Academy 140140 View
Aylesford Primary School 140168 View
Cambian Chesham House School 140205 View
Immanuel Christian School 140206 View
Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy 140214 View
Blue Bell Hill Primary and Nursery School 140231 View
St Maria Goretti Catholic Primary School 140298 View
St Matthews Church of England Academy 140299 View
The Chafford School, A Specialist Business and Enterprise College 140300 View
Watchfield Primary School 140301 View
Hogarth Academy 140303 View
St Thomas More Catholic Academy 140304 View
Westlea Primary School 140302 View
St Judes Church of England Primary Academy 140355 View
St Matthews Church of England Primary School 140417 View
Valley Invicta Primary School at Holborough Lakes 140431 View
Valley Invicta Primary School At Kings Hill 140432 View
Martello Primary 140433 View
Chestnut Park Primary School 140434 View
Heathfield Academy 140435 View
Manor Oak Primary School 140450 View
Alexandra Infant School 140451 View
St Johns CofE Primary School 140452 View
Meadgate Primary School 140375 View
Haxby Road Primary Academy 140563 View
Kings College London Maths School 140564 View
The Ruth Gorse Academy 140565 View
J.A.M.E.S 140566 View
The Bridge College 140567 View
DSFAN Limited 140568 View
St Bedes and St Josephs Catholic College 140569 View
Sir Charles Kao Utc 140570 View
Seacole Primary School 140572 View
Red Oak Primary School 140573 View
Archbishop Cranmer Church of England Academy 140574 View
Christ The King Catholic Primary School 140705 View
Beachcroft AP Academy 140806 View
Latimer AP Academy 140807 View
Emmaus Catholic and CofE Primary School 140826 View
West Town Primary Academy 140855 View
St Johns Church of England Primary Academy 140856 View
Sayes Court School 140860 View
Olive Ap Academy - Thurrock 140861 View
Michaela Community School 140862 View
The University of Birmingham School 140863 View
Harris Primary Academy East Dulwich 140937 View
Studio West 140965 View
Trinity Academy 140966 View
Paxton Academy Sports and Science 140967 View
Tottenham UTC 140968 View
Western House Academy 140857 View
Harris Academy Battersea 140985 View
The Leigh UTC 140987 View
Ditton Park Academy 141009 View
Havergal CofE (C) Primary School 140858 View
Norton-Le-Moors Primary Academy 140859 View
East London Arts & Music 141095 View
Easton Church of England Academy 141110 View
North View Academy 141153 View
Christ The King Catholic Academy 141288 View
Eaton Primary School 141357 View
Airedale Junior School 141409 View
Stradbroke Primary Academy 141358 View
Higham-on-the-Hill Church of England Primary School 141468 View
Handsworth Grange Community Sports College 141495 View
Easton Primary School 141550 View
Manor Farm Academy 141556 View
St Josephs Catholic Primary School 141566 View
Howard Junior School 141583 View
Rose Green Junior School 141600 View
Burchetts Green CofE Infants School 141602 View

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