EIIN: 107962(What is EIIN ?)

College Code: 1222


The principal of the adjacent Govt. Teachers’ Training College, Muhammad Osman Gani, sought to establish a facility to assist his trainees to practice teaching. From this idea, Government Laboratory High School was created. The school was inaugurated in 1961 by the then Director of the Department of Public Instruction (D.P.I), Muhammad Shamsul Haque. The first headmaster was Khan Muhammad Salek, who went on to serve for 12 years. To find out more institutions like this in the Dhaka district please Click here.


During initial planning, it was envisaged that the study would start from class 3. However, due to eagerness from both Muhammad Osman Gani and Khan Muhammad Salek, classes 1 and 2 were included.[citation needed] Class 8 was the highest offered during the first academic year (1961–62). Class 9 was added the following year, and class 10 the year after that, so the school’s first Secondary School Certificate examinations took place in 1964.[3] Classes are usually divided into four sections, ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’, containing 60 – 90 students each. The students’ day is split into two shifts, ‘Morning’ and ‘Day’, with two sections studying in each half of the day. In 2007, due to more the admittance of a greater number of meritorious students than there were allotted seats, this system was extended in class 1. This included two extra sections, ‘E’ and ‘F’, and three sections studying during each shift.


School/College Name:Government Laboratory High School
Village/house and road details :4 / E, Naeem Road
Ward number: 18
Union / Municipality / City Corporation:Dhaka South
Post office:NewMarket
Post Code:1205
Police station :NewMarket
Upazila :Dhaka Mahanagar
Division :Dhaka
Telephone :02-41060052
E-Mail :[email protected]

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