All schools, colleges, madrasas in Bhola district.

Get EIIN number & other information (phone number, location, post office etc.) of all educational institutes of Bhola district of Bangladesh.

Institute Name EIIN Type Details
Abdul Mannan Mia High School 101123 Non-government School View
Ad. Younus Miah High School 101134 Non-government School View
Al Haj Abdul Mannan Talukdar Dhakil Madrasha 101182 Non-government Madrasha View
Al-hera Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101166 Non-government Madrasha View
Alinagar High School & College 101214 Non-government School And College View
Altajar Rahman Degree College 101209 Non-government College View
Baliar Hat Bandhujan Junior High School 101158 Non-government School View
Bangla Bazar Fatema Khanam College 101204 Non-government College View
Bangla Bazar Fatema Khanam Girls High School 101128 Non-government School View
Banker Hat Co-operative College 101210 Non-government College View
Banker Hat Co-operative High School 101107 Non-government School View
Bankerhat Somobai Islamia Alim Madrasah 101176 Non-government Madrasha View
Bapta Chowdha Gar Adarsha Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101160 Non-government Madrasha View
Bara Char Samaya Dakhil Madrasa 131479 Non-government Madrasha View
Bhasha Shaheed Smrity College 133895 Non-government College View
Bheduria Samabaya Girls Secondary School 101143 Non-government School View
Bhola Abdur Rob High School And College 101109 Non-government School And College View
Bhola Darul Hadis Kamil (masters) Madrasa 101164 Non-government Madrasha View
Bhola Government College 101205 Government College View
Bhola Govt Girls High School 101110 Government School View
Bhola Govt. High School 101112 Government School View
Bhola Night Junior High School 101126 Non-government School View
Bhola Poura Secondary Girls School 101131 Non-government School View
Bhola Sadar Polytechnic Institute 134403 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Bhola Town Committee High School 101113 Non-government School View
Bhola Town Secondary School 101119 Non-government School View
Birserstho Mostafa Kamal Mahabiddalay 132036 Non-government College View
Chandra Prosad Alim Madrasa 101168 Non-government Madrasha View
Chandro Prosad Cooperative High School 101124 Non-government School View
Char Pangashia Alim Madrasha 101174 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Ananda Junior Girls School 130798 Non-government School View
Char Ananda Mofiza Dakhil Madrasha 101177 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Annanda Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 134448 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Ilisha Adarsha Junior High School 101155 Non-government School View
Char Ilisha Junior School 101157 Non-government School View
Char Pangasia Junior School 130803 Non-government School View
Char Potka Junior Secondry School 130807 Non-government School View
Char Samaya Secondary School 101144 Non-government School View
Char Shamyad Bandhujan High School 101140 Non-government School View
Char Zangalia School & College 101215 Non-government School And College View
Charaoarad Islamiya Alim Madrasha 101188 Non-government Madrasha View
Charnoabad Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101178 Non-government Madrasha View
Charnoabad Muslim High School 101111 Non-government School View
Dakhin Dighaldi Baitush Salam Dakhil Madrasha 101198 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Digoldi Masuma Khanom Mohila Alim Madrasha 101184 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Koralia Dakhil Madrasha 101180 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Rohita A. Rahmania Girls Dhakil Madrasa 101202 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Ruhita A.rahmania Dakhil Madrasha 101191 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkhin Ratanpur Ferdaus Islamia Alim Madrasha 101173 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakshhin Chornowabad Jinior High School 101151 Non-government School View
Dakshin Valu Mia Dakhil Madrasha 101190 Non-government Madrasha View
Dariram Sankar Monir Uddin Girls Dakhil Madrasha 101172 Non-government Madrasha View
Dokkin Bongo Polytechnic Institute 137061 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Elias Miah Dhania High School 101137 Non-government School View
Elisha Islamia (degree) Fazil Madrasha 101162 Non-government Madrasha View
Elisha Islamia Model College 101203 Non-government College View
Gangapur Adarsha Junior High School 101227 Non-government School View
Gazipur High School 101118 Non-government School View
Govt.fazilatun Nessa Womens College 101207 Government College View
Guinger Hat High School 101130 Non-government School View
Guli High School 101133 Non-government School View
Gupta Munshi M M. Dakhil Madrasha 101200 Non-government Madrasha View
Halima Khatun Girls School And College 101212 Non-government School And College View
Ilisha Bagar Haola Nasaria Dakhil Madrasha 101186 Non-government Madrasha View
Ilisha Fatemia Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101179 Non-government Madrasha View
Ilisha U C Secondary School 101125 Non-government School View
Ilsha Baghar Howla High School 101132 Non-government School View
Kabi Mozzammel Hoq. Kharki Islamia High School 101121 Non-government School View
Kachia Baga Bari Dakhil Madrasha 101163 Non-government Madrasha View
Kachia Majher Char Junior High School 101156 Non-government School View
Kachia Shahamother Secondary School 101146 Non-government School View
Kandrakpur Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101197 Non-government Madrasha View
Khaleda Khanam Girls High School 101153 Non-government School View
Madhya Paschim Balia Dakhil Madrasha 101183 Non-government Madrasha View
Maneza Khatun Secondary Girls School 101108 Non-government School View
Manik Mia Ideal College 101211 Non-government College View
Masuma Khanam Girls High School 101115 Non-government School View
Moulovir Hat H. Fazil Madrasah 101165 Non-government Madrasha View
Nalini Das Girls High School 101114 Non-government School View
Nasir Majhee Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101171 Non-government Madrasha View
Nasrin High School 101135 Non-government School View
Naziur Rahman College 101208 Non-government College View
Neamatpur High School 101120 Non-government School View
Obaidul Haque Babul Molla Secondary Girls School 101152 Non-government School View
Obaidul Haque College 101206 Non-government College View
Obaidul Hoque Babul Secondary School 101150 Non-government School View
Pangashia Bazar Muslim Junior High School 101149 Non-government School View
Paran Gong Islamia Dakhil Madrasfa 101185 Non-government Madrasha View
Parangonj High School 101116 Non-government School View
Paschim Char Samaya Dakhil Madrasha 101196 Non-government Madrasha View
Paschim Ilisha Malerhat Balika Dakhil Madrasa 101201 Non-government Madrasha View
Paschim Ruheta Secondary School 101142 Non-government School View
Patchim Char Pata Jr High School 101159 Non-government School View
Poschim Balia Govt. Primary School 137957 Government Primary School View
Poura Bapta Nurani Dakhil Madrasha 131770 Non-government Madrasha View
Purba Bapta Dakhil Madrasha 101189 Non-government Madrasha View
Rajapur Lebratory School 130824 Non-government School View
Ramdas Pur Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101170 Non-government Madrasha View
Ratanpur Secondary School 101127 Non-government School View
Razapur Adarsha Junior High School 130801 Non-government School View
Razapur High School 101122 Non-government School View
Reba Rahman Mohabiddalay 132025 Non-government College View
Sadur Char High School 130808 Non-government School View
Sadur Char Islamia Girlas Dakhil Madrasha 101192 Non-government Madrasha View
Shahid Salam High School 101129 Non-government School View
Shahid Zia Adarsha Girls High School And College 101213 Non-government School And College View
Shahmather Darul Islam Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101195 Non-government Madrasha View
Shantir Hat Islamia Secondary School 101141 Non-government School View
Shibpur Girls Secondary School 101148 Non-government School View
South Ali Nagar Secendary School 101139 Non-government School View
South Char Pata Islamia Dakhil Maadrasha 101169 Non-government Madrasha View
South Charpata Secondary School 101136 Non-government School View
South Dighldi High School 101147 Non-government School View
South Jamirlata Fazil Degree Madrasha 101181 Non-government Madrasha View
Tabgi Secondary School 101117 Non-government School View
Tayaba Khatun Model Academy 101138 Non-government School View
Technical School And College. Bhola 132360 Government Technical And Vocational View
Umme Kulsum Mahila Dakhil Madrasha 101187 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Dighaldi K.b.dakhil Madrasha 101175 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Char Veduria High School 101145 Non-government School View
Uttar Digaldi Barir Hat Nasaria Dakhilmadrasha 101161 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Ratan Pur Dakhil Madrasha 101194 Non-government Madrasha View
West Bapta Ideal High School And College 101154 Non-government School And College View
West Charpata Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101193 Non-government Madrasha View
West Dhania Alim Madrasah 101167 Non-government Madrasha View
22no. Jaya-2 Govt. Primary School 137393 Government Primary School View
Abdul Jabbar College 101294 Non-government College View
B K M High School 101243 Non-government School View
Bandhan School 136274 Others School View
Batamara Secondary School 101223 Non-government School View
Bhairab Ganj Secondary School 101229 Non-government School View
Bhairob Gonj Kermotia Fazil Madrasha 101258 Non-government Madrasha View
Bhola Polytechnic Institute 132953 Government Technical And Vocational View
Bora Manika Kashamia Dakhil Madrasah 101267 Non-government Madrasha View
Borhan Uddin High School 101216 Non-government School View
Borhanuddin Grils High School 101217 Non-government School View
Borhanuddin Islamia Alim Madrasah 101256 Non-government Madrasha View
Borhanuddin Kamil Madrasa 101250 Non-government Madrasha View
Borhanuddin Mohila Degree College 101292 Non-government College View
Borhanuddin Rahmania Alim Madrasha 101265 Non-government Madrasha View
Chak Dosh Kasemia Dakhil Madrasah 101249 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Algi Islamia Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101280 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Gangapur Ia\slamia Dakhil Madrasah 101269 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Algi Junior School 101246 Non-government School View
Chhoto Manika Fazil Madrasha 101255 Non-government Madrasha View
Choto Pata Talukder Bari Junior Girls High School 101236 Non-government School View
Dakhhin Ful Kachia Kalirhat Secondary School 101233 Non-government School View
Dakhin Dalalpur Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101289 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Batara Jounpuri Dakhil Madrasah 101277 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakshin Tobgi Mashreki Secondary School 101221 Non-government School View
Dalalpur S J Para Girls Dakhil Madrasha 101285 Non-government Madrasha View
Deula Sibpur Darul Aman Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101259 Non-government Madrasha View
Deula Monowara Girls Dakhil Madrasha 101266 Non-government Madrasha View
Deula Razzab Ali Secondary School 101219 Non-government School View
Deula Sibpur Salema Khanom Girls Dakhil Madrasha 101279 Non-government Madrasha View
Deula Talukder Bari High School 101225 Non-government School View
Edarar M.k.h.k Dakhil Madrasa 101271 Non-government Madrasha View
Fullkachia Junior Secondary School 130964 Non-government School View
Ganoda Secondary Girls School 101235 Non-government School View
Gofurgonj Secondary School 101244 Non-government School View
Golam Rahman Junior High School 101228 Non-government School View
Gonga Pur Secondary School 101238 Non-government School View
Goribe Majhi A, Rob Dakhil Madrasha 101257 Non-government Madrasha View
Hafiz Ibrahim College 101295 Non-government College View
Hakimuddin Fazil Madrasah 101254 Non-government Madrasha View
Halima Khatun Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101290 Non-government Madrasha View
Halima Khanom Proposed Girls High School 101247 Local Government School View
Hasannagar Rahmania Dakhil Madrasha 101273 Non-government Madrasha View
Hasannagar Serazia Dakhil Madrasha 101272 Non-government Madrasha View
Hazir Hat Islamia Dhakil Madrasha 101252 Non-government Madrasha View
Joya Balika Dhakil Madrasha 101278 Non-government Madrasha View
Joya Hazi Tofalia Dakhil Madrasha 101274 Non-government Madrasha View
Kachia Chowmohani Hat Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 101275 Non-government Madrasha View
Kachia Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101262 Non-government Madrasha View
Kachia Junior High School 101239 Non-government School View
Kachia Tobgi Easin Para E.p Mohabidhalay 101293 Non-government College View
Kachia Tobgi High School 101232 Non-government School View
Khankae Bashiria Darussinnid Talim Madrasha 101251 Non-government Madrasha View
Kunijer Hat Dakhil Msdrasha 101282 Non-government Madrasha View
Kuralia Nuria Dakhil Madrasah 101263 Non-government Madrasha View
Kutuba Secondary School 101218 Non-government School View
Manika Secondary School 101240 Non-government School View
Manika Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101287 Non-government Madrasha View
Mirza Kalu Secondary School 101220 Non-government School View
Mirzakalu Girls High School 101222 Non-government School View
Mirzakalu Sineor Fazil Madrasha 101253 Non-government Madrasha View
Modhapurbo Batamara A. Dakhil Madrasha 101268 Non-government Madrasha View
Mozammel Hoque Chowdhury High School 101226 Non-government School View
Mozomer Hat Fazil Madrasah 101261 Non-government Madrasha View
Nayim Bazar Dakhil Madrasha 101283 Non-government Madrasha View
Padma Manasa Secondary School 101231 Non-government School View
Pakkhia Dakhil Madrasha 101286 Non-government Madrasha View
Pakshia Secondary School 101245 Non-government School View
Purba Choto Manika Ahammadia Dakhil Madrasha 101281 Non-government Madrasha View
Qulsum Rahaman Secondary School 101230 Non-government School View
Raniganj Adarsha Junior Secondary School 130920 Non-government School View
Sachra Junior Girls School 101234 Non-government School View
Sagla Hasnain Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 101264 Non-government Madrasha View
Santir Hat Darussunna Dakhil Madrasah 101270 Non-government Madrasha View
Swarajgonj Secondary School 101224 Non-government School View
Tabgi Rastar Matha Sarifia Dakhil Madrasha 101260 Non-government Madrasha View
Uddaypur Junior High School 101241 Non-government School View
Uttar Chokdosh Adorsho Jr.girls School 101242 Non-government School View
Uttar Pakkia Dakhil Madrasa 101276 Non-government Madrasha View
West Bisharampur High School 101595 Non-government School View
West Kachia Ratonpur Junior High School 131008 Non-government School View
Char Fakira High School 101353 Non-government School View
11no. Kachu Khali Govt. Primary School 137317 Government Primary School View
Abu Bakar Pur Junior High School 101351 Non-government School View
Abubakarpur Amina Islamia Fazil Madrasha 101377 Non-government Madrasha View
Addhakha Nazrul Nogor Junior School 137084 Non-government School View
Ahammadpur Girls High School 101338 Non-government School View
Ahammedpur Secondary School And College 101326 Non-government School And College View
Alhaz Wahad Ali Maltea Dhakil Madrasha 101413 Non-government Madrasha View
Ali Gaon A Gafur High Shool 101307 Non-government School View
Aligao Ahamadia Islamia Alim Madrasha 101407 Non-government Madrasha View
Aminabad Hakimia Dakhil Madrasha 101384 Non-government Madrasha View
Aminabad Hazirhat High School 101329 Non-government School View
Aminabad High School 101302 Non-government School View
Aminabad Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101404 Non-government Madrasha View
Anjur Hat Secondary School 101305 Non-government School View
Anjurhat Islamia Sinior (alim) Madrasha 101374 Non-government Madrasha View
Aslamiya Hamala Khatun Womens Dakhil Madrasha 101411 Non-government Madrasha View
Aslampur Azhar High School 101306 Non-government School View
Aslampur Mohammadia Dakhil Madrasha 101390 Non-government Madrasha View
Awazpur High School 101335 Non-government School View
Awazpur Azufia Alim Madrasah 101397 Non-government Madrasha View
Ayeshabugh Govt. Primary School 137959 Government Primary School View
Aysha Bag Aslam Pur Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 101409 Non-government Madrasha View
Babur Hat Ideal Secondary School 101319 Non-government School View
Begum Rahima Islam Mohila College 134388 Non-government College View
Chairaman Bazar Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101431 Non-government Madrasha View
Chairman Bazar High School 101318 Non-government School View
Char Ar Kalmi Gafuria Dakhil Madrasha 101396 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Nurul Amin High School 101320 Non-government School View
Char Aicha High School 101312 Non-government School View
Char Aicha Hosinia Dakhil Madrasha 101369 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Fassion Girls High School 101300 Non-government School View
Char Fasson Karamatia Kamil Madrasha 101364 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Kalmi High Schlool 101339 Non-government School View
Char Lulin Bangala Bazar Junior School 130817 Non-government School View
Char Madraz Fazil Madrasha 101367 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Motahar Dakhil Madrasha 101427 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Nazim Uddin Secondary School 101317 Non-government School View
Char Nurul Amin Hossainia Rahmania Dakhil Madrasha 101373 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Shashi Bhussion Jaheria Dakhil Madrashah 101388 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Shashi Bhusson Hossainia Dakhil Madrasha 101417 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Shashibhusion A Malek Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101394 Non-government Madrasha View
Charfassion Town Secondary School 101310 Non-government School View
Charfassion Model Junior High School 134204 Non-government School View
Charfasson T, Baret Secondary School 101296 Non-government School View
Govt. Charfasson Degree College 101439 Government College View
Charfession Technical And Business Management College 132397 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Charmanika Jalal Ahamed College 101436 Non-government College View
Chowmuhani A.m.d Madrasah 101380 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Aslampur Mobarak Ali Dakhil Madrasah 101393 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Char Mongol Hasem Gonj Dakhil Madrasha 101424 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Osmangonj Mozzaffaria Dakhil Madrasha 101401 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkhin Charaicha Rabbania Alim Madrasha 101371 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkin Madraj A.rob Hamidia Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101419 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakshin Charfashion Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101420 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakshin Mohammedpur Rahamania Dakhil Madrasha 101392 Non-government Madrasha View
Daskandi Secondary School 101304 Non-government School View
Dhakhin Madraz Junior High School 130831 Non-government School View
Dhal Char Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101421 Non-government Madrasha View
Dowlat Gonj Junior High School 101343 Non-government School View
Dular Hat Adarsha Degree College 101440 Non-government College View
Dular Hat Girls Junior High School 101341 Non-government School View
Dular Hat Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101405 Non-government Madrasha View
Dular Hat Secondary School 101297 Non-government School View
East Madraj Islamia Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101395 Non-government Madrasha View
Faridabad Junior High School 101357 Non-government School View
Faridabad Latifa A.rab. Dakhil Madrasha 101382 Non-government Madrasha View
Fatema Matin Mohila College 101438 Non-government College View
Gafurpur Junior High School 101363 Non-government School View
Golderhat High School 101301 Non-government School View
Hajary Ganj Mohammadia Mohila Dakhil Madrasah 131482 Non-government Madrasha View
Hajirhat Mohila Dhakil Madrasha 101428 Non-government Madrasha View
Hamidpur Girls High School 101332 Non-government School View
Hamidpur Hamidia Dakhil Madrasha 101381 Non-government Madrasha View
Hasan Gonj Dakhil Madrasha 101430 Non-government Madrasha View
Hasanganj Hosainia Dakhil Madrasa 101378 Non-government Madrasha View
Hasanganj Islamia High School 101330 Non-government School View
Hazari Gonj Hamidia Fazil Madrasah 101370 Non-government Madrasha View
Hazarigongj High School 101354 Non-government School View
Hazir Hat Girls Junior School 134263 Non-government School View
Jahanpur Karamatia Dakhil Madrasha 101383 Non-government Madrasha View
Jahanpur Sher-e-bangla High School 101314 Non-government School View
Kabi Nazrul Junior Girls School 101360 Non-government School View
Kalia Kandi Kaderia Dakhil Madrasah 101391 Non-government Madrasha View
Karimjan Mohila Kamil Madrasha 101412 Non-government Madrasha View
Kashemgonj B L High School 101303 Non-government School View
Kashemgonj Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 101386 Non-government Madrasha View
Kassopia Nilima Jakob Junior High School 137734 Non-government School View
Keramat Gonj Secoundary School 101298 Non-government School View
Kuchia Mora Fazil Madrasha 101365 Non-government Madrasha View
Kukri Mukri Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101425 Non-government Madrasha View
Kukuri Mukari Secondary School 101322 Non-government School View
Kulsumbag Girls Secondary School 101340 Non-government School View
Kulsumbag A. Motaleb Secondary School 101313 Non-government School View
Kulsumbag A. Zabbar Dakhil Madrasha 101402 Non-government Madrasha View
Kutubgong Mazedia Dakhil Madrasha 101387 Non-government Madrasha View
Kutubgonj High School 101324 Non-government School View
Mazert Char Fazil Madrasha 101414 Non-government Madrasha View
Mazir Hat Junior Girls High School 130840 Non-government School View
Miajanpur Islamia Fazil Madrasah 101372 Non-government Madrasha View
Mina Bazar High School 101350 Non-government School View
Moddo Aligaou Junior High School 101331 Non-government School View
Mofizabad F.h Secondary School 101316 Non-government School View
Nalima Jakob Mohila College 136974 Non-government College View
Nilkamal Junior Girls High School 101333 Non-government School View
Nilkomol High School 101342 Non-government School View
North Aicha High School 101336 Non-government School View
Nurabad Hossainia Fazil Madrasah 101366 Non-government Madrasha View
Nurabad Islamia Junior School 136965 Non-government School View
Nurabad Junior High School 101347 Non-government School View
Omarpur Gafuria Fazil Madrasah 101368 Non-government Madrasha View
Omrabaj Juniour High School 130815 Non-government School View
Osmangonj High School 101321 Non-government School View
Osmangonj Idial High School 101348 Non-government School View
Osmangonj Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 101399 Non-government Madrasha View
Osmangonj United College 101437 Non-government College View
Paschim Char Nurul Amin Latifia Islamia Alim Madrasha 101375 Non-government Madrasha View
Principal Nazrul Islam College 134352 Non-government College View
Purba Awazpur Mozida Dakhil Madrasha 101416 Non-government Madrasha View
Purba Char Tofazzal A. Salam Dakhil Madrasha 101415 Non-government Madrasha View
Purba Faridbd Unusia Sehadul Ulum Dakhil Madral 101398 Non-government Madrasha View
Purba Omrabaz Lutfubbasa Wmen Alim Madrasha. 101403 Non-government Madrasha View
Purba Osmangonj High School 101328 Non-government School View
Purba Umrabaz Mohammadia Alim Madrasha 101385 Non-government Madrasha View
Rasulpur Adarsa High School 101361 Non-government School View
Rasulpur Degree College 101435 Non-government College View
Rasulpur Junior High School 101323 Non-government School View
Shamim Mamorial Jonior Girls High School 101359 Non-government School View
Shashi Bhusion High School 101299 Non-government School View
Shasivusson Junior Girls High School 101345 Non-government School View
Shibarhat Adarsha High School 133903 Non-government School View
Showkat Ara Chowdhury Girls High School 101352 Non-government School View
South Fassion Junior High School 101325 Non-government School View
South Fassion S.u.d. Madrasha 101408 Non-government Madrasha View
South Shiba High School 101308 Non-government School View
South Shiva Jamila Islamia Dakhil Mad. 101389 Non-government Madrasha View
Sultan Ahmed Preparetory And Girls School 130830 Non-government School View
Sultan Miahar Bazar Junior High School 133879 Non-government School View
Udayan High School 101334 Non-government School View
Uttar Madraz Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101418 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Char Manika Latifia Dakhil Madrasha 101400 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Char Nurul Amin Moslimia Dakhil Madrasha 101410 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Charmanika Secondary School 101309 Non-government School View
Uttar Fashion Adarsha Dakhil Madrasha 101433 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Fasson Model High School 101337 Non-government School View
Uttor Madraz Wahedia Dakhil Madrash 101406 Non-government Madrasha View
West Ahammed Pur Model Junior High School 101346 Non-government School View
West Dhalchar Secoundary School 101311 Non-government School View
West Jinnahgar Nuria Alim Madrasha 101379 Non-government Madrasha View
Yeakub High School 101315 Non-government School View
Zanata Bazar Shahid Ziaur Rahman College 101434 Non-government College View
61no. Sukdev Govt. Primary School 137392 Government Primary School View
Ali Ashraf College 137694 Non-government College View
Azhar Ali Secondary School 101452 Non-government School View
Beer Sharesta Mostafa Kamal Jr High School 101454 Non-government School View
Char Khalifa High School 101450 Non-government School View
Char Khalifa Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101465 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Shovi P High School 101459 Non-government School View
Chargumani Secondary School 101449 Non-government School View
Charpata Baytul Falah Alim Madrasha 101479 Non-government Madrasha View
Charpata Secondary School 101446 Non-government School View
Dakhin Joynagar Hossiania Fajil Madrasa 101470 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkhin Joynagar Rohima Begum Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101480 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkhin Bara Dhali A.d Madrasha 101474 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkhin Joynagor Ahameder Hat Alim Madrasha 101469 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkin Purba Nalgura Dakhil Madrasha 101475 Non-government Madrasha View
Daulat Khan Mohila College 135198 Non-government College View
Daulatkhan Govt Girls High School 101442 Government School View
Daulatkhan Abu Abdullah Degree College 101486 Non-government College View
Daulatkhan Govt. High School 101443 Government School View
Daulatkhan Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 101477 Non-government Madrasha View
Diderullah Fazil Madrasha 101464 Non-government Madrasha View
Dokkhin Kala Kopa Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 131563 Non-government Madrasha View
Halima Khatun Mohila Mohabiddhalay 101485 Non-government College View
Hasina Nizam Lamchi Pata Junior School 101457 Non-government School View
Hazipur High School 101448 Non-government School View
Hazipur Islamia Fazil Madrasha 101467 Non-government Madrasha View
Hossainia Atim Khana & Mohila Ali Madrasha 101478 Non-government Madrasha View
Jaynul Abedeen Laboratory High School 101462 Non-government School View
Joynagar Girls Dakhil Madrasah 101481 Non-government Madrasha View
Joynagar Islamia Fazil Madrasha 101468 Non-government Madrasha View
Joynagar Secondary School 101445 Non-government School View
Joynagor Technical And B.m College 132507 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Joynal Abedin Alim Madrasha 101483 Non-government Madrasha View
Kalakopa Alim Madrasha 101463 Non-government Madrasha View
Khadiza Khanam High Scool 101455 Non-government School View
Khaleda Khanam Junior Girls School 133701 Non-government School View
Kharerhat Secondary School 101447 Non-government School View
Lutfor Rahman Junior High School 101453 Non-government School View
Maddha Joynagar Azim Bari Howla Dakhil Madrasah 101472 Non-government Madrasha View
Madhya Joynagar Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101473 Non-government Madrasha View
Medua Baitun Nur Dakhil Madrasha 101484 Non-government Madrasha View
Medua Junior High School 101461 Non-government School View
Muddo Purba Joynagar Jalilia Dakhil Madrasha 101466 Non-government Madrasha View
Nalgora Shorif Bari High School 101460 Non-government School View
Pachim Joynagor Secondary School 101458 Non-government School View
Sakina Adarsha Academy 101456 Non-government School View
Sukdeb Modan Mohan Secondry School 101444 Non-government School View
Syedpur Junior High School 101451 Non-government School View
Uttor Joynagor S.b.a.k.b.dakhil Madrasha 101476 Non-government Madrasha View
Chatla Mohomadia High School 101504 Non-government School View
Abdul Hannan Hawladar Junior School 137781 Non-government School View
Abdul Wahab Secondary School 101512 Non-government School View
Acota Bazar Junior School 101517 Run By Christian Missionaries School View
Al-haj Abdul Motaleb Mia Dakhil Madrasah 101568 Non-government Madrasha View
Ashraf Nagar Secondary School 101514 Non-government School View
Badsha Miah Academy 135951 Non-government School View
Balur Char Dalal Bazar School 101506 Non-government School View
Balur Char Hat Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 101542 Non-government Madrasha View
Banglabazar Mahmudia Dakhil Madrasha 101546 Non-government Madrasha View
Bheduria Serazia Fazil Madrasha 101528 Non-government Madrasha View
Chandmiar Hat Dakhil Madrasha 101534 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Bhuta D. C. Alamia Dakhil Madrasha 101555 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Bhuta Nomo Gram Karimunnassa Junior Secondary Girls School 130676 Non-government School View
Char Buta Janata Bazar Junior High School 101522 Non-government School View
Char Mollagji Junior High School 101520 Non-government School View
Char Sokina Dakhil Madrasah 101556 Run By Christian Missionaries Madrasha View
Char Titia Darus Sunnat Dakhil Madrsaha 101538 Non-government Madrasha View
Chatala Hasemia Mozidia Fazil Madrasah 101543 Non-government Madrasha View
Chatla Karimonnesa Mohila Dakhil Madrashah 101561 Non-government Madrasha View
Dabir Char Balika Dakhil Madrasa 101537 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakhin Faraj Ganj Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101562 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkhin Lalmohan Dakhil Madrasha 101569 Non-government Madrasha View
Dawry Hat Islamia Fazil Madrasha 101565 Non-government Madrasha View
Debir Char High School 101497 Non-government School View
Debirchar Bazar Hossainia Dakhil Madrsha 101541 Non-government Madrasha View
Dhali Gour Nagar Secondary School 101492 Non-government School View
Dhali Goura Nagar College 132034 Non-government College View
Dhaligournagar Vocational Secondary School 137270 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Dhokin Pangasia Adarsha Junior High School 130682 Non-government School View
Dipshikh Secondary School 101509 Non-government School View
Douri Hat High School 101495 Non-government School View
Dr Azahar Uddin Drgree College 101573 Non-government College View
Dr. Azaher Uddin Memorial College 137091 Non-government College View
Dr: Azahar Uddin High School 101576 Non-government School View
Faraz Gonj Nasaria Dakhil Madrasha 101532 Non-government Madrasha View
Ful Bagicha Secondary School 101501 Non-government School View
G. M. Junior High School 101500 Non-government School View
Gazaria Islamia Fazil Madrasa 101531 Non-government Madrasha View
Gazaria Ayasah Siddiqa Balika Dakhil Madrasah 101544 Non-government Madrasha View
Gazaria Girls Secondary School 101503 Non-government School View
Gazaria Secondary School 101489 Non-government School View
Govt Shahbaj Pur College 101572 Government College View
Hazi Gonj Secondary School 101498 Non-government School View
Hazi Mohammad Nurul Islam Chowdhury College 135393 Non-government College View
Hazir Hat T.a High School 101499 Non-government School View
Hazirhat Tofail Ahmmad Dakhil Madrasha 101539 Non-government Madrasha View
Hosne Ara Begum Poura Girls Junior High School 130680 Non-government School View
Hosnera Begum High School 134410 Non-government School View
Janata Bazar Secondary School 101362 Non-government School View
Kachua Khali High School 101513 Non-government School View
Kachua Khali Mohila Dakhil Madrasa 101564 Non-government Madrasha View
Karimgong Secodary School 101494 Non-government School View
Karimgonj Islamia Alim Madrasha 101530 Non-government Madrasha View
Karimunnessa Hafiz Mohila College 101570 Non-government College View
Karter Hat Alimia Dakhil Madrasa 101540 Non-government Madrasha View
Khadija Khanom Junior High School 101526 Non-government School View
Kunder Hawla Rashidia Dakhil Madrasha 101549 Non-government Madrasha View
Lal Mohan Hali Pad Junior School 101516 Non-government School View
Lal Mohon Islamia Kamil Madrasha 101527 Non-government Madrasha View
Lalmohan Collegiate High School 101507 Non-government School View
Lalmohan Girls Secondary School 101487 Non-government School View
Lalmohan Ha-mim Residential Academy 130678 Non-government School View
Lalmohan Krishi Prijukti Institute 137272 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Lalmohan Secondary School 101488 Non-government School View
Lalmohon Technical And Bm College 137271 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Lez Sakina Darussananh Dakhil Madrasha 101558 Non-government Madrasha View
Lord Harding Fazil Madrasha 101529 Non-government Madrasha View
Lord Harding High School 101491 Non-government School View
Maheshkhali Fazar Ali Dakhil Madrasa 101551 Non-government Madrasha View
Mahmuda Khatun Balika Dakhil Madrasa 101552 Non-government Madrasha View
Maya Nagar Junior High School 101523 Non-government School View
Mohesh Khali Junior High School 101524 Non-government School View
Mohis Khali Montaj Uddin Dakhil Madrasha 101554 Non-government Madrasha View
Momin Nesa Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101553 Non-government Madrasha View
Muslimia Dakhil Madrasha 101536 Non-government Madrasha View
Nazirpur Darul Awlia Hossainia Alim Madrasha 101533 Non-government Madrasha View
Nazirpur Govt. Primary School 137316 Government Primary School View
Nurunnobi Chawdhury Mohabiddaloy 134880 Non-government College View
Ohedun Nobi Juniro High School 101519 Non-government School View
Pangashia School And College 101511 Non-government School And College View
Pangasia Keramatia Dakhil Madrasha 101550 Non-government Madrasha View
Paschim Char Umed Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 101566 Non-government Madrasha View
Paschim Char Umed Model Junior High School 101518 Non-government School View
Paschim Char Umed Model Technical And Business Management College 134645 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Purba Char Umed Ahmadia Dakhil Madrasha 101535 Non-government Madrasha View
Purbo Charshakina Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101559 Non-government Madrasha View
Purbo Ramagonj Secondary School 130684 Non-government School View
Purbodhaligour Nagar Islamia Dakil Madrasha 101547 Non-government Madrasha View
Ramaganj High School And College 101493 Non-government School And College View
Ramagonj Tafaelia Dakhil Madrasa 101548 Non-government Madrasha View
Roychand Udoy Chandra Secondary School 101490 Non-government School View
Safia Khanam Girls Dakhil Madrasa 101563 Non-government Madrasha View
Saidabad Nur Jahan Mahila Dakhil Madrasha 101545 Non-government Madrasha View
Satani Bodiujjaman High School 101496 Run By Christian Missionaries School View
Shahid Motahar Uddin Memorial Junior School 101525 Non-government School View
Sikdar Hat Adorsa Jr School 101327 Non-government School View
South Lalmohan High School 101502 Non-government School View
Torab Gonj Balika Dakhil Madrasha 101557 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Chatla Adarsha Mohila Dakhil Madrasa 101560 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Chor Vhuta Rohim Pur Junior High School 101510 Non-government School View
Uttar Ramgang High School 101515 Non-government School View
Char Foyjuddin Fokirhat Dhakil Madrasha 101590 Non-government Madrasha View
Dakkhin Sakucia Govt. Primary School 137315 Government Primary School View
Faizuddin High School 101581 Non-government School View
Hazir Hat Secondary School 101579 Non-government School View
Hazirhat Hosainia Alim Madrasah 101587 Non-government Madrasha View
Hazirhat Model Govt. Primary School 137960 Government Primary School View
Manpura Degree College 101591 Non-government College View
Monoara Begum Mohila College 101592 Non-government College View
Monpura Andirpar High School 101583 Non-government School View
Monpura Fazil Madrasha 101586 Non-government Madrasha View
Monpura Girls Secondary School 101584 Non-government School View
Monpura Secondary School 101577 Non-government School View
Sakuchia Junior Girls School 136922 Non-government School View
Sakuchia Karamatia Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 101588 Non-government Madrasha View
Sakuchia Secondary School 101580 Non-government School View
Shakuchia Abdullah Al Islam Jakob College 137996 Non-government College View
Shkuchia Badiuzzaman Dakhil Madrasha 101589 Non-government Madrasha View
Somedpur Bangla Bazer High School 101578 Non-government School View
Uttar Sakuchia Girls Dakhil Madrasha 101585 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Sakuchia Secondary School 101582 Non-government School View
Chanchra Adarsha High School 101602 Non-government School View
Chanchra Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 101619 Non-government Madrasha View
Chandpur Govt. High School 101593 Government School View
Chandpur Islamia Fazil Madrasha 101609 Non-government Madrasha View
Chandpur Women Alim Madrasha 101615 Non-government Madrasha View
Chapri Alim Madrasha 101612 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Jahir Uddin Junior High School 101604 Non-government School View
Char Jahruddin Ahamoddin Dakhil Madrasa 101618 Non-government Madrasha View
Dabipur Ilamia Fazil Madrasa 101608 Non-government Madrasha View
Fazilatun Nessa Govt Girls School 101598 Government School View
Kalasa Adorsa Junior High School,tajumuddin 133964 Non-government School View
Kanchanpur Govt. Primary School 137319 Government Primary School View
Khosh Nadi Dakhil Madrasa 101606 Non-government Madrasha View
Koral Mara Bangla Bazla Bazer Junior High School 130843 Non-government School View
Madha Aralia Rahmania Alim Madrasah 101613 Non-government Madrasha View
Mohammad Bhela Omariya Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 101614 Non-government Madrasha View
Nishchintpur Sikderbazar Sesdp School 135341 Non-government School View
Pancha Palli Secondary School 101594 Non-government School View
Purba Golokpura Kashemul Ulum Alim Madrasah 101607 Non-government Madrasha View
Shambhupur High School 101596 Non-government School View
Shambupur Khaser Hat Isalamia Sl.alim Madrasha. 101616 Non-government Madrasha View
Shamvupur Shahe Alam Model College 137634 Non-government College View
Shibpur Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 101611 Non-government Madrasha View
Shibpur Mahila Dakhil Madrasha 101620 Non-government Madrasha View
Shibpur Secoundary High School 101597 Non-government School View
Sona Pur High School 101599 Non-government School View
South Chachanra Junior High School 130703 Non-government School View
Tazumuddin Degree College 101621 Non-government College View
Tazumuddin Hosneara Chowdhury Mohila College 137997 Non-government College View
Uttar Chanchara Md.fazil Madrasha 101610 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Chapri Girls Dakhil Madrasa 101617 Non-government Madrasha View
West Koral Maraeysin Gong High School 101600 Non-government School View