All schools, colleges, madrasas in Joypurhat district.

Get EIIN number & other information (phone number, location, post office etc.) of all educational institutes of Joypurhat district of Bangladesh.

Institute Name EIIN Type Details
Akkelpur Model Technical Institute 135153 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Akkelpur Mujibar Rahman College, Akkelpur 121801 Non-government College View
Akkelpur Pilot Girls High School 121774 Non-government School View
Akkelpur Sinior (alim) Madrasah Akkelpur Joypurhat 121790 Non-government Madrasha View
Akkelpur Womens Degree College 121799 Non-government College View
Alimamud Purna Gopinatpur Alim Madrasha 121792 Non-government Madrasha View
Ambari Kalaja Girls High School 121785 Non-government School View
Anantapur Chowdhurypara Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 121796 Non-government Madrasha View
Awalgari Govt. Primary School 137428 Government Primary School View
Bhanur Kanda Junior School 121787 Non-government School View
Binjher Ahmadia Dakhil Madrasha 121795 Non-government Madrasha View
Chakesha Junior School 121784 Non-government School View
Deora High School 121782 Non-government School View
Dulali Ratnaher A.f.u. Dakhil Madrasha 121794 Non-government Madrasha View
Ganipur Dakhil Madrasha 121793 Non-government Madrasha View
Ganipur Jafarpur High School 121780 Non-government School View
Gopinath Pur Girls High School 121786 Non-government School View
Gopinathpur High School 121777 Non-government School View
Gopinathpur Technical And Business Management College 134371 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Gudumba D.s. Bahumukhi Fazil Degree Madrasah 121791 Non-government Madrasha View
Ismail Pur Dakhil Madrasha 121789 Non-government Madrasha View
Jamal Gong College 121800 Non-government College View
Jamalganj Girls High School 121776 Non-government School View
Jamalganj High School 121769 Non-government School View
Kanupur High School 121767 Non-government School View
Kashira High School 121775 Non-government School View
Koya Shobla Moslima Ahmadia Siddquia Dakhil Madrasha 121797 Non-government Madrasha View
Mohanpur High School 121778 Non-government School View
Nurnagar United Degree College 121803 Non-government College View
Punduria High School 121779 Non-government School View
R. K. M. Dakhil Madrasha 121788 Non-government Madrasha View
Raikali High School 121772 Non-government School View
Raikali Technical And Business Management College 132811 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Sonamukhi High School 121771 Non-government School View
Sreekornodighi High School 121768 Non-government School View
Tilakpur Adarsha Girls High School 121781 Non-government School View
Tilakpur High School 121773 Non-government School View
Tilokkpur Mohabiddalay 121802 Non-government College View
Abacus Computer Education And Training Center 135760 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Al Hera Academy High School And College 121807 Non-government School And College View
Amdai United Degree College 121894 Non-government College View
Amdoy Junior School 121845 Non-government School View
Badsha Siddiqia Deemukhi Dahkil Madrasa 121881 Non-government Madrasha View
Bamonpur S.i.dimokhy Dakhil Madrasha 121883 Non-government Madrasha View
Baniapara Kamil Madrasha 121854 Non-government Madrasha View
Bankila Mohsenia High School 121814 Others School View
Banskata Kazipara High School 121852 Non-government School View
Bari Talyhat High School 121842 Non-government School View
Belamla Jr High School 121843 Non-government School View
Bhadsha High School 121810 Non-government School View
Bhutia Para High School 121819 Non-government School View
Billah Atplr Dakhil Madrasah 121889 Non-government Madrasha View
Billah Shahid Yeakubia High School 121824 Non-government School View
Bishnopur Junior Girls School 121849 Others School View
Bishnupur High School 121823 Non-government School View
Boro Tajpur Madhamic Biddalaya 133693 Non-government School View
Business Management Institute , Joypurhat 132304 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Buzrug Varunia Dakhil Madrasha 121861 Non-government Madrasha View
Chak Bharunia Siddiquia Alim Madrasha 131503 Non-government Madrasha View
Chak Siddiquia Deemukhi Dakhil Madrasha 121869 Non-government Madrasha View
Chalk Dadra Deemukhi Dakhil Madrasha 121878 Non-government Madrasha View
Chalkgopal Junior School 134810 Non-government School View
Chandpur High School 121837 Non-government School View
Chhota Majhi Para High School 121834 Non-government School View
Chotahar Dharki Alim Madrasah 121864 Local Government Madrasha View
City Techniical College B.m. 132593 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Collectorate Balika Biddya Niketan 121832 Non-government School View
Cybertech Polytechnic Institute, Joypurhat 135755 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Dadra High School 121820 Non-government School View
Dadra Jantigram Moynia Dimukhii Dakhil Madrasha 121874 Non-government Madrasha View
Dhalahar High School 121812 Non-government School View
Dhalahar Siddiquia D.dakhil Madrasha 121867 Non-government Madrasha View
Dharki High School 121813 Non-government School View
Dogachi High School 121826 Non-government School View
Durgadaha Girls High School 121839 Non-government School View
Gatanshahar De Mukhi Dakhil Madrasha 121872 Non-government Madrasha View
Govt. Joypurhat College 121897 Government College View
Hanail Nomania Alia (kamil M.a.) Madrasha 121858 Non-government Madrasha View
Hanail Nomanin Balika Dakhil Madrasah 121887 Non-government Madrasha View
Haripur High School 121827 Non-government School View
Haripur Islamia Demokhy Dhakil Madrasah 121882 Non-government Madrasha View
Hatigar D.s.mahmudia Dakhil Madrasha 121868 Non-government Madrasha View
Hatu Bhanga The Mokhi Dakhil Madrasah 121888 Non-government Madrasha View
Helkunda High School 121836 Non-government School View
Hichmi Adarsha College 131907 Non-government College View
Jaipurhat Girls High School 121831 Non-government School View
Jaipurhat Kashia Bary High School 121822 Non-government School View
Jaipurhat Sadar Thana High School 121828 Non-government School View
Jaipurhat Siddiquia Kamil Madrasha 121855 Non-government Madrasha View
Jamalpur High School 121848 Non-government School View
Joyporhat Technical Institute 132324 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Joypur Hat Nurani Ahmodia Mohila Dakhil Madrasa 121856 Non-government Madrasha View
Joypurhat Adarsha Siddika Dakhil Madrasha 121890 Non-government Madrasha View
Joypurhat Girls Cadet College 132222 Autonomous School And College View
Joypurhat Govt. Girls High School 121808 Government School View
Joypurhat Govt.mohila College 121895 Government College View
Joypurhat Krishi College 132342 Others Technical And Vocational View
Joypurhat Night College 136896 Non-government College View
Joypurhat Shahid Zia College 121896 Non-government College View
Joypurhat Womens Degree College 121898 Non-government College View
K.g. And High School 121815 Autonomous School View
Kadoa Ideal Junior Girls School 133692 Non-government School View
Kadoa Kairapara Dakhil Madrasha 121866 Non-government Madrasha View
Kaitahar Mir Shaheb Dimukhi Dakhil Madrasha 121884 Non-government Madrasha View
Karai Nurul Huda Kamil (m.a.) Madrasah 121853 Non-government Madrasha View
Kendul Siddiqul Dakhil Madrasha 121886 Non-government Madrasha View
Khanjanpur High School 121804 Non-government School View
Khanjanpur Mission Girls High School 121809 Non-government School View
Komorgram High School 121805 Non-government School View
L.m.a.f.p Course Certificate Institute 134842 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Madhinagar High School 121817 Non-government School View
Mahrul Dakhil Madrasha 121879 Non-government Madrasha View
Mirgram Chowmuhony High School 121835 Non-government School View
Mollikpur Adarsh High School 121838 Non-government School View
Mongal Bari Moyez Memorial College 121892 Non-government College View
Muzahidpur Siddiquea Dakhil Madrasha 121863 Non-government Madrasha View
Ndc Diploma In Engineering College 135754 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Nengapirhat S A Fazil Degree Madrasah 121860 Non-government Madrasha View
Pallibala Girls High School 121829 Non-government School View
Panchurchak High School 121841 Non-government School View
Parulia S. De-mokhi Dakhil Madrasah 121875 Non-government Madrasha View
Pathuria High School 121821 Non-government School View
Police Linece Academy 130936 Non-government School View
Polikadua Mahila Deimoli Dakhil Madrasha 121857 Non-government Madrasha View
Raghobpur High School 121844 Non-government School View
Ramdeo Bazla Govt. High School Joypurhat 121806 Government School View
Ramkrishnopur Kadamtaly High School 121840 Non-government School View
Sawal Para Dakhil Madrasah 121877 Non-government Madrasha View
Sayed Computer And Software Academy 135761 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Science And Technology Technical Womens Coolage 132357 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Shahapur High School 121818 Non-government School View
Shahapur S.dimukhi Alim Madrasha 121862 Non-government Madrasha View
Shalgaon Korbania Dakhil Madrasah 121870 Non-government Madrasha View
Shalpara Ideal College 131900 Non-government College View
Shantinagor Junior High School 121846 Non-government School View
Sheikh Para S.s. Dakhil Madrasah 121873 Non-government Madrasha View
Shyampur High School 121825 Non-government School View
Silicon Computers Training Center 135759 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Srijani High School 121830 Non-government School View
Srijonshil Polytechnic Institute 135753 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Sundorpur High School 121833 Local Government School View
Syedina Mohammadur Rasulullah (s.m) Dakhil Madrasah 121885 Non-government Madrasha View
Taleemul Islam Academy & College 121899 Non-government School And College View
Techncal School And College, Joypurhat 133105 Government Technical And Vocational View
Technological Institute Joypurhat 137739 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Teghar Bisha D.s.dakhil Madrasha 121876 Non-government Madrasha View
Teghor Girls High School 121816 Non-government School View
Teghor High School 121811 Non-government School View
Tegora Dandapani Dahkil Madrasa 121891 Non-government Madrasha View
Uri Madhab Para Mohila Alim Madrasha 121880 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Joypur Dimukhi Dakil Madrasha 121859 Non-government Madrasha View
Vadsha Ideal College 121893 Non-government College View
Zaman Model Academy 130942 Non-government School View
Aora High School 121912 Non-government School View
Atahar Bamon Gram Anayetulla Dakhil Madrasa 121940 Non-government Madrasha View
Bahuti Golzare Ulum Alim Senior Madrasah 121924 Non-government Madrasha View
Beala Bilateral High School 121902 Non-government School View
Begungram Chasmaye Ulum B.l. Sr. Fazil Madrasah 121921 Non-government Madrasha View
Bhugail Hezbullah Dimukhi Dakhil Madrasah 121926 Non-government Madrasha View
Bolishib Sumuddru Technical Mohila College 135757 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Borai Rahima Khatun Dakhil Madrasah 121937 Non-government Madrasha View
Chandair Darul Ulum D- Mukhi Dakil Madrasa 121939 Non-government Madrasha View
Deghir Hat G.h.m Junior High School 121916 Non-government School View
Garoil Darul Uloom Aminia Dakhil Madrasa 121935 Non-government Madrasha View
Harunja Nomijan Adtabi High School 121908 Non-government School View
Hatior Bahumukhi Kamil Madrasah 121923 Non-government Madrasha View
Indahar Girls High School 121906 Non-government School View
Jagdumbur G.u.dakhil Madrasah 121933 Non-government Madrasha View
Jamura-bashura High School 121911 Non-government School View
Kadirpur Fazil Madrasah 121936 Non-government Madrasha View
Kalai Degree College 121943 Non-government College View
Kalai Girls High School 121907 Non-government School View
Kalai Mu High School 121900 Non-government School View
Kalai Technical School & Women B.m College 135155 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Kalai Techniical And Business Management College 132658 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Kalai Womens Degree College 121944 Non-government College View
Kalali Islamia Mohila Dakhil Madrasa 121941 Others Madrasha View
Katahar Roufia Dakhil Madrasha 121934 Others Madrasha View
Matrai Biggan & Karigori College 132738 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Matrai High School 121905 Non-government School View
Matrai Mazar Sharif Dakhil Madrasha 121930 Non-government Madrasha View
Matrai Model College 131939 Non-government College View
Modhuban Govt. Primary School 137412 Government Primary School View
Molamgari Hat B.l. High Schoool 121904 Non-government School View
Molamgari Hat Girls High School 121914 Non-government School View
Molamgary Adarsha College 121945 Non-government College View
Moslem Gonj High School 121901 Non-government School View
Nandial Dighi College 121942 Non-government College View
Nowana S.a.u. Dakhil Madrasa 121925 Non-government Madrasha View
Omar Kinder Garden School & Omar Garden Acadamy 130928 Non-government School View
Panchgram Jannatun Nuri Dakhil Madrasah 121938 Non-government Madrasha View
Punat Girls High School 121910 Non-government School View
Punat High School 121903 Non-government School View
Punot Darul Ulum Dakhil Madrasah 121932 Non-government Madrasha View
Pur. M.u. Fazil Madrasah 121922 Non-government Madrasha View
Raghobpur Chowmuhani Junior School 121915 Non-government School View
Samsira High School 121909 Non-government School View
Santi Nagar Adarsha High School 121913 Non-government School View
Shita .a.g.dakhil Madrasah 121931 Non-government Madrasha View
Silimpur G.m. Dakhil Madrasah 121929 Non-government Madrasha View
Thupsara Selimia Dakhil Madrasa 121927 Non-government Madrasha View
Akhlas Shibpur Shampur Bl High School 121947 Non-government School View
Alampur High School 121956 Non-government School View
Amira Dakhil Madrasa 121976 Non-government Madrasha View
Ati Dashra Ghugail Dakhil Madrasha 121978 Non-government Madrasha View
Ati Dashra High School 121951 Non-government School View
Ati Dashra Model Girls High School 121963 Non-government School View
Banaich Momin High School 121955 Non-government School View
Baratara High School 121960 Local Government School View
Benai Darul Ulum Dakhil Madrasah 121975 Non-government Madrasha View
Benai Jasimuddin Memo Biddyaniketon 121962 Non-government School View
Borail Junior Girls High School 121964 Non-government School View
Bottali Fatema Jahura Mohila Fazil Madrasha 121970 Non-government Madrasha View
Burail D.s.fazil Madrasha 121974 Non-government Madrasha View
Fuldighihat C U Fazil Madrasa 121971 Non-government Madrasha View
Hinda High School 121957 Non-government School View
Hoppir Hata D.u. Dakhil Madrasah 121966 Non-government Madrasha View
Itakhila Technical Institute And B.m. College 132621 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Itakhola B L High School 121954 Non-government School View
Jamuhali Chashaye Ulum D M Alim Madrasah 121969 Non-government Madrasha View
Kapasthikri Ds Dakhil Madrasha 121967 Non-government Madrasha View
Khetlal Khosbodon G.u.alim Madrasha 121968 Non-government Madrasha View
Khetlal Pilot Girls High School And College 121981 Non-government School And College View
Khetlal Pilot High School And College 121946 Non-government School And College View
Khetlal Syeed Altafunnesa College 121980 Non-government College View
Khetlal Techinical And Business Management College 132293 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Krishna Nagar Dahkil Madrasah 121973 Non-government Madrasha View
Krishnanagar High School 121950 Non-government School View
Lalagor Harazia Dakhil Madrasha 121979 Non-government Madrasha View
Mahmudpur B.l High School 121948 Non-government School View
Nawtika Keshurta Adarsho Girls High School. 121961 Non-government School View
Pathan Para Bl High School 121949 Non-government School View
Poulunja High School 121959 Non-government School View
Sarail Mohafezia Dakhil Mohila Madrasah 121972 Non-government Madrasha View
Shibpur Nomania Alim Madrasha 121977 Non-government Madrasha View
Shishu Niketon And Sadar Junior High School Khetlal 121958 Non-government School View
Tilabadul Abdul Mazid High School 121952 Non-government School View
Ziapur High School 121953 Non-government School View
Agair High School 122007 Non-government School View
Angra Mesbahul Ulum Dakhil Madrasah 122053 Non-government Madrasha View
Atapara Govt. Primary School 137439 Government Primary School View
Atul Darus Sunnat Dhakhil Madrasha 122066 Non-government Madrasha View
Ayma Rasulpur Girls High School 122012 Non-government School View
Ayma Rasulpur H M High School 121992 Non-government School View
Ayma Zamal Pur Siddiqiah Dakhil Madrasah 122044 Non-government Madrasha View
Aymajamalpur Tecknical And Business Management College 132114 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Bagzana Asiria Dakhil Madrasha 122055 Non-government Madrasha View
Bagzana Bilateral High School 121997 Non-government School View
Banshkhur Fazil Degre Madrasah 122038 Non-government Madrasha View
Bara Banika High School 122002 Non-government School View
Barapukuria S. S. Girls Dakhil Madrasah 122062 Non-government Madrasha View
Barokandry High School 121995 Non-government School View
Belkhur Shah Jalalia Dakhil Madrasha 122060 Non-government Madrasha View
Bharahut Sherotti High School 122006 Non-government School View
Bindhara Girls High School 122000 Non-government School View
Birnagor High School 121994 Non-government School View
Boro Manik Balika Dakhil Madrasah 122063 Non-government Madrasha View
Budhail Dakhil Madrasah 122040 Non-government Madrasha View
Business Mangement Institute Panchbibi Jaypur Hat 133109 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Chanpara Junior Girls School 122020 Non-government School View
Chotomanik Yosofia Bylateral Dhakhil Madrasha 122046 Non-government Madrasha View
Darul Islah Academy 122017 Non-government School View
Dhaperhat Dhakil Madrasah 122042 Non-government Madrasha View
Dharanjee Darus Sunnat Dhakhil Madrasah 122050 Non-government Madrasha View
Dharanjee Kutubia High School 121988 Non-government School View
Dhurail High School 122026 Non-government School View
Dhurail Sidiqia Dhakil Madrasah 122058 Non-government Madrasha View
Dibakarpur High School 121999 Non-government School View
Fatepur Chatkhur Alim Madrasha 122049 Non-government Madrasha View
Gorna Siddikia Dakhil Madrasa 122045 Non-government Madrasha View
Habibpur High School 122021 Non-government School View
Hakimpur Kaijuri B N R High School 121991 Non-government School View
I.d.a Computer Training Center 135758 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Jabekpur High School 122005 Non-government School View
Jatair Pagla Bazar Girls School 122011 Non-government School View
Jibonpur High School 122009 Non-government School View
Joyhar Amenia Mahabbatia Dakhil Madrasa 122052 Non-government Madrasha View
Kakra Pinglu High School 122014 Non-government School View
Karia Girls Secondary School 122032 Non-government School View
Karia Islamia Senior Madrasah 122036 Non-government Madrasha View
Kashpur Adibashi Junior School 122030 Non-government School View
Katapukur Dakhil Madrasha 122037 Non-government Madrasha View
Khokosh Gari Siddikia Korbania Dakhil Madrasah 122047 Non-government Madrasha View
Koktara Adarsha High School 122025 Non-government School View
Kotwalibag High School 121993 Non-government School View
Kuatpur Zinnatia Dakhil Madrasah 122041 Non-government Madrasha View
Mahabbatpur Amnia Fazil Madrasah 122039 Non-government Madrasha View
Malidaha High School 122008 Non-government School View
Mohammadpur Berakhai Aminia Dakhil Madrasah 122061 Non-government Madrasha View
Mohipur Govt. Hazi Muhsin College, Panchbibi 122068 Government College View
Mohipur Maulana Bhasani High School 121985 Non-government School View
Mothpara Junior School 122027 Non-government School View
Nikardighi Nandula High School 121986 Non-government School View
Niltapara Bironjon High School 122010 Non-government School View
Panch Bibi Degree College 122070 Non-government College View
Panch Bibi Poura High School 122028 Non-government School View
Panchabibi Balighata Alim Madrasha 122054 Non-government Madrasha View
Panchbibi Adarsha High School 122024 Non-government School View
Panchbibi L B Pilot Govt High School 121983 Government School View
Panchbibi N.m.govt.girls High School 121984 Government School View
Panchbibi Paura Junior Girls High School 122031 Non-government School View
Panchbibi Womens College 122067 Non-government College View
Panial Dhakil Madrasah 122064 Non-government Madrasha View
Peara Chhatinali High School 121982 Non-government School View
Rambhadra Pur High School 121996 Non-government School View
Rasulpur High School 122003 Non-government School View
Ratanpur College 122072 Non-government College View
Ratanpur High School 122013 Non-government School View
Sarail Adarsha College 122071 Non-government College View
Shailatti Binnipara Dakhil Madrasa 122035 Non-government Madrasha View
Shailotti Raigram High School 121990 Non-government School View
Shailotty Technical And Business Management College 133052 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Shalaipur High School And College 122001 Non-government School And College View
Shalpara Siddiquia Dwi Mokhi Dakhil Madrasha 122043 Non-government Madrasha View
Sharail High School 122004 Non-government School View
Shidhail Ami: Moha: Dakhil Madrasa 122056 Non-government Madrasha View
Shirota Rafiq Ullah Dhakil Madrasa 122059 Non-government Madrasha View
Shirotti College 122069 Non-government College View
Shirotti Mostafabia Fazil Degree Madrasha 122057 Non-government Madrasha View
Shirotti United Junior School 134809 Non-government School View
Sonapur Darussunnat Dakhil Madrasah 122048 Non-government Madrasha View
Sonapur High School 121998 Non-government School View
Sreemontopur High School 122015 Non-government School View
Uchai Girls High School & College 122018 Non-government School And College View
Uchai Jerka S.c High School 121989 Non-government School View
Uchai Krishi College 132113 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Uchna Dakhil Madrasah 122051 Non-government Madrasha View
Urani Junior School 122016 Non-government School View