All schools, colleges, madrasas in Pabna district.

Get EIIN number & other information (phone number, location, post office etc.) of all educational institutes of Pabna district of Bangladesh.

Institute Name EIIN Type Details
Atgharia Pilot High School 125253 Non-government School View
Atghoria College 125300 Non-government College View
Azhar Ali High School 125268 Non-government School View
B L K High School 125265 Non-government School View
Baoikola Yakubia Dakhil Madrasah 125287 Non-government Madrasha View
Beruan Girls High School 125278 Non-government School View
Beruan Womens College 125299 Non-government College View
Chandai Rahmania Dakhil Madrasha 125285 Non-government Madrasha View
Chandai High School 125264 Non-government School View
Chandva Islamia Alim Madrasha 125280 Non-government Madrasha View
Choubaria Toazuddin Dakhil Madrasa 125284 Non-government Madrasha View
Chouki Bari Mos Toda Bia Daross Sonna Ho Dakhil Madra Sha 125294 Non-government Madrasha View
Danger Gram High School 125272 Non-government School View
Dbuttor Kabi Bonda Ali Miah High School 125263 Non-government School View
Debbotor Dakphil Maf\drasa 125292 Non-government Madrasha View
Debottar Pilot Girls High School 125256 Non-government School View
Debottor Degree Colleg 125298 Non-government College View
Dengargram College 125301 Non-government College View
Dhaleswer Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125281 Non-government Madrasha View
Ekdanta High School 125254 Non-government School View
Gopalpur Chawkibari High School 125275 Non-government School View
Gorury Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 125293 Non-government Madrasha View
Hidaskol Roni Rohim Maddhamic School 125274 Non-government School View
Isharat Ali Girls High School 125271 Non-government School View
Isharat Ali Womans College 131970 Non-government College View
Jatra Pur Mansuria Dakhil Madrasha 125283 Non-government Madrasha View
Jumaikhiri Islamia Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 125291 Non-government Madrasha View
K. H. A. Junior Girls School 125276 Non-government School View
Kadamdanga A.n Dakhil Madrasha 125290 Non-government Madrasha View
Kaira Bari Bahu Mukhi High School 125260 Non-government School View
Khidir Pur Technical And Business Managmant Cfollege 132645 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Khidirpur Degree College 125303 Non-government College View
Kochua Rampur High School 125273 Non-government School View
Lakshmipur High School 125258 Non-government School View
Laxmipur Dhakhil Madrasha 125289 Non-government Madrasha View
Majpara Alim Madrasha 125279 Non-government Madrasha View
Motijheel High School 125261 Non-government School View
Naduria Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 125295 Non-government Madrasha View
Nogor Chachkia Govt. Primary School 137862 Government Primary School View
Par Khidirpur Degree College 125302 Non-government College View
Parkhidi Pur Secondary School 125255 Non-government School View
Parkhidir Pur Adorsho Girls High School 125277 Non-government School View
Ramchandra Pur High School 125270 Non-government School View
Rameshwor Pur High School 125266 Non-government School View
Rameswarpur Islamia Dakhil Madrasa 125297 Non-government Madrasha View
Roconpur Dakhil Madrasha 125296 Non-government Madrasha View
Sarabaria High School 125267 Non-government School View
Sarutia B. S. High School 125269 Non-government School View
Sekendar Pur Muja.i.m.dakhil Madrasah 125288 Non-government Madrasha View
Shaheed Abdul Khaleqe High School 125259 Non-government School View
Shamsuzzaman Junior High School,atghoria 133942 Non-government School View
Sreepur Raghorampur Dakhil Madrasha 125286 Non-government Madrasha View
Taha Islamia Fazila Madrasah, Shibpur 125282 Non-government Madrasha View
Vocational Mazpara Senior Madrasah 135545 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Zomaikheree Gobinda Pur High School 125262 Non-government School View
A.h.c. Taranga Junior High School 136742 Non-government School View
Adarsha High School, Kaitola. 125316 Non-government School View
Al Hera Academy (school & College) 125333 Non-government School And College View
Aminpur Ayen Uddin High School 125313 Non-government School View
Banga Bandhu Adasha High School 125318 Non-government School View
Bera B.b. Pilot High Shool 125305 Non-government School View
Bera College 125329 Non-government College View
Bera Fazil Madrasah 125321 Non-government Madrasha View
Bera Girls Pilot High School 125310 Non-government School View
Bera High School 125307 Non-government School View
Bera Mohila Fazil Madrasha 125326 Non-government Madrasha View
Bhabani Pur Dakhil Madrasha 125327 Autonomous Madrasha View
Bharenga Academy 125304 Non-government School View
Char Nagdah Junior School 135699 Non-government School View
Dhalar Char High School 125319 Non-government School View
Dhobakhola Coronation School And College, Natiabari 125306 Non-government School And College View
Dhobakhola Coronation S. High School 131121 Non-government School View
Fokir Kandi Girls High School 125320 Non-government School View
Harinathpur Sesdp Model High School 135494 Non-government School View
Haturia Jagonathpur Govt. Primary School 137576 Government Primary School View
Hazi Shokir Uddin Memorial Technical School 135904 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Kashinath Pur Womens College 125332 Non-government College View
Kashinathpur Technical Vocatinal High School 135906 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Kazir Hat High School 125311 Non-government School View
Khanpura High School 125314 Non-government School View
Kodbanunesa Memo. Mohila Karigori College 135905 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Manik Nagar Dakhil Madrasha 125324 Non-government Madrasha View
Mashundia Bhawani Pur K J B College 125331 Non-government College View
Masundia Bhawani Pur High School 125312 Non-government School View
Monzur Quader Mohila College 125330 Non-government College View
Nakalia Anwara Kader Girls High School 125317 Non-government School View
Nakalia Batenia Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125322 Non-government Madrasha View
Nakalia Dr. Kafiluddin Krishi Karigori College 135903 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Nakalia Monjur Kader College 125328 Non-government College View
Nakalia Sarasia Banik High School 125308 Non-government School View
Nakalia Technical And Business Managmant College 132839 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Natun Bharnga High School 125315 Non-government School View
Pabna Institute Of Sciense And Technology 132570 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Panchuria Dakhil Madrasa 125323 Non-government Madrasha View
Puran Masundia Alim Madrasa 125325 Non-government Madrasha View
Ratangonj Multilateral High School 125309 Non-government School View
The Isamoti Multilanguage Short Hand Commersial College 133133 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Adabaria High School 125343 Non-government School View
Astomonisha High School 125335 Non-government School View
Austomonisha Technical And Business Managmant Institute 132983 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
B. B. Dakhil Madrasha 125356 Non-government Madrasha View
Baro Bishakol Dakhil Madrasha 125366 Non-government Madrasha View
Betun Brilahiri Bari School & College 125372 Non-government School And College View
Bhangoor Zarina Rahim Girls High School 125337 Non-government School View
Bhangoora Biggan School And College 135501 Non-government School View
Bhangoora Labrotary School 135928 Non-government School View
Bhangoora Model School And College 135646 Non-government School View
Bhangoora Technical And Business Managmant College 132974 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Bhangoora Union High School And College 125334 Non-government School And College View
Bharamara Udayan Academy 125347 Non-government School View
Bheramara Dakhil Madrasha 125359 Non-government Madrasha View
C.k.b. Alim Madrasah 125363 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Bhangoora Junior High School 125352 Non-government School View
Chhoto Bishokol High School 125345 Non-government School View
Daha Para High School 125394 Non-government School View
Diar Para Dakhil Madrasha 125364 Non-government Madrasha View
Dilpasher Union High School 125344 Non-government School View
Dudhbaria M Dee Mukhi Dakil Madrasah 125355 Non-government Madrasha View
Hajee Goyej Uddin Mohila Fazil Madrasha 125354 Non-government Madrasha View
Haji Jamaluddin Degree College 125371 Non-government College View
Hasina Momin Girls High School 125340 Non-government School View
Kaira Sara-nasir Alim Madrasha 125361 Non-government Madrasha View
Karat Kandi Rostom Ali Ml High School 125336 Non-government School View
Khanmorich Technical And Business Managememt College 132474 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Latifa Ayesha Wahabia Dakhil Madrasha 125360 Non-government Madrasha View
Mader Baria High School 125341 Non-government School View
Magura Dakhil Madrasha 125357 Non-government Madrasha View
Maidan Dighi High School 125339 Non-government School View
Mohila College Bhangoora Pabna 125370 Non-government College View
Momtaz Mustafa Ideal School,vangura 133941 Non-government School View
Mondotush Union Junior High School 125349 Non-government School View
Nurnagar Dakhil Madrasha 125362 Non-government Madrasha View
Pas Patul Dakhil Madrasah 125369 Non-government Madrasha View
Patuli Para High School 125338 Non-government School View
Per Bhangoora Union Junior Girls School 134826 Non-government School View
Pukur Per Ideal High School 125350 Non-government School View
Rupshi High School 125346 Non-government School View
Saratnagar Fazil Degree Madrasha 125353 Non-government Madrasha View
Sultanpur Adorso Jr School 125348 Non-government School View
Ashraf Zindani High School 125374 Non-government School View
Atlonka B.l High School 125393 Non-government School View
Bakhalbari Koigram Dakhil Madrasha 125428 Non-government Madrasha View
Bamongram High School 125397 Non-government School View
Bangala Bahumukhi High School 125383 Non-government School View
Barda Nagar Abbasia Dakhil Madrasah 125425 Non-government Madrasha View
Bayen Uddin Girls High School 125404 Non-government School View
Beel Chalan B.l. High School 125385 Non-government School View
Bill Chalan Union High School 125407 Non-government School View
Boailmary High School 125388 Non-government School View
Bongram Beniaji Dakhil Madrasha 125433 Non-government Madrasha View
Chalan Bil Adarsha College 131925 Non-government College View
Chalk Uthuly Shahchhtun Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 125441 Non-government Madrasha View
Charai - Kol High School 125391 Non-government School View
Charnabin Langol Mora Waresia Dimukhi Da.madrasa 125426 Non-government Madrasha View
Charnobin Hamida Momataz Technical School And College 132559 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Charsen Gram Mohila Vocational Institute 133016 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Chatmohar Academy 135503 Non-government School View
Chatmohar Degree College 125454 Non-government College View
Chatmohar Enayetulla Islamia Fazil Madrasa 125414 Non-government Madrasha View
Chatmohar Mohila Technical And Business Management College 134850 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Chatmohar Pilot Girls High School 125382 Non-government School View
Chatmohar Polytechnic And Textile Engineering Institute 136934 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Chatmohar R.c.n And B.s.n. High School And College 125376 Non-government School And College View
Chatmohar Technical And Business Management Ins. 133094 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Chatmohor Womens Degree College 125455 Non-government College View
Chhaikola Dakhil Madrasha 125420 Non-government Madrasha View
Chhaikola Degree College 125452 Non-government College View
Chhaikola High School 125384 Non-government School View
Chhaikola Mamoreyal High Girls School 125399 Non-government School View
Chhikola Union Adarsho Girls High School 125401 Non-government School View
Chiknai High School 125390 Non-government School View
Chinabatkur Waresia Dakhil Madrasha 125432 Non-government Madrasha View
Choroikol Pukurpar Dakhil Madrasah 125427 Non-government Madrasha View
Danthia Bamon Gram Union School And College 125458 Non-government School And College View
Dhankunia Girls High School 125406 Non-government School View
Dhulauri Haji Abdullah Dakhil Madrasa 125429 Non-government Madrasha View
Foiljana High School 125378 Non-government School View
Handial High School 131048 Non-government School View
Handiyal Girls School 125395 Non-government School View
Handiyl College 131949 Non-government College View
Hansupur Baro Baly High School 125400 Non-government School View
Haripur Durgadas High School And College 125456 Non-government School And College View
Haripur Girls High School 125396 Non-government School View
Haripur Masjid Para Siddika Alim Madrasa 125418 Non-government Madrasha View
Hazi Maher Uddin Girls High School 125403 Non-government School View
Hengli Budh Para Dakhil Madrasah 125421 Non-government Madrasha View
Hirinda Dakhil Madrasha 125430 Non-government Madrasha View
Hogalbaria Alim Madrasa 125415 Non-government Madrasha View
J. M. R. High School 125392 Non-government School View
Jogtala Siddikia Dakhil Madrasha 125417 Non-government Madrasha View
Kadomtoli Mohila Dhkhil Madrasha 125446 Non-government Madrasha View
Katakhali Aynul Ulum Dakhil Madrasah 125419 Non-government Madrasha View
Katakhali High School 125398 Non-government School View
Katenga B.l. High School 125389 Non-government School View
Khatbari Dakhil Madrasha 125443 Non-government Madrasha View
Kuabashi B.l. Dakhil Madrasha 125434 Non-government Madrasha View
Langolmora High School 125402 Non-government School View
M A Samad Tecnical And Business Management College 132966 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
M A Mahmud Tachnical And B M College 132996 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
M K R Ahammadia Dakhil Madrasha 125442 Non-government Madrasha View
M.a Aual Chhaikola Technical And B.m Institute 134858 Others Technical And Vocational View
Mirzapur Degree College 125451 Non-government College View
Mirzapur Adorsha Girls High School 125405 Non-government School View
Mirzapur Dakhil Madrasha 125416 Non-government Madrasha View
Mohela Bl Lateral High School 125386 Non-government School View
Mohela Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 125449 Non-government Madrasha View
Mollik Bain Dakhil Madrasha 125413 Non-government Madrasha View
Mukti Jaddha Adarsha High School 125408 Non-government School View
Mulgram Union High School And College 125457 Non-government School And College View
Muniadihge Karigori Krishi College 133594 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Nawab Awaul Oli Ramchandropur Technical And Bm College 133036 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Nengri Hefzul Quran Atimkhana Dakhil Madrasa 125412 Non-government Madrasha View
Nimaichara Rahmania Dakhil Madrasha 125436 Non-government Madrasha View
Nimaychra Union Girls High School 125373 Non-government School View
Nobin Charnobin Junior School 134815 Non-government School View
Pabakhali , High School 125411 Non-government School View
Pakpara Shah Mokhlesur Rahman Alim Madrasha 125423 Non-government Madrasha View
Parshadanga Mohiul Ulum Dakhil Madrasha 125431 Non-government Madrasha View
Parshodanga Union Technical And Bm College 136933 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Parswadanga Union High School 125379 Non-government School View
Professor Boyen Uddin Degree College 125453 Non-government College View
Ramchandrapur Dimukhi Senior Mafrasha 125424 Non-government Madrasha View
Ramnagar Govt. Primary School 137581 Government Primary School View
Saint Ritas High School 125387 Run By Christian Missionaries School View
Samad Sawda Mahila Dakhil Madrasha 125437 Non-government Madrasha View
Saratganj T.a. Hgih School 125381 Non-government School View
Sayed Ali Mollah Tecnical And Business Management College 132984 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Sharat Gonj Alhaj Raisuddin Dhakhil Madrasha 125422 Non-government Madrasha View
Uttar Senjgram High School 125375 Non-government School View
Alhaz Shamsur Rahaman Model College 134355 Non-government College View
Allah Abad B.l High School 125464 Non-government School View
Allah Abad Dakhil Madrasha 125473 Non-government Madrasha View
Arkandi Johura Jabber Dhakil Madrasha 125472 Non-government Madrasha View
Badal Binapani S.c. High School 125462 Non-government School View
Banwari Nagar C. B. Pilot High School 125461 Non-government School View
Banwari Nagar Pilot Girls High School 125459 Non-government School View
Berhaulia Dakhil Madrasah 125484 Non-government Madrasha View
Bonwari Nagar Alim Madrasah 125479 Non-government Madrasha View
Brilahiri Bari Saurab Jahandemuki Dakhil Madrasha 125480 Non-government Madrasha View
Brilahiribari Union Al Haj Abul Ho. H/s 125465 Non-government School View
Demra Hazi Zaten Ullah High School 125463 Non-government School View
Demra Kaderia Taybia Dakhil Madrsah 125476 Non-government Madrasha View
Deovog Mrharullah Islamiah Dakhil Madrasah 125481 Non-government Madrasha View
Dighalia Da S S Madrasa 125478 Non-government Madrasha View
Dighalia A.z. High School And College 125492 Non-government School And College View
Eunus Ali Degree College 125491 Non-government College View
Faridpur Tachnical And Business Management College 132694 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Faridpur Union High School 125468 Non-government School View
Faridpur Union Technical And B M College 132759 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Hadal Fazil Madrasha 125477 Non-government Madrasha View
Hadal U. High School 125467 Non-government School View
Harodanga Akota High School 125460 Non-government School View
Harodanga Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125486 Non-government Madrasha View
Islamic Laskaria Dhakil Madrasah 125483 Non-government Madrasha View
Jantiher Dakhil Madrasah 125482 Non-government Madrasha View
Khagor Baria Govt. Primary School 137575 Government Primary School View
Mohammad Yasin College 125489 Non-government College View
Mongal Gram Ahmadia Alim Madrasha 125474 Non-government Madrasha View
Pouro Womens College 125488 Non-government College View
Pungali Amina Mostafa Girls High School 125469 Non-government School View
Pungali Amina Nababjan Dakhil Madrasah 125485 Non-government Madrasha View
Pungali Model High School 125466 Non-government School View
Pungali Shahidullah College 125490 Non-government College View
Younus Ali Dakhil Madrasah 125475 Non-government Madrasha View
Abul Hossin High School 125496 Non-government School View
Agriculture Traning Institute ,ishwardi,pabna 133097 Government Technical And Vocational View
Air Port Academy . Ishwardi 125509 Non-government School View
Alhaj Textile Mills High School 125510 Non-government School View
Arambaria High School 125512 Non-government School View
Asna Gopalpur Rahila Khatun Girls High School 125514 Non-government School View
Autapara Abu Bakaria Alim Madrasah 125539 Non-government Madrasha View
Babul Chara High School 125494 Non-government School View
Baghail School And College 125506 Non-government School And College View
Baitush Sharaf Dakhil Madrasah 125537 Non-government Madrasha View
Bangabandhu High School 125531 Non-government School View
Bangladesh Railway Govt. Chandraprova Biddyapith 125498 Non-government School View
Bangladesh Railway Govt. Nazimudin High School 125500 Local Government School View
Bangladesh Railway Govt.girls School 125504 Local Government School View
Bansher Bada Degree College 125556 Non-government College View
Bansherbada Vocational Training Institute 132491 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Bhasha Shahid Bidyaniketon 125529 Non-government School View
Char Gar Gari Dakhin Para Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125544 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Kurulia High School 125511 Non-government School View
Char Ruppur Joyen Uddin Dakhil Madrasha 125545 Non-government Madrasha View
Charmirkamari Mathal Para Dakhil Madrasha 125538 Non-government Madrasha View
Dadapur High School Sesip 131036 Non-government School View
Dadpur High School 125528 Non-government School View
Darga Bazar High School 125533 Non-government School View
Dashuria Degree College 125554 Non-government College View
Dasuria M.m High School 125507 Non-government School View
Dasuria Madinatul Ulum Alim Madrasha 125548 Non-government Madrasha View
Gargori Mahila Dakhil Madrasha 125549 Non-government Madrasha View
Gopal Pur Tecnical & B.m. College 132530 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Ikkshu Gabeswana High School 125501 Autonomous School View
Ishurdi Pouro Junior High School 131037 Non-government School View
Ishwardi Computer And Business Management College 132470 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Ishwardi 125552 Government College View
Ishwardi Mohila College 125553 Non-government College View
Iswardi Girls High School And College 125497 Non-government School And College View
Iswardi Islamia Alim Madrasah 125540 Non-government Madrasha View
Joynagar Bidyut Unnayon Board H School 125499 Autonomous School View
Kaikunda Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 131401 Others Madrasha View
Kalikapur Abdul J.k.m High School 125522 Non-government School View
Kalikapur Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125550 Non-government Madrasha View
Kamalpur T.m High School 125493 Non-government School View
Lalonshah Ideal Girls Technical College 135130 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Laxmikunda Girls High School 125517 Non-government School View
M. A. Gafur Memorial High School 125525 Non-government School View
Majdia High School 125526 Non-government School View
Manik Nagar Girls High School 125520 Non-government School View
Maniknagar High School 125527 Non-government School View
Maniknagar Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 134043 Non-government Madrasha View
Mazdia Babul Ullum Islamia Fazil Madrasah 125541 Non-government Madrasha View
Mirkamary Adarsha Alim Madrasha 125542 Non-government Madrasha View
Mirkamary Adarsha Uccha Viddalaya 125513 Non-government School View
Moonlit Junior High School 125524 Non-government School View
Muladauli Darul Ulom Senior (alim) Madrasah 125543 Non-government Madrasha View
Muladuli College 131923 Non-government College View
Muladuli High School 125521 Non-government School View
Naricha Moshuria High School 125523 Non-government School View
North Bengal Paper Mills High School 125495 Non-government School View
Nurjahan Uccha Balika Viddya Niketon 125515 Non-government School And College View
Paksey Railway Deree College 125555 Non-government College View
Pakuria High School And College 125502 Non-government School And College View
Potiraj Pur Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125551 Non-government Madrasha View
Purbo Tengri Girls High School 125532 Non-government School View
R.a.r.s High School 134524 Run By Christian Missionaries School View
Reaz Uddin High School 125518 Non-government School View
Ruppur Girls High School 125505 Non-government School View
Ruppur High School,ishwardi 125508 Non-government School View
Salimpur College 125557 Non-government College View
Sara Gopalpur High School 125536 Non-government School View
Sara Jhaudia High School 125530 Non-government School View
Sara Marowari School And College 125558 Non-government School And College View
Shahapur Paschim Para Dakhil Madrasah 125547 Non-government Madrasha View
Shahapur Shaheed Abul Kashem High School 125519 Non-government School View
Shympur Al Hera Dakhil Madrasha 125546 Non-government Madrasha View
Sk Meherullah Smrity Junior High School 125516 Non-government School View
Sultanpur Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 134067 Non-government Madrasha View
Textile Vocational Institute 132506 Government Technical And Vocational View
Tilokpur Govt. Primary School 137577 Government Primary School View
41no. Cahr Ghoshpur Govt. Primary School 137580 Government Primary School View
Adarsha Girls High Scool 125563 Non-government School View
Adarsha Women College Pabna 125657 Non-government College View
Ahmad Hosain Tachnical B M College 132634 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Al Haj Ahed Ali Biswas Collegiate High School 125573 Non-government School View
Al-amana Institute Of Medical Technology 135819 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Alhaj Ahed Ali Biswash College 125658 Non-government College View
Alhaj Asir Uddin Sarder High School 125579 Non-government School View
Alhaj Elias High School 125559 Non-government School View
Amina Monsur Girls High School 125609 Non-government School View
Amjad Hossain High Scool 125590 Non-government School View
Arifpur J.u.s. Fazil Madrasha 125620 Non-government Madrasha View
Ataikula Saradangi Alim Madrasah 125619 Non-government Madrasha View
B P High School 125608 Non-government School View
Bahadurpur Dakhil Madrasah 131804 Non-government Madrasha View
Bangabaria Dakhil Madrasha 125625 Non-government Madrasha View
Bangladesh Institute Of Medical Technology 135812 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Banglamotion Institute Of Engineering And Technology 135811 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Basudeb Pur Dakhil Madrasha 125636 Non-government Madrasha View
Bharara High School 125596 Non-government School View
Bhowdanga Mostafabia Dakhil Madrasha 125624 Non-government Madrasha View
Bristy Model School 135884 Non-government School View
Central Grils High School 125580 Non-government School View
Chak Shtiani High School 125575 Non-government School View
Char Balarampur Dakhil Madrasha 125643 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Ashutos Pur High School 125599 Non-government School View
Char Balarampur High School 125592 Non-government School View
Char Shibrampur Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125644 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Vabanipur Dakhil Madrasha 125651 Non-government Madrasha View
Char Vabanipur High Schoool 125560 Non-government School View
Charghosh Pur Islamia Madrasah 125638 Non-government Madrasha View
Charkhokra Adarsha High School 125612 Non-government School View
City College Pabna 125655 Non-government College View
Dari Bhaw Danga High School 125587 Non-government School View
Dari Bhowdanga Tachnical And B M College Pabna 132958 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Darul Ulum Markazia Dakhil Madrasa 125615 Non-government Madrasha View
Dogachi High School And College 125673 Non-government School And College View
Dr.ismail Hossain Memorial Girls High School 125605 Non-government School View
Dristy Pre-cadet School 134821 Others School View
Dublia High School 125585 Non-government School View
Durgapur Jr.high School 125607 Non-government School View
Dwipchar Darul Ulum Dakhil Madrasha 125632 Non-government Madrasha View
Fazilatunnessa Girls High School 133838 Non-government School View
Govt. Edward College 125663 Government College View
Govt. Pabna Mahila College 125665 Government College View
Govt. Pabna Technical Traning Center, Pabna 132968 Government Technical And Vocational View
Govt.shaheed Bulbul College 125664 Government College View
Hamchiapur High School 125594 Non-government School View
Hazera Khatun Girls High School 125598 Non-government School View
Hazi Abu Bakkar Kadbanu Community Health And Nursing Inst. 135817 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Hazi Engineer Abul Kashem Mohila Alim Madrasah 125637 Non-government Madrasha View
Hazi Jasim Uddin Degree College 125656 Non-government College View
Hemayetpur Gorosthan Dakhil Madrasha 125645 Non-government Madrasha View
Holud Baria High School 125600 Non-government School View
Ichamati High School 125589 Non-government School View
Imam Gazzali Girls School & Cooege 125668 Non-government School And College View
Islam Ganti High School 125569 Non-government School View
Islam Gati Dakhil Madrasha 125650 Non-government Madrasha View
Islam Pur S.k.d. Madrasah 125626 Non-government Madrasha View
Islamic Ins Of Science Technology Pabna 132969 Others Technical And Vocational View
Jagir Hossain Academy 125562 Non-government School View
Jahirpur Dakhil Madrasha 125629 Non-government Madrasha View
Jot Gouri Jalal Pur Darus Salam Dakhil Madrasha 125642 Non-government Madrasha View
Jourdah Mohila Dakhil Madrasha 125652 Non-government Madrasha View
Kamargaon Dakhil Madrasha 125633 Non-government Madrasha View
Kamor Pur High School 125597 Non-government School View
Kasarpur Dakhil Madrasha 125635 Non-government Madrasha View
Khadizatul Kubra(ra.) Mahila Dakhil Madrasha 125648 Non-government Madrasha View
Khatib Abdul Zahid School & College 125672 Non-government School And College View
Khayer Suti High School & College 125669 Non-government School And College View
Khodayer Pur Modinatul Ulum Dakhil Madrasha 125627 Non-government Madrasha View
Khodeza Harun Girls High School 125604 Non-government School View
Koladi Dakhil Madrashs 125639 Non-government Madrasha View
Koladi High School 125602 Non-government School View
Krisnapur Govt. Girls High School 125581 Government School View
Lohagara Swaruppur Dakhil Madrasha 125641 Non-government Madrasha View
Mahamudpur Islamia Alim Madrasha 125623 Non-government Madrasha View
Maligacha Mazied Pur Dakhil Madrasa 125631 Non-government Madrasha View
Malonchi High School 125561 Non-government School View
Mirzapur Islamia Dakhil Madrasah 125630 Non-government Madrasha View
Modhu Pur Mohila Alim Madrasah 125617 Non-government Madrasha View
Moez Uddin Khan Dakhil Madrasha 125649 Non-government Madrasha View
Mohim Chandra Jubilee High School 125576 Non-government School View
Mostafa Bia Mohila Dakhil Madrasa 131577 Non-government Madrasha View
Moulana Kasim Uddin Smritee High School 125588 Non-government School View
Muslima Hassan College 137801 Non-government College View
Nan Dan Pur Alhaj Ebrahimadakhil Madrasha 125628 Non-government Madrasha View
Nandan Pur High School 125603 Non-government School View
Natunbazar High School 134472 Non-government School View
Nazrul Islam Habu School And College 125593 Non-government School And College View
Nowsher Mondol High School 125606 Non-government School View
Pabna Cadet College 125670 Autonomous School And College View
Pabna Cadet Collegiate School,pabna 125568 Non-government School View
Pabna City Politechnic And Textile Engineering Institute 135813 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Collectorate Public School And College 134530 Non-government School View
Pabna College (day-night) 125661 Non-government College View
Pabna Gopal Chandra Instituite 125577 Non-government School View
Pabna Govt Girls School 125582 Government School View
Pabna Govt. College 133812 Government College View
Pabna Health Technology Institute 135814 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Islamia Alim Madrasha 125618 Non-government Madrasha View
Pabna Islamia Degree College 125660 Non-government College View
Pabna Kamil Madrasah 125647 Non-government Madrasha View
Pabna Medical Technology College 135815 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Politechnic Inistitiute 132997 Government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Technical And Computer Institute 135816 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Tecnical School & College, Pabna 132954 Government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Textaile Engineering College 133808 Government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Textile Engineering Institute 137589 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Pabna Town Girls High School Pabna 125584 Non-government School View
Pabna Zila School 125564 Government School View
Padma College 125667 Non-government College View
Pathfair Computer Training Institute 135820 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Police Lines School, Pabna 134232 Non-government School View
Pushpa Para Kamil Madrasha 125622 Non-government Madrasha View
Radhanagar Majumder Academy School And College Pabna 125578 Non-government School And College View
Rainbow International School 136258 Non-government School View
Rajapur Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125640 Non-government Madrasha View
Rokeya Amin Memorial Model School 137598 Non-government School View
Ruppur High School 125611 Non-government School View
Sadullapur High School 125610 Non-government School View
Saleha Rahim Dakhil Madrasha 125634 Non-government Madrasha View
Seefatullah Biswas Junior High School 125613 Non-government School View
Selim Nazir High School 125566 Non-government School View
Shaheed Fazlul Haq Paura High School 125565 Non-government School View
Shahid Ahmed Rafque Girls High School 125583 Non-government School View
Shahid M, Monsur Ali College 125659 Non-government College View
Shahid M. Monsur Ali High School 125574 Non-government School View
Shahid Rafiz Uddin High School 125601 Non-government School View
Shahid Sadhan Sangeet College 125662 Non-government College View
Shahid Smaranika High School 125595 Non-government School View
Shalaipur Dakhil Madrasha 125653 Non-government Madrasha View
Shamsul Huda Degree College 125654 Non-government College View
Shanirdiar And Krisnadiar Dakhil Madrasha 125646 Non-government Madrasha View
Shohid Mezor Mirza Abdul Baten Dakhil Madrasah 125616 Non-government Madrasha View
Shudhir Kumar High School & College 125671 Non-government School And College View
Siddique Memorial School, Pabna 135419 Non-government School View
Square High School And College 134488 Non-government School And College View
Sree Sree Thakur Anukul Chandra Tapaban High School 125572 Non-government School View
Sreekole Aziza Shriti High School 125591 Non-government School View
Tarabaria Abu Bakar Siddique Alim Madrasha 125621 Non-government Madrasha View
Tebunia Mohila College 131955 Non-government College View
Tebunia Wasim Patshala 125586 Non-government School View
Yonus Ali School And College 125571 Non-government School And College View
Zannat Bibi Jubilee Girls High School 125570 Non-government School View
8no. Patgari Govt. Primary School 137579 Government Primary School View
Af Tabnagar Mominia Dakhil Madrasha 125725 Non-government Madrasha View
Afra Ideal Academy High School 125683 Non-government School View
Aftab Nagar High School 125697 Non-government School View
Ariadangi High School 125678 Non-government School View
Ataikula High School 125688 Non-government School View
Ataikula Madpur Amena Khatun Degree College 125745 Non-government College View
B. Alokdiar High School 125675 Non-government School View
B. H. C. S. High School 125709 Non-government School View
Bhul Baria High School 125705 Non-government School View
Bishnopur Monirul Islam High School 125677 Non-government School View
Boailmari High School 125701 Non-government School View
Bongram Girls High School 125702 Non-government School View
Borailmari Kamil Madrasa 125722 Non-government Madrasha View
Chenanary And Bilkalme Dakhil Madrasha 125740 Non-government Madrasha View
Chor Vodro Colla And Vodrocolla Dakhil Madrasah 125717 Non-government Madrasha View
Daramuda Khowaj Uddin High School And College 125674 Non-government School And College View
Debipur Tebaria Dakhil Madrasha 125726 Non-government Madrasha View
Debipur Tebaria High School And College 125748 Non-government School And College View
Dhopadah Aulia Hazerin Dakhil Madrasha 125733 Non-government Madrasha View
Dhopadaha High School 125680 Non-government School View
Dhulauri Kawsaria Kamil Madrasa 125715 Non-government Madrasha View
Dhulauri Degree College 125741 Non-government College View
Dhulauri Girls High School 125707 Non-government School View
Dhulauri High School 125698 Non-government School View
Edrakpur .k. A. Alim Madrasha 125727 Non-government Madrasha View
Fatema Khatun Girls High School And College 125749 Non-government School And College View
Gaurigram Ummakulsum Girls High School 125704 Non-government School View
Ghughudah Dakhil Madrasha 125737 Non-government Madrasha View
Gopalpur Girls High School 125676 Non-government School View
Gouri Gram High School 125708 Non-government School View
Gourigram Fatehia Senior Madrasah 125723 Non-government Madrasha View
Hariakahon Dakhil Madrasah 125716 Non-government Madrasha View
Hatbaria Dhakhil Madrasha 125719 Non-government Madrasha View
Horipur Islamia Madrasha 125731 Non-government Madrasha View
Hoyzor Santipur Sobed Ali Mozior Udden Junior High School 131035 Non-government School View
Huikhali Bangla High School 125703 Non-government School View
Imam Hossain Academy 125691 Non-government School View
Jorgacha College 125746 Non-government College View
Karamja Monzur Kader Girls High School 125687 Non-government School View
Karomja Dhakhil Madrasa 125728 Non-government Madrasha View
Kashinathpur Abdul Latif High School 125692 Non-government School View
Kasinathpur Girls High School 125681 Non-government School View
Khayer Baria Shahid Ahmed Rafique High School 125682 Non-government School View
Khetupara Abdus Sattar High School 125694 Non-government School View
M.c.k Alim Madrasha 125736 Non-government Madrasha View
Madhpur Sheikh Hasina High School 125712 Non-government School View
Madpur Al Kadria Dakhil Madrasha 125720 Non-government Madrasha View
Mahmudpur Joyed Ali Sarker High School 125685 Non-government School View
Miapur Dakhil Madrasha 125732 Non-government Madrasha View
Miapur Hazi Jasim Uddin High School And College 125750 Non-government School And College View
Mongal Gram High School 125686 Non-government School View
Nagdemra High School 125700 Non-government School View
Nandanpur K.t.s Aysha Khatun High School 125679 Non-government School View
Nariagodai High School 125695 Non-government School View
Paikarhati Shahid Nagar High School 125706 Non-government School View
Paikpara Mostabia Dakhil Maderasha 125730 Non-government Madrasha View
Panduria Dakhil Madrasha 125714 Non-government Madrasha View
Pargopalpur Alim Madrasah 125724 Non-government Madrasha View
Poshcim Krishnapur Junior School 125710 Non-government School View
Punduria High School 125699 Non-government School View
Ramchandra Pur Junior School 125711 Non-government School View
Ramchondro Pur Hapania Dakhil Madrasah 125735 Non-government Madrasha View
S.k.r Alhera Dakhil Madrasha 125739 Non-government Madrasha View
Santhia Degree College 125742 Non-government College View
Santhia Girls Alim Madrash 125721 Non-government Madrasha View
Santhia Mohila Degree College 125743 Non-government College View
Santhia Pilot Girls School 125690 Non-government School View
Santhia Pilot High School 125689 Non-government School View
Santhia Upazila Parishad Junior School 134295 Non-government School View
Selanda Islamia Sinior Alim Madrasa 125718 Non-government Madrasha View
Selonda High School 125696 Non-government School View
Shalghor Junior School 134278 Non-government School View
Shohidnurul Hossain Digree College 125744 Non-government College View
Sonatala High School 125693 Non-government School View
Sondaha High School And College 125747 Non-government School And College View
Swargram Dhakhil Madrasha 125729 Non-government Madrasha View
41no. Char Bhawanipur Govt. Primary School 137578 Government Primary School View
Ahammadpur Ahammadia Dakhil Madrasa 125781 Non-government Madrasha View
Alhaj Iman Ali High School 125772 Non-government School View
Bamundi High School 125778 Non-government School View
Bazlur Rahman High School 125752 Non-government School View
Bhatikaya Dakhil Madrasha 125785 Non-government Madrasha View
Bhatikaya (k.p.) Junior Girls School 136533 Non-government School View
Birahimpur Alhaz Mirza Ab. Rashid High School 125771 Non-government School View
Boalia High School 125751 Non-government School View
Bonkola High School And College 125795 Non-government School And College View
Bonkola Girls High School 125769 Non-government School View
Chinakhara High School And College 125755 Non-government School And College View
Dariapur High School 125770 Non-government School View
Dr Zahurul Kamal Degree College 125790 Non-government College View
Dulai High School 125753 Non-government School View
Durga Pur Technical And Business Managment Institute 133053 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Durgapur Nesara Khatun Girls High School 125766 Non-government School View
Gopalpur Azgor Ali High School 125779 Non-government School View
Habibar Rahman Tachnical And B M College 132542 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Hazi Wazel Ali High School 125774 Non-government School View
Jahanara Kanchon Smrity High School 125776 Non-government School View
Jakia Habib Krishi College 133407 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Kadim Malonchi High School 125773 Non-government School View
Kadoa Junior High School 134808 Non-government School View
Kamalpur High School 125768 Non-government School View
Khalil Pur High School 125756 Non-government School View
Kium Uddin Fakir Technical And B M College 132521 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Kuripara Mohammadia Dakhil Madrasha 125782 Non-government Madrasha View
Malifa Habibar Rahman Multilateral High School 125758 Non-government School View
Manikhat High School 125775 Non-government School View
Mathura Pur High School 125777 Non-government School View
Md. Babul Hossain Technical And Bm College 137710 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Nazirgonj High School And College 125793 Non-government School And College View
Nizam Uddin Azgar Ali Degree College 125789 Non-government College View
Nuruddinpur Junior High School 134822 Non-government School View
Polytechnic Institute, Malifa 138097 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Poradanga Hazi Ajem Uddin High School And College 125767 Non-government School And College View
Raipur Girls High School 125764 Non-government School View
Rani Nagar Bil Gazna School And College 125797 Non-government School And College View
Raninagar School And College Bhatikaya 125760 Non-government School And College View
Sagarkandi Reaz Uddin High School 125762 Non-government School View
Sagorkandi Islamia Dakhil Madrasha 125787 Non-government Madrasha View
Satbaria College 125791 Non-government College View
Satbaria Girls High School 125761 Non-government School View
Satbaria High School 125757 Non-government School View
Sayed Pur Dakhil Madrasa 125784 Non-government Madrasha View
Sayedpur Adarsha Junior Girls School 135885 Non-government School View
Sayedpur High School & College 125798 Non-government School And College View
Selim Reza Habib Degree College 125792 Non-government College View
Shaheed Sharonika High School & College 125765 Non-government School And College View
Shahid Dulal Pilot Girls High School 131057 Non-government School View
Shahida Jalil Junior Girls High School 134790 Non-government School View
Shahida Jalil Technical And Bm College 136467 Non-government Technical And Vocational View
Sujanagar Mohammadia Dakhil Madrasha 125786 Non-government Madrasha View
Sujanagar Pilot Model High School And College 125754 Non-government School And College View
Sujanagor Women College 125788 Non-government College View
Talimnagor Shahmahtab Uddin High School & College 125794 Non-government School And College View
Tantibond High School 125763 Non-government School View
Udaypur Hakkani Dakhil Madrasha 131475 Non-government Madrasha View
Udaypur High School 125759 Non-government School View
Udaypur Sekendaria Dakhil Madrasa 125783 Non-government Madrasha View
Ulat Siddiquia Fazil Madrasha 125780 Non-government Madrasha View