K.L. Jubilee School And College




This prestigious school founding has a history of about 140 years which began in 1866 when Dhaka Brahma School was founded in 1858 by Dinanath Sen, Prabhaticharan Roy, Anathbandhu Mallik, and Brajasundar Katra. The name Jagannath school was given by Kishorilal Chowdhury, the Zamindar of Baladi who obtained over the academy in 1872 and renamed it after his father’s name. In 1884, it was established as a second-grade college. A common management committee administered the school and college until 1887 when the school section was separated to form a sovereign school named Kishore Jubilee School. It is now known as K L Jubilee School & College.


39, North Ruk Holl Road Sutrapur, Dhaka.


Phone: 01914724838

Email: [email protected]