Shaikh Burhanuddin Post Graduate College


EIIN: 108137।College Code: 1675। 


Shaikh Burhanuddin College was founded in 1965.

The name “Shaikh Burhanuddin” was taken from the name of Imaamut Tareeqat Allama Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad Burhanuddin Uwaysi (Rad.) to commemorate his holly name.


Shaikh Burhanuddin Post Graduate College was founded in 1965 at Nazimuddin Road, Dhaka. This renowned institution of old Dhaka and has drawn the notice to all and sundry because of its conventional education method making a continuous production of qualitative learners each year.

It is important to consider that this is the first non-government college in Dhaka City where Post-graduation was founded in 1995. Now, this college is allowing the students 13 modern subjects like 

  •  Computer Science
  •  Environmental Science and Anthropology
  •  BBA.

 The college contains three multi-storeyed buildings with many well-decorated classrooms equipped with modern facilities. The classrooms are decorated with computers, air-condition with multimedia and the students get the ability of quite a big library with a vast study room.


62, Nazim Uddin Road, Dhaka.

Contact No:

Phone No: 02-57300204,02 7300204-207(208,222,225)

E-mail: [email protected]