AMDA Institute of Engineering & Technology



AMDA Institute of Engineering & Technology (AIET), Institute Code-50456, a reputed diploma engineering institution of Bangladesh that is marching forward with its purpose to present quality education to our new generation. This unique institute is bound to performing excellence in Engineering, undergraduate and graduate education, analysis, and public service. The institute provides excellent and complete educational chances for students. The institute contributes to the progress of the community through research, productive activity, scholarly, and growth of education. The Institute maintains arts, helps the nation’s economy, helps the citizens through public plans, and is committed to the making of quality individual resources for the knowledge-based growth of the nation.


  1. Diploma-in-Civil Technology
  2. Diploma-in-Computer Technology
  3. Diploma-in-Electrical Technology
  4. Diploma-in-Telecommunication Technology


68/4 DIT Road, East Hazipara, Rampura, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh. 


Phone: 01799-624800, 01980-121118, 01750-189269

Telephone: 02-9357 481, 02-5831 5243

Email: [email protected], [email protected]