Dhaka medical college



From the opening on 10th July 1946, Dhaka Medical College built a new era in the history of medical study in Bangladesh. The initial intention for the establishment of a medical institute in Dhaka was assigned to the British Administration in 1939 but delayed because of World War II. After the battle, a council was created in 1945, and on the advice of the committee; Dhaka Medical College started its remarkable journey on July 10, 1946.


In 34 separate departments and 42 wards – 224+ doctors, 145+ interns, 550+ nurses, and 1067+ other staffs are devoted to assuring 24-hour health services both in indoor and outdoor. The hospital momentarily consists of approximately 2289+ beds with a new educational and hospital building with a bone marrow transplantation department assisting about 3500 inpatients every single day.


Secretariat Rd, Ramna, Dhaka 1000.


Phone: 0255165088,02551650012[Hospital]

Email: [email protected],[email protected]

Website: http://www.dmc.gov.bd/