Rangpur Cantonment Public College


EIIN:127500। School Code: 5350। College Code: 5375।


Rangpur Cantonment was begun in 1986 by setting the establishment stone of Brigadier MA Latif. The institution was instituted to promote the education of the administrators of Rangpur Cantonment and the children of the district. The institution branch started here in 1986, the college started in 1981 and the degree level started in 1995. The English medium started in 1993. It began its journey in 1986 by teaching from play class to fifth class. Following, in 1980, it began teaching up to class X and in 1982, learners started participating in SSC examinations. The degree phase started in 1995. School and college branches join in SSC and HSC exams under Dinajpur Board of Education. Degree level applicants participate under “National University”.


The aims and objectives of this institution mainly cover to provide modern education of international standard to the Cantonment and local meritorious students of the suburban areas of Rangpur city. The main objective of this institution was to encounter the difficulties of tomorrow, developing up confident and prosperous students by providing the knowledge on the latest education, information, presentation skills, and a vision with a blend of Bangladeshi cultural heritage.


  1. They work to support the students to complete the conditions of a good citizen.
  2. They work to develop learners as a good citizen with the vision and values of the freedom war and a sense of loyalty.
  3. They work to improve their knowledge by ensuring their participation in co-curricular activities.
  4. They secure their participation in group work to promote their unity, fellow feeling, and co-operation.
  5. They assist the students to be confident by dint of their conception and activities.
  6. They work to place misguided learners on the right path by motivation counseling.
  7. They inspire their students for plain living and high thinking.
  8. They inspire their students to accept honesty as their philosophy of life.
  9. They work to motivate the students to make supreme sacrifice for their parents, family and society, and country.
  10. They work to build the students as the nation’s asset on the whole.
  11. They provide a friendly environment for the student suffering from a physical and mental disability.


Rangpur Cantonment Public College, Cantonment Road, Rangpur 5401.


Phone: 0521-63051

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.cpscr.edu.bd/